Eros Ramazzotti Tina Turner - Cose Della Vita | VideoClip ᴴᴰ

►Luciano Pavarotti-King of the High C's FACEBOOK Fan page: ◀We don't own this video.LYRICS Sono umane situazioniQuei momenti fra di noiI distacchi ed i ritorniDa capirci niente poiGia come vediSto pensando a un po'They're just human contradictionsFeeling happy feeling sadThese emotional transitionsAll the memories we've hadYes, you know it's trueI just can't stop thinking of youNo I just can't pretendAll the time we spent could dieWanna feel it againAll the love we felt thenConfinanti di cuore solo che ognuno staDietro gli steccati degli orgogli suoiSto pensando a teSto pensando a noiSono cose della vitaVanno prese un po' cosiSome for worse and some for betterBut through it all we've come so farGia...come vediIo sto ancora in piedi percheSono umani tutti i sogni mieiCon le mani io li prenderei, si perchèWhat's life without a dream to hold?Take my hand and never let me goIt's part of life togetherBut what future does it hold?Sono cose della vitaMa la vita poi dov'eYes, you know it's trueI just can't stop thinking of youQuesta notte che passa piano accanto a meCerco di affrontarla, afferrarlaIf our hearts miss a beatOr get lost like a ship at seaI wanna remember, I can never forgetCan't stop thinking of youSto pensando a noiCan't stop thinking of youCan't stop

... HD Rock Music Tina Turner (Singer) cant cose della duet eros hd new of official ramazzotti stop thinking tina turner video clip vita you

A.T. Catsman
the guitar in this song has its own soul! love these distorted harmonics
Adam Ntini
Ramazotti n Turner wow what a duet!!! I'm glad I know their music both of them.
Aleksandar Ivanov
How in the world could two so very different voices and styles of singing match so unbelievably well! I am baffled! Truly amazing! This song is forever in my heart, as well as Tina and Eros. And thank you for that! I love you. \u003c3
Alexander Polyakov
Amazing song! I like this song since 1998, when taped it on my VCR.
Alice inwonderland
Still a beautiful song!! Also a beautiful video!!
Alicja Wozniak
Good   evening my  dear  friends
Altin Kosta
This is What You would Call Real MUSIC... GRANDE EROS....
Ana Leocadia Blankenburg De Lima
you tube valeu so musicaooo os dois cantam muito olha so o estilo gente nao tem pra ninguem Tina Tuner uma Diva eles sao meus idolos huhu Vitoria Felicidades a todos curto compartilho com amigos pois vale a pena 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Anhela Dragomanu
прекрасный дуэт
Anna Draxler
You don't need to show your ass to be sexy , just listen to Eros italian voice ! Questo e sexy ;)
Anna M
Anđela Milenković
Beautiful song and singers! ❤
Arnaldo Oliveira
Sim! Muito bom!
Barracuda Art
2019!!!!!! Like.
Basia P.
Brigitte Plattner
Las cosas de la vida
Chrislaine Dorzilme
Qui écoute toujours cette chanson en 2019
Cristian Leonte
Probably in the top 30 songs ever created. The video is also exceptionally well done and tasteful, and Tina is simply amazing here. The heavy, deep, base line and general sound together with Tina's strong voice perfectly complements Eros' high metallic voice, it's like the original song was a rough gem, and this version polished it into a perfect diamond.
Danijela Obradovic
Jedna od pjesama koje često slušam . Divno.
Doc Holiday
i came here through simply the best ;)
Don Lasiera
Bora santana zadrugovizijaaa
Dorel Vancica
Sei numero uno
Enzo Cetola
è meraviglioso ascoltare buona musica, due mostri viventi,
Filip Bass
what a perfect arrangement... wow
Gonçalo Cunha
Back when music was not porn
Good Intentions
I don't care if Tina is eighty. The way I see it, she is still totally doable.
Goran Misic
the public is happy with you eros and tina
Ironica Nelu
la multi ani craciun fericit muzic pop roc metalic de aur internațional euro europiana legendar istoric unic al lumi distracti plăcut oficial
Jean jeje C.R.F
ai é som mano top salve alguém 2017 10/1/2017
Kay Blum
Dear Tina, dear Eros, this is wonderful. Love duets, especially this one. Yours Kay
Kristina l
Bora i Zlata 😄
L' Arte della Crescita Personale
Qualcun altro la sta ascoltando nel 2019?
Larrz's Channel
listening in 2016!!
Lidia Belizan
Que dupla hermosa,el poder de la voz de la Sra, Tina Turner y la vez suave de Eros Ramazzotti!! Un lujo
2019 - who likes this song?
dopo tutti questi anni ancora mi emoziona
Luana Do Bolsonaro
Se tivesse um filho se chamaria Eros ❤😍
Lucas Nogueira
2018?? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
God, that was my dad's one of most favorite songs and artist. Ah, my childhood.. Awesome song!!
Questo pezzo è uno spettacolo.
Marcos Silva Silva
Tina Turner uma lenda da música....!!!!
Maria Cecchi
Maria Grazia Sanna
Bellissima canzone
Mark Benson
Sono umane situazioni \nQuei momenti fra di noi \nI distacchi e i ritorni \nDa capirci niente poi \nGià come vedi \nSto pensando a te, oh yeah, sì, da un po'\n\nThey're just human contradictions \nFeeling happy, feeling sad \nThese emotional transitions \nAll the memories we've had \nYes, you know it's true \nThat I just can't stop thinking of you\n\nNo, I just can't pretend all the time that we spent could die \nWanna feel it again \nAll the love we felt then\n\nConfinanti di cuore solo che ognuno sta \nDietro gli steccati degli orgogli suoi \nSto pensando a te, oh yeah\nSto pensando a noi\n\nSono cose della vita \nVanno prese un po' così \nSome for worse and some for better \nBut through it all we've come so far \nGià, come vedi \nIo sto ancora in piedi perché\n\nSono umani tutti i sogni miei, oh yeah\nCon le mani io li prenderei, sì perché\nWhat is life without a dream to hold?\nTake my hand and never let me down\n\nIt's part of life together \nBut what future does it hold?\nSono cose della vita \nMa la vita poi dov'è, dov'è, dov'è, yeah\n\nYes, you know it's true \nI just can't stop thinking of you \nQuesta notte che passa piano accanto a me \nCerco di affrontarla, afferrarla \nIf our hearts miss a beat or get lost like a ship at sea \nI want to remember, I can never forget\n\nCan't stop thinking of you \nOh, just can't stop thinking about you\nSto pensando a noi \nJust can't stop, when I think of you \nCan't stop
Mark Palmai
Masterpiece. 💎
Marsela Shehaj
Mate Cosic
This is best to listen in a car on a long drive by sunny weather and the sun is going slowly down!
Natalie 108
Amazing composition of two great voices and two great languages !
Neko Jo Ca
people..this is music!!!
Nik Del
Totally romantic song! Absolutely erotic!! Great, excellent!! I just can't stop listening to this
Panagiotis Gogas
Pele Marian
Who listen in 2019 guys??
Percy Jackson
I love you Tina
PhD Who
Definitely one of the best songs ever created. A truly masterpiece. That song(and feeling) can last forever. Their voices and energies complete in very special way, which brings the perfect harmony along with that orgasmic guitar and bass line. That's pure art.
Przemek Wiacek
Mistrzostwo świata 😎
*August* *2018*
Rafael Procopio
Qualcuno sta ascoltando nel 2018 come me?
Ralf Gummerus
This is one of my Ramazzotti favorites, a lot because the lyrics behind this jewel is sincere and true as it goes: -\
Raul Alejandro DLFG
Eros Ramazzotti & Tina Turner - Cose Della Vita\n\nSon humanas condiciones\nEl sentirse bien o no\nSi es de día o es de noche\nSi es nostalgia o desamor\nHoy como siempre\nEstoy pensando en ti...
Roberto Villani
nonostante l'età in questo video tina è sempre sexy😚 e che voce!
Roger Banki
Who is listening to this 2018
Ronny Kutzner
Tina Turner 👍👍✌💋💪
Grazie mille
è sicuramente tra i duetti più azzeccati di Eros...
Seyda Sengul
Sono una Turca e mi piace molto Italia e Eros. Saluti dalla Turchia 💙❤ (mi dispiace per il mio male italiano)
Tobby Rogers
This is something what you listen in a car on a long ride
Vera Ps.
I love this song! Greetings from Greece... ;)
I don't know what makes this song stand out. The man who can make italian sound like the most beautiful language in the world?\nThe woman who can make english sound special and elegant?\nThe guitar?
Yrgalem Myriam
J'adore cette musique toujours 20 ans après
amel miral
October 2018 i love this song😍❤❤❤❤❤
ar arthur
looking at this video I want to give flowers, fall in love, live
denise silva
musica linda
Octubre 2018!!!!!
ermanno salvucci
quanto mi piaci Tina
hardeep singh
I would rather be in bed with Tina or cher rather than rihanna
Einfach super die beiden
ieb style
Yes, you know it's true ,\nI just can't stop thinking of you ....\n\nCiao from ISTANBUL-TURKEY\n🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
I don’t know a word of Italian, but Eros’ voice speaks to me. Ever since i was a teenager and i heard “Adesso tu” to today.
johnny rockin
legendary song
juan pablo Urrutia
🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 aguante eros ramazzotti
kings coffee
This is real music not music wannabe we have nowadays. I love Tina she is is just a lady in all senses and Eros a great singer! Love Italy as well anyone knows where about Italy those beautiful landscapes are from?
marcia correia da costa
2019 ?
They are just amazing.\nNot fed up at all with this song
myllena.s.rocha my
love love love amo.amo.amo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘💘💘💞💞💞
20 years on and still a great track!!
pedras preciosas do Brasil
Like like like like
remember express
música lindíssima cosas de la vita
sueli lima
Maravilhoso !!!!!
Ασιμινα Γεωργιαδου
Джон Доу
Какая она тут классная и красивая. Безупречна и хороша!
Наташа Полетаева
Очень правильно, я бы сказала, классически скроенная композиция. Красиво, ладно, мелодично. Удивительно совпали два вокала. Слушаю ее уже лет 20. Не надоедает. Превосходно. Эрос, спасибо за песню.
марат орозалиев