Would You Help A Homeless Child Left On The Street?

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What would you do if you saw a small child on the street, homeless and begging for help? Would you stop on the spot to offer them aid or would you walk away, ignoring them? I had Laila pretend to be homeless on the side of the street to see if anyone would care or help. The results were shocking!Subscribe: family friendly pg cleanHit the like button and please share this video. Every share counts.

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so its just normal to have a homeless child on a street and nobody who walks by thinks about calling the police or child protection services.
Alexander Daniels
Click the \
Alexandria Ihnen
it's kind of messed up, people with less gives up more, ya they know what it's like, but if I saw ANYONE that needed help, even if I had a real important thing going, i would cancel that I don't care, you would think people with more would give, but No, how rude!
Ali Swiane
I would help any homless pepole chiled or adult and bless both of the woman
AlphaWolf Games
Of course I would have helped that girl! I would have invited her round to my house and let her stay or something give her a little makeover
Andrea Cacique
I would totally help her poor girl 😢🤕
BJ 3rdgeneration
Give a like to this comment to help the less fortunate and one day you'll be proud cuz you know you helped out
Beast Gamer Bro
Bless that Women's heart and May God Bless everyone. Just because they are homeless doesn't mean they should be lifted out, they're HUMAN beings like US! SHE IS A CHILD, SHE SHOULD NOT BE LEFT OUT!
Betty Blue
Branden Johnson
Its sad nobody cares they just keep walking away
Carly the Dawg
I don’t know why the world is filled with hate and ignoress,if I ever saw a homeless person,I will give them anything I could.because these people are human too.They deserve better.They need a better life,better EVERYTHING.
Carmen Valadez
Women are the ones that do the work but men just don't really but u Matt u would
Cindy Granados
What happened of you were homeless how well you feel!
Claire Boag
Matt is so nice. Thumbs up if you agree with me 👍🤗
Conchita Rojas
I don't want to waste my money on homeless it's my money
Denira Molina
I will do anything to help homeless children or adults
Denise Caldwell
Oh my gosh the homeless lady that gave this kid food an money even though she had nothing an more than likely gave her food money to this kid made me cry
Desmond Cage
That’s 😭
Dom Brown
Donald Sukhnanan
Those who are less fortunate themselves are always the ones willing to help because they themselves knows what struggle is like
Ella Crew
This is very touching to me and watching this video and seeing all those people that are caring and nice shows me that alot of people in this world are very nice and caring. Thank you to all the nice and caring people -Ella C.
Eric Ellis
Im sorry
Ever Emily_Roblox
Aww...i want to help her :( why some people have to be so cruel with homeless??! D:
Film Epic
Did y'all give back the money and say that y'all were just trying to see if you would help homeless people cuz if you didn't give back the money then y'all are lying and cheating out people
FlameX Gaming
Bless that women
Flip gaming
So emotional 😭😭😭
Fuzen Ni Yami
I find it so messed up of all the people that had homes, food, and everything and they just pass her, a little girl. Yet, a homeless woman gives her food and money.
Bless that women and I would help her
Gabriel Torres
If i were them i will give the homeless woman 1,000
God pray the lord shes not homless any more 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Galaxy foxx
Sorry I have no money but I would if I could
GamingSavage PlayzRoblox
I would give a homeless person money any day adult or child. I've done it before! There was this lady by a bank and she was there for a few months. It was just her and her dog. And one day I gave my chore money to her. She needed it more than I did. So that's why I gave it to her. Like if you would do the same!
Geobar Marak
if a little girl left homeless in the street I'll take home I want to have a sister but I can't I'm sorry my tears fall
Haylee graceful ASMR
2:10 how rude
Herta Schneider
I am totally like that homeless woman! I help whenever I can!
I am Dude
Do not ever ignore some poor or homeless people's
James Bangs
Jason Y.
I have actually helped a homeless man before!! He was sitting outside of dollar tree. I decided to use my money to get him a new shirt, some drinks, a box of crackers, bread, jelly, peanut butter, and a knife. We got him some other food too. Then we got him done bandages and some hand sanitizer and some wipes and stuff like that. we gave him an extra 5 dollar bill too. The guy was incredibly grateful. Blessings to all who read this.
It's sad to see those many people just walk by and it's good there were actually some people who stopped and talked to her
Johan Videos
Thank you for proofing that kind people do still exist ♥
Juan Pablo Rodelas
Some people are nice 😃and some people are rude😡
Jul Schneyder
Whats wrong with this people, who goes straight away
K.D squad KK and NaNa
I saw dis little girl dat was like 7 years old I asked her where’s her parents and she said they did not want her anymore and left the state so I gave her I think about 80 bucks
Kelly Calton
I would help her get food
Kia Dav
I would have gave her money and some food if I had it 😢
Leah Lopez
So helpful thank you for taking care of our world we believe in good things
Leigha Slocum
This made me cry! ☹️
Leonard gamer gta
Any 2018 2019 watching
Lexie's World
Its not rite to leave homeless people to die on there own they r people too but with out a home the homeless r still alive because of people like you guys thank you
I hate how people just passed by her. If I found a homeless child I would bring them to my house let them eat take a shower get fresh clothes and try to adopt them. I feel so bad for those people out in the world. Once I found a homeless lady and her sign said\n“HOMELESS MONEY OR FOOD GOD BLESS.” So my mom drove me home o got my money we went to the store I bought her some food I had 5 dollars left I gave her the food and money. She was so happy
Luna Lovegood
I was shocked when more people didn't help her I mean she is a kid for gods sake
I said that before but you look you didn't read it \nI don't know if you read this but I really like your Chanel and I want you to keep going and I'll try to translate your videos to Arabic 😉\nthat's will make your videos\u200b popular
Macy Risner
My mom probably would have given her all the money that she had with her
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Melissa Begay
IT was to sod 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Miss Pasta
Awwwww :( if I saw anyone like this I would give them and since I have $835 dollars I would give them $100 dollars the people who ignore they don't have a heart the person who got $50 she cared for the girl \nMay god bless that girl or if anyone is homeless
Munching SourGrapes
God bless the people that help the pore or hungry
Nim The Marshm3llow
OC Pussyfoot
Orlando Torres
The girl with the black hoody that’s what I would do
Period dot
AYE!! Filmed in Toronto!!
People are so dumb...I understand when people ignore homeless \
Priscilla Williams
I actually think people don't realize that she's a child. They aren't looking directly at her and don't really notice
Sis And bro
Snow Gaming
If I was there I would’ve take her home seriously not joking like if u do the same thing
Stacie Vang
I will give homeless people some of my money because they only have like old cloths to wear every day so I will give them money. And I would give them some food for helping when they had a family, but I think I would let homeless people sleep at my house for a couple of days, some they won't have to sleep outside. Like to agree and comment to me on the bottom of my comment.
Tabbykitten Mnecraft
The people that did not help that could be them so if u see someone hurt or homeles don't just walk by as if she is a unlucky object
Team Flawless
Some people are just so rude and dont even help the homeless people. I would help them
Fcuken hell I would have helped a child surely. I always give to old and kids.
Terri Philion
2:29 is adorable!!!!!!! Some people are sooo sweet
The Kitty Squad
I would maybe help someone if they were homeless
The Noob Is Here
Whenever I see a homeless person I always want to help them but my parents just tell me to stay away from them.
Tien Truong
I would help a homeless child \u003c3
Travia Rhoades
Unknown Stranger
Nowadays peoples became heartless and selfish. Sad to seeing all this!
Valbona Zogaj
Want a Coke?
First! Finally!
What The Hell
I would go and say, \
When I saw all those people look at her and then just keep walking, it broke my heart. That just goes to show how many people in the world are careless. When the woman came back to give her food and money when she was already homeless herself, made me happy, to know at least someone cares.
X一 Ray
Oh my god that's made me cry
Yonas Berhe
People think poor people need help but yet not even A TENTH of the people who care actually do something that...
Zerelza Princess
Woooow whats with the people are they blind!???
ZiawhyA lovelygirlXD
abdelramhan azmy
1:13 awwwwww how sweet
alyssaThe_ GalaxyQueenOfYT
Me and my brother had seen a dirty baby a dirty big sister, the woman we assume was their mother was laying on the ground next to them. But she wasn't breathing. I told my mother to give the kids some money and she screamed \
firegoddespele9 Hawaii
Wow only 386 people would help a homeless child, for the othes.....SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
kitty star love kitty boy
Nooo don't make this \nThis video make me so sad and happy
lacey fortes
2:11a person looked at her and stopped and then the person was still watching like that's stuff wrong if u see a homeless kid or a teen or a adult if I help a adult that's homeless but u don't help a kid!?!?!!🙄🙄🙄🙄
les tags des tags
qui parle français
❤️when I get the money when I'm an adult this is what I will be doing with my money ❤️
migliaro Migliaro
if I saw a homeless children i help
queen kay
I would let the homless live with me and give the money everything they need to survive
Omg I was like 'Wtf, you are reading it and just ignores it?!' But I was so happy when she came back with food and money, even when she's homeless herself! This always restores that little faith in humanity I have \u003c3
xXKiosuperstar RBLX
Bless the people that helped the homeless girl
אור אברהם
you are good persen