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Aariyan Singh
I want take personal class
Abc 143
Mi piace il tuo stile di insegnamento💕
Adebayo Wasiu
Ilaria you fantastic I also stay in napoli
Albasit Dhanoon
Hi Ilaria,\nYour videos so helpful and your way is excellent. I have a question for you, I saw your other video where you were talking about drinks, you said I dont like to drink foffee , in Italian you said non mi piace il caffe, che posso farci. Is not it: che posso fare (infinitive)? Thanks.
Alieu Cham
sei una grande maestra ti voglio bene maestra mia
Amjad Gujjar
so bene
Anthony Egboluche
mi piaci Italian lungue lei Brava
Ayukhenry Ndip
U forgot nose in Italian
Big_Head Muhfucka
Question: I know there's a lot of dialects in Italy. Do most people speak standard Italian ? I know in Venice, I had trouble understanding a lot of what people said.
Christy Pallanivel
io so suonare uno strumento musicale - il piano
Dan Sammy
OMG, what a lovely, voice💚💚💚
Cappuccino e molto bene
David Burt
Because you teach me my Bis Nona language, I teach what is Typhoon; Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon; we just use different names for these storms in different places. In the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, the term “hurricane” is used. The same type of disturbance in the Northwest Pacific is called a “typhoon” and “cyclones” occur in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.
Ebisnarte ASMR
I\\'m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to learn italian try Jadonite Talk Italian Buddy (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my neighbor got amazing success with it.
Eccentric Eccentriq
Beautiful. Ciao from Dubai n
Edina Hannah Villa
Ilaria,you are absolutely hilarious,in a good way!:) Love your video!:)
Edson Rocha
I can understand you perfectly, but I don't know why I can't understand the Dèsiree !!
Emerald Allen
omg, I love her!
Emiaj Zerolf
I like your informal style!
FBYT Gaming
cheat??? u have the tablet lol
Faryad Farhad
Ti piace illaria
Fernando Castro
Mercy! Brazil.
Francisco Fuentes
Fell in love with the charm of Ilaria and her English sounds natural and clear so it's perfect to watch and learn.
Can any1 explain me why she isn't teaching nouns with articles? Isn't it necessary?
Galana Baraka
Goshia Mnich
lovely Videos and I would really like to learn with you. It would be much helpful if you could repeat the Italian sentence twice as it would make it easier to memorize it... Gracie 💗
Tu sei una molta dolce ragazza. Molto grazie per ogni cosa.
Harp Time 하프타임
mi piace questo video.
Imtiaz Ahmed
Ivan Monticelli
Sei molto simpatica!
Jaclyn Shaw
You're my favorite!
Jooyun Bae
La mia scrivania è molto disordnata. Anch'io! LOL
Jose Meza
Molto bellitsima bellitsima un piachere mua mua.
Ciao! Quello e bene!
Khan Malang
Ohhhhh very nice miss elaria thanks
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Lizet Amado
Do you speak Spanish?
Grazie mille ILaria
ogni giorno, io guardi i tuoi video. Grazie, tuoi lezione molto facile e divertente.
Maddy Coleiro
Such an influx 😭
Manuel Pichardo
Many words are very similar with some in Spain .esta mi primera vez que tomo clases in italiano.\nI'm very interested in yous lessons.
Marco Battista
Se non bestemmio guarda
Martin Neosel
Anch'io sono nato a gennaio.
Martin T
Your English is Bellissimi
Master Dolphin Club
sei così bella, mi piace il colore bianco
Mateen Butt
Nice method of learn italian
Meng Tjioe
Italian is beautiful language and the teacher also very beautiful one
To all the people that want to learn Italian; I'm so proud of you all. Italian is a very difficult language to learn, but it gains really a lot of satisfaction.\nBy the way, I often notice that people misunderstood the feminine, masculine and plural functions. Be aware! \nBye!
Hola Ilaria. Tus lecciones son muy interesantes Para mi , porque ademas del Italiano, tambien practico el ingles. Mucha suerte!!!
Nikki Diamond-Christudas
Grazie :)
Nour Hamada
Why do we say :Mi piace mangiare le fragola? Why don't we say :Io piacere mangiare le fragola?
Pablo Perez
Why so much English in the video?1 min of english vs 2 seconds of italian. Io voglio imparare ITALIANO!!
Qutaiba M
RO3 Oasis Hatfield
Mi piace aprile, lo so nato a aprile.
Rebecca A
Grazie Illaria! 😀
Rim Charrad
That is helping me a lot, Thank you
Roy Centanni
È sempre una bella giornata con Alaria!
S. Monica Monica
Non si puo dire ci sono \
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Salvo Smith
I am from Sicily and I see snow on mount Etna .
ScaR Fire j
buan gorrdno
Shane Shon
stay in my country Philippines you will know what is typhoon.😂😂✌✌
TJ Pilewski
This pretty much just helped me pass my FLACS test
Tamri Mesfin
hello Ilaria,..i am learning Italian and apart from the language i want to know more about the culture and customes of the Italians,especially about southerrn part.can you help?
Tom Coladarci
Questo e fantastico!! Ilaria e insegnante meravigliosa!! What a wonderful way to learn this beautiful language!! Mi place moltissimo questo Bella lingue!!!Bravissima!!!😀
Tomb Raider LC
Molto bene! This video is lovely! :)
Mi piacciono i vestiti di bianchi e nero
Victor O
Ilaria, you are wonderful!!!! Tu sei maravillosa!!!!!
Viva Puebla
sei molto bella :)
Xamdi Cali
grazie mstro
amarinder thind
salve!! I just started living in Naopli!1 I found you great vocab method. I hope it gonna help me.
arabion knights
I am learning
It is so great that you include ever word in sentence and translate it. That way i can try to understand whole simple sentence (not only that one particular word) and get correct version after :)\nKeep up the great work :)
atakora david
sei molto brava
dewa dharmawickrama
you ar so sexy
eloisa fantasia
e anche le verdure
geraldo roque
congratulations Ilaria, you speak English so beautiful, and your italian wonderful, grazie molte,ragazza, continuate così, sorridente e in modo solidale, che bella, così imparerò italiano anche,
thank you !
ishara fdo
i also naple
jose lopez
This is so, so helpful! I love that you give actual context with each word, mille grazie :)
khan ibrahim
ciao ilaria Io vado IL tui nomero whatsop
Grazie mille :)
pandora'nın Hediyesi
I love so much Italian language. Also Italian songs, culture, food, music. I want to marry an Italian girl. :)
sajid khalil
very nice you are teaching. thanks
sourab mahi
il mio capo e una buona persona ?? utilizzando per maschio o femmina ???
sunil kumar
You are simply the best. Love from India
:D Happy and Fun: Grazie
Карина Голцапфел
Thank you very much! Grazie!
الطير الحر
sei molto carina e molto attraente anche tu sei splendida e bella penso che qualsiasi persona ti vede dirà lo stesso cosa lo dico con migliori saluti .