Judge Forced To Sentence Army Vet To Jail, But Who Was Waiting For Him In Cell—He’s Not The Same

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When this army veteran broke the terms of his probation – and then lied about it – the judge knew that the guy had to serve his punishment. And so the judge threw him in jail. But then something unusual happened: minutes after the man entered his cell, he began sweating and shaking. Then the door rattled, and the jailer opened it. Amazingly, standing before the man, there in the doorway, was the judge who had him locked up.The man’s name is Joe Serna, and he is an army veteran. After three tours of duty in Afghanistan, the Green Beret Sergeant retired with almost two decades of service and a plethora of awards. In fact, among his many military accolades were two Purple Hearts – an honor only awarded to those injured or killed in service.Serna retired from the army and returned to his family in North Carolina in 2013. But as many former service personnel have found, re-adjusting to life on civilian street wasn’t easy. In fact, it wasn’t long before Serna found himself in trouble with the police. Yes, in 2014 Serna was arrested for driving while intoxicated and was consequently placed on probation.►For more articles visit:

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