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Learn Italian in 5 days with our list of 300 most common expressions and words. This is a crash course in Italian. Try to memorize all the words and sentences and you will find yourself having a great conversation with natives easily.

Italian lessons Learn Italian beginners conversations

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What a thick Roman accent!
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are these translations accurate?
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Io sono italiano xD\n-------------------------------\nI am italian xD
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Im italian but my parents would always speak english so i never got to learn it
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Bravo ottimo!
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So so nice verry good teacher i, like this thanku
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Jessica Aguilar
Actually Bambino is also a term for “baby”
Jessica Gurney
and its also rego for welcome my god you people don't know anything
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Italian bhi achi language hai 😊
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DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS!!! Non si capice!! ma come cazzo parlate!!
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Would you upload a video like this but with your voice plus the English words so I can hear them both?\nSi puó un video come questo ma non soltanto en italiano peró en inglese per sentire le due traduzioni?\nSubirias un video asi pero con tu voz mas la palabra en ingles para oir ambas?\nPer favore🍂🌻🍁☺
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You are good. I love your effort and the la lezione molto interessante. Amo questo esecizio . È buono per principianti.
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Can u speak more slowly
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He is too close from the mic ! I cant hear the exact pronunciation!
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I think italian language is more beatiful than spanish.
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Great, thank you and keep the lessons flowing.
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But more time pls teach 5 or 6 min
love italian
Bloody hell, were you eating your microphone???
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is this the same Spanish guy teaching Italian?
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Sherie Anderson
Why do you use the “word” y’all for you plural instead of just saying you all? Y’all is a mainly a southern U.S. word and not used throughout most English speaking areas.
Suchitra Krishna
Nice video can you please upload more videos on Italian please.
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Very helpful, an excellent way to build up basic vocab, thanks for putting this together.
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Is this actual italiano
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please send your mobile number
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excellent Grazie
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Italian guy very handsome
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Nicely paced course covering basic vocabulary and pronunciation. Great for brushing up my Italian prior to my Mediterranean cruise.Thanks, I have subscribed to your channel.
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the microphone is too close to your mouth sir.
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นิตยา จันทโสม
Mipiace your vdo I just start to learn Italiano Language. So good for me.Thank you😀