What's the Easiest Language to Learn?

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A man of culture
Is mayonaise a language?
Adriano Rodrigues
I think english is damn easy, well structured and the words basically don’t flex according to gender and time frame, which is usually the hardest parts to get right. \n\nFor example, I’m a native speaker of portuguese and love here is male, but in czech, which I’m trying to learn, it’s female, and they also have neutral gender, even for things they have gendered words for
Aga Ł.
My native language - Polish. \nI've learnt English since I was 7, and Russian since I was 10. English is so natural to me now. But so is Russian, though it took several years to be really good at it. Anyway, the teacher in the high school told us that we are going to concentrate on the differences between Russian and Polish as the similarities were obvious. And now it turns out that I understand Ukrainian almost in 90%, without any classes.
Alain Mustang
For me, as a spanish speaker, I could say that English has been the easiest language for me because of its similarities with spanish in many words and the grammar was so easy for me. Then I started to learn German, and it has been the most difficult for me, I've studied it for three years and I still have some mistakes at the moment of speaking it.\nAfter some time I started French and Italian, and they have been so easy for me, due to its similarities with each other. I'd like to study japanese for some reason so hopefully I will start as soon as I have a chance.
Aleksey Yaremenko
for me the easiest is English, because it's everywhere: movies, songs, programming documentation, friends who speak it, you use it when you travel.
Angelo Jeremías
My native language is spanish\n\nEasy:\nItalian \u003eportuguese\n\nMedium:\nFrench\u003eEnglish
Asad’s Cube YT
*My native language* Russian (да и кстати всем русским привет)\n*Easiest language to me* French and Uzbek and English\n*Medium* Deutsch and Romanian\n*Hard* Chinese (of course)) Japanese Arabic and Corean
Big Boy Arnold
Native language :Russian\nEasiest language to learn : every Slavic language \nEasy language : English, Spanish, german, French, Italian, Turkish\nMedium hard language : Japanese, korean, hebrew\nHard language to learn: Arabic \nHardest language to learn: every East Asian language besides japanese and Korean
I actually have a really interesting situation. My first language was Russian, but by the time I was 3-4 and started going to preschool I was already beginning to pick up some English, and became fluent in a year or two. I started speaking, reading, and writing English more and more often - to the point where I knew it better than Russian. And now? I can’t say the Russian alphabet by heart, I can’t write a single word, my grammar now sucks, and I understand the language way better than I speak it, and even then it’s usually a lot of everyday phrases (e.g. if I were to listen to a speech by Vladimir Putin I'd only understand about 1/2, maybe approaching 2/3 of what he would be saying. I still \
A note from a Chinese speaker: Be glad your language has an alphabet.
César Dorneles
The easiest language is esperanto!
Danang Mardiyono
The language is getting harder if you have to know their alphabet too, like Japan, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Russian and the other
When I was overseas in Singapore I started to learn some Idonesian Malaysian which are very similar apparently. Having a new vocabulary was not the big issue for me. NO GENDER like many languages have not was the similarity to English. It was simple, straight forward, logical and effective language to learn. If the world had to have one language this might be one to choose.
David Schülz Gonzalez
Gracias A Dios por tener como lengua materna el Español. Viva españa y su monarca Iker Casillas.
Diego Ureta
Diego Ureta\nBeing a native spanish speaker, portuguese, italian and french (in that order) seem to be the easiest to learn because they are also latin, but I have to say english is the easiest one because of it’s simple grammar and it is very simplified and straight forward, for example, you only use the neutral article “the” instead of having one for masculine and one for femenine
Dieter Gaudlitz
Maybe put the \
Domo Daso
My native language is Croatian it has so hard grammar that its crazy\nEasy languages to me are english italian and french\nMedium spanish portugese\nHard swedish and dutch\nInsane/WTF Finland
Ekaterina Mezhelovskaia
I am a native Russian speaker\n*Comprehensible* Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Slovak, Croatian, Bulgarian - all of those have to be the easiest to learn, too. Out of all of them I only tried learning Polish and it seemed easy \n*Easy to learn* English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian\n*Neutral evil* German, Dutch, French, Georgian, Kazakh\n*Chaotic evil* Chinese, Japanese, Arabic
Eugene Miyelis
About German... It's not hard to learn until you learn that EVERY single f%@%^ town in Germany has it's own dialect. And knowing German doesn't mean you understand locals.
Slavic languages are the easiest if you know one you know almost most of the other Slavic ones
As a German: I pity everybody who has to learn this language. Learning all these things that comes natural when your're a nativ speaker, would be a real pain in the ass.
Frank Sellers
Spanish is easier than French. A lot of the same shared vocabulary thanks to Spanish’s shared Latin root with French (English ‘cheese’ & Spanish ‘queso’ both come from Latin whereas French ‘fromage’ developed in the Middle Ages and originally meant the container the cheese was in).\n\nSpanish spelling is nearly 100% phonetic (like German) and if you can roll your Rs it’s not difficult to pronounce.\n\nSpanish has feminine & masculine nouns like French, no neuter nouns or cases like German or Romanian.\n\nI studied Spanish before studying French so although that gave me a primer for learning French, it was still harder than Spanish. I think Spanish would’ve been a breeze if I’d studied French first.
Indonesian is the easiest because it is an artificial language invented in the 20th century with the idea to be easy so it would quickly unite all the Indonesian people speaking all those different languages on all those different islands.
God Japan
IM JAPANESE \n1 KOREAN \n2 CHINESE \n---------------------------------------------------------------\n3 INDO EUROPEAN LANGUAGES
Gulyás Zalán
My native language: Hungarian\nThe Japanese grammar is very similar so it is not so difficult for me but the japanese writing system...😤
Python ?
Hana honda
OMG, Japanese is so hard!!\nI feel bad for English speakers who's studying it...\nI'm Japanese and I'm currently studying Chinese right now. \nIt's also hard but it's easier for me because I can read.\n\nMaybe I should be studying French.... haha
Imam Prabowo
Waw, I am Indonesian, and you are right, our language is the simplest one, On average, the foreigners need only a couple of month to learn
István Mihály
I support your point about the Indonesian language, I would like to add, that for me it is the most beautiful language I have ever learned. I am skeptical about your note on the French. It is very complicated. For me the Chinese was the easiest to learn on simple conversational level, without the writing. I could add to it the Vietnamese, where half of the vocabulary is Chinese,
Ivan Cipta
In indonesia, no matter how messed up your grammar is, as long as you hit the point. They'll always understand
Ivan Delev
English is the AK-47 of the languages.
Jack Daniels Ultraselvagem
Native Brazilian Portuguese.\nMy parents started paying for English classes to me when I was 7 years old.\nI have trouble speaking Portuguese.\nThere are times when I stop to think about the appropriate word for a situation. Actually it happens to me a lot.\nI find it much easier to express myself in English.\nEnglish is a lot more straightforward, honest language than português.\nIn português there are too many meanings for most words.\nThis makes it a lot easier to people pretend that they said something that doesn't even fit into the context, the situation.\nRomantic languages are similar to portuguese in this context.
Jacob Everman
Anybody else studying Japanese?
As a native spanish speaker the easiest one to learn is portuguese, I barely studied it and can understand it at around 98%, then english was really easy too, I could say I can express myself even better in english than spanish. Italian is very intelligible too, french is a bit harder but easy overall. Now I'm trying to learn japanese and I realize the huge difference there is, the other languages seem child's play in comparison, YET, despite all the scary things you might hear, it's not as hard as you think, the grammar is not that bad and the pronunciation is really easy, perhaps it's because spanish have a broadly similarity when it comes to conjugations and pronunciation. Now the kanji is the hardest part by far, the kanas are a piece of cake though.
Jeepers Scoob
My family's spanish, but I was born in France and have lived here my whole, so I guess both are native. Then I started english when I was about 7, didn't get anything the teacher was trying to say, so I just learned on my own through movies. I used to put the audio in english with french subtitles, then I switched to english subtitles, and now I just don't need them. \n\nI don't know any other languages, but from what I've seen of their grammar, prononciation, syntax ... if I started learning others it would like this :\n\nEasy : every nordic language (norsk, svensk, íslensk, dansk), german, italian, portuguese and romanian\nMedium : Czech, Polish, Greek\nHard : Finnish, Russian\nInsane : Chinese, japanese;
Jimins Jams
My native language: Italian and English \neasiest language for me: Spanish and Romanian \nEasy: French and Dutch and German\nMedium:Russian and Polish and Norwegian \nHard: Arabic\nHardest: Japanese and Korean and Chinese
Native Language: Filipino Tagalog\nLanguages I've learned: Conversational Level Korean, Basic Mandarin (It's a mandatory language at school + Hanzi Writing System), Basic Japanese.\n\n*Easiest* : Spanish, English (But I could easily remove English because it is a national second language and it is enforced to be the main language spoken at schools and mostly at home too.)\n*Easy* : Italian, French, Indonesian/Malay.\n*Medium* : Korean (And the majority of it's dialects), German.\n*Hard* : Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian.\n\nNote: I'm talking about the WHOLE of these languages when rating them from Easiest to Hard for me, and not just getting conversational Level.
Jonas Jensen
*The Hardest Language* Danish
English is the easiest, hand down.
Kalle Lellacévej
The easiest language is........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Subjective :)
Kim-Jong OOF
Native: Portuguese \nEasier: Spanish \nEasy overall: English, French and Italian\nMedium: German, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian\nHard: Russian, Greek\nInsane: Arabic, Somali, Japanese, Korean, etc....
Koda Huang
英語,法語,德語,義大利,西班牙,其他歐洲語言都一樣的,大同小異,講解為方言。\n漢語 語系= 北京話,客家話,廣東話,閩話,台灣話,大同小異。\n\n阿拉伯語= 中東語系 ,大同小異。\n\n日本語= 漢字+ 平假名&&&&\n\n朝鮮語= 文字是後創。\n\n東南亞 = 文字是後創。
Is it weird if I'm Indonesian and I say Japanese is easier than Russian?\n\nAlso Pirate speak is the easiest becauae it's really close to English (duh)
Just learn latin to understand a few languages. It doesn' t mean that if you can latin you can speak every romanic language, but it helps you to understand the topic, intention, vocabulary...
1000 views! Cool! Thanks for the interest.
Levi Din
easiest language : html
Lip Fairilu
The easiest language for me has to be\n1. No gender\n2. Same or similar grammar and vocabolary to my own language\n3. No timing\n4. No prefixes, infixes and sufixes\n5. Has to be written in Roman or Cyrillic\n6. No tones\n7. Each letter has only 1 pronunciation
Luna Belle
Indonesian is the easiest, why, there's no \n1.grammar for present, past etc.\n2. No need tone for the correct word like chinese. \n3. Using ABC instead of symbolization, strokes etc.
Mahmood Hasaneen
From my 3 months experience in learning German I can easily say that its Grammatik can get unnecessarly too complicated.
Maicom Canário
I'm brazilian,some people think that we speak Spanish right here,lord no! We speak Portuguese but Portuguese and Spanish are VERY similar,it seems like the same most of the times,but English for me is very very easy,maybe because I love and study alone since I was 10,well and then it comes Italian and French.\nMedium: German and Russian (but I can't write in Russian,the cyrillic alphabet is practically impossible!\nHard: Hindi (but I can sing some songs)\nAlmost impossible: Persian/Hungarian (but I really like the Persian language)\nImpossible: Arabic/Mandarin/Japanese
Manoj kanna
My native language:Tamil\nEasier to me: English
Mark SW
I'm a polyglot and out of the useful world languages, I'd say Spanish is the easiest. Its orthography is very straightforward and phonetic, there are no noun cases, and the materials available to learn it are in great abundance. Moreover, native speakers of Spanish are very forgiving and helpful when a foreigner attempts to learn their language.
Michael Allport
How about Tok Pisin and the other 'Pidgin' languages?
Mr Banana
English is so easy I managed to pick it up from my parents as a baby
Nameless Man
Python, no doubts, hands down.
Nataliya Gabriele
English is the most easiest language in the world
Niiles Punkari
I am native Finnish speaker, I live in Iceland and I been often asked what is harder to learn - Finnish or Icelandic. These days I answer the following way: In Finland I never met an adult who after some thinking would not be able to produce correct grammar, in Iceland, to the opposite, maybe couple of times a year I meet a adult who cannot produce correct grammar matter what (+ In Iceland people regularly struggle with correct words for introduced modern words, but that is a different story. )
Oliver Szadaj
Its Spanish
im indonesian, can speak english but not so well. but i think spanish easy to learn.
Bahasa Malaysia or bahasa indonesia is the easier langguage to learn... when say he or she we just say dia... no dia for male and female... no complicated grammar... no diference betwen male and female.. simple.. many foreigner from bangladesh... pakistan, UK, America come to Malaysia they can speak bahasa Malaysia just a month or two month... even faster than that... i always told my arab friend why dont u learn bahasa malaysia since u r in Malaysia .... bahasa malaysia is a easier language in the world... for information i can speak bahasa malaysia as my mother tounge arabic and a little bit chinese and melanau a langguage of a tribe from east malaysia (borneo) also diferent bahasa Malaysia dialects in every states of Malaysia...
Paolo Piovano
The category zero language exists and it's way easier than any other national language in the world.\nLernu Esperanton!!\n(Learn Esperanto!)
Portgas D. Ace
文言文-Classical Chinese is the hardest.
Rais Uddn
I am Bangladeshi and I can speak Bangla, Hindi and English
Republica del Cono Sur
I speak spanish and the easier language for me are english, and romance lenguages (italin,french,etc..
Robert Schlesinger
Charles Berlitz and some other experienced polyglots have stated that Indonesian is the easiest to learn. As you note in the video, there is less overlap in vocabulary (for English speakers) than one might find with Western languages. My wife is fluent in Indonesian. Perhaps I'll see how much Indonesian my daughter and I can intensively learn over her three week school break in December.
Robert Schuster
The easiest language to learn is the one that you can practice the most with other people.
Rome Fatur
I am Indonesian and always wondering wether this language is easy or difficult for the foreigner, because having score 100 in Indonesian is very hard for me.\nBut then I realized that many foreigner said it is considered as an easy language bacause of its simplicity and easy to be pronounced. And Indonesian shares so many vocabulary with foreign language such as Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Persian, Tagalog, and may be Chinese and Indian.
the ideographs in Japanese are called kanji, in Chinese hanzi
Saliha Nuzhat
Salvatore JR
My native:Chinese\neasier:chinese\nhard:chinese\ninsane:chinese\neven i can not do the mandarin grammar exam
Sean Tehan
I speak japanese not quite fluently but almost, its interesting to see its regarded as one of the hardest. I can understand why as the grammar and structure is very different, although a nice thing about it is during everyday conversation so much detail is omitted. Like you might say ''man this is difficult!\
SpaceMario 6000
My native language is Portuguese\n\nThe easiest one: Galician (From Spanish Galicia, not slavic Galicia)\n\nVery easy: English, it's everywhere\n\nEasy: Spanish, Italian\n\nMedium: Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish\n\nMedium-Hard: German, Catalan\n\nHard: French (really, it's harder than you think), Romanian\n\nVery hard: Most slavic languages, Greek, Icelandic\n\nNear impossible: Danish, Polish, Hungarian\n\nImpossible: Finnish, Estonian, Chinese
To be fair, I don’t think there’s really any “easy” language to learn, especially if you’re aiming for high proficiency. Spanish has a dozen dialects and when you get into slang, things become more complicated. For me German is easier than Dutch by virtue of pronunciation alone. Regardless, language should be learned based on passion. If you’re passionate, you will be more apt to study and keep learning. Certainly some languages are more complex than others in writing and speaking, but no language (for the majority of folks) is easy. Happy learning!
Steven Leahy
Paul, I disagree about Dutch or Afrikaans (very similar to Dutch) being the easiest for an English speaker, at least for me; I find the Scandinavian languages easier, especially Norwegian or Swedish, mainly due to a flow, word order, and grammatical structure that's really more similar and intuitive for an English speaker than what you see in Dutch. Danish is easy on paper, but proper pronunciation is a major challenge. I learned Dutch in the Netherlands and Belgium a long time ago and learned to speak pretty well, though the word order is still sometimes illogical to me. Dutch has a very German-like structure and word order and though simpler, is quite similar to German. I have studied the Scandinavian languages for many years since then, and I find them much easier and more familiar, structurally. The Scandinavian languages and Dutch all share lots of cognates to English in the basic language that makes up most of our speech. The large number of Dutch words that on paper are strikingly similar to their equivalents in English give a false sense of the actual closeness between the two, though Dutch is definitely closer to English and easier than German is for English speakers.
Susie Cook
I'm 13 and Irish and I speak English, Irish, Spanish and French lol i learn Irish, Spanish and French in school but i find Spanish the easiest and i love it . Me encanta Español 😊❤🇪🇸
I am Norwegian, I speak English, Swedish (similar to Norwegian, but when I lived in Sweden, they did not understand me), French and Romanian languages fluently. And due to my Romanian and French, I understand a lot of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Dutch and German is also not too hard for me obviously, as Norwegian is a germanic language.\nDanish is almost identical with Norwegian on the written side, but the pronounciation can be difficult, so often times I speak English with Danish people. We use to say that the Danes speak with a hot potato in their throat.\nEnglish is a mix of Latin and Germanic words, so it is indeed an international language that may be easy for most Europeans to learn, while Thai people, Chinese and Japanese people usually struggle a lot with pronouncing English.\n\nBahasa Indonesia is so easy to relate to for me. Many of the words are obviously of Dutch origin because it was a Dutch colony, and thus some of them are identical to Norwegian. Handuk (towel), bensin, apotek, sadel (seat on a motorbike), knalpot (exhaust muffler) and the list goes on and on. Bahasa Indonesia use latin alphabet, and I can just read some Indonesian and they will understand me there. \n\nFilipino languages (I am most familiar with Cebuano - or Bisaya, but also a little bit of Bla'an and Manobo) has a lot of common words or related words from both Indonesia/Malaysia and of course Spanish and English vocabulary. However, I find it harder to learn than Bahasa Indonesia. \nI tried also to learn some Thai language, but the alphabet they use is a big stumbling block. But if I stay with local thai people for an extended period, I am sure I would soon be able to communicate with them orally, if not in writing.\nTo learn a language, you need first of all a reason why to learn it. A motivation!\n\nBack in the old days, when USA was young, and people from mostly European countries poured in by the millions, many of them would start their life there by study in large groups, where only English was spoken and taught. So no need to compare and analyze all details in grammar etc. Time was money, and motivation was high, and after just a few weeks in such training centers, the new immigrants would be able to move on and settle down, having aquired the basic English skills needed.\n\nBy the way, my first language was a native one from Cameroon, called Duru, or Njardi as they call it themselves. \n\nThe best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself into that country and culture, and preferably with as few English speakers around you as possible (if you come from the English speaking areas). I learnt Romanian just by living there - I had no class as there was no language class available at the time and place. People commended me for speaking it with correct grammar, and were surprised. But I never took any grammar lessons, so of course if you are surrounded mostly by the native speakers, you will speak as they do. \nI also studied some koine Greek for a few weeks, and learnt quickly to read it, but forgot it quickly, sad to say, as my studies continued in other fields.
The Lone Drone
Someone counts how many times he says language
As someone who speaks English and Greek, I don’t think it was a very smart choice to choose Polish as the next language to learn...
This is Anfield
1000 hours csgo and you speak fluent russian
*My Native Language* : French \n*Easier to me* : Italian (almost the same grammar system and a lot of similar words) \n*Easy* : English (because i started to learn it when i was 7), Spanish and Portuguese \n*Medium* : German (it has a very very rich and hard grammar) \n*Hard* : Russian (Cyrillic alphabet 😨), Greek (other alphabet too), and Hebrew for exemple\n*Very Hard / Insane* : Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. \n\n*And you ???*
anyar ozturk
I can speak Turkish Chinsese Uyghurs Dutch and english. Im want to learn french as wel, maybe german and spanish in the future!
ariana may
i learned chinese for 7 years and i can only ask someone how they are and say what my name is. i've learnt french for 8 months and i know more than i do in french than in chinese
I've seen French friends of mine struggle learning Spanish. Maybe I just have \
cactus jack
basically if you know Spanish then you can easily understand Portuguese, Italian, and bits of french
I'm French and I lived in Indonesia for six years when I was young and I can say that Indonesian is a very easy language. Under a year, I became a fluent speaker. Indonesian has no declensions, no verbal tenses, no articles and is very easy to pronounce (no tones, no special laryngeal consonants, etc) and uses the Latin alphabet with a phonetic spelling. The dream language for foreigners!
deepak sahu
Native language: Chhattigarhi\n\nMedium of education: Hindi\n\nEasy: English, Punjabi, Gujarati,odia,Marathi.\n\nMedium: Bengali, Sanskrit, Telugu,\n\nHard: kannada , Malayalam\n\nVery Hard: Tamil, manipuri
English is a JOKE to learn. The planet’s easiest if you’re Latino
jimmy alderson
When i went to Turkey my tour guide told me Turkish is the easiest language to learn as long as you're a Turk
lileen lost
I am from Germany and if I wouldn't be from Germany I could never speak this language hahah😂\nEnglish: easy\nFrench:middle\nLatin: hard\nHungarian: I tried it but...😂
My list, as a native English speaker:\n• Portuguese/Spanish: Easy\n• French/German: Medium\n• Hindi/Bengali: a little difficult\n• Mandarin: grammar is easy, pronunciation medium, writing is difficult\n• Arabic: very difficult
Portuguese sounds like a drunk Spaniard trying to speak French
I was studying French and Turkish at the same time and the Turkish lessons would take me five times longer to do than the French ones. And Turkish has a similar grammar to Japanese, so your claim of 5 to 1 in difficulty between Japanese and French sounds accurate to me.
Native language: Spanish \nEasiest to learn: English\nHardest to learn: Chinese
Νåʐɛк ŧɧɛ Dåʀк Łøʀɖ
French:\n90 = 4 x 20 + 10= 40 20 10= quatre-vingt-dix\n\n..........ಠ_ಠ
Владимир Ульянов
эсперанто the best
The easiest language is Esperanto as it has been created to be simple.
Opinion from KR .\n Fxxking hard - Russian Arabian French. How do I Pronounciate them? Such a mystery Lol.\nEasy - Chinese Japanese.\nSoSo - English.( Maybe 'cause of KR education!)\nBit hard - German. Its easy to say, but the things like male female nouns, makes me go crazy.
My native language: Korean\n\nVery easy: Japanese(because Its grammar is very similar to Korean. Even it could be translated word for word)\n\nMedium: English(Its grammar is very different from Korean. But it has less inflection rather than the other Europe language like German and French. And Its grammar is very simple. Even I’m not a native of European)\n\nHard: Russian, French and the other Inflectional Languages(Because there is no inflection in Korean. And it is very hard to memorize many kinds of inflection of a word)