Tyga - SWISH (Official Music Video)

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1 Abushaneb
11 06
If he has a kid how does he have all these girls
A. Harris
Taste part 2
Abdikani Ali
I know what happened end of video👊
These beats are so cold that's what's keeping his career alive
Adrien Novak
Hit after hit and they said your career was dead 🤦\u200d♂️
Aldy Febriansyah
Bad bad badass.
Alvin Gamer 1
Andru Bruhov
I like it and I like rep
Tyga and Kylie breaking up is the best thing to happen for his career !! 🚫🧢
Pornhub is that you?
Tyga is puttin effort again! Lets Go! #Swish #Pinit
This video straight out of 2004.\nlol I miss this shit 🔥
Brant Forrester
Clearly I am not a 12 year old boy anymore as I see them cruising down a golf course without playing any golf and i get upset that they have hookers in their golf carts instead of golf clubs. \nGo to a strip club for strippers. \nGo to the golf course for golfing.....
Brody Miller
Taste 2
Bryant Rodriguez
Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
H2R mı bu kadar kızmı deseler H2R DERİM
Christopher Mitchell
I really love this song
Tyga’s songs been getting carried by the beat and that mm mm mm huh.
Tyga is back with the bangers! 💪 🔥
Dan Xen
Take a shot every time you see a thot
Danielle Jazmeyne
I can only imagine what the director was saying to get the girls to shake on cue at 2:41\n\n\
Roses are red\r\nViolets are blue\r\nMy device won't connect to Pornhub\r\nThis shall do
Dope Boy Taeひ
Tyga never made weak music ever
Dywade noel -Ambrose
Hemi R/T
My God is this what Heaven looks like??
Hunter Smith
Tyga had the biggest comeback in 2018
Brazilian twerk is best
Jocelyn Freeman
who lost no nut november already?
Joke's Youtube
He going back to his old sound wit these beats and dat ass
Here We Go Again🔥\nNew Taste?🔥 Dj 😂🔥
Just Bleach
Tyga makes the best porn videos I've ever seen
Justin Rodriguez
Activo de REPUBLICA DOMINICANA Tyga soy tu fan número 1 está dura la cansion sigue asi
Kaylie Hunter
sounds like taste just not the same words
KickFlips 2020
Producer: How much ass do you want in the video?\n\nTyga: YES.
Summer easily belongs to T.Y.G.A
Le Japon en Noir et Blanc©️
Tyga is back featuring Brazzers and Scoreland😂
Lucas Fortunato
I like the thumb
taste 2.0
Lyrical Myracle
Tyga really found his formula after Taste's success huh? Lol I ain't mad
*Tyga makin' hits again*
MAK Boss
The name of the blonde short hair ??
Kylie break up made this man go HARDER
Mainul Islam
86 million views...! \n7.99999 million views for thumbnails butt!.\nThen came one person...who is actually here for music. \
Makara Ueng
Imagine if this video was record in 4k 60fps
Marius Da
1:01 Best ass
Meme Life
This Kind Of Sounds Like “Dip,” A Little..
Mr. 폴 -힙합채널-
sounds like another version of taste without offset
No Name
1:10 never forget his roots
Noah Skating
Ocxblazylocox420 3
Who knows the girl at 0:55 on the right side? I need to know who she is for a school project
Papa Mike
Views breakdown:\n10%=love the song\n90%=hypnotised by ass
Pedro Guerra
si swish
Prinsess Queen
Imagine how much the camera man had to jack off after recording this video
Pاليشhilp Reus
Producer: How many girls u need\nTyga : how many girls u have
Rae Sremmurd
Taste part 2🙏🔥
Roger team
1% music \n98% girls twerking\n1% montage
Ronaldo El Capo
Taste 2.0🔥💣
Salvador Cava Manzanas
Eres el mejor del mundo
Sam Williams
I still listen to this song just for watch the Bitches 😂❤️❤️
Schrubbinator hd
Tyga make a company with brazzers
She Is My Girl
Me: Asking tyga for their insta name\n\n\nTyga: Yes
*Did anyone notice all the girls laying down on the right we’re all jiggling their butts when it zoomed out*
Smile !
You Got That Idea In The Strip Club?
Social Clout Shane
He wanna nother hit like taste 😂😂😂
Sonic The Hedghog
Pop that [insert name] :/ who your taking to tyga?
It's really hard writing a comment with one hand
Sp1ce Gurl
This sounds like some other song I’ve heard it’s called taste, dunno what artist made it tho
The Goldenhuff3
tyga's songs have amazing beats: taste, dip, swish
The Iron Lord
How've I just heard this. This is hard still 🔥🔥🔥
The Lonely Gamer
Best beat ever
Tobenna Moneke
Any one remember the hook is from David banner play?
Turboturtle Fan WAW
I wonder how much he paid them to twerk for 3 minutes
Uganda Boys
Rip x
VIKU Lamar
T A S T E part 2 )
Waldemar Isaak
Asses, asses everywhere! 👀
XX Sunny Leone Free Videos
I enjoyed when watching shaking booty.
Yash Verma
Is this heaven ?
Yasin Majid
Certified GOLD 🔥
Tyga in the map x offset migo gang.
bek flood
being bi means deciding which bikini you like best and cumming at the same time
chloe gumbo
When I heard the beat I started swishing
daniel rodriguez
This producer lowkey the best rn
duki t
Like if Tyga is better than Lil Skies
fricilia leiwakabessy
lagu smbon
Taste 2.0
lil Paul
lorraine johnson
OMG tyga And all these videos with these asses. Yo u guys love the strip clubs. Keep it there dam it. Try and make good vides where I can come to your music and watch lawd enough already mi tired of it
marcio Franco
Do the Kodak Black dance to this.
He's finally back to making strip club music \u003c3
sandra santana
Wao La romana😱😱 Es Aqui donde vibo Pero en Casa de Campo
send clout.
came here cause the thumbnail
How the camera man recording with 2 hands