Top 10 Saturday Night Live Fake Ads

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Adam S Wolff
Happy fun ball!!
Nothing will ever top Colon Blow and Bathroom Monkey.
Anderson smith
Probably be better if you did not TALK OVER THE FAKE ADS. Jesus. \
Andrew Sargent
How do you miss Crystal Gravy or Colon Blow??? Oops I Crapped My Pants deserves a spot on the list and not just an honorable mention.
Woke jeans.
RIP Jan and Phil. Absolute legends.
Aquatic Toast
Hmmmmm I wonder if I am still banned from Saturday Night Live xD
Benjamin White
You have now taunted happy fun ball by leaving it off this otherwise great list.
Forgot the mannequin theft deterrent commercial, that tracy morgan commercial about his gay son and using the pill that makes it okay, Colon Blow, The Adobe car...Damn, that's a lot of fake commercials.
Brandon Hayward
Was expecting Happy Fun Ball and maybe AM Ale...
Brian John (BJ) Retro
Where's Colon Blow? Happy Fun Ball? Handi-Off? Big Red? Those commercials are WAY funnier than half of these! Schmitt's Gay isn't even that funny and it's Number 1?
Caitlyn Lavelle
I was sooooo hoping to see Kotex Classic on here!!
Wow I cannot think of a worst list then what WatchMojo can come up with.
Captain Rutlidge
How could you forget the Happy Fun Ball?!
Mom jeans are crazy hot
Christopher Gravelle
Where is happy fun ball
Cobro Commander
Man, how could you leave out Old Glory Robot Insurance? That’s arguably one of the best SNL bits from the 90’s.
I liked Colon Blow and the Change Bank.
Old Glory Insurance will always be my favorite.
David Carmer
National Change Bank is still a favorite of mine.
Crystal gravy, colon blow, and happy fun ball were all really good, funnier than most on the list.
Doug Arnold
Better without a narrative explaining the comedy.
I loved it. Now do one for general fake ads.\nMy favorite can't be on this vid as it wasn't an SNL ad... \nThe MadTV iPad ad that was made before Apple came out with their iPad.
Eduardo Mendez
I need Will Ferrell's book so badly, my cats need serious \
Erik Zarins
Awww no honourable mention of John Belushi's Little Chocolate Donuts?\n*THE DONUTS OF CHAMPIONS*
Ethan Fiske
And no Happy Fun Ball? Honestly now.
Fred Grady
What, no Colon Blow?
Gene Burnett
Ian Anderson
How about Uncle Jemima's Pure Mash Liquor?
J Crash
80s was the golden age of this. Facts dweebs!
Jacob Cannon
Taco town
James in Baltimore
No \
Jason H
Pretty good list, but no Bad Idea Jeans? Should have been honorable mention at least. Also Old Glory Insurance with Sam Waterston; for when the metal ones decide to come for you... and they will!
Jim B.
*R.I.P. Jan Hooks*\n\nI had a thing for her when I was younger. 😔😔😔😔😔
Jim Herridge Jr.
Happy Fun Ball & Totino's
Joe K.
There is only one correct answer, and that's Leevi's Three Legged Jeans, and not even an honorable mention. \n\nA leg and a leg and a leg (Three at last, three at last)
Julia Houston
These are all fine, but don't forget Happy Fun Ball, Bad Idea Jeans, Colon Blow, Koohl Toilet, Metrocard 24 Hour Help Line, Red Flag Perfume, and, of course, Almost Pizza.
Justin Kaufman
Damnit Farley!!! You are missed! Decent list but Belushi earing donuts to be an Olympic athlete and my personal favorite, robot insurance are missing. Then again, that is more credit to the longevity of SNL.
Justin Playfair
No Happy Fun Ball? I would think it would count as a pre-taped...
Kenneth Wright
No Happy Fun Ball? Seriously?
Kevin Diaz
DIdn't they do a fake commercial for a car made out of clay? I think it was called the Adobe?
Liz Mitchell
Where's happy fun ball??
Louis Muhawij
No Homocil or Old Glory Robot Insurance? FAIL.
Matthew Trzcinski
I dunno, this seems to have sucked any humor from the items mentioned
Mike Kaltman
Now for breakfast, I want a big brimmin' bowl of Quarry. Or maybe Colon Blow.
Mike Shue
They should have included some of the oldies like the aforementioned Bass-O-Matic, the Royal Deluxe II ( a rabbi circumsizing an infant in the back of a moving car), Colon Blow, The Navy Adventure (Bayonne, NJ), Buddweiser (Robin Willams & Joe Pescipo).
Milsurp Mike Channel
Mercury Mistress is the Greatest SNL commercial ever, followed by Crystal Gravy, followed by Colon Blow.  Can't believe these three weren't on here...
Mr Gray
Almost Pizza better be in here
I absolutely loved the Taco Town ad - every time Mexican food is suggested, I shriek \
How could you completely ignore John Belushi's little chocolate doughnuts commercial?
Nikki Castro
Nilima Tiwari
Love your videos!! Lots of love from India!
Número Cinco
I'm Not First.
HOW Can \
Paul C
Colon Blow was better than no. 1
I’m disappointed that ‘Almost Pizza’ wasn’t on the list or even honorably mentioned. Give Wiig some respect damn it!
Rob Cartwright
Big Red? Super Colon Blow? Little Chocolate Donuts? Pump Up Turkey? Bass-O-Matic (more of an infomercial)?
Scott Gallant
Would be so much better if they just played the SNL ads instead of talking over all of them.
Nothing about Happy Fun Ball? For shame!
Shards of Shattered Halos Lacerate My Skin
infinity toilets 🚽 +enhancement drug 💉w/ the rock. HAIL SATAN.
Sir Prize
too many from the 2000s SNLs and the taco one wasnt even funny at all
Spawn Cap
During SNL that one commercial that has a unicorn pooping multicolored ice cream came on and I thought it was a fake SNL commercial. Was surprised when I saw the same commercial later that week on some other show.
Stitch Kitzinger
Top 10 reasons why Watchmojo should delete their channel
Stosh!, the Djentleman
No Colon-Blow or Bad Idea Jeans?\n\nI'm sad now.
TeeBee Overdahl
Uhh, maybe you could have actually showed them instead of talking over them?
The Ultimate Reductionist
You left out:\nAmazon's Alexa Silver\nWade Blasinggame, Attorney Against Dogs
The Unmarked Crow
Super happy fun ball!
Super Happy Fun ball,Colon Blow, and Bathroom Monkey, nice job ruining Compulsion skit
Thee Unknown
Where's the herbal essence commercial?
Throatwobbler Mangrove
Happy Fun Ball, Colon Blow, the Adobe car commercial, and most recently Heroin AM. I understand it's really impossible to list only 10 great fake ads from a show that's been running for more than 40 years, but this is one where even the honorable mentions could have taken up more time than just the top 10.
Tickety Blue
Mom jeans are legit fashionable right now.
Tony Phillips
way off on this one. Missed ones include: killer robot insurance, hybernol, bad idea jeans, colon blow, the bank that only gives change, crotch bat, and the granddaddy of them all: little chocolate donuts
Toonces The Cat
Robot insurance with sam waterston should be on this
Tyler Stewart
I feel like E-Meth should've at least gotten a mention it even has Aaron Paul/Jesse Pinkman
Vito B
Ummm. Super happy fun ball?
The one video where you want the Mojo lady to stop talking and just let you watch the skits...
I am sad sad that Woomba did not make this list!
Will Herman
No Happy Fun Ball?
Zack F
Some good ones here, but I think the Chris Farley \
Uncle Jemima's Pure Mash Liquor and Colon Blow needed to at least be honorable mentions. Two of my all time favorites.
What about Happy Fun Ball?
¿Where's Happy Fun Ball? It's one of the most iconic ads from SNL history, along with Colon Blow!!!
This list is invalid without the Sam Waterston \
Ahhh, ya missed Colon Blow!
How the hell did Happy Fun Ball not make it on here? Do you *want* to taunt Happy Fun Ball?
No Colon Blow, no Buddweiser...\nAnd Schmitt's Gay got ruined when they changed the music - for you young whippersnappers, it was originally backed by Van Halen's \
You missed the greatest ad of all...OLD GLORY ROBOT INSURANCE!!!
Happy fun ball?
“Big Red” should have been in there. And Belushi’s chocolate donuts
Where’s 3 legged jeans , and Colon blow?
You missed a number of really good parodies from the early days.\n\n- Puppy Uppers and Doggie Downers\n- The frighteningly prescient send-up of multi-blade razors whose last line was \
What??!? No Robot Insurance?!?
How about make the introduction, then STFU so we can enjoy the commercial!? Most irritating video!
You forgot Bad Idea Jeans. Best by a mile.
#1 (or is it #2?) \
No Crystal Gravy?
How can any list of great SNL commercials NOT include Sam Waterson and Old Glory Insurance?
Happy Fun Ball!
No Happy Fun Ball????? It doesn't even get referenced?? Are you kidding me??\n\nAlso no Colon Blow or First Citywide Change Bank. its like you people never even watched SNL