What NOT to do in France: Avoid These Faux Pas in France!

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This video explores what NOT to do in France, by an Expat in France who has been living here for 5 years. If you're visiting France you may wonder what not to do while in France, French etiquette and manners - the do's and don'ts of the French culture - in other words, Les faux pas en France!! This video covers the major ones so you know how to be polite in France and get a good taste of French etiquette 101. Buckle in for some French culture tips, social faux pas to avoid, France rules and don't forget to share your own French Culture hacks in the comments section below! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------▼ ▽ SUPPORT ME ▽▼To make BETTER videos & MORE videos (vlogging camera, lighting, microphone, better editing software,...) and expand (e.g. website):1. BECOME A PATRON, get behind-the-scenes rewards, interact with me more and help me to reach my goals - rewards start at 1€/month: (France) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The description may contain affiliate links. I only recommend things I GENUINELY love. Thanks for supporting Not Even French and allowing me to keep making videos :)- what not to do in paris france , french etiquette for travellers -

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