Music Producer Reacts to Quadeca - Insecure (KSI Diss Track)

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This is my first time listening to Quadeca and I got to say his creativity is next level. Exciting beat switch-ups in this song and I finally got to witness his talent. Thank you for watching.Outro Song: Joey Nato - To The Top (Prod Lucky Boy) Attention artists! I produced the beats that are playing in the background of this video during the talking segments. If you would like to purchase/lease any instrumentals, please email me. My email address is in my "About" section on my YouTube channel.

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Can you produce some eyebrows
11 Yoshi
Do you have eyebrows
Why that reaction at 4:04 *That bar was fireee*
Agha Noor Vlogs
*I hate the fact this guy ignores all the fire roasts*
Akash M
This guy forced my hands to put on the subscribe buttton
*when he does not close the ad*
Aly Angelo
I had to pause at the same time as you when he referenced the suicide forest thing with Logan. Facepalmed and everything.
Amin plays
Quadecas diss track so fire it burnt he’s eyebrows
BOT Jeremiah
Thing you also can't sleep on, he made this whole thing in 3 days. Edited, wrote, recorded, everything.
Benjamin Canfield
Chris S
The beats are fire, loved the cut offs in the beat switch and he flowed with that beat so nicely. I love those Choir-Metro-Boomin sequel type beats man!!
Coves Plays
Hey Every - *BaDdY*
Am I the only one who thinks the Tay Keith line was fire
Dank God
Where ya eyebrows at tho👀
Deft Wolf
Would kinda of like to see you produce an album with various YouTube artist like dax, quadeca, screw face Jean, I know theres a few I'm missing and all these guys have there own team but it would be cool to see a collab album with various YouTube artist. Just something that sounds like it would be fun and intresting.
Hey ! Love your reaction !also can You react to Nu'Est - Help me
The fact that you didnt click that advertisement distracted me so much
This is so refreshing. Just subbed.
Quadeca- * does anything * \nJoey * eyebrows furrow *
Fit Fanatic
lol i dont understand your producer talk # respect tho
Flaming Lion
My OCD was killing me. You could've closed that ad for godsake
Nice brows👌👌👌
Please react to brand new Mamamoo Wind Flower ;)
Gustav Dybkjær
Haha you kinda look like Mackelmore! Good reaction video, really like you explaining what effects he used :))
HUA Ryoma
Would you do some reacts to a Chinese young singer, named Hua Chenyu? He has not only amazing vocal abilities but also wonderful rearranging skills. He can sing, he can rap, he can write and produce songs. Please react to his performance at the famous China singing show \
Hugh Janus
halfway the video i found out he has no eyebrows
Humza Mahmood
The Shane Dawson bar and the logan paul was fire
Höddi 04
Bro your eyebrows are insecure love your videos Keep it up
FINALLY!!!! A good reaction...
Italian Sausage
Umm where are his eye brows
Jimbo Jimbo
It sounds a bit like a drake song called 'nice for what'
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
*THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! I love reacting to other YouTubers. AND THIS KID is definitely talented!*
John Ajenimana
the only thing i cant see in this vid is your eyebrow
Joshie Bizzle
I'm glad I found this channel. Your music ain't bad, man. Keep it up! 🔥
The beat switch up was gross
Just Andy
1 steam Game Free?
Kaysar XD
6:15 Man
Keira Wong
yoooo i totally didnt expect u to react to his diss track!!!! great vid as usual
Your reaction at 4:05 to that line was my exact reaction when I first heard it
Kid Saga
if anyone knows the name of where the female vocals in the background are from, let me know
Kristi Winters
Part 1 sampled from 'Where My Girls At' by 702 I think.
Leo Hunter
Where's my man's eyebrows?
Liverpool 4Life
LoL Trickz
My face when I realize I got an F on the math test is his face for most of this time he was reacting to the video.
where the eyebrows tho?
“No comment” 😂😂
Close Ad pls
Manfredas Manfredas
I like his headphones
Marina Marcus
He is only 18 and he has a lot of music. He does this himself, incredibly talented kid!!!💯🔥🔥
Mark S
i wanna close that ad banner man.....
Masuma Begum
My question is wheres his eyebrows 😂😂
Mega Busy
You need to sample some eyebrows
MeiYuMi Mina
Please react to Mamamoo's Wind Flower!!! Also to Red Velvet's Really Bad Boy to be released later!!! 😊💜💜\n\nBtw, love ur vids!!!
Mohammed L. Mansour -ArabHawk
your reaction on logan pall part killed me, hahahahahahaha\nI love your analysis and reaction. xD
N9 Ace
Quad was actually the first person to do a beat switch, so sicko mode took it from him basically.
“ I like the rimshot. “\n\n- Joey 2018
Nurwadhihah Ain Fadhilah
Hi. Plzz react to NU'EST W-HELP ME. Tq 😀
Nya Tos
Will you react to bts- War Hormone?
Paranormal Brothers
this boy is fire!!
Paul & Norman
I’m gonna act like I know what you’re talking about
Phoenix Blaze
Where ur eye brows at doe
Pixl Art
Who else. Came to the comments to find his eyebrows
Poppy Harlow
Anyone else mad that he didn't close the ad??
i loved that you talked about the beats switch up, thats the part that i loved the most when i heard that song :)
Raul Popa
That hat is triggering me😅
Red Nugget
The thumb nail reminded me of faze teeqo
Where ur eyebrows
Any one can say there a music producer of vocal coach and react to stuff smh...
Roi Porlares
Joey, Can you react to Lucky You - Eminem ft. Joyner Lucas.\nPlease! Please!
Ryan Magnell
Like this vid, share it around, let’s get Joey another win!
Why u doesn't have 1 mil subs now?
Quadeca rapped so hard he killed your eyebrows .
did you shave your eye browns?
Steven El Khoury
Je didn't diss Logan
Super Poke
where his eyebrows go
Supreme Turtlez
*Eyebrows.exe not responding*
The Cringe God
His bars melted your eyebrows
The Internet Explorer
most insightful reaction video i've seen lol
The Scarecrow
my ocd to close that add is getting crazy
The Terminator gaming channel
React to Dax-killshot
TheDimondBow// TLB
You are a music producer? Nice well here is a quick fact, Quadeca is one too
Trapzone Gaming and More
The comments are 50% about the ad banner\n50% about his eyebrows
Trimuk ツ
When you a producer so you gotta say unnecessary stuff to sound smart
Tyler Da Tree
I thought I was the only one that compared the switch to sicko mode. Great minds think alike I guess
why u fake your backround?
VoltBolt Games
react to clouted up by quadeca the beat is so hard!
This is honestly the best reaction video I’ve ever seen
You know what I like you
Wrong turn231
What does ur hat stand for?
quadeca actually was one of the people to start the beat switch he did it back in early 2017
Eyebrows join the server \nShaver joins \nShaver typing\nEyebrows left the server
Yuvraj Gandham
Where yo eyebrows
I like equals 1 less ad
4:13 your reaction was priceless! cool reaction and once again I like how your show your input. I didn't quite noticed the choir until you mentioned it. \u003c3
Please react to 🔥 MINO - FIANCÉ MV 🔥🙏🏻
naeem khalid
react to wind flower by mamamoo
Forgot the guy was there, was just watching the fire diss track!
xd Wxlll
Not much of a reaction he just says lines from the song and says what is in the instrumental