George Michael, Elton John - Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Live)

George Michael - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Official Video)Listen on Spotify - LyricsI can't light no more of your darknessAll my pictures seem to fade to black and whiteI'm growing tired and time stands still before meFrozen here on the ladder of my lifeIt's much to late to save myself from fallingI took a chance and changed your way of fifeBut you misread my meaning when i met youClosed the door and left me blinded by the lightDon't let the sun go down on meAlthough i search myself, it's always someone else i seeI'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander freeBut losing everything is like the sun going down on me"

... George Michael George Michael Don't Let the sun go down on me Official George Michael Official GeorgeMichaelvevo acoustic amazing music video vocal

Alice Chan
George is now with Anselmo and his mom. Miss him so much!
Alicia Goldsby
I loved this man! Biggest.crush.ever. I love the part when he says “Ladies and gentlemen Mr Elton John!”
Amy Wantland
What a Great Voice. RIP Beautiful George Michael 💔
Ana Maria Recepute
Aquele dueto q vc respeita.Aquela múscia que te faz viajar no tempo q se faziam músicas com a alma..aquela música que vc sempre vai ouvir..eitaaaaaa!!
Ann Yac
George Micheal's voice was so emotional, told a story with every song he sang. THIS one is so special. And when he moves, he glides. I'm so sad he left us. He had to much talent to take out of this world so soon. RIP George. Thank you for the many hours of dance and and listening pleasure.
Anthea Green Burns
I was fortunate enough to see Elton John...but would have loved to see George Michael...both very gifted musical talent's & together would have been a spiritually God given gift ❣️
Anthony Gudgeon
I Love This Song!!!
Arizona Thor
I met GM in the San Juan airport back in the 90s. He was absolutely gracious, totally gorgeous and soo fun. Three hours at a local bar that i will never forget. I will never forget him.
Arnold Schwarzenorris
I envy those people in that crowd. Once and a life time moment right there
What a voice.\nIf gays were not looked down upon at the time, and were allowed to find partners out in society like heterosexuals, George Michael would not have been closeted and had to resort to men's bathrooms for hook ups. (Imagine if you had to use public bathrooms instead of Tinder. Eh?) George Michael did not deserve to have his image tarnished by hypocrites & hateful homophobes. No one wanted to see gays out in the streets holding hands or in restaurants, movies, coffee houses; nor were gay bars safe (gay bashing was on the rise). Imagine if society judged you solely on the people you love, and, if you choose to do so, hook up with? Tinder is no different from what George Michael did, the app just wasn't invented yet. \nLove is Love. \nMay George Michael's voice grace this Earth for eternity.
The energy and emotion on this song are insane. Beautiful duet.
Becky Quick
Its almost to painful to watch!!!! What a beautiful man.
Ben Aziza Lassaad
I love u George rip ♥️
Ben Bond
I was never into music when I was a little kid, but I instantly went out with my mom to buy this single on cassette when it was new. Great, great, absolutely ridiculously great version of this song.
Michael Jackson , Prince , George Michael , David Bowie, Whitney Houston, the brightest stars always burn out first.
BxGirl Blazin'
These two musical geniuses have such great stage presence and voices. Wow.
Carol Stegman
George Michael is the Star! I love Elton, but i so love George Michael!
I was at this concert and Elton John coming out was a total surprise. It was kinda awesome.
Chris D
Maybe the best male-male duet ever recorded. The lyrics, the matching voices the music, everything's right.
Christopher Wilson
I’d like to see the whole concert.
Cleide Queiroz
Hum amor nao corespondido doi ouvindo essa musica hei 💔💔👄💋❤
Cleopatra Chávez
I like His voice!.
My two favourite gays!
Daniel Heaton
I Love George Michael. RIP.....................
Danny Waysted
This is just what i call REAL MUSIC,,!!!!! Damn Rest In Peace Bro,,!! :(((
Denise Hedden
Denise W. The Black Widow8
Two amazing men!!\nThe voices!!!....great entertainers singing a great song together!!! Awesome!!! 😍 A song recognized by only hearing a few keys played on the piano!!! God I miss Michael...😔\nThank God for inventions with the ability to record sound n video!! Saved for all eternity!!! \nTaken from us too soon. But because of this magical creation?...with us forever!!! 🤗\n\
Desna Jackson-McDonald
THIS!!!!!\nI can't find\nOh, the right romantic line\nBut see me once and see the way I feel\nDon't discard me, baby don't\nJust because you think I mean, you harm
Djay Cutie 20
i played the video many times \n\nso amazing voices and best duet ever in history!
Douglas Purcell
RIP Mr George Michael. Legend
Eduardo Patino
Excellent !
Edward Cruz
This song made me cry like a baby😭😭😭😭
A legend like George Micheal in the sky of music isn’t replaceable in million years. We miss you we love you till end of our time on this planet. RIP George
Elisa Maccagnani
George we miss you!
Emily Flahive
R. I. P George Michael. brilliant singer
Eva Jo Mullins
What a night it must have been!!! Rest in peace George. 😇
First Last
What I really love about this—aside from the fact that it is a truly great song spectacularly sung—is Michael's attitude. You can see it a couple times, particularly when Elton first comes on, George Michael is absolutely thrilled to be on stage with Elton. The respect is overwhelming, he is truly a fan. Almost like a kid getting to kick the ball around with his favorite football player. It brings a measure of joy to the performance that one rarely is lucky enough to be a part of. But he doesn't fawn, rather he celebrates the moment by taking this song together with its creator to new creative heights. Beautiful and moving.
best duo forever
Glenn Helin
George Michael killed it by himself
Heather Ashley
Goosebumps hearing this beautiful song sung by two absolute LEGENDS\n 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼\nMissing you forever, Yog 💔💕
Iron Snowflake
Dearest George....the sun may have set on your life....but your light will never go out...loving you always...
Jack Ward
Not just two of Britain's biggest musical talents - But two of the most generous men in showbusiness who pioneered the battle for gay-rights as well as the rights of many others. \n\nWe need to cherish Elton while we still have him. \n\nRIP
Jennifer Thomasset
I could not love this duet any more than I do...pure ,raw, beautiful talent
Jimmy Barbour
Pure fabulous talent from an amazing gifted George Michael who we will never see the Like again.sadly
John Lohr
Thank you George, and thank you Elton. This will live forever!
Judith Maloney
Who else is thankful for modern technology so we always can go back and relive and be thankful for the blessings of George Michael??? And Sir Elton John???? This is history... Once in a lifetime..
Karina Koezuka
I can't light no more of your darkness\nAll my pictures seem to fade to black and white\nI'm growing tired and time stands still before me\nFrozen here on the ladder of my life\nIt's much too late to save myself from falling\nI took a chance and changed your way of life\nBut you misread my meaning when I met you\nClosed the door and left me blinded by the light\nDon't let the sun go down on me\nAlthough I search myself, it's always someone else I see\nI'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free\nBut losing everything is like the sun going down on me\nLadies and gentlemen Mr. Elton John\nI can't find\nOh, the right romantic line\nBut see me once and see the way feel\nDon't discard me baby don't\nJust because you think I mean you harm\nJust because you think I mean you harm, oh\nBut these cuts I have, cuts I have\nThey need love\nThey need love, they need love to help them heal\nOh, don't let the sun go down on me\nAlthough I search myself, it's always someone else I see\nI'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free\nCause' losing everything is like the sun going down on me\nDon't let the sun go down on me\nAlthough I search myself, it's always someone else I that see, yeah\nI'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free baby, oh\n'Cause' losing everything is like the sun going down on me
Kim Smoot
I still miss him. His voice is perfection. You'll live on forever through your music George.
Linda McKinney
I do....bc I just can't stop listening and watching his videos...I can't explain it....I just wish I could have met him...I miss you George
Loretta Gaul
When Diana . Princess of Wales died, George Michael, said \
RIP George Michael, what an extraordinary talent. Beautiful!
Maria Orbani
I love you George rip
Mario Hinsche
Mark R
“The pair first performed the song at the Live Aid concert in 1985 (with Michael singing and John playing). Six years later, George Michael's Cover to Cover tour regularly included the song, and for the final show at Wembley Arena, London on 23 March 1991, Michael brought out John as a surprise guest to sing it with him”... imaging being there and having the amazing surprise of Elton John walking out mid-song to join in...awesome!!
Michael Aceti
Classic then, classic now, classic forever
Milagros Medina
Reverencia para estos 2 genios de la mejor musica 💪🏽❤
George is the definition of Perfection. The voice, the talent, the look and the huge golden heart. Still grieving. Forever
Naomi Taylor
who likes Elton john
Norma Licata
Oh man....what an amazing song with these two phenomenal artists. RIP George Michael.
Simon Cowell said it best on American Idol. \
Patrizia Farci
Bellissima ❤️❤️❤️
Payam Persian
Great Music For Ever!
Ramjet Vw
Thank you George Michael. Fantastic performance. Sorely missed
Randa Wise
This boy got TOO much soul, ya hear me!
Rob K
Perfection..! I cried the first time I saw this. And today, I cried again for the loss of a great artist. Rest well Michael.
Rob Wignall
What an amazing talent he was.
Rodney Shelby
100 years from now this will still be one of the best Duets ever priceless if you were there in that crowd to see these two men live you were very lucky something you will never forget
Rosa sierto. Serrano
Bountiful duet
Rose M mi
The best live performance ever. 😎\n And George hottest, talented with a heart of gold.. ❤️
Ruben Delgadillo
Who else wishes George Michael was still alive!
Samuel Ramos
George Michael 😪
Sarah Greenhalgh
This is how to do live performances
Sky Blylevin
Tears. RIP Prince gone, Bowie, now George. My 80s childhood gone.
Sumedh Burbure
The era where no one in the crowd holding smartphones, just living in the moment and enjoying pure music
T T.
One of the greatest duets of all time.
Absolute class with an incredible voice! What else can one say? RIP.
Tia Maria Jones
Effortless perfection from two of the most talented singers ever I consider myself to be lucky to have had these two men and their magical voices all my life along with freddy mercury and david bowie
Tom Semiz
How does anyone give a thumbs down to this great song. Done amazingly
Vivienne Gucwa
His voice in this. Perfection. Absolute perfection. \n\nGone too soon. RIP.
Wordsmith Works
This is an amazing duet. George Michael absolutely crushes this.
Yolanda Agapay-Chavers
Duets of George Michael & any other high caliber artist such as Elton John or Aretha Franklin are perfection.
Yuki Chan
Best performance ever🌹🌹🙋\u200d♀️
This one of those events where you will always regret not having been there..
christine bravo
2 years later and I still can’t get over it, what talent..., jeez what a loss
Without doubt the greatest duet ever. Can''t express in words how I feel about this performance. The best I can come up with is it's spiritual.
Voice complmenting voice
fred Groves
what a great combination of voices,,, spectacular
Two absolute legends belting out a classic - can not beat it ❤
It's Elton John's song and he was at his best to do a duet with George Michael but George Michael is totally off the charts he was so good!! Amazing duet!!!
When Elton walks on 3:00 you know it's about to get real :-)
Why can't nobody sing live like this anymore nowadays? What a performance 😍
God...his voice is like an elixir for the soul. The smooth jazzy sound...the velvety texture...his phrasing...making each lyric his own. Elton was so proud to have George bolster his classic hit. I miss George so much. He is so beautiful.
Thank you, George. Rest in love!
svetlana ratkovic
so great! missing him in our lives....
vijay da costa
Elton John has been drug and alcohol free at least 20 years. He openly says he would have been dead long ago if he had not got clean. He made it. Sadly his good friend tried really hard but could not get clean
What a Song, What a Voice, What a Duet. RIP Mr George