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Bjorgvin Bjorgvinsson
Grazie mille per la tua lezione.
Lee Cox
You forgot two important pronouns for \
Maggie Barber
Manu, Not sure is this is the best place to ask this question but here goes.\n\nEating out can be a nightmare (particularly on a tight budget) if you don't understand how an Italian menu works. To get round this travellers will often opt for a tourist menu, pizza or will eat at familiar places like Macdonalds! Can you explain the courses, what is eaten with what and when, and if it is acceptable to straight to the \
Mossa Guissa
thank you so much
Sarah Swiderski
Che è la differenza fra il gerundio italiano è the gerund nel l’inglese
Hi, how can I follow you live? Are you still doing broadcasts live? It is an amazing channel, and an amazing way to learn a language!!!!! I learned so much, and thank you so much for that! :)
Mica... in Latin is \
The videos are never too long once I start watching!! I wanted to ask you a question Manu, you might not know but I thought I'd ask. I really enjoy anime and usually watch it in Japanese with English subtitles, and in doing this I've unwittingly picked up a tiny bit of Japanese. I've tried looking around for Italian videos with English subtitles so that I can do the same thing, but I can't really find any. I was recently made aware that Gilmore Girls was broadcast in Italian for example, and I can understand a fair bit, but there are obviously not going to be subtitles for that because I can just watch the English version. Or I would love to watch something like DBZ in Italian with English subtitles, in my perfect world. This is kind of out of your scope maybe, but are you aware of any recreational forms of media that visibly display translations? I of course watch your videos every day (while lamenting my daily missing of the live stream), but in an effort to make Italian seep into my 'fun' time.
lilian kienecker
In Italia spesso non parla 'va bene', ma 'va be'. Perché?
Where is the chatroom?