Signs You Grew Up Italian-American

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*im depressed* forever
Abby A.
I can literally relate to all these😂😂
Alina the duck
I’m French-American why am I here?
Alo Alo
I’m Italian and that’s exactly like my grandma
Alyssa Eclipse
I'm Italian and Canadian. But more italian Mario is my dad's name
Amy Johnson
This literally describes my life...\n\n\n\n\nMy Nonnas were born in Italy
Andy Hegarty
I love my Italian heritage!🇮🇹
Anime - Trash
Omg this was so my life no wonder I'm like half Italian
My grandmother is a complete savage. Her weapon of choice is the guilt game.
This is nearly every grandma honestly 😂😂
Ava _offline
If you were a true Italian you would not call your grandmother, Grandmother... you would call her NONNA....
BTS At The Disco
Basma Rattab
Siamo i migliori💪🇮🇹❤
Carmen Rodriguez
That Italian Grandma or Nonna is the cutest!!! 💖💖😂
I am not italian but i still relate to the part about eating more. My mother/grandmother always say \
Chloe Macaluso
Dont be a stronZo and live ur Zia
Chloe k
This works for the Greek American too
Deniz Yazar
*This is legit my whole life*
Dianna Yvette
Im Italian and i live with this
Domenica Vivolo
when you're italian and you see all these cute comments of people who love Italy.I'M CRYING. love you all
Elvar Snær Ágústsson
Emily Prewitt
This entire video explains my life 😂 no wonder I gain like 20 pounds when I go over to my Nonna's house if I say I am full she tells me why don't you like my food 😂 Olive Garden has nothin on my Nonna's food 😂🇮🇹
Emma Solis
Lol Mexicans are a lot like Italians 😂🤷🏼\u200d♀️
Emora Mystic
That happens to me toooo much “I’m full” “eat some more.. you don’t love me??”
EpicLiv7 // Dobby
Is it just me or can any Greeks relate to this?
Erika Lippi
Omg this id so relatable!😁😄
Gay Shit
I am Cuban so it’s basically the same thing but with rice and beans and tan skin
Giacomo D'Ambrosi
🇮🇹♥️ viva la nonna!!
Gorilla Sangar
Almost similar to asian xD
Um I relate to this so fricken much
Grumpy Cat
I’m like 35% Italian...... what am I doing here? *clicks out of video and pulls up a relatable Mexican video* ahh now this I can relate to! 😂 jk
Gustavo Cornelius
This video gave me aids
Hamda The Star
OH shitttt..I'm italian and i didnt know that XD
Horse girl 88
I knew this was fake as soon as she called her grandmother \
Igor Herz
Chicken parmigiana??? Fake italian.
Is Meh Le Mich
Wow, I know I am very Italian from both of my grandparents on my mothers side, but I didn’t know how Italian my lifestyle was, except I don’t do the tanning thing, but I do the whole loud family, family secrets, endless food, all of that
It's me, Ashley
Whispers *mafia
Jake Jake
I’m indian and arab, and i went through the same😂😂
Kaili Orlando
I live for when my friends put things in front of me just so I can knock it over when we are talking
This is what growing up Greek American is like too!!!! (Literally my life!)
Koko Keke
Little Italian woman are so cute. They make the best food hands down. Also I remember names like those.
Kushi Gill
I'm italian and I love italian food it's sooooooo gooood
Oh my god. WE DONT SAY GRANDMA WE SAY NONNA and also so true with the \
Lauren Is Gay
Aww this makes me wish I was Italian
Lia Higgins
My life every day😂😂😂😂😂
Luke Howel
You forgot about the stack of cast-iron cookware stored in the oven, and always having to wait longer for tables at restaurants because you have a party of 12
Marco Mira
I'm italian and this video it's false
Maria S.
Sooo similar to greek people🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Americans just use the eat thing about Italians so people dont realize americans eats 5 times as much.
I can relate but I'm not even Italian
Messi G.O.A.T
My parents were born in Sicily but I was born in Park Slope Brooklyn and I work at my cousin Vinny's pizza shop down the street. Yeah im THAT Italian. The typical Brooklyn accent, Italian parents, pizza shop working Italian.
Michael De Santa
I’m Italian
Migi Ligayo
I knew they would sneak in a mafia joke. Of course.
Mira Zoffoli
ma cosa cavolo...
Miss Galactica
My family's Croatian but I can still definitely relate! My grandma would always make like a WHOLE FEAST for just me, and if I'm full and don't want anymore food, my grandparents would just start asking me like \
Mk _mk
Momoz Amllel
My best friend of me mia bellissima nona
Navy Rosie
When I said my aunts gravy is “good” she says “what what’s wrong with it?” You don’t like it??? ... you gotta like give a soliloquy on why her pasta sauce is amazing lol
Outro: Tear
I come from a spanish family (like from spain) and they act exactly like this.
Pedro Santana
That nonna is so nonna!
You're full? You don't want to eat? DO YOU HATE ME?!?!??!
Prudence Martinez
My family can be louder than a crowd at a Beyoncé cncert
Italian grandmas are the cutest
Rosalie Mucciante
Ummmm.... it’s Nonni or Nonna
Shane Williams
I don't want you to drown please don't go 😭
Silvia Kim
_whispers_ *M A F I A*
Italians nonas are the best
Sofia Xx
i'm syrian & i adore everything about italy\nWhat a beautifull language culture and people💚
Sophie Giannamore
Sophie Nixon
I can relate to this so badly xx
Super Thunder Gamer
Yep this sounds like my family!
Sydney Lund
I’m triggered😂 memories
You know, the sad thing is... Nonna's are a dying breed. The one thing we noticed when we went to Italy to visit family was all the kids leave the small mountain towns and go to the cities to work. I mean that's great that women have a choice of careers now, don't get me wrong, but no Nonnas are being trained in the way of the Nonna any more. The Nonna factories are running dry.
Talia Barilla
HAHA im italian and i was named after Italia
Talia Bottiglieri
So this is a documentary of my life , huh very accurate
Teodora Licxandru
saying \
I know this video is about Italian-Americans, not Italians. I was born and raised in Italy and now live in the US, but I would like to make a comment anyway: literally none of these stereotypes apply to Italians living in Italy. We don't eat a lot, nor eat that type of food, (e.g.chicken parmigiana doesn't exist in Italy that I know of, together with a lot of other \
Theo Karantonis
When you are greek but still relate af😂
TinyTat 20
If ur Italian, it’s not G R A N D M A, it’s N O N N A... get it right
Tori Palios
I’m Greek so this is relatable.
Trishy Angel
The one thing that will always separate Americans and Italians is Nutella!!! 😂👏🏾💯
WTFrench Toast
Are the dark parts of Italy called the speghetto
Zach Thompson
I feel like the worrying part holds true for all grandmothers.
Zalsabilla Hapsari
Zosia C
Literally whenever my polish grandmother comes over😂👌\n1:51
_official Pizza_
Im Italian and I relate to this sooooo bad 😂😂🤣🤣
chim chim
This is legit my whole life
In my family saying you’re “full” is like breaking up with someone. You never know the reaction
fra is an alien
I'm italian so I can relate to all of this. Especially the talking part
TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU \n\n\n\ni go over to my nonna’s house and she always has baked ziti or lasagna just sitting in the counter waiting for me
matteo chillo
Quando dici Italia =mafia ma porcodiooo pensateci !
minikoalatimide aj Danielle
Nonna? Why are you in this video?
Lol I love my Italian family
when youre not even Italian or American
your nan
Wow, thank you so much, according to these signs I did in fact grow up Italian American, I didn’t even know
ǝʌɹǝsǝp noʎ ̇plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ
I love Italians 😂😂🇮🇹♡
Im half Italian on my mom's side💜♥️
I didn't understand the tanning part? Do Italians not wear sunscreen?