The 10 Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World

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Ah Scheißdreck! Almost number 10! Almost!
Generally speaking, english for everywhere.\nPlus \nSpanish for americas.\nFrench for africa.\nChinese for asia.\n\nI have no plans to live in africa and asia, therefore english and spanish should be enough. Since they are similar, after spanish I might learn portuguese though.
Aadit Singh
3:15 India doesn't have provinces xD They are called states.
Abel S. Phoenix
I think that the most important languages are:\nWEST: English, Spanish, French. \nEAST: Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese and Russian.
Agnė Rinkevičiūtė
Pfft, everyone knows Japanese is the most important language. Because anime.
the top 10 most important languages in my opinion are:\n1. English \n2. Spanish\n3. Arabic\n4. French\n5. Mandarin\n6. Portuguese \n7. Hindustani \n8. German\n9. Russian \n10. Malay
Andrzej Bednarek
A mi me gusta español. Es la lengua no1 de mi corazón! Y también es muy exitoso! Vivo en Polonia y hace unos 20 años el español era algo como ''un idioma exótico'' que casi nadie conocía. Luego, se presentaron las primeras telenovelas, peliculas, la música latina entró y... BANG!!! Hoy en día es una de las más populares lenguas extranjeras, cada escuela de idiomas ofrece clases de español.
The huge geographical area in which Russian is spoken and also the mutual intelligibility between it and other Slavic languages makes it one of the important world languages in my opinion.
Blaster Magician
It just me or the are a lot of spanish haters in the comments, accept it, spanish is a Language that worth to be learned.
Brandon Walker
English is West Germanic so, maybe 1. English, 2. German (if a native English speaker) or, 2. Spanish, 3. Mandarin, 4. Russian, 5. Arabic...
Brian Millsaps
I'm glad that we agree on the 4 most beneficial languages to learn. I speak English and Spanish, but recently decided to begin learning French and Arabic. Of course, it's different for everyone, depending on their travel plans.
Carter Minich
Aren't Mandarin and Chinese the same? I thought Mandarin was China's official language.
Chick Norton
I think all languages are important and just because it hasn't a lot of speakers, doesn't mean they should be lost.
Cinthya M.
Woooow Español #2 gracias a España y Latino América ❤ El idioma Español es hermoso no lo cambiaría por ninguno. :')
Constancio Rosellini
Somos el segundo idioma mas hablado del mundo, Excelente Viva el idioma Español !!!!!
Darius Davis
West: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German.\n\nEast: Russian, Mandarin, Hindustani, Japanese, Persian.
Dennis medina
Spanish is my native and english is my 2nd language
DerRobMann (R.T. West)
My list:  English, Spanish, French, and surprise... German. As a native English speaker who had been around much of the world in my US Navy days... hands down, English is number 1. As someone who lives in Puebla, Mexico and who now uses Spanish daily... the numbers alone are staggering. Along with English, Spanish opens up communication with almost all of the Americas. French, in my opinion, still should be considered the lingua franca by those of culture, commerce, contribution to intellect, and by those who seem to mainly reject English because of concern with American-English speaking Imperialism. My German fourth choice is highly biased for 3 reasons:  I'm 3rd generation German-American. My grandmother spoke to me in German when I was young. And, because here in Puebla, Mexico, there are many job-providing German national companies whose influence cannot be understated.  Saludos, desde Colonia Centro Historico, Puebla, Mexico, DerRobMann sends...
Deus ex Machina
Japanese will be the most important language! 日本語!
Ding Liuoui
mandarin is also official language in singapore
Eleazar Ortiz
Eu sou falante nativo de espanhol mas agora estou estudando a língua portuguesa e só posso dizer una coisa, ese idioma é maravilhoso. Espero que vocé faça um vídeo sobre as semelhanças entre o espanhol e o português.
Farcas Beny
español el mejor idioma del mundo sin duda👌/Spanish is the best❤❤❤
Flávio Viana Gomide
I am sad because German is not on the list.
Fropi Do
i can speak, English, Spanish, French and Tagalog coz im Filipino. haha yes!
Gary Pierre
Can you make a video about why 90% of American only speak English ? Is it because they are too lazy to learn another language ? Seriously, I traveled to USA for College and I can't speak French because no one speak it.
Geh ad
I speak Arabic I am from egypt
Geo. M.
The word mandarin reminds me of a particular fruit that is similar to orange
Gustavo Facincani Dourado
I am Brazilian, I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and I'm learning French \u003c3
Harsimran Singh
Such a shameful thing that despite being the 10th most widely spoken language of the world(as per native speakers), we Punjabi's do not promote and value our mother tongue!!!! Many of us find it cool to speak \
Hovhannes Hovhannisyan
Currently learning my fourth language(Spanish),and I fluently speak Armenian,English and Russian.
I think the most important languages are West-Frisian, Romansh, Welsh, Gaelic, Greenlandic and Faroese.
Jason Rin
ChineseLanguage:Mandarin ,Cantonese,Hakka,Min,Wu and so on.\nMandarin is an official language in China and Taiwan, but also widely used in Singapore as a second language.Malaysia also has a huge number of Chinese Speakers.
Jaxson Davis72
Hola estoy tratando de aprender español en Estse momento yo sólo sé un poco, pero espero aprender todo pronto.
Jose Ignacio
Esperanto fans should give up and convert to Spanish. The easiest and most organized/structured language of all... straight forward conventions without exceptions
Jose Luis Silebo Riaco
In Equatorial Guinea they don't speak Portuguese, they speak Spanish
In my opinion, The most important languages are: English, Spanish,Russian, French,Arabic,Turkish
Katso Bushi
For Biz #1.English #2.Mandarin #3.Japanese
Kavya Reddy
I'm learning Spanish :) I love spanish language. It's so beautiful.
Kevin Ambunya
Most important language in the world I don't know, but I think the most important language in Kenya, east Africa and Africa at large it is Swahili because its widely spoken in east Africa and China due to Chinese due to development agenda in the region, their workers population and I like Chinese agenda, they are not associated with war as many Western countries do😨😨😨.At least China is using its wealth and resources in business and which is shooting in Africa,thus I see Kenyans should learn Chinese as their second language other than English, I too am taking Chinese language
King Leopold II
Spanish FTW! I'm glad I speak it. Greetings from the bankrupt island, Puerto Rico
La Crapule
LeYoshi Vénère
French is blowing because Africa population is blowing, especially Congo.
Levent A
There's absolutely no discuss for this that in Europe the most important language is German language number two is french and that's it.
Lingo vi
hindustani the most beautiful language 😊😊✌✌👌👌\n\nhit like indians and pakistanis
Linsheng Chiang
There is a double standard obviously. When you talk about Arabic, you consider their native speakers by those who speak the Standard Arabic. Yet when it comes to Chinese, of which the standard language is Mandarin, you just count those who natively speak it, and those dialect speakers of Chinese become the L2 speakers in your list.
French is the language of love. English is the language of business. German is the language of war. And Spanish is the language with which to speak to God.
Makan Tayebi
I'd consider German an important language too, even though it didn't appear so, in this list. German speaking countries are gaining more and more economic power.
Martin O'Hara
The African map shows Equatorial Guinea as Portuguese - speaking. No. It is Spanish - speaking.
Masatoshi Kento
I think in my opinion, the most important language is English. Second may be French, third should be Mandarin Chinese, fourth should be Spanish and fifth will be Japanese🎌🎌
Matt Barrett
5 esperanto speakers disliked this video
Matthew Waterton
So many people in my country- Slovenia go and learn russian. I however am going down a much harder road- learning japanese
Minhaz Arefin
Hi Paul, waiting for a video on Bengali Language. You can talk about history of \
Mohmd Nassir
excellent video really liked it.\nI think top 3 languages that connect you to majority of world's population is :English/Arabic/Chinese\nbecause \n1-they are spoken by many people and\n2-each of them are from completely different language family
Mr. Nobody
1.English 2.Spanish 3.French 4Mandarin
French is spoken in Canada (Québec), Belgium, Switch, Luxembourg, about ten islands in the world, Monaco, France (of course) and in many African countries (31 as it's said in the video); but it's also spoken in some arabic countries like Algeria or Tunisia and still have some French words in their arabic dialect\nThis language is kind of important (less than English of course) but if you want to speak a language which could help you to understand more people you should learn it
I would not put Arabic in the top 5. While it is spoken in many countries of Africa and middle east it lacks a strong entertainment industry backbone, economic and scientific importance. With the general instability in the region it international importance will decline more because.
Omkar Bhatkar
i am indian and i never heard language called hindustani...😂😂😂
Phra Sompong
Malay currently use in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Southern Thailand and Southern Phillipine. Biggest Language in South East Asia!!
Real Chinese with Jadie
I thought French is one of most widely used languages...
Roman Soiko
the most important languages are the six UN languages الاغت اكاتبرحيم الصغبة لغت أمم المتحدة 大宗要语六语联合国 Les langues tres importantes est les langues oficiel des Nations Unies самое важно языков шесть языков организация обеденных наци Los idiomas más importantes son seis idiomas oficiales de Naciones Unidas
Very surprised to hear how widespread French is and how many people in the comments find it an important language. I always thought English and Spanish were the most \
Sabar Mohamed
the best are English, Spanish and Arabic
Saeed Zafar
How can Arabic be so widely spoken?\nIt is not native language of anyone. And yes if Arabic is many language, than none of them has so many speakers\nMost important Languages:\n1. English\n2. Spanish\n3. Mandarin\n4. Arabic\n5. Russian\n6. French\n7. German\n8. Dutch\n9. Hindustani\n10. Bengali
Savage-American Imperialist
The most important languages in the world: \n\n1. English\n2. Spanish\n3. French\n4. Portuguese\n5. German\n6. Russian\n7. Mandarin\n8. Japanese\n9. Arabic\n10. Hindustani
I know that english is the most speaked language bu I personally think this tenedency is about to change and the spanish language is going to be the internacional language
Señora Spanish
I think both lists are equally important! : )
For some reason, hearing English is the #1 Lingua franca makes me really proud of my native language
Spongepants Squarebob
मुझे मात्र दो भाषा आती है वो है हिंदी और अंग्रेजी परंतु मुझे गर्व है की मैं हिंदी बोलता हूँ।\nविश्व की सबसे खूबसूरत भाषा की पदवत्ति मिली है हमारी हिंदी भाषा को।मात्र कुछ लोगो ने इसे दूषित कर दिया है अन्यथा यह अत्यंत सुन्दर है। :)
Stephen Miller
There's a difference between 'most widely spoken' and 'most commonly spoken'. This video explains 'most commonly spoken', which is Mandarin, because it has the most native speakers. However, it is not a widely spoken language as very few people outside of China speak it. English is the world's most widely spoken language.
Sue Melero
Spanish my native language, english my second, and I think I'll go for chinese ( mandarin)
Yeah true.\n\nI would say English has at least 500 million native speakers around the globe, in all continents.
Vampire Squid
So thats the reason why its so rare for Native English speakers to be bilingual?
The bulk of L2 English speakers come from India
Vlatik Pipik
Interesting fact, there is an artificial language called Slovio, which can understand the 500 million people.\nIt is designed in such a way that it can be easily read and understood by all Slavic people (Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Czechs, Belarusians, Slovaks, Slovenes, Serbs, Croats, etc)\nAll my friends from different Slavic countries, can read any text in this language without any problems.\nThis is genius! But, unfortunately, is not popular.\nIt is a pity, because it could be the international language of all Slavs.
Wain DY
What about Haitian Creole ?
Webster Io
1. English\n2. Spanish\n3. French\n4. Arabic\n5. Russian\n6. Poutugese and italian\n7. Chinese\n8. Korean\n9. Roman hindi\n10. Vietnamese\n\n\nThese are the languages I come across on youtube often :D
WellThis 146
Did anyone else realize that South Sudan was not on here?
Yakin Alan
If you are looking for a job in the continental Europe. Number one is German...
Yuki Kun
Yay Japanese! I'm not Japanese but I'm studying it and I love Japan.
For those (especially INDONs) who claimed Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) was originated from Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language), this video has proved that you are totally wrong. \n\nBe it linguistically and historically, Bahasa Indonesia is actually the variant of Malay Language. It is because both Malay and Indonesian language rooted from Bahasa Melayu Johor-Riau. And of course modern Bahasa Melayu spoken mainly by Malay peoples in Malaysia, Singapura, Brunei and partly Indonesia is closer to the old Bahasa Melayu Riau compared to the Bahasa Indonesia.\n\nThe main reason why Bahasa Melayu Riau was chosen to become Indonesia national language because, back in the day, Malay language used to be Maritime Southeast Asia (Malay Archipelago) lingua franca. It was even widely used by non-native speaker. As a result, instead of Javanese language (predominant ethnic in Indonesia ), Bahasa (Melayu) Indonesia used as Language of Unity among Indonesian and been declared as national language of Indonesia.
abdul ahad
yeah... BENGALI my Native language😁😍✌. I am from BANGLADESH. how many of are you from Bangladesh or speak BENGALI???
I'm quite surprised that the Malay language (including Indonesia) is in this list. Even though it's only for the total speaker list.\n\nAs a native Malay speaker, I thank you my good sir for sharing such knowledge. \nKipidub
4:21 : \
eloisa fantasia
El idioma más importante es el esperanto 🤣
Funny Spanish sentence:\n\n¿Cómo como como Como? \n\nThat can mean \
inui tatsumi
I noticed that there was a Spanish speaking country in the every group of the 2018 FIFA world cup. Is it a coincidence...?\nA: Uruguay (the others are Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt)\nB: Spain (Portugal, Morocco, Iran)\nC: Peru (France, Australia, Denmark)\nD: Argentina (Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria)\nE: Costa Rica (Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia)\nF: Mexico (Germany, Sweden, South Korea)\nG: Panama (Belgium, Tunisia, England)\nH: Colombia (Poland, Senegal, Japan)
kbjz ent ent
I learn 3 foreign languages in school and those are mandarin,arabic and english
matheo chacon
I speak French, Spanish, German, English and a little bit of Russian
swap D.
i love to speak English,Hindi and marathi languages.
I think you have to brush up your English. WIDE means the largest geographical area. Therefore Mandarin is not spoken in a large area as it is concentrated only in one country. THE TOP 3 WIDELY SPOKEN LANGUAGES ARE: ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH. I don't know in what order, but they certainly cover an immense area. Take French for example: it is spoken in Europe (France et al), in Africa (most of the northern part), in the Caribbean (Haiti), in America (Canada) and in Asia (Viet-Nam).
Most useful languages to learn:\n#1 English \n#2 Spanish \n#3 Chinese \n#4 Arabic \n#5 French \n#6 Russian \n#7 Portuguese \n#8 German \n#9 Japanese \n#10 Hindi \nDiscuss!
unknown unknown
Doge is the most important language.
zafirah burnn
never thought that malay could be on the list. proud to be malaysian
Искандар Рози
Hey, Arabic are spoken as third language in Malaysia...
Ложь путинского режима
English is most important language in the world.
عرب الجزائر Arabs of Algeria
salam alaykom marhba \u003c3
अभय अग्रवाल
Hindi is second most spoken language in the world. You know India's population is 1.25 billion (1250 millions) and more than 40% say Hindi as their native language. Now 40% of 1.25 billion is 500 millions. And Hindi is also official language of Fiji do it should had more than 500 million native speakers. Plus native speakers of Urdu language. More than 75% Indians speak Hindi. So about 35% Indians say Hindi as their 2nd language and total speakers of Hindustani language should be more than 1 billion. So it should be on #2.\nThank you.