The Lexus LFA Is the $400,000 Supercar Nobody Talks About

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Exhaust was tuned by Yamaha
Al Coholic
Exhaust porn starts at 11:50, ensure no kids are around😁
Alidad Fazeli
Love this car!
anyone still watching in 2019\n?
Angel R.A.
In my country 3 Enzo and 6 Murcielago ended in fire (VW owning Lambo's lied about the gas consuming and polluting the whole globe - it should'n be now on the market it there were people to end Hitler's world wide mess). Stupid sexy cars valuing only their lame designers and their lame history. This one is pure technology combined with tradition of quality and to be honest the best looking one (that 'traditional' key is only a remembering that Toyota had a modest but amazing evolution in car's history, and even to avoid the situation when for example a friend of mine took a 2018 Range Rover with a finger scanner opening in its computer, that broke over night and ruined the gift for its family). Can't compare even with Bugatti knowing that some of the Toyota's robotics participate in making Chiron's motor block. Europeans were the first in cars evolution, but certainly not the best, they needed a helping hand in technology. Your marks really say about your insolence regarding some secrets of this car. Shame on you!
Apex Predator
I love to drive this in nfs most wanted 2012
Ash Scott
Yet basically EVERY talented driver who ever drove it said it was the by far the best roadcar ever made at that time. Sadly, the kind of moron who can afford such cars, are not drivers. They buy cars based on a list of numbers. The guys who bought the LFA are smiling the biggest smile in the world every time they drive it. Partly because they bought the best car in the world, partly cus they know that bad drivers would never know it, partly because they knew the value would one day skyrocket, and mostly because they bought the best handling car in the world. You don't hear pro drivers arguing about which roadcar has the quickest acceleration or highest top speed. Learn something from that? Or just willing to stay dumb? Any manufacturer can break records if they try; almost none can make a great car.
Lexus lfa:Other countries:375000euro\n My country(Singapore):779481 euro\n\n\n\n\nWTF
Saw one in person once in SF. Looked great, the videos don’t do it justice.
Brandon Gao
who else thinks the lfa is the best sounding v10?
Butt Hole
I wonder how many people know that Lexus is made by Toyota
Looks like a Toyota
Caped Crusader
Lexus was like: “Oh shit we forgot the spoiler deploy button. We’ll just put it somewhere where we didn’t put a lot of buttons... Yeah, beside Driver’s seat!”
Capt. George
Slow and expensive don’t make it a supercar.
Chad Graham
nobody talk about? this was literally on topgear UK when Jeremy, James, and Hammond were still there. O.o?
Christopher Car Reviews
This is one of my favorite supercars ever, so special.
Cj C
The sound is worth 400k alone
Cobba hall
In Australia there’s one for sale for $1,099,000 unbelievable how much value they gained
DS MotoTube
Crazy sound ♡
Deshane Turcotte
It has a Yamaha F1 V10 in it maybe that's why it sounds so good
Dont get me wrong.. the car is cool. But for a 400k car there are alot of things expecially on the inside that just look.... cheap.
Enrique Marques
One of the main reasons it’s increased in value is because of that sound
Lexus LFA and Pagani Zonda is the best sounding car ever...
You don’t hear about it because it SUCKS. The engine sounds great, that’s it. Transmission is terrible. Handling is lame - like an Lexus for that matter. Remember that Toyota’s chief test engineer DIED when his LFA went off the road. Not on a track, but on a normal road. Why would this happen? Toyota doesn’t talk about why, but it’s clear it’s because the handling is dangerous and terrible. A Chief Engineer doesn’t just go off the road.
Great Drums
Harrison Danner
I watch the videos just so I can hear the Doug score at the end
Harvey Barton
Legend says any car inthusthist who hears this car will ejaculate
Holstek Gear
windshield wiper fluid is actually combustible and higher octane than premium lol.
I've sold Lexus for 13 years and have never driven an LFA but Doug is the perfect reviewer to watch drive this thing! Excellent review!!!
Jash Croft
They hired Yamaha exclusively for the exhaust note department. You didn't mention that :P
Jeremy Kyle
People complain about the price but forget that Lexus lost money with every single sale of the LFA
Joey's Chin Licker
Doug the type of guy to give himself a Doug score
Best sounding car in the world with not enough torque.
Jonathan W
This car is so underrated and it's so beautiful with a crisp engine sound. In my opinion the Japanese can make wayyy better sports cars than the Germans if they have the time
Jose Garza
I think this is one of those cars that in 20+ years will be selling for $2M and people will be saying, \
Jose Lopez
The reason people dont talk about it is because its $400,000
Jeremy Clarkson called it the best car he has ever driven. He still does to this day. He carries a picture of a blue LFA in his wallet. p.s. BTW the small switch is not for the brightness of gauge cluster, but for the shift speeds. Doug was only at shift level 4 out of 7 (bars in the gauge cluster when he went to sport mode). Far from the maximum shift speed.
Kenneth Lyons
Who lies about how many cars they made lol?
LA of LA
You Heard it here first coming from a guy who has driven a Carrera GT that an LFA is the best sounding car in the World
Save your 400k and by a 2019 corvette zr1!
Lawrence Carrillo y Morales
Legend Killer403
Lla derat
Jeremy Clarkson: \
Lloyd Harry
Is Doug, Jay Leno’s unclaimed child??😳
Loaded Hard Drive
I can't believe the LFA isn't more popular
Love S.
Ummm why not buy a ghost
MR Islandtime
Arguably the best sounding car ever created 👌
Ull never see another NA V10 again!!
Mad Dmitry
who is still watching in 2019? :)
Maks Petric
Lexus LFA, hands down the best sounding car ever produced.
Marcus Saroop
Most must understand that the LFA took 10 years for Lexus [TRD] to develop. So, some of it's features were tried and tested options from the Toyota Group over a span of years. It was a mix of technology of 2001 to 2011. A sort of best of or a Decade Car. Showcasing that Toyota is ahead of most companies in development and quality control.
Mcreo Gahilig
Dafuq how many manuals are in there and it's so sensitive I hate that.
Michael Aleksovski
This car is all about that amazing Yamaha V10 engine. Who wouldn't want to rev it out to 9000 rpm.
Misha Zhukov
Doing a 3 point turn in this car must take years
The LFS seems like such an odd car lmao. a lot of things are hidden or in different spots
Neill Wylie
Holy hell that engine sound. Has to be the best engine sound in my opinion.
Nick Barber
Hey, that little window is doing it's best ok
Nick Venture
Id probably freak out more if i saw an LFA on the road than a bugatti
Nik parsi
Lexus is toyota , get over it
Parth Patel
Front looks like a Toyota supra and back looks like a Gallardo except it's squished!
Patrick Callahan
But does it make you grin? Does it make you feel like, well, special? It does belong to the rare and exotics.....
Pedantic Pete
Everyone talks about it. Lol. If I hear one more time how good it sounds like an F-1 car (best sounding car ever) and the digital gauge clusters because how fast the engine winds up etc. etc., that it’s a Lexus, and how they lose money on each due to R and D like others... will you mention these like everyone else has?....let’s see... \nedit: gauge cluster - check. Still watching... formula 1 car sound/best sounding car ever - check. It’s a Lexus - check. 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. :)
Peter Pan
Sooo,the owner of an 'Audi' dealership HAS a 'Lexus' LFA...sais enough about Audi i think :-D
Philip Crawford
That's hilarious 🤣. Your reviewing a lexus LFA owned by a guy that sells Audi cars .......priceless👍
Fun fact: The LFA needed to use a digital tachometer because the engine gains and drops RPM so quickly that a physical needle gauge could not move fast enough to be accurate.
Nobody talks? Are you kidding! This is Jeremy's favorite car.
Roger Rolex 69
Because it’s crap has no soul or heritage plus it looks like 300zx a car need to offer something more than exhaust note!!! They lost money on every car produced should be all the information u need to know.
Rolando Crisostomo
He was over shifting.
Just checked they are going for close to $500k now
Sean Bailey
That noise alone is worth 400k.
interesting to hear that the Audi company owner has a Lexus instead of an R8 :)
The bag would be useless because nobody knows what the hell an LFA is
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Doug is the type of guy hi still uses yahoo!!!!
“If you want to feel special” said Doug when sitting in a LFA
The JFK experience
Only 4 of these registered in the UK!
Should I get a Camry or a LFA? 🤔
Doug you said yourself it's still worth the same as it was in 2011. That means it's value should be 10.... Not 4...
The way I would describe this car is that it‘s a supercar that you enjoy, rather than just drive fast.
Turjo Arnob
Doug you made a horrible mistake.....\n\n.... i agree with your claim that you can drive this 400k car un-noticed \n\n\n\n\n\nOnly if i didn't sound like that
@Doug DeMuro. Can you review my razor scooter? It has great mileage.
When your filling the washer fluid at auto zone you could tell them your just topping off the blinker fluid!
Venga Boys
Jaguar XJL Vs mercedes S class ...\nJaguar XJL wins
Waqar Ghulam
The engine in this car is itself worth $400k
Nobody talks about it because it's a weaboo car.
Toyota should make this car more.
3,9 seconds? buy an audi rs3 sedan for 60k and youll get 3,7 :D
candyman junior
I think for almost $400,000 there are much faster and better options.\nLexus (Toyota) OR Ferrari\nLexus OR Lamborghini\nLexus OR McLaren\nLexus OR Audi R8\nLexus OR Porsche 911 turbo S vert \nLexus OR Bentley...\nHmmm, me personally I would take ANY Lamborghini over the Lexus (Toyota) anyday
Doug on a first date night:\n*can I see your bumper-to-bumper warranty documents please? I wanna make sure that ass is covered before I destroy it tonight*
donnie h
the design of the car not that striking unless you really take a look at it..
fire wolfYT
I have one :)
400k and still slower than a GTR. Nice. That's why it wasn't popular lol
beautiful car !!
john connell
6.5 mpg when you changed to sport mode lol
That exhaust note deserves a Grammy
nameless dude
Put captions on the video and then rewind it to 12:00 \n👌👌👌
A bit late to this one but here goes: I've not driven an LFA and doubt that I ever will, even so, I sported a huge ear to ear grin from the beginning of this video right through to the very end, because this is one amazing car with a very special engine.\n\nIn the world of the supercar the LFA is Joe Average. It is not the fastest, it sets no zero to sixty records and dynamically, it won't set your crotch alight, however, all is forgiven when the LFA opens its triple exited maw and exercises a set of heavenly pipes that would put Pavarotti to shame. That sound, that awe-inspiring sound!!! It is as if Lexus has discovered the means to distil the essence of every classic V10 Formula 1 engine and syphon the resulting magic concoction into the LFA for posterity. It is ALL about that engine, which is what makes the LFA such a unique car.
They purposely didn't do a dual clutch because they wanted you to feel the shifts for a better driving experience. Jeremy Clarkson said so and I believe that man.
400 of them are probably in saudi arabia.
وليد الدخيِّل
My dream super car 😍