Can You Survive An Elevator Fall By Jumping? Debunked

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12-Core Trash Can
My biggest fear.
A Lesson Everyday.
Use stairs !
A Pet Named Steve
Honey, I'd take those steps. I need to raise my steps on my fitbit.
Aamer Shahzad
This is how I used to think all the time. Solved :-) thanks.
Amazin’ LEGOs
I hate people who comment, “like if you agree”...\n\n\n\ if you agree...
Ana Asif
Really cool video. ignore the haters who find some realllly interesting reasoning boring
Im more afraid of getting stuck in an elevator, than it falling to the ground tbh
Anime Sins
It's stuff like this that makes me say god doesn't exist, no way he sat around figuring out all this shit for something as simple as a falling elevator.
AnneTheMinecraft !
Grim reaper? \nOne of my friends on cubic castles Is called that.\nHis outfit is a perfect copy of grim reapers outfit! Just cuter :P Cool?\n(Ik that it's the impersonation of death don't yell at me XD)
Bill Ch
You are very wrong 6:09 - 6:13. You have your own misconseptions dude hahaha..
Blessed Mother
If all safety mechanisms fail in the elevator, start praying and ask God for mercy - a miracle can still happen.
Bo Do
Wilhelm scream at 10:31
Bony the doge
If you ever survive this situation you should really consider getting a lottery ticket...
Broodjekaas !
So short answer: you will break your legs but you might live.
Bryce Miller Fishing
If the cable breaks all elevators are engineered to have a fail safe pole which catches the grooves in the elevator shaft therefore stopping the elevator from free falling. I learned this from my Engineering Professor in college. Look it up it's a really interesting design.
Cin Khai
You wouldn’t be able to jump while falling in the first place so no
Cinya Tung
Just make it simple I just fast fowarded and got nothing. YES OR NO???? well imma go in a falling elevator AND IF I DIE IT\
Continual Improvement
Already tried it and it works.
Daniel Faraj
Me and 12 friends fell in an elevator once because we exceeded the weight limit. We only fell 3 floors and the shock absorbers saved our asses :)
Daniel Renard
I don't fear elevators plummeting to the ground, I fear them suddenly moving, while I'm getting in. Like how it happened for an unfortunate Chinese student, who was entering an elevator, when another student hit the button on a floor above. Poor engineering caused the elevator to move up, before the doors had safely closed. The student was trapped between the elevator floor and ceiling of the hall he was in. Rescue took several minutes, at which point he had already died from circulatory failure.
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The guy’s animation was so uncomfortable to watch, the expression he makes when entering the elevator, the way he jumps, how he’s built... couldn’t make it through the end.
Dino Rob
so dont the elevator brakes work?
Dom Con
How tf u supposed to know when to jump
yea don't stand up, you could get hurt. much better to lay down and take the impact directly to the jaw, neck, and skull.
Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network
The Wilhelm Scream made the whole viewing worthwhile.
Fayyaz Ahmed
Francisco Barbosa
This one video earned you a subscriber.
Ofcourse not
Gideon Boyle
Wouldn't you lie on your back? Otherwise your spine will crush your ribs.
Greatest Story Ever Told
An EASY and PRACTICAL guide to survive a falling elvator:\n\n1) open the ceiling door\n2) help the lady climb on the roof of the elevator while you watch her pretty ass\n3) climb outside the elevator\n4) hang on the iron cables of the elevator and let the lady hang on you\n5) put your gun and fire the joint of the cables which they hold the elevator\n6) let the elevator fall into the abyss in an explosive finale\n7) kiss the lady\n8) let the credits fall
Instructions unclear, i hit my head on the top of the elevator by jumping and i died
0.00000015% is still a probability that would end my life. \n\nNo thanks, I will use the stairs.
Imperial Diecast
2:12 blew my mind. I really used to think in a falling elevator you would be weightless and therefore could not jump. Anyone else?
I’m that Epic Gucci Gamer
I always thought about this. Now I know the answer.
Jack Attack
More like 0.00000015% to win the lottery 😂😂
JakeDoes ItAll98
so what you're saying is there still a chance....?
James W
So basically in a nutshell dying in an elevator is like winning the lottery. \n\n\n\n;)
Jayson Cloud
27 deaths per year because of elevators? How?
Jesse XXX
Who went straight to the comments and left without even watching the video? 😂
John Tate
Elevator breaks tho
I would think unless you can jump with enough power to achieve terminal velocity of the elevator and time it just right before impact with no visual cues to help then no, jumping will not help you. You'd have to posses springs for legs like superman and his ability to see through walls.
Julian E
Let me guess: you still hit the floor with the velocity of the elevator minus the velocity of your jump (assuming you hit it on the going up part of the jump)
Justin Case
Explain faster please! \n\nIf people then think The explaining is going to fast, they can rewind a few times.
Wouldn't you be stuck on the ceiling of the elevator and when the elevator hit you would be slammed against the floor and die.
Elevator: *omae wa mou shindeiru*\n\nMe : *NANI!?*
Louis Leslie
If you’ve been on the Tower of Terror elevator drop ride-thing at Disney Land before, You know that an elevator would fall REALLY fast. Enough upward G’s that you’re half floating -it would be pretty physically impossible to jump falling that fast.\n\nI mean I was just trying to hold on to my stomach because the thing fell so fast you feel like your insides are floating real talk 👏🏼
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI came here for 7:38\nAnd you did too...
Mac n Cheese
About to die in a falling elevator? Just say NO! It’s not legal to be killed unless I consent to it.
How you know when the elevator bout to hit the ground?
Mikelico 55
I survived, thanks!
Merry Christmas!
Moses Emmet
That would be the last thing on my mind if I were to visit Dubai.
Muhammad Naufal Rizqillah
Easy, you need double jump
These people would rather die than watch a 12 minute vid
Northern_ Savage
I am currently falling and I came across this video and it was too long. Plea
Odd Fascinations
You won’t be able to see when your going to hit the ground.
Oscar Guisandes
Im high.
Ouroboros Studios
Hit or miss, I bet they never miss huh.
Outlaw Hunter X
Paweł Graczyk
By not getting in.
If you have a working brain you know the answer is no...
Pokemon GO
Video was too long. I tried watching this in a falling elevator to find out if i could live. Was still watching when the elevator hit the ground. Writing this as a ghost now.
Rapier FᎬᎠ
how can we know when we are gonna hit the ground??
So the whole point of this 11 minute video, is that if an elevator falls with you in it, you would die?\nThats it? 🤔
I don’t ever take elevators for a reason.
Rj the great
Currently falling while watching this thanks many seconds did u say I haiwoekekemisiekemsmsjsnsbshsebusueieosmzjzopwmsnsu
Rohit Nanwani
Joey (from “FRIENDS”) should have watched this!😉
Throw the hired by you guard on the floor and lay flat on them to reduce the impact of the fall and the possible trauma. ) keeping the multiple layers of the memory foam on the floor of the lift tunnel or make the tunnel slontly narrowed so, while the lift is falling it can reduce the speed of the the lift making lift cabin to rubb on the increasingly narrowing walls reducing the speed of the fall.
STORM Animations
Do people just think that while it’s falling and u jump I won’t just hit ur head and die...
SWAT _101
Guess i will die ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
Salah Mohamed
Ok...... Wouldnt jumping make the elevator ceiling hit your head because the elevator is falling downward ?
Sangeeth Mk
We will die like a man.!!!! 😁😛
If only newton didn't invent those damm laws
Sounds of Color
This takes me back to college physics, and now my head hurts. 😩
Stan Williams
I saw the Pink Panther do that! 😂
The thing is, how would you know when it's time to jump?
Travis Pike
I do not challenge the math given above, but wish to submit this anecdote of an experience in which all the forces described above were present (albeit no where near as powerful, since I calculate the drop from the third floor finished attic to have been no more that 40 feet).  I was a teenager, and in fact, probably the smallest and lightest  of the four of us that entered the dumbwaiter in the attic of the huge Queen Anne at 97 Lake Avenue, Newton Centre, Massachusetts in the late fifties or possibly early sixties.  It was an open platform, constructed of wood, and one ascended by pulling on a thick rope wrapped around a pulley.  Although large enough to hold us all, it was obviously never intended to hold our combined weight.  To lower the platform, one released the brake, a much thinner rope, but held onto it to  slow the dumbwaiter's descent.  Since it was my father's house, and I was the only one who actually knew how to operate the dumbwaiter, I was the brakeman-on-duty.  The brake also had a fail-safe mechanism that was meant to, if the rope was released, stop the dumbwaiter.  Unfortunately, with four of us on board, the dumbwaiter was grossly overweight, so when I released the brake, the platform began to fall precipitously.  I let go of the brake rope, trusting it to stop us, but it failed, and the dumbwaiter gained speed as it dropped.  Fortunately, it didn't go all the way to the cellar, and as the second floor door whizzed by, I told everyone to jump up!  and as the top of the first floor door came into view, we all did.  In fact, apart from being frightened, it was a hoot!  None of us were injured.  On the other hand, since we all jumped at about the same instant, our leaps probably accelerated the falling dumbwaiter, with the result that the beams on which the floor of the dumbwaiter was constructed, struck bottom with such force that they were shattered.  Still, that was a better conclusion to our misadventure than having any of us shatter any bones, , so we sheepishly exited, glad to have escaped injury, and left the premises forthwith!  In that short fall, I believe our final jump did spare us all.VITALLY IMPORTANT CAVEAT:  DO NOT TO TRY TO REPLICATE THIS FOLLY AT HOME!
I die just watching this 12-minute video
This was fixed in the bugfix update.
Zoltán Erik Miglécz
When does he say anything useful?
12 minute video, but a 5 second suggestion at 9:25 to save you time
Elevators have brakes if cabels snap
7:48 i what you came for
bunny nigel
with those odds i think ill just stay home i don't want to take that 0.00000015% chance
i_wIn gunf1Ghts
I mean if it happens it happens \nAt least I won’t have to get a job
johnny1992black Ra
dont forget that the elevator weight is much more then avarage human weight if you jump you will just get your head smashed by the elevator roof and die long before you reach the ground.
I have a good Idea: Every time they build a new elevator, they should build a huge trampoline on the floor so everyone is safe in case of failure :D make me rich pls
*”Son, the elevator is falling! We’re gonna die!”*\n\n*”No, Mom. I got this. Well, gravity will be exerting a force of 9.81 newtons per kilogram which converts to an acceleration of 9.81 meters per second, every second. When you take into accou- MOM?! MOM! NOOOOOOO I WAS EXPLAINI- *dead**\n\nYou spent 12 minutes to tell us we’re going to die. Thank you.
27 deaths per year are caused by an elevator.. while about 1000 people per year die per year caused by stairs... 😯😯😯
Doesn't work in rainbow six siege...
The answer is \
6.1 seconds you can still jack off
This was what i had thinking before, lol.