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The Importance of Learning Proper Table Manners -

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Your grandpa probably didn't smash his food because he wanted it to cool faster; he smashed it so that he could chew it easier. The elderly often have many dental problems, including missing teeth. Smashing and shredding is often the only viable solution to eating certain foods. Such folks should definitely get a pass on table etiquette. Thank you, GG, for all of your valuable, insightful videos.
Ale Chiocc
Glad to learn that this was all well known to me at my age of 18.\nHaving a true gentleman as father is great.
Alex Dorand
You my friend are an awesome actor. I was on the floor rolling of laughter. The parts you act as an impolite person are Oscar worthy. Love your character. Fantastic video. I wished this was a mandatory high school course.\n\nThanks for this great video
Alex McCoy
Thank you very much for this informative video. I really appreciate it.
Alexey Gubanov
Greetings from Russian Federation! I like this channel: great videos and the speech is very easy for understanding for person who does not know English perfect. Thank you so much!
Andrew Cruz
If I am left handed do I still hold the silverware the same way for the American and continental method?
Antonio Cruz
This is most definitely the best video ever he is really funny and cool guy I like it when he shows both the good way and the bad way it’s difficult too teach someone how to behave and/or show someone manners at a table love it by far the best video ever
Anup L k
Sorry to say but when you said pig and chewed you reminded me of the pig in angry birds,....
Aseem Mehta
Probably one of the best things that ever happened to mankind is this channel. Thank you so much, Raphael!
Big Papi
It's very common for an entire loaf of bread to be placed on the table. I make it a point to handle the loaf with a napkin rather than the bare hand. Is this overkill? By the way the Brussels sprouts looked awesome!
Bobby Ortiz
love it
Boo Bear
how do you eat fried chicken without fingers?
Dude seriously, you need for fiber in your diet.
Buttermilk Pancakes
Ive discovered this channel today and subed. This is the best information and your skills and knowledge is worth more than any school of fancy could teach. Kudos to you sir.
Calvin Klein
You ate a lot of brussel sprouts to make this video 😅😅
Charmween Jade Constantino
Very clear and helpful. Thanks
Chrz J
Informative and helpful video. Thank you
Ciobanu Marius Constantin
epic outfit .. this channel feels like my grandpa teaching me how to be a man...this channel is priceless, for everything else there is MasterCard
Clint Weathers
That moment when you realize you've been eating for years like Homer Simpson.
this video is great.\n\nlove your channel
Dakota Johnson
Surprisingly, I knew most of these. The new steps are nice though, thanks gentleman's gazette! If I ever have kid's I'll definitely show them this.
David Brogan
Good job. Personally, I prefer the American method of using the knife and fork because it forces me to slow down and enjoy the conversation and the meal. Setting down the fork between bites is a fine reminder that I am not in a hurry.
David Roddis
This is about the first time I've actually felt I was watching a \
Deependra Patel
Those Victorian Era Rules should be abolished, \nand we should be given some freedom .. to eat....😮😧😨😭\n\nIf we try to remember and practice so many rules on table, when we would eat taste n enjoy food ....😭😭\n\nMcDonaldian rules should be introduced now a days, bcoz they are now colonizing food industry in modern era, all over the world..... 😂😂😂
Dhilish kumar
Thank you☺👍👌
Really good video! So many people need to learn this!
Doctor X
i never eat on that table where i being judge for eating 😐 reaLLy
Don Lucchese
After all we are not pigs or even worse, Chinese.
Dylan Carroll
you're right about having table manners(at least basic manners) but I think it depends on the situation, such as an important dinner at a high end restaurant with a potential employers or business partner/investor then going all out with your manner could help you greatly but if you are going out with your family or friends or even employee and they aren't from middle or upper class then acting as you would in a high end restaurant would make you seem like a ponce( British slang from posh person mostly negative) and may even \u200bhave negative repercussions ( leading to you having to fight someone) depending on where you are at like have a drink or a normal restaurant.\nedit: I am surprised that you sit with your hands on the table, I believe in England they sit with their hands on their laps and, I could be wrong.
Ed Coronado
Thanks!!!! Very good. Regards from spain
Fart Knocker
HandledMage 6036
I absolutely can’t stand chewing noises, it’s like nail on a chalk board for me.
HappyJanae 10
You forgot to say do not slurp your food/drink. It sounds horrible and puts other people off their meal
Jan Christian
I eat with my bare hands but sometimes i fantasize about eating like a western man.\n\n\nJust kidding i still prefer the bare hands.
Javier Barrientos
Excellent 👌 don’t put the mobile on the table
Jay H
I find this kind of stuff utterly boring. Honestly, this is not about respect. This is ten levels above respect (except for the phone, which I agree with). This is \
This was more helpful than i anticipated. Good job. :]
Thanks for sharing, Really appreciated ..
Komal Dang
One thing that my teacher thought me about table manners is that we should never rub the napkin or tissue paper near our mouth we should always dab it gently not rub , another thing , actually it's my question to you that from childhood parents tought us not to talk while eating then why in meeting do we do that ? 😂 Just asking
As a teenager, I always hated being forced to follow table manners. I assumed table manners were for the pretentious and arrogant. Table manners is just a kill joy. But as I have grown older, I realize it just comes down to respect. A real gentleman comes down to respecting others, no matter what may be the difference. This video has some great information on doing just that. Thanks for the tips.
Kv Rivers
Thank you so much!This is very useful!
Laura Fradkoff
Very helpful thank you
Lauren Victoria
what does say grace mean?
Another thing: (at least in Italy, where I live) it’s considered truly impolite to whisper to your table neighbor. It simply shows you have some secrets that might be unpleasant to the other guests or that you are willing to exclude others from your conversation. So if you have to say something to someone it’s preferred to say it to everyone or to privately tell the interested ones later after the meal. I remember sitting at a formal lunch and some guests whispering to each other ignoring the host’s conversation or questions. These people made the host very angry. Not a surprise they didn’t get an invitation from that host anymore.
I went to dinner with a co-worker ( a NASCAR girl ) and a business contact .. we all work in software development. She shows up in a NASCAR t-shirt that was stained and too tight ,and she hacked at her food like a barbarian and chewed with her mouth open . It was the most embarrassing dinner I ever went to.
👍Excellent, you’re educating males who want to be grown men. 💞
M Leafs
I live in China. Manner is a word that can't be found in the dictionary here.
Excellent video. A lot of effort went into this masterpiece. Thank you.
I like that when you are talking to us you are smiling. Thank you so much 😚
Mark Henry Ramsey
It's very encouraging to see so many people still adhering to tradition and good manners. My children have been brought up with good manners, including table manners and they are proud to use them. Conducted ones self properly does not mean you are stuffy or snobby, it means you're educated and polite.
Mark Woldin
The hair is weirdly plastered to the head. The English is odd, with strange emphases. I cannot possibly listen to this for 18 minutes. Thank you and good luck.\n\nUpdate: I got two likes, came back to this, and now I'm hooked. It's oddly fascinating, and our host is oddly charming. It's fun. I haven't been invited to dinner in about a century, but now I'm prepared if I ever do. These vids may be the Breaking Bad of manners. Breaking Good?
Masi Guru
My biggest \
Mayank Dubey
Its an amazing video. Very good to learn from this video.
Miska T
love it! funny and educating
Ahh this reminds me of growing up, and then charm school. At one of my husband’s company dinners a friend looked over at me and said “Maggie, the way you eat looks like a dance! It’s wonderful!” Thanks, charm school!
Mohammad Ekram Faruque Fahim
Imagine a neat French gentleman, delicately eating fries and burger with forks, knives, spoons, sitting upright and in complete silence; as his American friends around him chomp massive chunks off of their burgers, tear off a generous amount from their chicken and shove a bunch of fries into their mouths, wearing frowns on their faces with each bite, teeth clenching, licking off the juicy bits left behind on their lips. A Bengali girl among the group dips her greasy fingers in the plate of rice to mix up the gravy and pulse soup, before tearing off a piece of meat, adding it into her rice and shoving the morsel into her mouth with her right hand, licking her fingers off at regular intervals.\n\nThe French dude, fazed and horrified by their brashness, takes some time to process all of this. Eventually he makes up his mind to leave, but not before he was approached by a friend to try it their way. \n\n...2 HOURS LATER\n\nFrench dude *burps* and high fives everyone with his greasy palm
I found this video very enjoyable to watch. Very informative. I did not know of the zig zag style of utensil use, I have always been a person that uses fork in left hand and knife in right, that was what I saw when eating with family. And the volume of your voice is so nice to listen to, and easy to focus on what is being said. You have my subscription!!
Nicole G
I am elated to see a video like this one being well received. I live in Montreal (Canada) and the cultural mix leaves us with many different habits, considered proper to each country. I appreciate the guidance of simply following the host's preferences. It makes sense, leaves everyone comfortable and removes the uncertainty, for all involved. I am grateful for videos that teach manners. My kids (teens) roll their eyes, as I used to, when I insist on good table manners. They'll thank me one day...I hope. :) Thanks for the excellent explanations and demonstrations. I will now subscribe to your channel.
Since barely anything was new for me, I think I should compliment my parents ^^
Okarin Rentaro
We eat by hands. But I am still watching..
Patrick S
The best story I heard on this was about Prince Albert, the consort to Queen Victoria. In the old days there would be a glass tumbler on the table to wash your fingers in. At a social gathering a working class man mistakenly drank it. Prince Albert immediately drank his, and so every other person at the table was obliged to drink theirs. Now that is true manners. It's not about ostracising people, it's about making them feel comfortable.
Pete M.
Excellent videos. Thought these manners were forgotten. Subscribed!
This video is something I was searching for very long.
Piya Minj
Nice video thanks......
Rafael Avalos Alejandre
Finally found another man who makes me proud of being named Rafael. Thank you for all of this information. It is entirely useful and it is way better to have it than not to. Will be sharing it. Thank you again!
Rand al'Thor
Hey, very few things are worse when it comes to table manners then the time I was at a Waffle House in South Carolina when I saw an elderly man take out his dentures and lick them clean. I walked out and left and noticed the “w” was out on the sign, “affle house”.
Res Art
I eat with my right and cut with my left
Robert Walker
Tradition means being taught by word of mouth. Manners are being lost by lack of transmittal. Thank you for continuing the tradition.
Rochak Jain
amazing, thank you for this video. \nlove the jacket btw!
While I greatly appreciate this video, it only makes me recoil from social gatherings even more than I already do. Basic things like not smacking your lips when you eat (chew with your mouth closed, dammit!), being respectful, generally asking for things rather than reaching for them, etc, are all fine. \n\nBut when you start getting into different utensils for multiple meals, seating people a certain way, etc, I find it irritating because it seems as though people only do it because it's the way it's always been done, and no one has the originality to come up with something different. Having a meal should never be rocket science. Just dig in (although, for me, this may be a result of my own personal upbringing; if you didn't eat fast enough, your food might be stolen, so you HAD to wolf it down the instant you got it).
I love your videos! So helpful.
Samsunk Androit
The Lady in the video is a human, while this guy is a robot. Look how he eats.\n\nThanks for the video Mr Gentelmans Gazette Robot.
Sandra Elizabeth Belfon
I enjoyed this video very much. It's very good stuff, and I like the clothes. Cheers.
This channel is great. I just found it and subscribed after 30 seconds of the first video. And the tutor also has a very pleasant voice and great facial expressions, it was a pleasure to watch. Thank you for making it.
Sebastian Hosu
One should be aware that there are really many (sometimes small) differences from culture to culture when it comes to table manners, even within the West. In continental Europe, the French etiquette or variations of it are most widespread. In the UK, it is a no-no to turn your fork. The tip of your fork must always face down. This makes it excruciating to eat peas, which the English love. In most of Europe, it's bad manners to hide your hands under the table, in the UK, it is ok. Russians like to toast a million times during dinner, for lots of small things. In most other countries you only toast once, max twice. If you toast more often, it's a sign that everyone is getting a bit drunk. ;) In Central Europe, if you leave something on the plate, it is taken almost as an insult. When the host offers more, it is also tricky to refuse without insulting the host. You need a good excuse or an actual apology.\n\nI mean, this is just off the top of my head. There's so much more!\n\nAnd then, you will often encounter a situation where you get some sort of cutlery you are not sure about. You may get food you are not sure about. Sea-food is especially confusing. Some people insist that even when eating lobster (which can get quite messy) you keep the napkin on your lap, although others find it acceptable to tuck the napkin into your collar in order to protect your clothes from staining. Then there is the dilemma of being served toast or finger food as a starter, but then you have a set of cutlery for said starter... do you ignore the cutlery? Do you do your best to use it on toast that awkwardly resits being cut up?\n\noh...\n\nYeah, learn table manners well (the rules), but always be ready for new situations (and bending the rules). Just like with dressing. ;)
Shafini Ashraq Karim
Absolutely great knowledge.
Swati T
Wow...Very Informative, indeed!
TheIndianBlader AshtonPinto
I eat with my leg
Tommy Noble
The \
Truly Greg
I’m left handed and use my fork and knife the other way round . Is that considered rude ? My Swedish grandma used to comment on it but I’m not sure if that’s a Swedish thing or not .
Try Thinking For a change
Interesting video but the drumming background is definitely not needed - and a bit annoying.
Viktor Lekić
Good video, very educational and informative
Wojtek Kopacz
I've never heard of buttering whole slice at one time. Wow! In Europe it means faux pas 😉 I'm a long-standing barista in Poland and I always ask my guests to not add sugar/milk to plain coffee or tea. That's my parents teach me because it can't be undone thus the drink could be too sweet or too milky 👍🏻 (and then the \
I just applied these recommendations, at McDonalds. It worked, for the first 3 seconds.
asim mohd
Such a pleasant way to behave on dinning table 👍🏻
And then I went to mcdonalds after watching this video!
Excellent video! I've learnt some new rules today thank you!👍🏻👍🏻
You said to toast with wine, champagne or boor but not water or soda. What if you don't drink alcohol so you only have water or soda? Should you toast with water or not toast?
How and when should i burp?
I enjoy this channel. I grew up in the hotel industry. Many of my father’s employees and supervisors were European. We dressed for dinner, we used etiquette, and behaved in manners differently than today. It was a good life! 😊
lucinda gaskill
the man should help the lady with her chair !
max boot
Marvellous video! My grandmother taught me a lot about table etiquette, but it is always good to update yourself. I was never aware of an american style for instance. \nI do have to comment that it does not seem very polite to call out your grandfather on mashing his food so it cools faster. I do not mean to offend you with this fact, here in Holland it is a no-go, and thought you would appreciate it.\nHave a nice evening :)
peter yeung
This would make the perfect mr. Bean scenario.
peter yuan
I know I'm gonna get some heat for saying this. Sometimes there will be awkward situations like someone is making fun of you or even insulting you at the table. Or asking you some personal questions. Or there will be people that will just straight up take more food than it's necessary and leaves you almost nothing. The worst part for me from my personal experience, is that people will make fun of you for being \
prerna dixit
excellent video sir!!! looking forward for more
His manner of speaking is very annoying.
rob rick
I always just pulled my junk out and started furiously jerking off as I looked the host straight in the eye.\nNo one ever told me what I was doing wrong, instead they just called the police.\nThank you Gentleman's Gazette for setting me straight.
sandy phillips
I am glad that you've taken the time and effort to promote good manners, grooming and appearance. Keep up the good work
vamsi krishna
I followed these rules ones and finally forgot to eat and enjoy my food with heart!!!!😉
youpay me
Who cares about making every rule. I eat what i want, chew how i like to and drink what i want. Blah blah blah and all. Almost useless.