The 6 LEVELS of Paranoid (Main Riff)

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Great concept these \
Ace Queen Fan
I love Paranoid.
Adam Bayer
Whats that on the guitar bridge?
Aldo Polo
I've been playing this song lately (I buy my first SG) and thanks to you I can improve more\nYou are amazing bro :D
Great series
Allan H
'Why would you want to completely know how someone plays their song?' Answer: so I can learn and apply the parts I enjoy to my own playing! People confuse the ability to copy something (i.e. learn it) as opposing creativity when it actually adds to your creative foundation. We all stand on the shoulders of preceding giants.
Andrei Hrin
I was playing it like level six since the begining because it felt easier lol
Andrew Paton
love it !!
Angelos Petkaris
Nice man , thanks a lot !! keep it up !!
Arts To Master
Brendan Keller
Can you do Number of the Beast?
Great SG.\n\nWould you consider doing levels with Gates of Babylon? Rainbow. I was a lead vocalist/writer for over 25 years and the last sort of twelve to fifteen years were mostly Hard Rock (yes, that's how old I am! The term \
What's up with that bridge?\nYou could do a library worth of levels videos on Sabbath.
Christian R
I was wondering why none of your videos were showing up in my feed, YouTube unsubscribed me from your channel
Cpl Autumn
can you do a video on the techniques of Vinnie Paul as a tribute?
Daniel Drylie
David Flint
👍👍 playing this song for 42 years didn’t know level 6. Learn something new everyday. This is if you’re open to it. I am! Thank you
David RF
My biggest cartoon crush was Splinter from TMNT
Dick Dastardly
Hmm...Level 7. Tony Iommi used 2 different tunings and custom string gauges which were D# Standard: .008 – .008 – .011 – .018w – .024 – .032 C# Standard: .009 – .010 – .012 – .020w – .032 – .042. So unless you set your guitar up like his your never going to get it Any Sabbath song \
cool, but where are thechniques of jack white
Thanks for a great lesson. I often wonder if Tony Iommi chooses a way of playing or if he just naturally plays that way.
Fall into The sun
Amazing dude you did not miss a single detail. even the nonsense ones.
Garfield Kart
I learned on level 4
Gilberto Paz
Hey be honest who do u consider the best metal band??? Like which one in specific do u think is slightly better than the rest (if u have More than one)
Giovane Santos
Gran Ribeyro
Man you .....complicated I...... easy
Hades Eye
I hated Jetsones. He-Man. That's a different story.\nOh and btw great video. I pretty often play electric unplugged, so I never hammered 5th and 4th strings. This plus bar on all 3 trings are that extra bonus for me.
Holby Blaze
5:02 what a pun😂😂
Such a great series man. Keep it up dude. Analyze the f out of everything!!!!
Im Zennox
Can you do levels of Nothing Else Matters?
27 years on an axe and your videos are fantastic! Almost every song you overview I’m missing 1-2 levels! Love it man!
Jake Harman
What is that thing on the guitars bridge\n\nPs. Please do whole lotta love
Jake Neuman
Sweet SG pal!!!
James TheDoctor Duncan
Judy Jetson?!? Dude! You must be as old as me!!! 😂
Tom Scholz technique vid!
Jaw Tooth
Jeff Klein
I dare you to not end a sample lick with a vibrato.
John Crafton
Damn. I've been doing level 6 the entire time? Crazy. I suck at guitar, but I actually did something right.
More Metallica plzz
Ken Jones
Great video's, Mike. Best on the net. Started struggling with this one since '71. Thought I finally had it. Guess I was wrong.
Kevin Guy
Levels of whole lotta love! Many people don’t know about bending up the 5th string and hitting the open D string to give it that distinct sound!
Kirk WAHmett 89
Oh my god... \nIt's happening.....\nMike is turning into Tony.\nAll you need now is a mustache and re learn guitar left handed.
I get that Iommi plays it on the 12th fret, but playing it from the A string on the 7th fret just makes it way easier to walk out the notes.
L00P 239
Thanks, I was playing it on the 9th fret, now I'll be playing on the 12th
These \
I love these videos. Rock on 🤘
Liam Scanlon
As soon as you said move it to the 12th fret I barred it without even thinking
Martin Laporte
Great video !!! Didn't know it was all that. Thanks for posting.
Martín de la Rosa
We need some queen detail leveles like \
Max Durk
I know this is like kinda obvious and the whole point of the series, but its insane how generations of guitar players listen to this song, play this riff, and hear other people play this riff, and they still dont notice all of the intricacies that really make the song great.
Please do crazy train !!!
Mike Gogel
That SG is sick bro✌
Tonni Iommi Black Sabbath\u003e all
I wonder if there is a method/formula that Geezer used to play with Tony, at least for the first two records, where the bass and the guitar tend to be panned to opposite sides minus the guitar overdubs. They sit so well together, for an unnatural balance.
Music Teacher Guy
Why not JANE Jetson?
Pampa 31
You cut your fingertips what?
Levels of thunderstruck
Ahhh I missed this series my man! Thank ye!\n\nMaybe the 7 levels of Crazy Train..........
“Cuts a little close to home, strikes a nerve” oh yikes ahahahah
Rich Hanson
Rocker The Guitar
7 Levels of Gucci Gang ;)
i remember doing level four but with the open low E sting
Sergeant Crow
Brilliant.... : )
Shane Marcotte
Very informative! I'm 52 years old and have been playing it \
I learned it at level 6 lol
Spicy Dragon
Awesome video! Nice to see how these riffs are truly played rather than their simplified forms that I learned. All these details truly bring these riffs to life. Also, thanks for the heart! Really nice to see someone actually patrolling comments :)
I do appreciate your desire to go for the \
Tazzwar Azam
That Guitar Channel
Will you keep long hair and a beard (beard is not optional) ????\nOnce again great quick lesson.
Can you do the levels of ride the lightning?
Thiago Loureiro
Amazing tips!
Tiit Saul
Thanks. I really like this series.
Tim Siddiqui
Glenn Tipton technique vid!
Toast Butter
Levels of Hammer Smashed Face?
Troy Davis
I'm an on and off player over the past 20 years. I've watched a few of your vid's. I find most of your video's especially the LEVELING once, to be a lure scam. Drawing in new young players with the lure of LEVELING UP. To get sub and views. LEVELS. It just looks like an optional way to play the riffs some are tone differences some is something on a different scale. Either way, you make it sound like your leveling up someone. I do agree that any knowledge is a level up. \n\n\nHowever, it's evident in your wording and the way you talk to your audience that you're more about drawing in with lure titles for the cash, more so than providing a real-world skill for your target audience. Just provide realistic training and skills for your audience. Then none of that nonsense will be required. You will get tons of subs.
T’s Life
Thanks mate subbed
Unoriginal Name
670th like🎉
Wyatt Golden
Kinda cool how this guy reads all his comments
YON TheGreatest
Your channel is brilliant
Yung Johnny
Can you do the 7 levels of symphony of destruction?
Zachary Beck
what kind of bridge is that
Zebes 26
It's been a while
aryan vats
Great vid
this vid was great, keep up the good work !
I love these levels videos. Interesting that riffs like this and SmokeOTW can sound a bit naff at the lowest levels but with the details added they become awesome!
dexter hh
I started on level 6 cause I learned from my brother
I dig these.
hostile graveyard
i've discovered over the epochs and eons that unique musical arrangements WITHIN intros or outros can often end up the most memorable segments.yeah,in other words,those movements occuring NOWHERE else in the track.and PARANOID is exemplary of this phenomenon.BATTERY?FADE TO BLACK?HOLY WARS?'nuff said.
Love these levels series! BTW, what kind of tailpiece is on that SG?
Mike.. I missed you
levels of sunshine of your love - Cream would be great
one djenty kid
Please Do Smoke On The Water
Cool video\nI was on the level five\nI've been asking this for a while\nBut, could you do a rory gallagher techniques?
Ω Deimos Ω
_Tony Iommi likes this..._