Getting My Italian Greyhound

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Abby Makeup
Yes I hear that sound he’s making, he never stoped.
Adara Nicholls
Marbles was so alive back then...
Amy Guarino
Angel Lampley
7 years later Kermit’s still crying
Anis Vandepitte
Omg this is ancient
Antonia Jurd
Wow marbles was actually a dog once
Bailey D.
Throw back to when Marbles was alive.
Bella Kucera
the very first time kermit was recorded crying.
Brittain Smith
Marbles was so young!!! He was so alive!!! Edit: Even when kermit was tiny, he still cried!!
Brooke McGrath
No Julien, no peach, marble still have a soul, no real camera, no ad, and love the way you lie by Rihanna playing in the background.. just your average day in 2010
Cade Martinez
Did anyone ever realize that “Love the way you lie” was playing in the background while cement was crying
Christina Has a hamster
They changed so much... except Kermit he's still crying😂❤
Christina Richardson
Oh my god I have never seen Marbles move so fast before
Clexanvers X
Past jenna: you dont have a name yet.\nPresent me: is en cermet.
Colby and Brennen
Kermit is iconic for crying
Confused Psyduck
8 years later and I'm still coming back to this video and crying every time
Crybaby Martinez
An Cerment is now a legend
DJ CowGal
4:04 *it MOOOVES?*
Dragon Draws
Before Cermet was the middle child he was the middle child
Duckily ART
Kermit killed Marbles and is mind controlling his empty shell. Confirmed.
Elizabeth Oliver
Omg Kermit and peach were literally the same as puppies wow
Elizabeth Tarter
Omlllll fetus Marbles\n\n\nKermit crying in 2010: “Ah Kermit... it’s okay.” \nKermit crying in 2018: “KERMIT! Get over it!” \n\n😂😂😂character development.
Ella Johns
Emma Sparks
you’ve watered your cermet very nice. the c e r m e t has grown. he cry cause it helps him g r o w.
Eshita Chauhan
Eyy Bby
Never would I have known he would grow up to be such a NASTY BOY
FoxerBoxers YT
and then he started crying\nnonstop\nfor almost 8 years
Anyone watching in 2018?
Wait marbles doenst look dead im uncomfortable
Hollie B
Iain Foster
Guys marbles wasn't dead, now he is just dead but they pretend he is alive.
Icarus Eyes
He grew up into a NASTY BOY
And he still cries to this day
Jack Badger
Bleach blonde bob cut with pink underneath the bangs, Low-rise dark blue jeans, Rihanna’s Love The Way It Hurts on the radio. This is so 2010.
Jessica Cheah
This is in my recommended. How many years has it been Jenna. It's been nine years. HOW
Jessica Entwistle
kermit *doesn't stop crying for the next 7 years*
And little did Jenna know that baby cermet was gonna keep on crying XD
K.C. M
7 years later, and he's still crying
Karalee King
Baby cerm and \
Kaylee Pinkk
Kiosk O' Squips
Nervous since 2010
Kzoa Za Great
in 8 years hes gonna have a soap bed
Bro it's 2018 why am I just now seeing this?😂
Laerke MA
Omg this is _seven years_ ago.
Lillian Lunt
2:33\nCermets first cries came out\nLeading to an entire lifetime of being an attention starved middle child
Lily & Ian
MARBLES IN HIS YOUTH! & cermit a fetus
Lindsey C
Nostalgia, flashbacks, and memories here I come. (Binge watching Jenna marbles)
Ceramic is so cute
Lulu Anette
August 2018??
Lumen Lights
all the crying in the car.. 7 years later nothing has changed lmao oh cermy
LunaMoona 0129
And now he falls in pools.
Lyla Prescott
Who else is watching this for the first time in 2018
Lyz Zavala
And the long life journey continues
Maria Hernandez
that turtle backpack though.......
Mazie Bouchard
That’s not Julien
Miri Ozi
My greyhound theo stared crying when this video came on 😂 wat en beeutiful cermet
It's so sad to see Marbles alive in this video. R.I.P. Marbles : (
Much Twinkie
Cermet is an emotional boi
Marbels was ALIVE and had a SOUL R.I.P old marbels
Nathan Bornio
“marbles is going to torment this damn dog” oh how the tables have turned
2:45 \
Pricilla Flores
This where the crying cermet started...
Riah Butterfield
Little did she know the crying would never stop😂
Marbles is so young!
Sam DeFabio
Sashley's Biggest Fan
Wait Marbles was alive once?
Skyprincess 1995
If you don't *cry* when you get ur puppy for the first time\n *YOU DONT DESERVE THE DAMN PUPPY*
Kermit was dramatic from the start! LOL.
Stormy Geddon
Succulent Draws
Ah the good old days, before *marbles was dead inside*
Baby Cermet
Supernatural 123
Who knew 7 years later he would step in your orange oil paint while you copy a bob Ross painting, and then you and Julian try to take it off with coconut oil at 4 in the morning
Wow Kermit really be cryin since day one
Tessa's Vids
And then he grew up almost always looking like he’s on the verge of tears :,)
The No Crew Guy
Top 10 anime origin stories
before jenna found out that the crying would never end 4:50
TheOneAndOnly CiCi
Juilen \u003e Max
Thomas The Queen
It’s so weird to imagine eight years ago when Julian and Peach weren’t a thing yet, and Marbles still had real emotions.
Truly Greg
2010: Kermit crying\n\n2011:Kermit crying \n\n2012: Kermit crying\n\n2013:Kermit crying \n\n2014: Kermit crying \n\n2015: Kermit crying \n\n2016: Kermit crying \n\n2017:Kermit crying \n\n2018: Kermit still crying\n\n\n\n\nEdit:thx for all ze likés mwah much love
Before marble died #rip
Weird Penguin
When marble was still alive.
ann huffman
*Hello* -Two thousand eighteen- ? _(Probably not :/)_
burned potatoe 1923
Omg its already been 8 years!!!\nIm crying
Oh my god Julien was 17 when this video came out
grace2LAMS _
ihave asiancheekbones
Baby Jenna, baby marble, baby cermet 😭
ironic /
oh my god it’s tiny Jenna\nand baby marble and kermie
marianna dilorenzo
It looks like an cermet has an grown. Have you been watering an cermet?
mylifeastaya pickle
remember when marbles still had a soul.
potatoe fries
cermet boy has always been a sensitive boy
random person
Its hard to imagine a world, 8 years ago with no Cermit, no Julien, no peash, and a Marbles that actually gets exited and has emotions.
All she gotta do is hit him with that \
He looks like a baby deer
some faggot
Max making fun of Jenna for crying about getting cement then flash forward to Julien crying with her when they got peachy girl. Shows that soulmates do exist.
tiana lewis
I is cermit and I wills cry for the rest of yours hooman life
wO Exotic Ow
Aww, ceramic looks so cute here.\n\n\n\nNow he’s a crying sack of shit
Tb to when marbles actually knew where he was
דניאל קליין
Wow. Marbles doesnt look dead