10 Important Things to Know Before Visiting Italy

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When visiting Italy for the first time, these are some of the most important things to know for your trip. My ten tips will make your vacation or holiday in Italy much easier and more enjoyable. Learn key phrases in Italian, when to expect to eat dinner, what to do when taking the train or bus that will make sure you don't get a €50 fine, and more.YOU SHOULD ALSO WATCH (Italy videos/travel tips):How to Pack Your Toiletries When Traveling Carry-on Only:

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are you ltalian?I heard that Italy has a lot of mafias and extort or kill tourists
Im Italian lol why am i watching this i live here lol
Alessandro Marostica
About Taxis and stuff, it's not because the Taxi system is complicated, it's because it is not developed AT ALL. In italy it's much more common to take buses. So if you Wanna travel around you buy a ticket in a newsstand/cafe (they usually sell them) and take the bus (if you find the right bus driver you can also buy a ticket from him, but be careful because of they catch you with no ticket you Will have to pay like 50€). Trust me, I Know it because i'm italian :)
Ambrose Joseph
I’m going to Capri in April for 5 days, and Rome for 2.
Amelia Ray
Rome that's where I am going
Amy McGovern
Oh I wish I'd found this before I went to Rome, it would have been so useful :( oh well now I know where to come next time :)
Aniam Payne
visit Naples,Capri,Ischia and Procida ;)
Anthony Lighterness
I'm coming to Trento for 5 months from Feb-July. Definitely intend to visit Florence, Venice, Padua, Rome, Milan, etc. Thanks for your insightful video! :D
Ashima Pawar
Hello. I am planning to travel with my family to italy in the month of May. Which period in May would you recommend ( early, mid or end). Thank you. Awaiting your reply.
Ashley Caroline
It's also great to rent a car in Italy! We've done it, and we're going to do it again this month. You have your freedom, roads are great, it's not even that expensive at all. And no stressing about train schedules and carrying your luggage everywhere
Ashley Fareas
Going to Rome, Florence and Venice in September! :)
Austin Larue
Weres a great restaurant me and my wife should try that’s not a tourist hub I want authentic cuisine like me great grandparents made.
BELIEVE - Dev Biswas
am in Florence right now.\nwas here for two days.\nleaving tomorrow morning to Rome..\n\ngreat video!
Brianna Cohen
These were so helpful!! I'm going to Milan, Cinque Terre, Verona/Padua, Lake Garda and Venice next month 😭 so excited. Thanks for the tips x
Broken Nose
How many times have you been in Italy?\nI've only been there in 2011. I miss it so much!
What a great video, very informative! I’m going to Naples in September and I can’t wait! Do you have any tips on visiting Naples?
I'm going to Rome next summer and I'nm beyond excited! If you've ever been there, what is it like?
I'm going to Rome, Florence, Milan, Verona, Venice, Napoli and the bottom by train
Cerise Min
I've never hailed a taxi
I am going to Rome and Florence in 3 weeks! I am so excited, but I don't know any Italian 😁
Corinne S.
Really helpful, thank you!!
Craig W. Scribner
In early May '17 we're going to Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. Is that considered spring? Will a down jacket be necessary??
Creativity Unleashed
I've been wanting to go there for years (at least 5) and In 3,5 months I'm flying *jumps from excitement*. First I'll be in Rome, because I want to go to Rainbow Magicland. Then I'm going to go to Sardegna and stay there for half a week, after that Sicilia for a week (because every boat that fits my plans only leaves on friday) and then the last days will be in Napoli from where I want to visit Pompeii. Still planning what exactly I want to do, but the entire trip, meaning travel and hotels, is planned since the beginning of december. I am so enormously exited! =D\n\nAnche, io imparo italiano e posso parlare la lingua passabile. Credo che non sarà una problema.
Dave Fiore
Thank you for your intelligent video. Italy in fact has the higher variety of food and DOCG products. Only the cheese is available in 400 different tipologies. The \
Denis Lippert
I just turned 18 and I’m going to Italy for two weeks next Friday :O I’m super exited and I’m going alone so it should be fun to get to know new people!
Devin Catuns
Im going to Trieste for a study abroad opportunity!
Dr. Ashish Agravatt
Dylan Clements
One of the most beautiful countries in the world ❤🇮🇹
Elizabeth Hurlburt
Ciao!! My 18yr old daughter will be studying in Florence for 5 weeks Jun-July '18 w 3 class mates from the states. As intelligent as she may be, Im extremely worried about their worldly skills lol with that being said could you give me any advice (on anything you feel might be important) as well as what THEY feel is important......bar, clubs, weekend trips to fun cities, hostels & traveling to other European cities like Paris or Barcelona. I know this is A LOT to ask but i really appreciate your informative, honest videos & feel they are spot on. Regards, Marie in Jersey
Emilie Weingarden
I'm going to Venice next Christmas to visit my friend!
Erica Porter
Hey I am going on junior journey to Italy and haven't gotten all of my questions answered from the info meetings i've attended and watching your video has lol I was curious for the money, I have only had talks about there being so many people wanting to steal money and backpacks and so on, that it's made me really anxious I will be staying in Florence :) and traveling to Rome as well. How should I carry my money? I am still unsure of how to 'hide' it or when not to bring my backpack, or how NOT to look too much like a tourist target as my school calls it
Fernanda Sullivan
Hi... I am going to Venice and Florence beginning of September, for just one week. \nI am a little bit overwhelme...not sure if we should visit any vineyard or or just stay in the city. \nAlso what to wear 🤔 . I shouldn’t bring short? I am imagining wear a confortable shoes since we’ll be walking a lot.
Foxes on the Go
I enjoyed watching your video. My family and I recently got back from a 3 week vacation in Europe where we spent time in Rome exploring the sites. It was amazing. We can't wait to go back!
Italy research for college class presentaions
Off to Europe next week. Will just be hitting up Florence and Rome for my first eurotrip. Will no doubt be keen to go back and explore Italy in more detail in the future.\n\nLearning basics of each country is something I like to do. Locals always appreciate it and you can even make friends ;)\n\nFor my trip I am learning basic French, Italian, German, Czech and Ukrainian. Seemed a bit overwhelming at first but I understand subtleties of each language now.
Isaac Rickett
im going to Milan!!!
Isabel Adler
I’m staying in the south for a month next summer! My first time out of the country and using my language skills! I’m also going to meet my Italian friend
Isabella Gonzalez
JR Corporation
Trenitalia? Disastro! sempre ritardi!
Jerusha Jose
How screwed am I if I want to study in Italy and know only english and french fluently? P.S I'm Indian.
Joel Sowards
Flying into Florence and then renting a car; going south about 40 miles. Thanks for the tips! Grazie!
Jordan Long
I am seriously wanting to move to italy. Want to get as many tips as I can before I try to become a expat.
Josianne Trudel-Lamarre
Ciao! Thanks for your tips. I'm planning a trip to Sulmona in Abruzzo, for the whole month of July this 2017... for an immersion course. I'm hoping to organize a small trip to Naples, Basilicata and Rome. Would you have any suggestions? Anyone? Grazie mille!
Julia Pellicane
Very good advice.. I suggest that if you want to see beautiful islands an beaches to take a trip to Sicily or Sardinia, and Bari, in the Apulia (Puglia) region has beautiful beaches, full of rock in contrast to sand. Overall our country is so beautiful and everyone should be able to enjoy it
Justa Person
Venice, cinque terre and Rome
Kasey Starr
school trip
Kat Cortellucci
I plan on meeting some of the medicine people, the healers, Streghe.
Katrina Chavez
I'm studying abroad in rome starting January for 5 months :)
Laurenn Raquel
I'm visiting italy this coming may! I'm excited! staying in rome and giong to, pompeii, milan, florence, naples, venice...
Lexi Ravencroft
I'm going to an 11th century church in Badia Pozzeveri near Lucca for a bioarchological dig.
Lisa Hennessy
Where did you get the prints from with the European cities?
Liz B
Thank you Im going to visit Rome and Florence. I dont know what else 😅Thank you for the tips
U forgot to tell us about how loud Italians are😂😂 I mean I absolutely love em but still😂😂😂
Loretta Stephens
Hi, I love your video! Do you have any tips on traveling from Rome to Venice by train or Rome to Florence? Like, the best way to buy your tickets and the best train to take.\nItaly's always been a fantasy trip for me but I'm wondering what is the best time of the year to visit (i.e: less tourist etc). As my birthday is in March I'm wondering if that's a good time? \nAlso, I know that everything is closed on Mondays but does that include the train stations (i think this might be a stupid question...)
Luis Duran
Thank you so much for the video, very Informational. I am definitely interested in visiting Florence. Do they have a Dante museum/memorial/ monument? I am going there next summer 2019.
Manuj Bhalla
Hi Love and London\n\nPlanning a trip to Italy but confused which place to put on my list\nEvery place seems very good to visit :-D\nhave 2 weeks time for the travel !!
Marie Atienza
We’re staying in Rome most of our 8 days this coming middle of August ,but we’re planing to go in Florence for 2days which part of Florence in city i book the hotel thanks
Matt Pedraza
I’m going in a couple day to Rome and Venice and it’s going to be my first time out the country and thank you
Mia Rose
I'm going to Capri, Venice, Rome, Florence, bologna, Naples, and Turin. I'm so excited!!
Michelle Rodricks
will be visiting Italy in May
Miss Jessica
I’m landing in Rome! I also want to explore Venice, Florence, Venice, Milan. My list is long! Haha!
Nice information but slow down pls the video would be perfect at 50% speed.
Nerio Escobar
I really loved your video! Very stylish if I may say. I went to Rome earlier this year and it was fantastic!!! I will be coming back to Italy this spring to visit Venice because it is my favorite city on this planet. Cheers!!
Olivia Cowie
Are you better off buying prepaid train tickets or buying them at the station?
Olivia Doyle
Im visiting relatives in Calabria, and Battipaglia, Italy♥️♥️ I can’t wait! Im trying to learn phrases through Rosetta Stone, it’s similar to Spanish, so that helps since I took three courses of Spanish!
what's gonna happen if your late on a train? how soon do you wait? Is there a penalty if you already have a ticket ? We woud like to explore in Rome, Florence, Venice what is the good month to go that I don' t need a Jacket?
Phillip Kaya
I will go to italy next December 2018 \nFlorance/pisa-milan-rome-napoli\nAny advice for napoli and florance \nI been at Rome twice before but never been into others cities
Qurita Wilson
I'm going to Florence in two weeks!
I am planning to visit Rome, Parma, Manorola and Milan in May. Heard that Rome has a lot of petite crime. What about other cities?
I never go in museums or tourist attractions when I travel. it just seems like a waste of time when you could be outside, walking around and just soaking in the vibe of daily life!
Rev. Dr. Rita Jackson
Thank you for the very informative video. I'm going to Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan.
Rick Marquez
Can you carry a large luggage bag on speed trains?
Robert Burns
Im going to Italy to propose to my boyfriend!!
Rory04 _
Im going to lake garda this July
Ross Stern
thank you for the advice!\ni’m going to italy in 2020 with my school’s band
Ryan Capelli
Great info, thank you!!
Sally Ellis-Williams
I'm going to Sorrento in 15 days!!!
Sebastián Gonzales
I'm going to Venice and I've spent most my time recently learning Italian, I'm so excited ahhhh
I’m going to Italy with my English teacher and other students, I need to prepare! We’re visiting Florence, Rome, and Venice!
Stephane Gosselin
As always interesting tips, I will be visiting Italy in October; Rome, Milan & Florence. Thanks
Tangatur Raghavendra
Planning to come on November ???
The Village Ahead
Great tips! If I’m going to live there 3-6 mo, I should prob learn Italian right? I’ve heard they don’t speak much English
Thomas 27
I've been to Naples before and it was absoulutely amazing, I highly recommend visiting
after I go to Belgium/ Netherlands. besides everyone goes there I'm a different bread of people
it will be my first time visiting Italy so where in your opinion do you suggest I should visit (e.g. Rome, Venice, Milan)
Vincent Lee
Hi, I am visiting Florence in May with two friends, any suggestions of local trottoria or local eatery that we must try where the local go and eat? I hate eating at touristy places, and I want to eat where the local eats. Can you help? Thx
Vuyokazi Mthethwa
Venice and Rome
angela arango
Hi! I am going to Italy next June 2017 for my honeymoon. There are too much to see there, but we only have 2 weeks. Which are the best cities you would recommend to go ? We want to have a great time!!
We are trying to plan a trip to Italy for late May 2019. Any advice on how to even start looking? My husband has been overseas quite a bit but this will be my first time jumping the pond.
If you want a good place to eat, wander around and look for somewhere with lots of Italians in it.
Thank you for your video! I’m so excited I’m going to be staying about 30minutes away from Florence and I’m watching all the videos to get ready!!!
In three weeks I’ll be going to Rome, Naples, Monopoli, Bari, Termoli, Predappio, Venice, Verona, Cantu, Milan, Novara, Pisa, and Florence.. Florence will be my last stop! Oh and will also drive up to Lugano, Switzerland while in Cantu 😁 .. thanks for sharing these tips!! What are some good restaurants where I can eat with the locals and get some good authentic food and wine from the region.. ? in Florence
jeff victor
I'm going to Italy because I met an Italian girl in New Zealand and I love her.
mr nobody
I inhale my food in 3 minutes. Would annoy me to sit for hours. But i still want to visit
do i need to keep my passport all the time ??????
Vado in Italia a Roma, Toscana, Chianti e Cinque Terre. Your advice was excellent and I'm prepared, including enough Italian to meet people and make friends. Ritorno in Italia dopo di quarant'anni.
I'm a private and getting stationed there 🙂
I'm going to Italy with my husband this April! We are staying at Florence and from there we will take the train to Roma, Pisa and Milan. \nI would like to buy in the store in Florence! Can you recommend me a nice and not expensive place? \nThanks for your tips!
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