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Obsessed - Christmas Party Seduction: Lisa (Ali Larter) attempts to seduce Derek (Idris Elba) at the company Christmas party.BUY THE MOVIE: The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes, and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.

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*M A R S*
I would bang tho
A Human
Stop Racemixing...
Adrian Stiles
Her fav channel is bbc
Aesthetic vibes
Like him better with the beard he looks shmexy with the beard I honestly would want him to smash me
Alan Ho
Wtf. She wanted to blow him after he just peed.
AltairxX winterXx
For y'all saying that men would give in My hot af third cousin tried this with me, she's a real freak and hot af but obv some ppl (like me for example) don't feel comfortable doing something you know is wrong, like him who is loyal to his wife knew it was wrong and i know its a terrible comparison but the point im trying to make is that some ppl actually resist when its wrong to them
Alyssa Ramirez
what a desperate woman, followed him to the bathroom
why cant that happen to me
Benjamin Fisher
That chick's got the Black Snake Moan fever
Betsy Brunk
She is crazy!! 😧
Bobby Lopez
Should of called the cops then. Sexual assault
C. Sum
Thats why ya always hold it till ya get home.
Cara Lea Black
Women like that give the rest of us a bad reputation.
Cat's Eye
would have been a great movie, if Beyonce wasn't in it. Beyonce can't act. come on now.
Charles Baylor
Google *White Girls Riding BBC* \n\nFor the *Real* action.
Chloe Marsh
I wouldn't mind abit of him
Chloe david
No seriously, a no is a no. It s a sexual agression. THIS IS NOT BECAUSE YOU RE HOT THAT EVERY MAN WILL SAY YES!
Chris Mars
Am I the only one who thinks this would have been a great threesome?
Christine Pedian
Christy Pargas
Obsessed 🎥 Trailer
Claudomir Telisma
Did anyone acknowledge that she did not even wait for him to wash his hands?
CobaltInferno Manager Alpha
Comic man
Damn he is lucky
Deaconator22 Official
*The force is strong with this one.*
He must be gay
Derrick Nichols
I'm not a beyonce fan so I would smash that white girl. BJ from here
99 out of 100 men would give in, 1 in 100 would be honest with their wife and tell her they gave in.
Dry Bowser
She really likes him!
EminemVEVO 0
Girl is fine af
Fiji Water Bottle
That's harassment
You know u wanna hit that, hit that!
HuffyPlayz MC
NO means NO. Doesn’t matter who says it
Jeka NM
Is she drunk?\nOmg
Jennifer Cage
Joe Del Rio
Sidehoes pop out of nowhere when you get married lmao
Joe Villanueva
I would have banged that over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
Jorge Fernandez
Give that man a trophie just wow
Joshua Manzanares
Hhhjhhh i alos imagine if jay z see this and got jealous of that fuu edris elba
Justin Augustus
Imagine if the genders were reversed
Kay Dot Reladoe
She wants the bbc
King Cams
That's one faithful husband there. Where can I find someone like this guy? Lol my husband's enough
Level Z
Similar to something that I lived exactly 5 years ago
Maliq Bizarre
Girls like her excite me.
Mayur Kishanchandani
Stringer would have smashed her
Michael Goodman II
Girls always tried to seduce me just like that lol.😂
Mikail Thomas
See THIS is exactly why I pee in stalls !
Natia Black
More like the Party seduction that didn't succeed. He resisted her every time.
Neronerd 28
God man I wouldn’t ever refuse Ali larter she’s a beautiful woman.
OG Vlogs
is she De Nice?
Oscar Chang
He didnt wash his hands
Pain Peace
That's the true man...who respect his wife and love his child
Prateek Jevoor
she likes big black dudes
PrimeTime Football
God please give me this strength. That man is amazing.
Ain't no way a man could deny that...no way...no how...only in the movies.
Rakeem Francis
Need an obsessed girl like tht
Sara Wilcker
Is this like a real life thing? Because I hear a lot of stories about how these types of guys are really \
Sarah Garang
his face at 1:13 is my entire relationship with women
Sergeant Seven
crazy in head, crazy in bed... like too crazy... like CBC and ball gags, whips, chains, strap-ons and feminizing crazy...
Sho Tohara
She really wanted that bbc
Space V
any guy saying that wouldnt cuz they respect their wife, sorry to break it to ya, but she probably already did it, atleast one, women are just better at hiding it
Spirit Of Vengeance
TJ MaxiMillion
Real men would deny this.
I'm very aroused. Why wasn't he?
Timothy H
He didnt wash his hands...
Tottenham k
Honest black guy
Tre Dillard
Sobered up real quick lol
omg the things i would have done to that woman
Wendy Harris
1:23 lol she was in the boys bathroom
What 2003
All Guy’s saying they Don’t know how the man did it. I think you would also run hello yes she hot but she walked in while he was peeing and than wanted to blow him + she was giving him the creeps, you can see that even before she walked in the toilet.
Why was this recommended?
Yutube SuspendedMyAccount
This is very unrealistic , you know damn well brothers will be all over them snow bunnies in a heartbeat lol.
aurilene sousa
Eu sou no look bom
ball head
Captain mitchell is drunk
chérif Aly
1:38 Who's there🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
craig howard
God she's beautiful! Ida failed that test.
I was with my ex for 2 years never did anything bad to her never even looked at another girl the same way I looked at her and was always good as gold to her and she then chats on me so to the one saying it’s always the man who is to blame what do you say to that women are just as much to blame for this kind of thing as men can be?😡
In the real world he would have had sexual harassment charges filed against him and been fired
footballXdankmemesXmusic r my purpose to live
Now switch the gender roles and watch the movie directors try to justify this to people
Doesnt even look like him without the beard lol
fqn 3
I feel like she might stab me with a rusty knife if I don't do what this crazy psycho wants.
hussein Zain
There might be alot of men that wont give in, but one thing for sure is that, all the male viewers here wouldn't even give it a 2nd thought, and I'm one of them tbh Lol
i am spiritual
Wow i want to be that man
jay men
Would smash
john smith
I wish i was that lucky
kira lane
Isn’t this sexual assault?
noob saibot
So this is what heimdall was doing after loki banished him.
Sexual harassment
So much for wifey
renald ray
I'd nail her.
I love all the virgins talking about what a man would do when they're 16.
story teller
xila gold
I Need a man like this God pls
Ãñkãñ Prasad
ام الجود
اووووف بيوجعني 💋💋
محم د
في مزه ولا مافي 💋💓👄👅
وائل آل ثاني
*عراقي مر من هنا 😂*
1:49 ♥