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Solving the last expert puzzle of the Rush Hour logic game.Patreon ► What is ASMR?ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's a non-scientific word that an everyday person came up with to describe the feeling characterized as a pleasurable tingling sensation felt in the head, scalp, back and other regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli, such as crinkling bags, hand movements, whispering, personal attention or watching someone perform a task. It's like goosebumps but much more pleasant and without the uncomfortable chills.ASMR videos are meant to intentionally induce this sensation in the viewer, often referred to as "tingles", but the videos also serve to provide a relaxing, calming and soothing experience for the viewer. Many people who do not experience ASMR still enjoy the videos for their calming and sleepy effect.

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Despite the sounds and whispers, this isn’t very calming coz I figured it out really fast and was then saying ‘nooo’ every time he didn’t do what he needed to do haha
I couldn't go to sleep because my brain decided to play the game.
Anna Herr
Awesome with headphones* like if you agree
yea baby work those cars
Jesus was anyone else screaming at their screens? I was so happy to listen to a new video and then 2 minutes in im like \
AwesomenessArea51 iloveNV
Me:calm.\nAd at full volume:**ARE YOU IN NEDD OF HEARING ASSISTANCE?!**\nMe:I am now
OH MY GODDDD I USED TO LOVE THIS PUZZLE. I’d completely forgotten about it but here it is! Thanks for the video, and great job!
Bella Wala
somebody: i bet u cant relax me while stressing me out\nephemeral rift: hold my beer
Cameron Reynolds
(At the end)\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*OMG IS THIS FINALLY HAPPENING!?*
Captain Crunch
He saw sounds like jigsaw
Carl J. R.
This makes me uneasy because I want to solve it and I cringe at every backtrack :(
Casey Weaver
This might be more frustrating than relaxing...
What do y’all think about touching your own bellybuttons?
Chrysalis Maria Adolphus von Schwarzenfels
Every single one of your videos is awesome, creative and relaxing!
How am i meant to relax when im stressing over you missing the solution?!
Desmond moonbear
Who already figured it out before he did
Donkey Kong
that was hot
Evan Backues
This just made me really mad, I coulda solved this in 30 seconds and he’s over here takin all of 2019
I dont think ive ever whisper-yelled super tiredly in my head \
Gacha Adventures
I had SO much anxiety because in mosts spots he was in I knew how to get the car out he just wasn’t doing it
Grayson Perdue
Sad to see another good channel become just another let’s play channel
Henrique Kenzo
I wonder if he'll consider doing it the next Rush Hour video in character...
Htrad Naver
Why in the world have you deleted quesadilia eating video?
I have no content 4 u
Last time I did one of these I made a swaztika
Jada Stone
Your really bad at ASMR
You have very nice veins in your left hand 👏👏
KJ Bervin
Gosh, Rush Hour looks like fun. I oughta pick up a copy. Definitely a game for one person though, I think I'd get upset with any partner if they weren't inclined to listen.\n\nI'm pretty decent at Sudoku but even then, the expert/impossible puzzles still trip me up. Getting in that left brained, analytical mindset does help so I get what you mean.\n\nHave a good one, E.R.!
Kalei Doscope
Finally one of the best ASMR videos of all time (at least for me) has gotten a new episode! Thank you soooo much!!!
I totally just ordered this game LOL
Katiecakes L
I love this but honestly it isn't relaxing when you are really good at puzzles and had it solved mentally long before rift and you're just getting mad lol
I've had this puzzle game for like 15 years and now it's in ASMR! Oh the relaxing nostalgia! Totally cracking this out with my coffee in the morning after some super relaxing sleep. Cheers! \u003c3
Kylie the Jocoserious
This just annoyed me.
Leigh Carver
Thanks but...I think ill walk...
As soon as this video came out.. I rushed to it (in less than an HOUR)
nerd alert! nerd alert!
Ly Khunnea
It’s 4:00 pm here well I guess I’m going to bed now
Marc Rovira
I wanna see more videos , I get so relaxed with those Rush Hour sounds of the game board.
Mikai Bibiana
more rush hour pls
Miley Cyrus
Please do a table tapping video 😍
Mischief Managed
How did you stay calm I would have already screamed
Miss Muffen
Am I the only one getting road rage
Mix It Up
*Everyone* We live in an age where you can learn/watch anything you want because of the internet\n*Me* Anything?\n*Everyone* ANYTHING\n*Me* Watches a ~40 min vid of a man playing rush hour while whispering into a mic
Mixtape Master
I’m deadass deaf because I had the volume up for the next asmr video and an add plays
Where's Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker when you need them?
NotSeaPartie ·
Does he still flatten his playing surface?
Official Oh Jin Woo
I think the Purple Truck Makes Good Sounds\n\nLol
Deserves more subs then Asmr Darling for trying ideas and doing multiple different asmr then just whispering and tapping back and fourth on a mic
Can you make a bank robbery plan roleplay, please? 😀
Phil Kopec
RIP Okami
I have a video suggestion. Swedish candy😃
Reece Chambers
Riga Farhat
I’m gonna fall asleepppp....
Riley Eldredge
Rush Hour is easily my favorite series of videos of yours
SaMu3L Freitas
You could end it in 10 moves or something at one part
Sir Lord of Play ASMR
Love the hand movements and whispering in this, great idea, so relaxing :)
Sket Warrior
I solved this half way through and I don’t know how frustrated I was when he messed it up
Sympathetically Vibrating
Question: why schedule your uploads for early mornings instead of evenings, a time when I assume most people will be looking for something to put them to sleep? Is it part of your unorthodox style?
Love you dad
Tate Amstutz
The thing about this game is that on the hard levels you only have a few options and yet it still makes no god damn sense.
Tech Stomper
Rush hour the most non ASMR game ever and Ephmeral changes that haha
I was waiting for a part 3 of this for so long and now I’m so happy!
The Jedi Train Spotter
We need ze plague doctor back.
I just clicked on this video on accident, but I ended up liking the content, thank you. What have you the channel name, because it is a great channel name
Tim H.
Is this the Xbox or the PC Version?
Tony Quist
Definitely one of the most underrated content creators. Quality over quantity and quantity over quality can’t apply because every video frequently uploaded is a masterpiece, thank you for your efforts Paul, we truly appreciate you and your work.
I don't know why he thinks the cars can turn and go around the board, also if you can move a car after you just moved one it's probably right. This guy's not the best at puzzles. (when this is supposed to be asmr but I'm just watching for the puzzle. 😂 😂
Valeria R.
Al principio me pareció buena idea pero me estoy estresando, y es que a parte de que vas muy lento (supongo que por el ASMR), por mi parte no se te dan bien este tipo de juegos, pero bueno, eres libre de hacer lo que quieras.
Valon Selimaj
Im just here for the lets play
Can we all Agree Ephemeral is the most relaxing guy here
I love your rush hour videos. Really glad to get another one.
WayToGo Paul
is this a scale model of trying to escape a parking lot on black friday?
This gives me a weird throat tickling sensation
That first move really rubs my OCD the wrong way.
Zachery Nielson
Was just watching your old ones the past few nights!
Ziggyzak3 Gaming
Relaxing as the video was to listen to, the fact I'd already done the puzzle in my head while watching really stressed me out XD. Watching ya go back and forth triggered me some but relaxing as always to listen to nonetheless\n\nedit. Had to stop watching at 18 minutes was too triggered :(
Whoa, GTA’s new DLC looks great!
black I P
Goulart ?
So satisfying that after all the frustration he finished it.
I thought it started kinda slow, but after the first 10 mins, the action really kicked in. The plot was well thought out, and that cliffhanger near the end had me standing in my seat. The characters played their parts well, by the middle of the flick I felt like I had known them forever. Also am excited by that ending, left it wide open for a sequel. All in all, great flick 8\\10 would go see this again (would not recommend taking the kids though, due to the nudity and language).
This was so not relaxing, but in a good way. I mean, I was like “move the blue one... NO, not that one... BLUE, not pink. Gray, then yellow, then... NO, DUDE COME ONNNNNNN”
danzig mcnaniel
Give it a little tappy...\nTap, tap, taparoo!
just here Wandering
Rush hour used to be my childhood 😭😭 my forgotten memories just came running back ..but with the tingles ?! Yes please!!!!!
Wow ur bad Edit: thanks forthe likes never had somany
This gave me reverse asmr on how long it took him fml
Thought those were crayons from the thumbnail, semper fi
Fantastic tingles
the gamer is back
two happy beans
I put asmr on to help me focus on homework (which I really should just put on music cause I get distracted as I am right now) but this is one of the most relaxing asmr videos I have ever watched and I watch a lot. I love this kind of low key sort of whispering. Thanks for this, I'll definitely watch more of your stuff
Who knew hands could talk
Úśęrñåmę Mãłfúñtįøñ
5:20 PuRpLe CaR= *_THANOS CAR_*
*But can you make this r u s s i a n ?*
Is think RUSH HOUR ASMR is better then another ASMR