💆 Chiropractic massage with neck crack - ASMR relaxing voice and whispers

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ASMR is also sleep aid, stress and anxiety relief.If you're looking for affordable and convenient therapy, I've partnered with BetterHelp:👉 -----------What is ASMR?ASMR is a complex name to define a very simple sensation: TINGLES mainly located on the top of the head.These tingles may be triggered by a lot of things:1) Whispers, slow speech, soft spoken voices2) Massages3) Personal attention from someone4) Watching other people performing simple tasks5) Any type of Role Play6 )Haircuts (yes my channel is based on this :) )and lots more.Thanks again for watching.Massimo-----------

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Is this not Sexual assault?
ASMR Barber
Ragazzi, se vi andasse di contribuire alla traduzione del video ve ne sarei veramente grato 😁
Adrianobrazil saopaulo
Why is he wearing a weight lifting belt ?
Alessandro Russo
Ehi Massimo ciao, questo signore dove lavora? In che città? Devo farmelo fare un massaggio del genere, sono troppo curioso
Alex M.
Ma ha la foto di berlusconi sotto quella della Madonna?
Anthony Williams
I love asmr barber
I'm german and don't understand anything, but it's fucking relaxing.\n\nThe magic of ASMR ^^
Take a shot every time he hyperextends his knee
Massimo please bring him with you around the world as you did with Baba!
Finally Gérard Depardieu is Back !!! Nice Video Massimo \nThank You
British Bob
Are we sure this guy is not an escaped lunatic? The heavy breathing cracks me up!
Burak Çöğgün
The pornstar guy is back again 🎉🎉
Cairan Kelly
Wonder how many bodies are buried under this guys garden? I do really like him though :D
Centurium SPQR
La foto di Berlusconi non ha prezzo ❤️❤️❤️
Christian G.
Attendevo questo video come il Messia. Ti ha battezzato per bene :| Era eccitato a parlare, non smetteva un attimo. Aspettiamo un'altra parte, qui ci vorrebbe una serie su Netflix
Chrysanthi Fotinou
Why dont u wear a gstring next time
Cristian D'Angelo
I suoi video meritano solo per La foto di Berlusconi fra i santini!!!!
Oh boi ! This 63 years old masseur look more younger than me !
Karate belt is back lmao
Deniz Mikail Aydogan
He sounds soooo nasty 😂
Domenico Lombardi
Berlusconi come santino è il top!
Efrain Santana
He is the master
That guy just got done painting his house or something?
Eric Ortiz
Silence is usually best for ASMR massage videos, but this guy's voice is made for ASMR.
Erica Maupin
I've been waiting until a few came up, 1 video was not enough. Love this guy!! I love how you find the guys no on else does. I'm a hard core asmr watcher and there's a few other I eventually hope you search out (one hit wonders). Great job!
Fabio Bartolini
Be lui fa i suoi discorsi é la sua particolarità!! Ma penso sia uno tra i migliori nel fare massaggi! Mai visto un massaggiatore versare cosí tanto sudore e passione!
Felipe Mac Knight
Close the doors, lay down and press play! It’s part 2 everyone!
Firework33 -
Yes! What we asked for! Thank you!
this guy needs his own ASMR channel, Massimo. See to it. You can be the agent and get 15%.
Freud Sem Causa
Caralho pensei que era o Roberto Carlos
Anyone speak Italian? Is he telling Massmo a bed time story? Crazy nonsensical rambling? Tiramisu recipe?
Now i know where the power of saitama come from ! Come from the speedo kkkk
Gavin Romer
His shirt is still backwards. World champs ain't got time for shirt orientation! He's get belts to defend.
Illusive Prime
Hey Masimo, what happened to the fund project of going to the U.S with Baba??
My favourite rapist ❤️
Joe McGraw
love this channel. \n\nThis guy is very entertaining.....and I don't speak a word of Italian lol.\n\nI imagine he's telling you a scene by scene depiction of the original Blade Runner.
John Hunter
This would be the perfect cover job for a serial killer.
João Mendes
Thats messi part time job
Massimo, next time wear a fox tail in your butt without the speedo.
Kevin Pickford
1:26 he flipped off his computer😂😂
Is he even listening to anything this guy is saying? I would just want him to keep talking while violently massaging me but wouldn't be able to concentrate. I'd just be lost in italian asmr wonderland feelin like linguini. I swear this man permanently massaged away knots for the next 25 yrs!
Massaging and talking to him like he's dead lol 😂
Finalmente. Ci speravo tantissimo in un remake. Quest'uomo è meraviglioso
Loredana Ragozzino
Dove si trova questo signore? Vorrei andare da lui
Lorenzo Ricchetti
The combo Virgin Mary - Silvio Berlusconi on the wall is magic ❤
Luca Chianello
minkia ke personaggio..😂
Luis Sanchez
I'm really curious as too if this gentlemen is actually having a conversation or just blurting out random phrases to keep us happy lmao.
Mattia Salmi
Troppo simpatico il massaggiatore, spero arrivino altri video con lui
Megan Wood
This massage actually looks magical, but maybe without the creepy Italian mumbling
Messer Morfeo
La foto del Berlusca tra i santini è davvero il top! Questo è il numero uno!
Mr. Blue Is Too Smooth
The way he just manhandles you always get me lmfaoo😂
Mr. Jaw Line You mad
this is some serious ASMR of the year video tipe of shit
never seen a guy who talks so much!!. . . but still enjoyed it!! :)
Next time wearing a thong for Americans please
Grande video! Dovresti collaborare più spesso con lui, è troppo simpatico e rilassante. Continua così!
Paolo Evangelisti
This never gets old.
Pinco Pallino
finalmente un video nuovo sempre di questo dottore\nquesto è l'unico che crea un vero asmr
He is pretty surely summoning Satan while doing this
Robert Miller
Why is his shirt on backwards?lol
Roberto Pastura
Estremamente rilassante...l'operatore è un gran soggettone 😂😂
Russian Power
And they lived happily ever after ?...
Salvatore Banfi
Grande Rumen.\nIdolo assoluto.\n63 anni!
Sean Baggen the imperial Dragon
Awesome, totally awesome.
Smelly Panda
This guy is the best, not sure why peopleare down voting this video.\nGreat massage, great asmr effect, no gimmicks.
9/6/2016 has been a legendary day, the legendary video was released! Now he is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \nI am absolutely thrilled, that this fantastic man is back on your videos Massimo!\nI wish i knew italian, i want so badly to understand what he's talking about!!!\nGreetings from Greece!
Stephen Dunne
Is he drunk
The Elders
What is he saying? I'd guess it's a mix of chiropractics, small talk, and all the things he'd like to do sexually to Massimo.
The Real Vennox
Is he telling you his Lifestory or what?😂😂
The Spirit of AOR
OMG, he's 63 yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just really want subtitles. I can get the jist of some of it but you never really talk back to him so I'm interested in if he is like telling a story? Cos I know at some point he talks about dancing?
3:17 Did you fart?\n No-no
Inquietante di brutto LOL
Turska aka Codfish
This guy creeps me out and I dont understand a single word he says.
Very unOfficial Travel Guides
Do you find this kind of massage relaxing? It looks so turbulent. Your face looks scared at the end!
Vic Takk
Gérard Depardieu
Vince De Plano
The woman recording the session was too close. She needed to back up. Its better when we can see the whole body during the massage session
Vincent Aguirre
Sweaty creepiness aside, this looked like a good massage.
Walter Lavezzi
al minuto 1:00 si vede una foto di berlusconi al muro sulla sinistra
Will Renfrew
This wouldn't be as good if he was speaking English
Wrath of Asura
i really like this guy.
Se non abitassi tanto lontano, proverei volentieri un suo massaggio.\nP.s Massimo mettiti sto alzitacco!
ady nk
I would like to have this massage as my last massage.... when I am on my death bed...I could rest in peace
ah s
why he doesnt stop speaking during massage?
Questo signore ama il suo lavoro. Rispetto. 😊
christopher jenkins
I want to see him massage a woman!
You went back!?? hahaha 😆😂😂
donald fuck
The Legend
instagram: rskxll18/KakaoTalk:rskxll19
Gerard Depardieu
I usually only like the regular type of head massage videos not the whole body massage Chiropractic type videos but this one was actually pretty good. The massage was great and The Voice of the massager was actually pretty soothing and calming.
questo ha qualche problema
Top 10 anime battles
lil red cutie
He's back! Of all the masseurs, this one is the most eccentric and entertaining. I love it!
Idk...I think Masimo’s been violated.
tim long
Is this guy tenderizing a piece of meat before he eats him?
I didn’t think he would ever go back there 🤣
ziggy morris
The white version of baba the cosmic barber.