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I have put together the most erotic scenes of Monica Bellucci in Malena, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore in 2000. The film is not a big thing but there are some beautiful shoots of the town, houses, and of course the gorgeous Monica Bellucci.FILM DESCRIPTION:A young man's infatuation for a beautiful older woman blooms amidst the outbreak of World War II in this bittersweet comedy-drama from Italy. Renato (Giuseppe Sulfaro) is a 13-year-old boy growing up in a small Sicilian community. Mussolini has risen to power and has declared war upon England and France, but Renato has other things on his mind -- mostly girls. While hanging out with his friends by the seashore, Renato spies Malena (Monica Bellucci), the daughter of one of his schoolteachers, whose husband Nino (Gaetano Aronica) is fighting with Mussolini's army. Renato is immediately obsessed with Malena and follows her like a lost puppy, spying on her whenever circumstances permit and imagining her as his co-star in elaborate erotic fantasies inspired by his favorite movies. Renato, however, is hardly the only man in town to be struck by Malena's charms, and her beauty leads to resentment from the women of the community. Malena's circumstances take a turn for the worst after her husband is reported to have died in combat, and she is forced to resort to prostitution to survive; she is brutally attacked by a pack of angry matrons and driven from town. Renato tries to keep track of her, and has some less than encouraging news to report when Nino turns out to be alive and finds his spouse is missing.Malena was written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, best known for the art-house hit Nuovo Cinema Paradiso; Malena was released in Europe at 106 minutes, while the American version was edited by ten minutes to tighten the pace and remove nudity and sexual material considered too strong for the U.S. marketplace.CREDITS:TM & © Miramax Films (2000)Cast: Giuseppe Sulfaro, Monica BellucciDirector: Giuseppe TornatoreProducers: Carlo Bernasconi, Mario Cotone, Fabrizio Lombardo, Teresa Moneo, Rick Schwartz, Mario Spedaletti, Bob Weinstein, Harvey WeinsteinScreenwriters: Giuseppe Tornatore, Luciano Vincenzoni

Eroticism (Quotation Subject) Giuseppe Tornatore (Film Director) Malèna (Award-Winning Work) Monica Bellucci (Film Actor) Scenes erotic h... sexual sexy

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why so many 'mericans loving héros?
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Claudia Escobarvincenti
Lo mueve el culo q tiene un poco sensual
Dave Baong
Hot but nice movie
Ehsanullah 18
What's the movie name
Elia Meza
Emilio Francisco Di Cianni
La mujer mas bella del universo...MONICA BELLUCCI
Fernando Javier Diaz Martinez
Whats the music ?
I liked the movie even though i couldn't understand what they were saying
Umm....regarding 1:22, there's nothing \
Goran Gracijani/SRBIJA/
Od ovoga moze da se rikne, lepa zena storena za ljubav i da se vecno voli
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Still many of her porn movies going around
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it's not jealousy talking cause i can say mila kunis is hot, but i don't understand what everyone sees in her and why everyone calls her the most beautiful woman on earth like she is a 7 at best in my opinion i don't understand what the fuzz is about can someone enlighten me? and are all her acting scenes sexual? she doesn't do anything else?
Mark Howard Marley
Well Done. What's the background music?
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Monica...\nThe queen of female plant
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Beautiful lady
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movie name plz reply
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The Erotic Movie Review
Malena is a great film, I wouldn't class it as erotica, that's why I haven't reviewed it. My movies have to have hotter sex
does anyone know the song of the video ?
Vinita Paliwal
Grande Monica ... \nÈ una Leggenda Vivente ! È venuta dal Paradiso ... \nBellezza ultratterena !\nE'da DIO... DIO bacio...\nVl'ado. 03 Ott 2017
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i canttt forget this beautiful film
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