19 Words Brits and Americans Say Differently

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Very useful, have just prepared a nice worksheet for my students:) just need to find that Rachel preparing trifle scene to complement it
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Hi Tom!!!! I am from Armenia 🇦🇲. Thanks for your lessons 💞💞💞
How about comparing British to Australian English? Apart from being kind of insane, maybe it'll make Australian actors understandable for me :D\nGreetings from Poland and huge thank you for your foregoing videos :)
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Great pronunciation. Love the subject matter. \nOne comment, American biscuits are like British dumplings. British dumplings look like scones, but are traditionally made with suet.
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i think, i could learn more if you at least used a pic of what you're saying
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We drop the h in 'herb', for the same reason we also drop the h in 'honour', and 'hour'...because it makes absolutely no sense lol
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By the time that \
Who prefers American English? +1
*imagining British people saying potato like how they say tomato*
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Okay guys. I've been around longer than you. I'm 57 and I can tell you that in American English Jelly vs Jam are not the same. They are used for the same purpose, but the textures are different. Jellies are typically firmer and harder to mix or spread. Kind of like an extra firm Jello, but with much more sugar. Jams tend to be more on the tart (sour) side with less sugar and may or may not contain some seeds depending on whether homemade or store bought. Jams can also be referred to as preserves.
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Honor, honesty ,homage. You Brits drop the H in that dont you. The US pronounces that one right. Comes from Latin to middle French. The (h)was drop in the UK up to the mid 1800's. The US speaks it the way it was spoke when we came over here. So we are correct. Herb pronounced( erb).period aka sentence stop.
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When you were referring to the stuff you put into porridge, I think you were thinking of Golden Syrup (e.g. Tate & Lyle) - I used to have this on cold winter mornings. Never used treacle :-)
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Jelly, jam, preserves and marmalade are all different according to pulp content. Jelly is from juice with no pulp. Jam is made with pulp. Preserves often have chunks of fruit. Marmalade includes rind.
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Jelly\n\nAt one end of the spectrum, you have jelly. It’s the firmest, clearest fruit condiment around. Once the fruit is cooked, it’s strained, so that only the juice ends up in the jelly. That’s why the grape stuff you spread all over peanut butter in first grade was (and is) so clear. If you’re going to find additional pectin in any of these, you’ll find it in jelly. And that means that if you turned a jar of jelly over, it would probably slide out in one solid piece, like a can of cranberry, well, jelly. Kinda gross. Kinda cool.\n\nJam\n\nWe don’t like to play favorites, but we really like jam. It’s the chunkier version of jelly, with more pieces of actual fruit in it and a slightly looser, spoonable texture. Here, chopped or pureed fruit is cooked with sugar, so pieces of the fruit end up in the final product. It’s not clear, and it’s not solid. This is the middle of our spectrum. We like it in the middle. It’s comfortable. And tasty.
Please continue this video because I need a lot like to say I am from India
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Most drop the H in herb In Wales UK too.
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The way I remember the Friends episode is that Rachel’s recipe book had two pages stuck together. So she started with the recipe for English trifle but unknowingly missed a page (due to the stuck pages) skipping over to the ingredients for Shepherds pie.
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British english ♥️♥️♥️
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I am in LUST with both of them.... accent or not haha.
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Molasses is actually what makes brown sugar. Regular sugar mixed with molasses is brown sugar!
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Herb is short for Herbert. 'erb's are the plant life we eat.
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Brit english is the real english
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People where I live in America say it the British way, I didn't even know most Americans said \
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I think it's so funny when the English try to mimic the rhotic r from American English. It sounds so forced and exaggerated to my ear.
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My favourite is how Brits say toffee and in the States it’s taffy.
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_You're slower than molasses in January._
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Finally, biscuits and gravy got an explanation. XD I thought Americans just ate weird ass food. XD
Oatmeal is a type of porridge but not all porridge is oatmeal. There is also red river porridge which is a mix of cracked wheat, rye, and brown flaxseeds that was first created in 1924 in Manitoba Canada.
The American pronunciation of \
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Your performance would be much clearer with showing pictures of concerning things. Otherwise yr video is great.
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Green onion for scallion 👐🏻
I thought you two were a couple! The fireworks are very strong in this video! You two make a gorgeous couple! I hope the relationship lasts for a very long time. Great video! The explanations were perfect! I liked some of the British words better. Spring onion rather than our scallion for instance. Candy floss rather than cotton candy is another. I will definitely subscribe and watch other videos!
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great lesson ! You two have a great dynamic and chemistry together
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*_cilantro is spanish word not english_*
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What about aluminum
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Molasses is a ingredient in alot of BBQ sauces too
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Americans you say molases because in spanish is melaza.\n🇬🇧🤝🇺🇸
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My parents are Jamaican. So I used British English terms with my Long Island accent. I ate porridge growing up on Loooooong Island.
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I used to do this all the time with my ex. i’m american and she was english. i had fun doing this
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jam and jelly. Jam is typically made from whole fruit and the fruit remains in the product in chunks. Jelly is made from the strained syrup of fruit and has nothing in chunks. It is correct that when either product is used in a sandwich it is called jelly.\nScallions are often called \
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American English is copied of British English \nBritish English is yhe the original English
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I dead ass was just looking for fresh coriander and had no idea it was cilantro!!!!
Jam is more fruit based whereas jelly is more fructose corn sugar based.
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I don’t drop the h...
Bit of a misnomer, jam and jelly are two different foods with different textures. it helps to think of it like orange juice, if you get pulped juice you have bits of the fruit, whereas pulp free is just juice. Jam is like that pulped orange juice, it contains the rest of the fruit, where as jelly only has the fruit juice. Interesting little side note, marmalade is a jelly made with citrus fruits.
Peter Uhe
We Aussies seem to take mainly the British terms and that's just our legacy past, however the American is creeping in... and we even mix a up. We have Fairy Floss, Golden Syrup, Eggplants, Zucchini, Jelly being our Jello, Coriander.
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Thanks for the video! \n\nIn America, they're \
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In Italy we say zucchini, too.
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Harry Potter y Cho Chang
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Great video...although you missed the chance to make it 20 words when Grace mentioned \
She looks like Asian or Turkish \u003c3
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Spring onion = scallion = green onion
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Jam and Jelly are not the same. Jelly is made from just the juice . Jams are made from whole fruit (minus seeds , if possible). Jam and Preserves are basically the same.\nAnother difference is that Jam spreads without tearing bread up, where Jelly is more firm and will tear bread up unless it is warmed up first.
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In Canada, we do pronounce the ``h`` in herb, we also call scallions ``green onions``. Molasses is also enjoyed on fresh bread with butter, and used to make baked beans.
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American biscuits (the bread item) can be topped with savory *_or_* sweet food.
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You two make a great teaching team. Lovely video!
Fun fact: In the Southern United States, we call scallions \
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Re: jam/ jelly - where I was raised, these are slightly different things. Jam is a preserve where there are clumps of fruit - strawberry jam I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen strawberry jelly (doesn’t sound good). Conversely, jelly is a clarified preserve - grape jelly.
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An eggplant/aubergine is called Brinjal in Indian English
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During a speech in England in WW2 , General George Patton said that Americans and English are two people divided by a common language . LOL .
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Everyone I know in America calls scallions \
Try saying \
I am American and would like to make one clarification that many Brits seem confused. In the U.S. jelly is the clear gelatin like substance we would use on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Jam over here in the States is like jelly only it still have some of the seeds of the fruit from which the Jam was made. Then there are Preserves. Preserves are spreads like jelly, but they contain larger chucks of the fruit from which the preserves were made. I adore Peach Preserves and Strawberry Preserves. You don't usually have grape preserves. Grape is usually just jelly.
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If I remember correctly there is a gene that causes cilantro to taste like soap. Some people have the gene, some dont. That's why it's a hit or miss.\n\nAlso Oatmeal is a type of porridge.
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Jam and jelly are two different things jam is thicker than jelly
lino cadenasso
Ancient botanical classifications studies and reports, were performed in Medieval Latin.\ni.e., \
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was so happy to hear the lets call the whole thing off reference!!!!
coriander is a seed, cilantro is a leaf
I love this! And, I would agree with Grace’s brother. I loathe cilantro. I use coriander seeds VERY sparingly. I had no idea that treacle and molasses were the same!
vivien gianna caple-chuley
Jam is generally a seeded jam,also called preserves. . \