Italian in 30 days - LEZIONE 1 - LESSON 1

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Learn Italian in 30 days. Lesson 1.

English to Italian translation Italian ... Italian language Italian translation Italian words Learn Italian learning Italian translate English to Italian

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Grazie mille:)
Abdel Wahad
I watched all your vedios And i returned to learn again becauee i forgot it 😂
Abdul Manan
I am from Pakistan but now I new her in italy
Abdullah Shaukat
mareena so nice and teacher i am itly we learn italian
Agnieszka Babiarz
Is she from Russia?
Ahmed Isse
Beautiful, i like Italian language from Somalia.
Ajay Subramanian
both of you look amazing....
Alexander Farion
Could you explain? In \
Ali Özcan Demir
Caro Luca,\nGrazie mille per perfetta lezioni!\nSei un molto bravo insegnante...\nI miei migliori saluti da Istanbul.
Alice 12
I m a italian girl and the italia is beautiful
Alicia Cuadrado
Starting your videos now! I'n from your tour a few days ago! :)
Amir Ebrahimi
Thank you very much...its great...i love italian language...😘😘😘
Amit Rana
Grazie 👍👍😊😊
Ammar Ahmedani
Its really usefull. Grazie!
Anetor Martha
wow amazing am learning from here I have been in Italy for a year now and I don't no how to speak thank you so much for this
Anna Filippetti
Hai una buona pronuncia dell'italiano Luca,complimenti ; )
Asfaq Afridi
Great teaching thanks sir for helping us
Azzam Diab
You look like the guy in the peaky blinders series !
Babacar Sakho
Dove sei?
Barbara Schnorr
I learn super with your lessons👍grazie
Bawa Shah
Mi piace questo video 👍
Fantastic lesson
Buongiorno Buongiorno
Mi piace molto questa lezione molto più aggiornamento
Can we get 10000 subs with no videos please ?
I moved To Italy 8 months ago I am Still learning Italian and Your Videos Are Really Helpful Ti amo Italia But I had a Really horrible experience In a supermarket Just because I am Brown they were Racist To me😢
Clécia Silva
Sou brasileira e estou me divertindo com este professor... Ele é muito carismático!!! Va bene!!! Un abraccio!
Coach Dani Silvestre
Oh, great!\nI learn english and italian at the same time.
Dami Igunma
Thanks so much its helping
Dream Colours
I'm learning english and Italian because I speak Spanish. Imparo l'italiano e l'inglese perché parlo spagnolo, Aprendo Inglés e Italiano porque hablo español 😁
Eccentric Eccentriq
Love this.
Edna Omobhude
You are d best teacher I have ever come across. I really enjoy your class
El Tercermundista
Wow, I love this video, I mean I love this channel; I speak Spanish but I understand English very well that is why I am here learning Italian... I love the italian language... If you are italian don`t hesitate to contact me to learn Italian, we can speak in Spanish, English or even a little portughese.... I WANNA LEARN ITALIAN PLEASE HELP ME!!! ;)
Ernest Kelly
Francisco Rosal
if you can talk spanish italian will be more easy for you learn in my case i talk spanish and english and coming soon italian
thanks to you guys this leassons are amazing grazie mille
Ghada Alshammari
This is amazing thank you so much
Molto grazie per ogni cosa!
Ibra 45
I want to learn Italian language with someone anyone want ?
Irfan Ali
Good video
Jack Robinson
Molto Grazie
Jina T
grazie for the lezione !
Joseph Joseph
I live in imperia in Italy io abbito imperia Italy
Jovy Patio
Grazie mille!
Julio Sánchez
Voglio imparare l'italiano, possono aiutarmi, grazie
Make also Russian lessons please! :)
Kapitane 2000
Thank you for your help
Kate Kononova
She is Russian or Ukrainian girl.
Language Stuff
Splendido! Glad to have found these lessons. I notice you haven’t done anything after the 30 lessons; do you plan to continue another series of more advanced lessons? Grazie mille!
Lic. Alejandro De Saavedra
Mezzogiorno 🕛 lol wait till you get to telling time. ( how many ways are there? ) \n\nOf all the languages I’ve learnt Italian was the hardest but the most beautiful it will be a very gratifying experience to all those who are just getting started.
Lorenzo Capialbi
Ciao, mi piace molto parlare italiano, sono nato in italia, è difficile ma ci si può fare benissimo
Lucky Jutt
This is very amazing thank you so mach for waching this video 1
MD Nahid
Your lessons is very important to me to improve my Italian muscle . Thank you so much Sir for creating this kinda videos for the learners. Best wishes for you💕
Magdalena Soboń
Really nice and valuable lessons. Thanks guys I've started yesterday and I feel very motivated to learn more :) Grazie!
Marijke Huurman
Hello dear friends,good to see you too again!
Mattia Carestia
Molto bene, very good, i’m italian, sono italiano. 🇮🇹🇬🇧♥️
I've gone through all the Italian grammar classes at my University, but this got me so pumped! Joining the Notification squad!
Mhaxielle Swiftnee
Ciao!Mi chiamo Dhenniel.Questa lezione é cosí divertente.Grazie !!
Mokter Hosen
grazie milla signor☺👌
Nayeema sultana
Nedjma Amina
that was really interesting things to learn grazie !
Nicholas Attivissimo
mamma mia!
Nirwir Singh
Pat Ye
Simple but it works. Grazie!
Petya Zankinsky
Hello Marina and Luca, I have to say that, I really like your videos, and I found learning Italian ,with them is very easy. Grazie.
Luca is like Caesar
Raza Chaudhary
Riddick 966 Kongira
Ciao io sono contento per tutti grazie mille
Sahara Etu
Thank you. .. Thank you...Thank you.....Thank you sooo much.
Saker Rahman
Shibbir Ahmed
grazie mille fra
Solomon Umoye
amazing & Intresting, I love you student,
Sonia Solfrini
Grazie 😘
Sookie Stackhouse
Summer breeze Emma
Grazie, io imparo I'italiano, Ma imparo I'inglese e mi sono attenuto ad esso e ora sto imparando di nuovo I'italiano.
Ubidullah Khan
Grazie mille
You guys a wonderful. Thanks for sharing👍
Vi Ka
you are a very good teacher, thank you for your lessons :)
Vito Scaletta
Dropping all other free time (gaming) to learn this
Vivian Darkbloom
Ciao mi chiamo Vivian, come ti chiami? ... piacere. come stai? Molto bene, grazie. Ci vediamo presto!
Wishal malik
I'm living in greece but i want to learn & spoken italian language today is my first day to learned lesson and i am to happy😊 Thank you very much! Grazie 😊
adeel Barki
nice hlp
Cillian Murphy teaching italian :)
Nice lessons. It's a shame you have such poor sound quality. Try using a microphone clipped to your shirt.
ikram cherkaoui
Grazie tante
khursheed khan
This is awesome way to learn a language . \nNow that's which is I really want
mira ya
this is really great,i will learn a lot with this lessons,thank u💜🤗
nazi gol
Ur a hot guy 😉
smiling is my habit
super thank you teacher's
soyoung Kim
I love this lesson ! ! Grazie ~~~
นิตยา จันทโสม
Easy to understand. GRAZIE