Whats the Easiest Language to Learn?

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Наверное, самый часто задаваемый вопрос об изучении языков — «Какой язык самый легкий?». Отвечаю на него в общем и на примере носителей английского. Если коротко, самый лёгкий — тот, который наиболее похож на родной. Но, конечно же, это не всё.В этом видео я рассказываю о самом лёгком и самом сложном для изучения языке.Полный список Института зарубежной службы — здесь: Музыка: Jingle Punks — Kickin’ It.Музыка на заставке: Otis McDonald — Otis McMusic.

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I can speak Arabic, English and German language. I'm from Syria \nأستطيع تكلم العربية و الإنجليزية و الألمانية. انا من سوريا \nIch kann Arabisch, Englisch und Deutsch. Ich komme aus Syrien
A man of culture
Is mayonaise a language?
My country have 1000 s of languages and the world have more than 6000 languages . Among all TAMIL the world's oldest language is easy to learn.
My Native Language:Romanian\nEasy Languages:Italian (very many words are quite the same) Russian ( I am talking in Russian since I was 3) And English (Started learning it since 3 years too)\nMedium:German (It’s quite different) Portuguese ( Same as German) \nHard: Hebrew , Turkish, Japanese , Greek\nInsane: Chinese , Korean and Arabic\nHow about you??
Aga Ł.
My native language - Polish. \nI've learnt English since I was 7, and Russian since I was 10. English is so natural to me now. But so is Russian, though it took several years to be really good at it. Anyway, the teacher in the high school told us that we are going to concentrate on the differences between Russian and Polish as the similarities were obvious. And now it turns out that I understand Ukrainian almost in 90%, without any classes.
Aleksey Yaremenko
for me the easiest is English, because it's everywhere: movies, songs, programming documentation, friends who speak it, you use it when you travel.
Native language: English (my parents language) and french (lived in a french speaking country since I was 4)\nEasiest for me: German\nEasy: Italian \nMedium: Spanish
Andre De Brito Dias Filho
English is the easiest XD
Angelo Jeremías
My native language is spanish\n\nEasy:\nItalian \u003eportuguese\n\nMedium:\nFrench\u003eEnglish
Ann. A
I speak fluent English and Arabic and I’m learning korean
Aqim Julayhi
Native Language: Malay \nEasiest: Filipino, Indonesian (it's also Malay but with a different standard form)\nEasy: English\nHard: Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, French\nVery Hard: Chinese, Korean, any Slavic language or any language with too many verb conjugations\n\nThis is more to a personal opinion. As for Japanese, speaking it is fairly okay but the writing system is hard to grasp. I also took Arabic in school and although we have a lot of Arabic vocabulary in Malay, Arabic itself is a hard language because of the template system and some consonant sounds are not natural to us.
Belle Marfori
My Native Language is Cebuano.\nEasiest: English,Tagalog & Hiligaynon.\nEasy: Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese & Italian. \nMedium: Korean, French & Portuguese.\nHard: German, Thai & Hindi.\nVery Hard: Arabic, Mandarin & Russian.
Boosted Fool
As a native English speaker Russian is easier than Chinese but both are way easier than Arabic. I find Russian to be the easiest of them all and Spanish to be the simplest.
A note from a Chinese speaker: Be glad your language has an alphabet.
Calico Bunny
As a Chinese person, I think English is by far the easiest - THEY HAVE A ALPHABET! That makes learning easier by a landslide. I was able to learn English in a year, it was tough to memorize the alphabet at first, but after that it was a breeze.
Certified Dead Memes
Welcome back to \
Chloe C
good this settles my argument. My sister is learning french and I am learning Japanese and she is always saying how much harder french is than japanese. I obviously dissagree
When I was overseas in Singapore I started to learn some Idonesian Malaysian which are very similar apparently. Having a new vocabulary was not the big issue for me. NO GENDER like many languages have not was the similarity to English. It was simple, straight forward, logical and effective language to learn. If the world had to have one language this might be one to choose.
Dieter Gaudlitz
Maybe put the \
Domo Daso
My native language is Croatian it has so hard grammar that its crazy\nEasy languages to me are english italian and french\nMedium spanish portugese\nHard swedish and dutch\nInsane/WTF Finland
As a German: I pity everybody who has to learn this language. Learning all these things that comes natural when your're a nativ speaker, would be a real pain in the ass.
Gulyás Zalán
My native language: Hungarian\nThe Japanese grammar is very similar so it is not so difficult for me but the japanese writing system...😤
Python ?
Hana honda
OMG, Japanese is so hard!!\nI feel bad for English speakers who's studying it...\nI'm Japanese and I'm currently studying Chinese right now. \nIt's also hard but it's easier for me because I can read.\n\nMaybe I should be studying French.... haha
I speak dutch french berberian english and korean is easy for me
Iqbal Muhammad
Malay/Indonesian Strong points\n\n1. It is NOT a tonal language (Mandarin, Thai etc.)\n\n2. You pronounce it as you read it (like Japanese or Italian/Spanish)\n\n3. It is written with Roman Alphabet! (no special script like Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Mongolian)\n\n4. The standardized Malay/Indonesian language can be understood in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Southern Thai, Timor Leste more or less around 300million people! (try to not use slang, drop the regional vocab/accent)\n\n5. Malay/Indonesian is an Elegant Asian language!
István Mihály
I support your point about the Indonesian language, I would like to add, that for me it is the most beautiful language I have ever learned. I am skeptical about your note on the French. It is very complicated. For me the Chinese was the easiest to learn on simple conversational level, without the writing. I could add to it the Vietnamese, where half of the vocabulary is Chinese,
Ivan Cipta
In indonesia, no matter how messed up your grammar is, as long as you hit the point. They'll always understand
Ivan Delev
English is the AK-47 of the languages.
As a native spanish speaker the easiest one to learn is portuguese, I barely studied it and can understand it at around 98%, then english was really easy too, I could say I can express myself even better in english than spanish. Italian is very intelligible too, french is a bit harder but easy overall. Now I'm trying to learn japanese and I realize the huge difference there is, the other languages seem child's play in comparison, YET, despite all the scary things you might hear, it's not as hard as you think, the grammar is not that bad and the pronunciation is really easy, perhaps it's because spanish have a broadly similarity when it comes to conjugations and pronunciation. Now the kanji is the hardest part by far, the kanas are a piece of cake though.
James Davison
*My Native Language* : English\n*Easy* : Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch\n*Medium* German, Welsh, Irish\n*Hard* : Russian, Greek, Korean\n*Very Hard* : Japanese, Chinese, Arabic
Karma Time
The easiest language is definately sarcasm.
Just learn latin to understand a few languages. It doesn' t mean that if you can latin you can speak every romanic language, but it helps you to understand the topic, intention, vocabulary...
1000 views! Cool! Thanks for the interest.
Lazy MSP
People say that Russian alphabet is sooo hard, but for me it's one of the easiest. But I just hate the grammar .-.
Levi Din
easiest language : html
Linz Solano
Native: Spanish\nEasier: English, Italian and French \nMedium: Portuguese, German, Japanese and Chinese (Speak it not write it)\nHard: Russian, Arabic and Hebrew\nHardest/ Insane: Inuit, Russian Xosa (That language that uses clicks)
LoricseN ロリクセン
Identity card:\n*Native Language* : Italian\n*Easiest language* : English (I study it from age 7)\n*Easy* : Spanish (I study it)\n*Medium* : French\n*Med-hard* : Korean\n*Hard* : Japanese (I study it)\n*Hard +* : Russian (I don't know it at all, I can't conpare...)\n*Hard +* : Chinese (Accentsssssssssss!!)\n*Hard ++* :Arab\n*Impossibile* : Thai.
Lucas Silva
For me, spanish is very easy because my native language is portuguese and both languages \u200b\u200bare very similar.
Lueiriueiur lueiriuediuR
Most important: English, Spanish, French\nMost Beautiful: Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese\nMost Difficult: German, Japanese, Russian\nEasy: Dutch, Indonesian\nSuper hard: Chinese\nExtremely hard/Insane: Alien
My native language: Italian \nEasy: French \nMedium: Spanish, Portuguese \nDifficult: German \n\nI'm studying Spanish and it is a lot harder than what I thought at the beginning... I'm attending a new school and Spanish is mandatory here. I couldn't choose to study French over Spanish. I thought I would never miss my French teacher but... I was wrong. 😂
Manar Manora
My native language is Arabic , it’s definitely a hard language, I think Hebrow is similar to Arabic so I found it easy too , English is also easy because it’s a common language\nAnd I’m thinking now of learning French and Russian ... wish me luck please ♥️♥️
Mark SW
I'm a polyglot and out of the useful world languages, I'd say Spanish is the easiest. Its orthography is very straightforward and phonetic, there are no noun cases, and the materials available to learn it are in great abundance. Moreover, native speakers of Spanish are very forgiving and helpful when a foreigner attempts to learn their language.
Mekela Tyler
My native language: *English*\n\nEasiest language: *German* because it’s English’s sister language and almost sounds the same.\n\nMedium: *Spanish* because I live in a predominantly Latino community.\n\nHardest: *French* because there are way too many rules and vowel combos.
Mr Banana
English is so easy I managed to pick it up from my parents as a baby
Nameless Man
Python, no doubts, hands down.
Indonesian language is very easy no matter low your grammar knowledge is.. and the pronunciation is easy, what u see thats what u say it :) most Indonesian can understand it\n I agree = Saya setuju\n agree I = Setuju saya
Normalinda PM
Bahasa Indonesia is really easy to \
Oliver Szadaj
Its Spanish
Paolo Piovano
The category zero language exists and it's way easier than any other national language in the world.\nLernu Esperanton!!\n(Learn Esperanto!)
Park Jimin
So i learn english when i was 7. And english isn't my first language. So i start to learn korean japanese and even if i don't speak those language but i can sing on their languge and it's eazy :)\nLmao
Pie Animations
okokokokokokokokokok... so when I first saw that Turkish wasn’t in category one, I was nervous 😬... cuz’ I just signed in a school where you can’t drop out of classes, so the school had Turkish class, and... now I’m scared 😶
QueenSstar Tito
My suggestion :p\nAnyone who is interested to learn the easiest language in the east side of the world specifically in East Asia, & wanted to be able to understand & communicate in a short period of time (i can say), I recommend Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Malaysia. In short, \
Wow you speak Japanese...\nI’m Japanese but I’m not sure I can even speak my native language properly lol
Ranieri Severiano
What about Esperanto? Level ZERO?
Robert Schlesinger
Charles Berlitz and some other experienced polyglots have stated that Indonesian is the easiest to learn. As you note in the video, there is less overlap in vocabulary (for English speakers) than one might find with Western languages. My wife is fluent in Indonesian. Perhaps I'll see how much Indonesian my daughter and I can intensively learn over her three week school break in December.
Robert Schuster
The easiest language to learn is the one that you can practice the most with other people.
The easiest language ist definitely Esperanto. It needs only 30-50 hours to learn and the grammar is so regular, that it needs only one side of a book to explain it.\nSecond language for me was english, then french and at last russian. My native language is german.
Saliha Nuzhat
Salvatore JR
My native:Chinese 母语:中文\nEasy:chinese\nHard:chinese\nInsane:chinese\nEven i can not do the mandarin grammar test\n\nIt s not a joke,next time when u gonna say“the chinese grammar is easy” ,do the test first
Serly Avt
I think the easiest language is bahasa Indonesia, whe don't have tenses, no such big difference between past, future and present, as long as you memorize the vocabulary you'll master 80% of it. For example:\n\nPast tense: saya makan *kemarin* (mean: i ate yesterday)\nPresent: saya makan *sekarang* (i am eating now)\nFuture: saya makan *besok* (i will eat tomorrow)\n\nSee, we only add adverbs to explain the time. :)
Shweta Pandya
Comments says that Indonesian language is the easiest language
Native language: German\nEasy: English\nMedium: French\nHard: Chinese, Japanese\nInsane: Latin (Its so hard that even my teacher isnt fluent)
Singh Anmol preet
Im a native hindi/punjabi speaker trying to learn Turkish. What level would that be for me?
Skippy the Magnificent
I'd imagine Basque is extremely hard to learn for pretty much everyone, as it _pre-dates_ Indo-European languages.
*My native language:* brazilian portuguese\n*My current language study method:* the most updated one I know.\n*Easy:* Spanish, Galician (they seems like portuguese too much)\n*Medium:* English, french, italian (they seems like portuguese a bit)\n*hard:* japanese(japanese imitates english bit; it has a writing system called Kanji that difficulties the learning if you don't study it in a very good way but it has 2 simple, regular alphabet as well)\n*very hard:* chinese(as far as I know, it uses only a writing system called Kanji)
Spindel Anton
Be lucky you don't have äåö
I think Japanese is a bit easier for a Russian speaker than for English one
Staccato Zurbieb
almost all asia countries have their own alphabet,,,, but no for Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippina... they are using latin alphabet
To be fair, I don’t think there’s really any “easy” language to learn, especially if you’re aiming for high proficiency. Spanish has a dozen dialects and when you get into slang, things become more complicated. For me German is easier than Dutch by virtue of pronunciation alone. Regardless, language should be learned based on passion. If you’re passionate, you will be more apt to study and keep learning. Certainly some languages are more complex than others in writing and speaking, but no language (for the majority of folks) is easy. Happy learning!
The easiest languages on earth are actually Slavic languages, and most optimal... But the perfect language however is the Arabic
I love language Arabic
The Lone Drone
Someone counts how many times he says language
The Twins Gamer
Native language: Levant Arabic \nEasy: English Turkish \nMedium: Spanish French Dutch \nHard: Hindu Urdu Farsi\nBloody hard: Chinese Korean
As someone who speaks English and Greek, I don’t think it was a very smart choice to choose Polish as the next language to learn...
This is Anfield
1000 hours csgo and you speak fluent russian
*My Native Language* : French \n*Easier to me* : Italian (almost the same grammar system and a lot of similar words) \n*Easy* : English (because i started to learn it when i was 7), Spanish and Portuguese \n*Medium* : German (it has a very very rich and hard grammar) \n*Hard* : Russian (Cyrillic alphabet 😨), Greek (other alphabet too), and Hebrew for exemple\n*Very Hard / Insane* : Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. \n\n*And you ???*
Wojciech Kmiecik
My Native Language: Polish\nNatively understandable for me: Ukrainian (40% language is the same if you get Cyrylic alphabet then it's easy), Czech (but watch out for opposite meanings or different meanings), Russian (slowly spoken I guess the context), and Balkan languages - Croatian / Serbian\nEasier to me: English (because of Education)\nEasy: Dutch (I'm living here now)\nMedium: German (it has a very very rich and hard grammar) , Romanic languages (Italian, Spanish, Romanian)\nHard: Greek (another alphabet too), and Hebrew (Right to left) for exemple\r, French (extremely different grammar ), \nVery Hard / Insane: Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.ah : Finnish / Estonian / Hungarian (totally different)
Yusep Ferdy
Easier languages are Indonesia, Dutch, Arabic
Zahra Sultani
Why on earth the hardest languages to learn are my favourite 😭😭😭😭😭\n(Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic)
cactus jack
basically if you know Spanish then you can easily understand Portuguese, Italian, and bits of french
I'm French and I lived in Indonesia for six years when I was young and I can say that Indonesian is a very easy language. Under a year, I became a fluent speaker. Indonesian has no declensions, no verbal tenses, no articles and is very easy to pronounce (no tones, no special laryngeal consonants, etc) and uses the Latin alphabet with a phonetic spelling. The dream language for foreigners!
deepak sahu
Native language: Chhattigarhi\n\nMedium of education: Hindi\n\nEasy: English, Punjabi, Gujarati,odia,Marathi.\n\nMedium: Bengali, Sanskrit, Telugu,\n\nHard: kannada , Malayalam\n\nVery Hard: Tamil, manipuri
Native language: Portuguese\nEasiest: Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Romanian. Galician might be the easiest, it is _almost 100% identical_\nEasy: English, French, Dutch\nMedium: German and North Germanic Languages\nHard: Polish, Finnish, Turkish, Greek\nKill Me: Russian, Thai, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic
It's eerie, but I can read French if it's a technical subject. I never studied French but did have Spanish in high school. English is tough as it has had a chaotic history in the last 1000+ years.
jimmy alderson
When i went to Turkey my tour guide told me Turkish is the easiest language to learn as long as you're a Turk
kik neck
As native indonesian, i found it easier for me: \nEnglish: easy\nArabic: middle\nJapanese: middle to hard\nFrench: hard\nif you know that indonesia orginally used the ideogrpahic alpahbet like thailand, but somehow were using alphabet instead.\nand we have roughly 700^ diffrent launguage from diffrent places beside our national launguage indonesian.
legal canada
the easiest one is the first one you learn
lileen lost
I am from Germany and if I wouldn't be from Germany I could never speak this language hahah😂\nEnglish: easy\nFrench:middle\nLatin: hard\nHungarian: I tried it but...😂
marcella chan
Hard language in indonesia is javanese👌😂
Portuguese sounds like a drunk Spaniard trying to speak French
I was studying French and Turkish at the same time and the Turkish lessons would take me five times longer to do than the French ones. And Turkish has a similar grammar to Japanese, so your claim of 5 to 1 in difficulty between Japanese and French sounds accurate to me.
_Indonesian language is easy._\n\n\n*Ohoho, it's not that easy, Ferguso.*
zoeira BR
Native Portuguese\n\n\nVery easy=French,Italiano,Spanish,english very easy for me
Νåʐɛк ŧɧɛ Dåʀк Łøʀɖ
French:\n90 = 4 x 20 + 10= 40 20 10= quatre-vingt-dix\n\n..........ಠ_ಠ
Азамат Мырзабеков
I think that English is the hard language.Especially for me .I can speak and understand 90% of english words. But when I watch American English tv series I cant understand what they are talking about. They speak so fast . When they speak , It looks like they are chewing a gum . (Please English speakers dont get hurt , it is just my own opinion)
First language:Japanese 日本語〜\nEasy-Korean \nHard-Chinese\nInsane-English (it took my whole life. I started when I was I wanna say 6 and I’ve been taking it for years and years and I’m finally fluent)\nThis is for me at least! 日本語はすごいですね。\nI’m also planning on starting French.\n私は言語が大好きです〜 プリキュアはすごいですね。ふたりはプリキュアはすごい!
The easiest language is Esperanto as it has been created to be simple.
Opinion from KR .\nFxxking hard - Russian Arabian French. How do I Pronounce them? Such a mystery Lol.\nEasy - Chinese Japanese.\nSoSo - English.( Maybe 'cause of KR education!)\nBit hard - German. Its easy to say, but the things like male female nouns, makes me go crazy. \nI found out that French was also like that. Damn lol\nOthers like Spanish, Portuguese and kind of guys... They are also hard, too, I think.\nKoreans just don't want to see 'ALPHABETS'. LOL
I am korean mm. I think the more difference between your native language and language you want to learn the harder you learn it\nBut if you are young, learning it is much more easy