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*An Uninteresting YT Account*
Me C2 me very good at English me learn for five year?? So me good. Me smile so happy
I'am between A2 to B1
Ahmet Kaan AYDOĞAN
ı am between b1 and b2
Alex Schopbarteld
I am in the middle of C2 /C1
Im in between C1 and C2. I think watching tv shows and movies and also lots of YouTube videos can be more effective than school these days.. that's how I learnt at least
Annika The German
I think I'm B2 with a hint of C1
I'm C1!!!
Back Up
Actually the framework splits every person who is learning a european language in those six levels. There are tests for czech, german, Italian, french, spanish, dutch, swedish etc. as well. Further on I think C2 is barely reachable even for native speakers. According to the definition given in the video I can immediately think about a bunch of people that don't speak their native language that good :D\n\nTo answer the question: I'm currently somewhere in between B2 and C1. Mostly 'cause I had an \
Batuhan küçük
A1 :D
I’m between B2 and C1 and I want to improve💪🏻
Castiel Novak
I'm B2
C2 and not a native speaker 😇
Cirstea Lydia
I'm B2 and im 13, btw im from Romania. However, i hope to reach c2 by the age of 17
Claire Willard
Me: c2!!! Yay!!\nMe ten seconds later: realizes this video is for non-native speakers
I think between B1 and B2 (Is it enough to start a YouTube channel?)
Dante Play
I'm A1* :'(
Daria Romero
C2 not surprised because even though Spanish is my first language I’ve lived in England for most of my life
Dbr Mnt
I really don't know, cause I'm able to understand everything I hear and read, however I'm not a so efficient speaker
Die Wlanlose
Kinda between B2 and C1
Etta Eastwood
Why am I watching this... I’m from England ... I’m a native speaker qq😂😂😂\nEdit: I completely forgot about this, how did I get so many likes 😂😂
Faisel Butt
Food Engineer
My level is between B2 and C1, but I struggle with lack of practice.
I'm B1 🇮🇹 (i'm 15 yo. I hope that next year I will get to B2; also in June I'n going to do the Cambridge test, wish me luck! )
Gamer galaxy
am c2
Gold Diamond
Haha I’m a native and have grown up speaking english and I’m probably nowhere near C2 😂😂😂
Gonza c:c
C2 ._.
Oh.gosh. Your eyes \u003c3
HB Forward
These criterias are highly subjective. A C1 where i live might be the equivalent of a B2, or even a B1 in an english speaking country🤔. And for those who pretend to possess a C2 english level, you should be able to teach english at a university (C2 being the pinnacle of that ranking). If i have stick to the official criterions, in my native langage (french), the overwhelming majority of my fellow countrymen(women) will find themselves in between B2 and C1. In other words, if you can pick a book such as \
Haley Schumann
Why am I,,,,, a native English speaker,,,,, watching this
Between B2 and C1\nQuite happy
Hubert Tine to pisior
Between B2 and c1
Hugo.L HL
I thinc i is c too
Ivan Jadan
Got my results yesterday. It was the first english Proficiency test I ever took in my life. It was from the Cambridge format and I got a C2! Just wanted to tell everyone that I almost didn't interact with speakers of English and never visited any country in the Anglosphere. All I got was books, songs, movies and a dictionary. You can immerse yourself in all kinds of knowledge if you use the internet for that. Know that the best teacher at the end of the day is you, and the function of the one who teaches is to guide you, so you can have any other type of guide and with the right motivation you'll achieve what you seek. Never lose hope, even if there's no English speakers around, you still can hear them on youtube, copy the way they pronounce in the songs they sing, comprehend a deeper shade of meaning via idioms. Just never give up! Good Luck to Everyone!!
J. Alexander
Like a B2, maybe? Not bad considering I learned on my own.
C1, but sometimes I still miss a few sentences or expressions from time to time when native speakers talk too quick.
Jan Richter
I’m C2 at English and German. At Spanish I’m B2
Jetpack Blues
I think I'm somewhere in between B2 and C1
John Hacker
I am from greece and i am c2 level.I speak england very best
In the video, the text says “Proficient C2: Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. Can express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in the most complex situations.”\nBut in the description box, it says: “C2: Proficient – Understand everything and you speak like a native.” \n\nThe latter seems to imply that one can only have C2 level when speaking without a foreign accent. However, in my academic circle I know a lot of people who are able to communicate in the way described in the video, but with a foreign accent so definitely not like a native. Would you categorize them as C1 or as C2?
My English level is memefag. i've been spoiled by spending too much time on the internet and partaking in dank memeing. I'm fucking extatic on this level.
My native language is English tf am I doing here?
Kraken76 Gameplays
I'm actually 14, English is not even my native language, I learned on my own (well not entirely )\nand I think I have a b2 in writing and an a2 in speaking
Leatty Krotti
I got B2 and I’m 13 and I’m gonna work harder cause I want to study in England
Lecko The Gecko
I think I'm C2... I'm a native speaker...
Legend Gaming
c2, becase im american and im pretty happy about it XD
Lord Do.No.
at what level u can start swearing?
Madi Kazhykarim
I'm somewhere between A1 and C2. Definitely.
Manish Saathi
I am between b1 and b2
Mar Tarantino
I’m between B2 and C1, I’m working so hard to speak english fluently without any problem, wish me luck!!💫
Maria J. Arce
Oh wow Ellen Degeneres looks really good
Marta Scutti
i used to think i was c2 level. but after reading h g wells´ time machine with its complex words, i think i must change my mind.anyway i am a 76 y o grandma from argentina who wants to keep on learning.and remember guys: if you think education is expensive, try ignorance
Totally not english
Mr. Matt
C1 as a 14 year old swede
Ms Keisha
But how am I really supposed to know if I'm level C2. The amount of words I understand depends on the style of language: if it's casual,day-to-day, then I understand everything, but if it's something scientific or profesional I don't...
Nadio Laurent
I passed the Cambridge exam \
Nathaly Yohanna
• I'm a Brazilian girl;\n• I'm fourteen;\n• And I'm between B1 and B2.\n• From 25 levels of my english school, it's missing just 5 to the ending.\n• I can talk with people 100% fluenty when I'm writting messages about anything.\n• I domine almost all the expressions \n\n• But my problem is : I just CAN'T speak. I start to say the words wrong, and the person who I'm talking to cant understand nothing. Could't you help me with that? Don't you have any link of some video that would help me? I don't know If someone gonna read this, but I don't mind. I guess I'm like this 'cause I'm very shy.
I feel like I'm C1 at this point, and I'm 16. I understand practically everything online, and I can even think in English. I may say something gramatically incorrect, but it will still be coherent and understandable.
I'm C4, coz I'm dynamite!
Parwiz Ghanezada
I think mine is B2
For me it feels like I can understand basically everything when reading or listening to something, and I can have quite a fluent conversation with anyone talking English. I just feel like my pronuncation isn’t always the greatest, but fairly good I guess. I have done let’s play stylish videos since last september, and I have noticed a huge difference in my talking skills since then! \nNow it is important to learn a lot more new words, and try to learn to say the th-sound properly without thinking!
Pirate Candy
I'm a C2... because I'm a Native English speaker lol
I'm between A2 and B1 but it's okay X)
Retarded Gay
What if i am American
Rome Blanchard
I'm C2 when I talk to myself, I have the perfect accent and sort of things but when I talk to others, read out loud or give some speech I become B or even A.
Seb Cap
I don't think I'm supposed to be here
Siham El Idrissi
I'm 15, from morocoo and I think I'm a c1, I can talk to native speakers with ease, I talk to myself in English, I understand everything from day to day conversations to political debates, i can argue give my opinion and basically everything...But sometimes I misunderstand words and some sentences; despite it rarely happening: I consider myself a c1
Sofia Xx
since when mark zuckerberg is teaching english ?
Spazer Dazer
C2 alright!\n\n\n\n\n\n\nThough, I am a native speaker
Steve Downie
I is C2.
I am 13 year old and I am around C1-C2.Like I can talk in English easily, last summer I went on a camp which had English volunteers and I was the only one who was able to talk to them.I still do some mistakes, or I don't understand everytime the words(that happens pretty rarely) and I still don't know if I am a C1 or C2.I can talk about my opinions, think in English and so on.Can anyone help me please?
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I’m from Russia, and my level is between b1 and b2 I think(?)\nWhen I watch some serials or videos on English I can easily understand what they talking about, but when I try to speak, I do a lot of mistakes, but I think it’s pretty understandable😕\nAnd I also learn Portuguese but I just started so it’s hard for me to understand even something
Susana Sanchez
A2 is my level English. I think! !
Svyatozar Zhezherya
Mine is B2:)
I'm between B1 to B2.
Teo George8
Ok so this is a speaking test, right?\nBecause I am B2 at speaking, I mean, I understand all the others say, but when I have a test paper, I am done.\nI think that my speaking is B2 and my writing could be A2 is that possible?
The Craziest Creature
My level is B1 I knew it before I watch it but I wanna have c2
To Fluency
Thank you for watching! If you want to have a C1 level of English, get my book - https://www.tofluency.com/5-step-plan/ (FREE to download).\n\nAnd then, please share this video with anyone who needs to see it!
Türkiye Uğruna
I finish A2 this one is B1 I must get to there ...
Me fail english? That's unpossible!
Viliam Beňa
My name is potato .. what English level ? 😂😂
I think I’m somewhere between B2 and C1 :)
Vueren Kuraenir
Somewhere between C1 and C2 as a native \
I'm from germany and I tested my englisch level with difference Tests. An the middle of all Tests was an B1. I think this is not very good, but next time I want to Travel into the US or Canada. I hope this can be good for me, to speak with native Speakers.\nMy biggest problem is the Gramma. On my school it was not very important. And we also learn the standard normal Vocabulary of A2 to B1.\nSee ya ^^
Xavier 1
I have a C2 me level. However, when I visit NY, it is hard for me to understand unprofessional, tenage , or undergraduate students, as they have the tendency to deviate from formal good English. That makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes.
Yogo's Crappy Channel
Hello! Thanks for the amazingly educational and well done video, but I have a slight problem: I just cannot define what level I am. C1 or C2 and that's really bothering me, because I have to take a British Council exam and have to decide what level I should declare. I understand everything, but sometimes have trouble expressing myself, depending on what the topic is. Should I go for the C1 or for the C2, since I just finished school and might have a bigger chance of completing the latter now than after some months or a year?
Zaween Exists
I am somewhere in CCCP
de pug nomads
C1 even though I am in 4th grade. Happy 4th!
fifth estate
show bob
i am somewhere between A1 and C2 obviously.
fred doido
I'm A1 😥😥
j a n g m i a h
I’m between B2 and C1 :) I wonder if my english level is good enough as a French 16 years old student tho 🤔 I’m not a perfect english speaker ofc, but people tell me that I have a great american accent haha~ and sometimes - this is *so* weird - I think in English or talk in English when I’m with my friends x) idk maybe I just love this language a bit too much
idk why I’m watching this as a native English speaker but I’m C2 waheyyyy
letter h
b2 to c1
lewaa moussa
My languages \nArabic : native language\nEnglisch: C1-C2 \nGerman: C1-C2 \nFrench: A2 \nPersian: A1
I have an ECPE degree. In other words, C2.
mary a
As I speak 5 languages fluently and I use them on a daily basis I tend to tangle them and maybe make up a sentence with a word in thoes five languages,plus I'm learning 2 more and I'm also in contact with another one...so sometimes I'm in school and someone asks a question depending on my train of thought I can answer normally or maybe I express myself for example how Urdu people do but in Spanish so it makes sense in my head but most people around me don't catch up.I think I can get in C1 but I'm not sure cause my mind is a hot mess,and while being a teen doesn't help either...
Defined like that, I don't think anyone is C2 other than some highly educated native speakers. Even if you've lived your whole life in Britain, chances are you won't have the opportunity to deal with all the nuances of all the words in the English language.
vinit hacks
I’m 100% sure I’m C2 yay