1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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The 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest featured 7 competitors; Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, Dominique Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks, Clyde Drexler of the Portland Trailblazers, Otis Smith of the Golden State Warriors, Jerome Kersey of the Portland Trailblazers, Greg Anderson of the San Antonio Spurs, and Spud Webb of the Atlanta Hawks. The 1988 Dunk Competition featured a star studded lineup with a final round of NBA All time greats Dominique Wilkins vs., Michael Jordan. This competition featured a back and forth of memorable dunks from both competitors. This completion will go down as the greatest Slam Dunk Contest of All time. Michael Jordan will take the crown and become the first back to back NBA Slam dunk champion. First Round – Dunk 1Otis Smith – Baseline Reverse Clutch Dunk - Score 40Jerome Kersey – Reverse Clutch Dunk – Score 41Spud Webb – Two Handed Dunk – Score 34Greg Anderson – Two Hands off Glass - Score 42Michael Jordan – One Handed Windmill Dunk – Score 47Clyde Drexler – One Hand Windmill – Score 44Dominique Wilkins – Reverse Clutch Dunk – Score 49First Round – Dunk 2Otis Smith - Score 47Jerome Kersey –Score 38Spud Webb –Score 18Greg Anderson –Score 42Michael Jordan –Score 47Clyde Drexler –Score 44Dominique Wilkins - Score 47Second Round – Dunk 1Michael Jordan – Free throw Line Dunk - Score 50Otis Smith – One Hand off Glass – Score 45Clyde Drexler – Free throw line Dunk - 45Dominique Wilkins – One Handed Windmill Dunk – Score 49Second Round – Dunk 2Michael Jordan – Kiss the Rim - Score 48Otis Smith – Missed Dunk - Score 22Clyde Drexler – Two Hands off Glass – Score 42Dominique Wilkins –Two Handed 360 Dunk – Score 47Second Round – Dunk 3Michael Jordan – Reverse Clutch Dunk - Score 47Otis Smith - Score 42Clyde Drexler – Score 46Dominique Wilkins – Baseline Reverse Clutch Dunk – Score 47Final Round – Dunk 1Dominique Wilkins – One Hand off Glass – Score 50Michael Jordan – Reverse Clutch Dunk – Score 50Final Round – Dunk 2Dominique Wilkins – One Hand Windmill Dunk – Score 50Michael Jordan – Two Handed Cradle – Score 47Final Round – Dunk 3Dominique Wilkins – Two Handed Windmill Dunk – Score 45Michael Jordan – Free Throw Line Dunk – Score 50Champion – Michael Jordan

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Andrew Williams
Wilkins, Carter, MJ best Dunkers in Contest ... Carter, MJ, Wilkins best in Game dunkers... in that order....
B 8o8dumas
Wilkins, the master of the windmill.\nHis two handed was definitely a 50, no one did it again.
Man we came a long way from them booty shorts😂😂🤣🤣
Bonk Caesar
Otis Smith got screwed and Nique was robbed
To go out there cold and do this is not easy.
Checc you wallet Dominique Jordan got you
Chu David
The dunk is considered the greatest because (1) both are great players, All star players, and all nba 1st team /2nd team players . (2) they are the scoring champion last two seasons respectively (3) they are arguably the best in-game dunker at the time. And all the people argued which one is the best, the only way is to have a dunk contest to find out!!! No dunk contest could compare to this one, ever again!!!
Culprit LA
this takes place anywhere but Chicago and it's Dominique's, easily.
David Bennett
Jordan was way more creative where wilkins did the same 2 dunks over and over
Almost every dunk that Dominique did has been repeated frequently. Now how many of Michael Jordan's dunks do you see regularly. When you slow that thing down, Michael Jordan makes it look set.
Douglas Mawer
You gotta love Dominique Wilkins. Guy was an animal and a humble and respectful guy. I loved when the Hawks gave him the statue at Phillips Arena.
Edward Nonymous
Don't get me wrong, I love MJ, but Nique got robbed that year.
Elan Brysk
Eric Beverly
An example of that old \
Only MJ showed that he can jump with grace in the air taking off single and double leg
Greg St.martin
Julius irving has actually dunked it from behind the foul line thats sick!! Jordans dunk was a ft past foul line
Henry Washington
I was a fan of Drexler, but Jordan made him look so 70's in this contest.
Look to Clyde he always Copys Jordans Dunks ??? Why ???
how tf does jordan win with doing the free throw line TWICE
Jason W
2016 dunk contest is greatest of all time.
Jazmine Moore
That's was awesome NBA Slam Dunk contest
Jeremy Berry
Yep people were right Dominique got robbed he should have won this dunk contest, you can't give MJ another 50 for the same dunk even though it's from the free throw line, Clyde Drexler did that dunk and only got a 45 for it
Jim Vick
2 handed windmill getting a 45 is criminal.. I still think that is one of the greatest dunks ever...
Jimmy Cruz
Nothing like Jordan
Joe Bay
I watch this again people saying Nique got robbed and I agreed but now watching it again Jordan has som uch finesse and flare with his dunks.he did jump on the free throw twice but he dis it w so much passion and creativity w a flying motion.MJ won!
John Caparulo
Dominique did NOT get robbed!! His 2nd dunk in the finals was a turd, and they gave him a 50. So the 45 on his last dunk was a make-up call. And yeah, MJ’s free throw line bit was a little repetitive, but Wilkins wasn’t exactly Vince Carter when it came to creativity. How many 50s can you really give the guy for the same windmill dunk??
What? Dominique lose the contest.
Johnny Freeman
LeBron anyone?......
Jon Brown
80s were the best time in the us
Jordan !
Do I just realize this or r the commentators just r sh*tBags don't get me wrong I love jordan but Dominique should have won
Julz Valenzuela
Jordan is the real GOAT. 💪💪💪
Ken Schnekenburger
KingBeast 12
This shit lame Jordan did good and dexler but there wasn’t any creativity
Lit manRhyen
They cheated for Jordan he used that same dunk twice and the still gave him a 50
MJ 23-4 GOAT
Fair judgment. Dominique does the same style dunk all the time. Same damn windmill over n over again. Jordans the GOAT.
Melo Trell
Go To A NBA Court And Look How Far That Dam Free Throw Line Is From The Hoop !! Only a few can ever do it takes mad skill you gotta have mad hops soo stop woth the hate mj had it
Nique weakness is his inability to create off one foot
Nate River
Highway robbery
Nicholas Reese
Dominique relied more on his power and Jordan had finesse and grace
No Here Kruger
I would have to agree with EVERY ONE in that Dominique got straight robbed. You cant do, no matter HOW tough, the same exact dunk and get awarded the max points, both times. IMO he broke out the foul line dunk way too early. That should have been his final dunk, and there would have been no discussion about who \
Drexler the generic Jordan.
Pro Hoops Daily
This is probably the greatest slam dunk contest of all time
Richard Nunez
88 dunk contest = 😍
Sam Chan
mj s artistic yet powerful free throw line dunk is tough to beat today
Skate_ Or_Die
It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.
Stephen Meek
The first 4 dunkers were paid off.
Sum Lum
Every dunk from this year would get a 30 nowadays 😂 \n ** Incoming Old Heads **
SuperSour Face20k
I noticed Clyde tries to be a lot like mj
TClutch Legend
NBA.com it says 2013 pre season ?????
It's so crazy to me how in the 80s/ 90s doin a normal windmill or reverse dunk was considered to be like a great dunk. Today if you don't do something we've never seen before, it's a low score.
Tim Langenderfer
13:50 MJ does the vince carter \
Tony Lee
Mj played with week comp. LJ is the goat
Touré maman Cisse
salam maman papa maman tonton tanti bébé jolie merci cisse Ismaël Aubervilliers égalité
Troy Harrison
A lot of these dunks would get you a 38-42 today.... still a great moment in time
Victor Mitchell
Well Rico
As i watched, now mj win coz of the crowd. i believe in charisma as well.
I thought Jordan's first dunk in finals was not worth 50.
art roxas
awesome MJ!
The Slam Cam reveals the flair.
cash man
Nique was very very special!!/ I remember he rocked the Brooks shoes.... // made me even buy a pair or 2...  :)
darius fikes
That two handed windmill was nasty from Dominique. That should've been a 50. Home town favorite was in play here.
The robbery in Chicago!!!
eddie harman
Hi kids. Todays fun trivia is see if you can see how many times the announcer say \
frank nique
Dominique WON here...Jordan dunk nothing's new..
j v
That dunk gave birth to Air Jordan shoes.
jon lee
Mj is the best Carter and lebum sucks
lakerboii mamba
vince carter should’ve been in this contest wit mj
mc player lirikoso
Indiscutible mente el mejor del mundo Jordán Dios te dio el don para ser el mejor Dios te bendiga Donde quiera que estés...
The judges screwed Michael Jordan giving him a 47 that was a 50 but then they made up for it giving Dominic Wilkins a 45 !! \n\nSo Michael won no harm no foul
This is a 10 foot rim. I have a ladder that does not get me that high up.
scott devlin
Your photo is from 87
Yes he did!
Dominique ΠΑΙΧΤΑΡΑ ΜΟΥ!!!
uǝɯ ɹǝpods
i still dont understand how spudd webb could jump that high
The first dunk is really not bad. That Smith dude jump so high.