Vic Dibitetto LIVE: 'Growing Up Italian'

Comedian Vic Dibitetto live at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ talks about growing up Italian.

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Great, Vic! Keep the bits coming; they`re hilarious!!
AMM 9375
Omg I totally forgot about the plastic runners! Lmfao!
Aaron Jaben
old style comic, good delivery
I'm Italian! LOL!!!! All these things r true!!!!
Anonymous Global
This guy sucks!
Ant Keepers United!
My Nonna would always scratch her head when she was cooking - which was all the time. Until I got to college, I thought it was normal to pull hair out of your food at dinner time.
Arthur Jackson
I grew up in a Polish-Italian-Irish neighborhood... this shit is true. The Italians did live in the basement, the furniture was wrapped in plastic upstairs. NO ONE went up there. LOL. The Poles had finished basements, too... but they didn't live in them. You DID have to take off your shoes, though. And the Irish? Well... lets just say... you could go in and out of that house whether you lived there or not. LOL. I would go into the Mayor's house, grab a soda, watch tv. Mom would come to see who is in the living room, see me... and just say, \
lol excellent, pure comedy gold
Bobby Booms Entertainment And Sports
YEAH Brooooooooooklyn!!!!
Carmine Mineo
Cant hold it against the Italians that came to America first and help build this country to what it is offends me to here that and the guy who said it is working a union job in America thanks to our Italian Americans that fought hard to help create these jobs and the way Italians are looked at for all the good things they done in America. Much respect to all Italians. We have the best food, leather ,jewelry, motor cycles , cars, tile should I go on. And are some of the best high school athletes we just don't grow. Lol
Why do people think Italians and Italian-Americans are the same thing?\nThey're not.
Chad Clifford
This is horrible.
Chris Knapp
Does anyone want coffee?
Connie Bimonte
Vic, i just discovered you a week ago. Your comedy is addictive. It's a shame that networks don't care about talent.
Deborah Craig
Lmao. It's all true
Dennis staufenberg
not funny at all
touch nona's hole
Drea Madden
Just described my grandmother's house! Love it!
Elektric Skeptic Johaniskraut Bernstein Or'Cheard
So funny that I'm crying!
Elena Harrison
Toucha my hole hahahahahahah
Felicia McNamara
Just brought back my childhood
Frances Van Siclen
Vic, some of your stuff is funny but I don't appreciate the toilet humor or the obscenity with your grandmother- quit that - not good- the rest was funny though- you don't need to get crass ! btw I am an Italian woman !
hes for older people folks.
Greg Sirico
Haidee Bonnelly
Growing Up Spanish as well...!!! LOL...My Grandmother always loved ChockCulo Nuts..I always was saying it's Chock FULL OF NUTS..sounded like her butt was full of nuts !!!..LOL....and..yes...there was a crucifix in every room..the plastic..everything..LOL....
How People Should Talk
He looks exactly like Joe from Impractical jokers
Jason Rothermel
gimme a cwall, gimme a cwaffee, New yorkers have the most unintellegent accents on the planet
Jay Phares
this is the eargasm bread and milk guy
Jibs 1988
Pretty much everyday at Noni's house for me when I was growing up. Priceless.
Joe Buscemi
Holy shit this was my entire childhood to an effing T! Lmao I'm dying😂😂😂😂
Joe Sweeney-Legore
I remember seeing a \
John Fish
he looks like that guy from the tru tv prank show cant remember the name of the show though off the top.
Johnny Khomlately
Ugh, we had plastic on the couch until 1992.
Joseph Wieland
this is funny and true =)
Karen M. W.
my non catholics reminded me that my house was full of crucifixes, rosaries & pictures.  special priests,bishops, pope & nuns pictures. lol   
Kathleen Cirucci
Thanks Vic,I needed this today. Even my cat came in the room to see if I was ok,I was laughing so hard.
Kevin Cercie
When my Grandmother was still alive I asked her; \
Kyle Morgese
Its all so true, too true omg I can't stop laughing. XD
L.M. Welsh
I thought I was the only Italian!!! LMFAO- God were are so lusciously stereotypical
Lake Servers
Funny. True about italians in NY. But definitely not true in Italy.
Laura Nathan
What about the prayer cards hangin' on the sides of every mirror? And Glade Plug Ins in every room!
Lester Wilson
Anyone growing up on Long Island in the 70's will vouch for this...
Love it!
Marcello Livera
cazzo ce da ridere... questo spettacolo è un offesa per gli italiani e per gli italoamericani.. tappategli la bocca a sto pagliaccio..
Marcus Bernardi
Italians tend to live in Italy and speak the language, the majority live in apartments, they love football which is the sport that you, Vic call soccer.\nThe size of a Italian family is nowadays 3.1 people.\nThey do not eat spaghetti alfredo or chicken parmisan that in Italy do not exist.\nItalians do not like wars or guns, they believe in free health care and free education.\nItaly is now a multicultural country, with a big communities from different countries.\nI could go on...
Michael J. Carrasquillo
Italian? Hell this is what it is like growing up Puerto Rican.
Michele Marzano
vic you are wonderful!!!! xoxo your friend from the forgive or forget daysxoxox :) michele
Mister Miggs
Same as a black household
Nancy Marrone
Olivia Ronconi
We had plastic covers on all the furniture, and we still spent our life in the basement.
Omar Yahya
just a typical guy from bensonhurst Brooklyn Lmaoo
Patricia Deleon
OMG I cracked up with this! It's like totally Italians! Get me a beer!
Paul L
We had a plastic runner outside to the trashcan.\nThat's Italian.
Phyllis Snook
Oh my God, my house! My Italian family.......Hysterical!
Phylls Snook
OH My God…..this guy is hysterical & this is so DARN TRUE! This was my house and almost everything he said was in mine!
Hey Vic, my husband is hospice with days to go, this is first time I laughed in a year. The drooling on plastic was EPIC
Raine L
I agree semi funny but not enough to pay and see.  most of stuff I know, but somehow the way its' presented isn't so funny......... and yes is that canned laughter ?
Rappin 4 tay
Lol. He better than Kevin Heart
Rob Delakovias
touch my hole, that's not right lol
S Vitale
You just retold the story of my childhood Vic - LMAO!!!!!!!! Thanks!
Sandra Panico
I wish you would come to Boston and perform at the Wang Theater. You’re good. Btw , what’s your take on bad drivers? Do tell
Silver Wolf
I'm surprised he didn't mention the Oil Rain Statues / Lamps. You know, the Statue of the Virgin Mary with the curtain of dripping oil...Now That's Italian !!!!
Staci Valenti
Sunny Skyez
OMG- Hilarious! Only another Italian can totally understand basement living! I laughed so hard I peed my pants!!!!!!!!!!
I swear I thought this was Joe from Impractical Jokers
thank you vic! I really needed a good laugh where im at in life right now! HAHAHAHAHAH
The Machine
Wasn't very funny
Tony Italiano
Vic Dibitetto (PAISANO) Showing Love & Support Always & Forever Brother. GRAZIE. Tony
Tony Wise
You're the best, Vic.You need to come to KC.
Vella Bella
OMG plastic furniture! Plastic runners. This hits home and I am not Italian, Bravo ... so funny
Victoria Saura
Speaking as an Italian, I can say all of this was so accurate :')
W.T.C. Finest
doubt both of your comments.
We Love Royal Caribbean International
Just the best!
anthony disanto
My grandmoms house growing up was exactly like this...But my grandmom would clean the runners while your still walking on them...And plastic covers on every piece of furniture in the house...She would clean the ashtray 1 second after you dyed out your cigarette...
So god damn funny\n
baylee gregory
Just found you. Funny as hell. Reminds me of growing up in Newark. Thanks for the laughs.
LOL, I love this guy.
MY GOD!!! You described my Grandma's old apartment to a T!
Lmfao it's funny because it's so true 😂
glen gman
Vic and Andrew Dice Clay are the greatest.Differences-Vic really IS Italian,and is personable.If Clay doesn't like you he might beat the crap out of you,while Vic would share a soda or glass of wine with you.A real paisano.
Maybe it's just me but I'm Italian and we never did any of those things.
greg jay
Italian woggs Rule. especially the women... good kissers and love it up the coit!!! Italian birds actually feel insulted NOT being balled up the rear!!!
JOE!?!? IS THAT YOU?!?! WHO WAS TELLING YOU TO SAY THIS STUFF IN A MICROPHONE?!?! SAL!?! Lol, funny stuff as always, Vic!
What I wouldn't give to go back to those days, lol.
k Pupo
This is true
k burke
omg, i'm dying over here ! BHAHAHAHAH
what a jerk
who else came here from the fb vid \
Sunday dinners and visiting grandma in the home offering my fiancé and I scotch she had hidden behind the pic of Jesus. Yep.
spigger nicks
Same joke vic
im not anyone affilliated with joe rogan but hes someone you should talk to vic get your name promoted more anyone who watches joe rogan podcasts knows joe rogans the guy you need to talk to
One of the greats very underrated
He has the same lines for every single show...