Smash Ultimate Tournament - Xaltis (Daisy) Vs. Logic (Olimar) [email protected] 284 SSBU Pool 1 - WQF

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That IS NOT a woman.
Andre Johnson
That was a hype set, i want to pick up olimar now
Idontknow The sequel
I love how pikmin are the most technical projectiles in the game. Different properties is obvious but the effectiveness they have for aerials, tilts, and smash attacks is just so cool. Different ranges and angles depending on the pikmin. The fact that the white gets thrown the furthest because canonically its the most lightweight in the series. And if your a real ass camp people online and throw the pikmin to hog all the items.
Marcel Mcdaniels
Oh yikes poor daisy didn’t get to win this tournament
Commentators didn't catch that in the last game, last stock, where they were surprised his throw didn't kill, it was because logic didn't get the grab with a blue pikmin, he f-aired right before the grab which used his blue pikmin so he grabbed with his next in line, the purple. A blue grab would have 100% killed right there.
Sebastian Klaus
Olimars up b does easily carry him under the platform to the other side dear commentator, but pikmins make him heavier, he had 2 of them while tryin to get there :)
Tyler Mode
That was a crazy match. That stitch face on last game, last stock was nutty. She was like one combo from coming back. Great match!
*Daisy not Peach.
Great match.