10 Funny Language Learning Commercials

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I put together ten of very funny commercials about learning another language. I hope you enjoy them as I did. Which one is your #1? Tell me in the comments, I will update the ranking here below this text from time to time to see which commercial people like the most.These ads are included:1. Soesman Language Institute with “A Day Trip” from 2001 (I want to f*** you in the ass)2. Berlitz with its famous “German Coast Guard” / “We are sinking” from 2006 (Improve your language / Language for life)3. Babbel with “Boss It At Work” / “Negotiator” (Learn English for Work)4. Babbel with “Spanish Passion” from 2017 (Tell me more / Speak the language like you’ve always wanted to)5. Nintendo DS Language Course with “Airport”6. Berlitz with “Automobil on Fritz”7. Berlitz Commercial with “The Club” (Join the club)8. Nintendo DS Japanese TV Commercial (For here or to go)9. Berlitz with “Laundromat” from 2005 (Learn another language)10. Babbel with “Undercover Agent” from 2017+11. Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer / Bud light with “No speak English” from the 2007 Super Bowl starring Carlos Mencia 11.5 Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer / Bud light with “Language of Love Commercial” from 2008 starring Carlos Mencia-----------------------------------------------------------The votes are in and the current winner is: “No speak English” + “Language of Love” by Budweiser/Bud lightResults in detail, status September 14 (votes and positive mentions counted):1. Budweiser/Bud light, “No speak English” + “Language of Love”: 118 votes/mentions – mostly because of Boooood light and We make sandwich, I am meat2. Berlitz, “German Coast Guard”/“We are sinking”: 69 votes/mentions3. Soesman Language Institute, “A Day Trip”: 65 votes/mentions4. Babbel, “Spanish Passion”: 29 votes/mentions – mostly because of the Spanish lady5. Berlitz, “Laundromat”/”Learn another language”: 14 votes/mentions6. Berlitz, “Automobil on Fritz”: 12 votes/mentions7. Nintendo DS Language Course with “Airport”: 10 votes/mentions – mostly because of the Yes, yes, yes actor8. Berlitz, “The Club”/”Join the club”: 9 votes/mentions9. Babbel, “Undercover Agent”: 8 votes/mentions10. Babbel, “Boss It At Work” / “Negotiator”: 5 votes/mentions11. Nintendo DS Japanese, “For here or to go”: 3 votes/mentionsThanks to everybody who watched the video, voted and commented on it, liked it and subscribed to my channel – I appreciate that very much!

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Aaron Lowe
My automobile is on the Fritz!
Abhishek Pattanaik
Place my vote for the german coast guard video.
Adlan Kacak
The girl talking Chinese and the stewardess both of them got nice body shape there 😁
Afnan Zahran
My reply to that \
African MusicGenuis
Ahhh the joys of multilingualism! I've had loads of wonderful experiences with it, I'll tell ya (nudgenudge winkwink).
Allan Dsouza
Legend says that to this day she keeps telling him to \
Anime Obsessed girl
The 1st one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anonymous 10
Budlight \nBoodlight \nBudlight\nBoodlight
Everything is in German👍👍
Archibald Tuttle
Arum Chandra Kharisma
So funny😂😂😂
Ashit Darurmath
We make sandwhich. I am meat!😂
B Bee
So, I should do laundry in Taiwan, hummmmmm.
Bethany Smith
Bill Woo
You have great taste. All of these are outstanding! I give you a \
hand shakes
Cherry Blossom
Mine is the german sinking then fritz
Christian Burchett
First one had me lmao
Cliodna Druides
We are sinking we are sinking ! (Panic)\n\nCoast guard : what are you thinking about....?\n\n\nAnd then we all die !...
Crab Synth
Hahaha the first ad is exactly the reason why we cant get good music anymore.... anywhere.
Where are OpenEnglish ads?? Exito :v
The Indians in the bud light one........ Freaking hilarious 😂😂😂🤣😂
Dalibor Truhlar
Which commercial is your #1? Tell me in the comments, your vote will be included in the ranking!\n\nCurrent winner is: “No speak English” + “Language of Love” by Budweiser/Bud light with 118 votes/positive mentions - for more details see the description text below the video - next ranking update coming, you can post your vote anytime, thanks to everybody who joined in and left a comment!
Diamante Dea
German commercials are Straightforward ?
Diet Coke
Is this the reason people died in Titanic?
Fabio Gerussi
My car is on the Fritz!
Lol, the votes are all messed up... The sinking about one was great tho.
Farhan Wicaksono
First clip : when you listened to the rap song
Fawzie Kefli
The last scene 😅😅😅
It sounds so funny for germans when other people try to imitate our language it never sound like german xD
Ionescu Monica
I like nuts
Irene Wong
Wanna make some native English speaker friends to improve my English.
Janco van der Westhuizen
The babble ads are pretty good but my favorite has gotta be the Taiwan laundry thing
Jason Blundell
What about 9/11?
Jessica Fletcher
0:53 Matt Donovan, is that you?
John LaPaglia
3:50 - You have to watch it about TEN (10) times to understand it. \
Junaidi Padillah
11.5 lol common!!! anyway that airport scene is scary!!!!
Kasia Wesołek
I really want to buy this Babel and Berlitz now.
Liberum Arbitrium
3:15 you can clearly hear from the accent that he is not a German motherspeaker.
Mabel Pines
I love the german ones because they’re so true 😂😂😂
Mahin Monirul
Kill me!!!!!!!!!! 😁😂😁😂
Miguel tvid
what if everybody could understand eachothers languages from day one, then we didnt have to have language barriers :0
Miss Lyntheena
3:20 Lmao Americans trying to sound German is always so funny and wrong.
Mister M
Ein Moment Fritz, bitte!
Babbel commercials LMFAO :D
Nascha Lecter
Berlitz is the greatest
Nawas Naz
We make sandwich\nI'm... meat
Nazmus Sakib
Nothing can beat British SOMTOM SERIES 'Mind Your Language.'
Om Berry
The one with the Chinese girls 😂
man all were good....made me laugh.....more comps plz\n\
Pablo Casilla
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Prettier Mary
nice video, new friend here,stay connected
Reverse Attack
what are you sinking about ? 😂
Rubine James
I smiled for each ad :)\nGreat compilation 👍
What are you sinking about ? 😂😂
Sacred Sun
Poor Fritz .. I heard he died that day.
Sela Netz
We make sandwich, I'm meat 😂😂😂
Sofia Adrammelech
The German coast guard is genius
Syah Aziz
This is definitely the most hilarious thing ever
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The Pro Bro
The Italian one is like the parody of godfather
The Xardas
Bud makes good commercials and horrible beer.
4:51 funniest one 😂 😂 😂
Tovarășul Lenin
Two Eye
Vol deMort
Ive watched that german coast guard commercial like a hundred times now and it still makes me laugh..
Je voudrais être seul avec toi 😂😂😂
first one is dutch lol
Xcool Ichigo
So basically learn English for practical purposes, and any other language to get laid.
11.5.... /buud/ light nailed it.....
ankit tiwari
Bood light 😂
arya lily
5:20 awesome 😂😂
I've seen the \
flippin out
Airport scene is best. The guy has great expressions.
harshini tanneeru
If he don't know the language. He cannot understand the commercial. Funny though 😂😂
iam jp
Bood light
Good job representing the language of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Macchiavelli, Cristoforo Colombo and Vivaldi with mafia! Good job indeed Babel!
last shadow
Ich kann Deutsch Arabisch und Englisch. und du ?
lucius pertis
Boood light 😂😂😂
mahi nahar
The last 1 though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
5:24 is perfect 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
noob king
Hi love your channel!
Is that really how Spanish people show their love for each other.
randomguy here
great compilation
saurabh **
2:00 she is smoking hot....I wish I was a sausage and she eats me real quick......😍😍😍😍
Bood lide
toney poney
I think the two chinese girls at 4:51 are the best one so far. Didnt expect the ending
'we are sinking'\n'what are you sinking about?'
vishal jagdale
Say hi Japanese guy hai
yeu si
zero vizible
o you beauty 3:54 :D
¿Hello_ Stank?
Stop with the mafia stereotype, why you didn't just make a funny commercial like the others on this list!?\nThis is offensive cazzo.
Ахмед Бекко
What are you Sinking about lol
Наруто Узумаки
С моей школы когда ехали в Европу и пошли в кафе, когда они заказывали коровье мясо говорили муууууу, а когда курицу кукуку😂
قناة الطريق الصحيح The right way
Portraying French as sexy and romantic in every language learning program is getting tiresome and boring. All my life in France I was surrounded by French people who spoke super vulgar and slang French without a hint of sexiness and romance 😂😂