How to Speak Italian in Milan: Greta Varlese Model Motherland

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Journey with us to our top models’ hometowns as Model Mother Tongue is expanded into Model Motherland, encompassing not just the language, but everything you need to know if you want to woo our subjects. After all, home is where the heart is... First up, directed by A Nice Idea Every Day, is The 35th Birthday Issue cover star Greta Varlese, who’ll be your tour guide for today. First stop; gelato. Second stop; the Duomo. Can you guess where? Duh, it’s Milano! Directed by A Nice Idea Every DayDirector of Photography Tanja HäringProduced by Mutter und Vater Productions GmbH BerlinProducer Massuda KassemLine Producer Denis SawatzkyDIT Anna FreberScooter Driver Michele OsnaghiStyling Benoît BethumeHair Nicholas James at Green AppleMake-up Miriam Langelotti at Green Apple using EllisFaas cosmeticsStyling Assistance Marine Lescieux & Chiara FicolaModel Greta Varlese at Elite Model ManagementGlobal Group Director of Film & Video Ravi AmaratungaHead of Video Jack RobinsonVideo Commissioning Editor Declan HigginsProduction Manager Diane TellariniProduction Coordinator Tom IvinCreative Assistant Matthew WhitehouseDevelopment Producer Kate VillevoyeLook 1. Dress Fausto Puglisi.Look 2. Jumper N°21. Skirt Fausto Puglisi.Look 3. Dress Miu Miu. Bag Prada.Look 4. Dress Versace. Sunglasses Céline. Bag Prada. Trainers Adidas.Look 5. Shirt, Skirt and Bag all Prada.Look 6. Jumper Versace. Skirt Fausto Puglisi. Trainers Adidas.Look 7. Jacket Versace. Lace Shirt N°21. Skirt Fausto Puglisi.Edit Vivien WeyrauchPost Production Fabian RöttgerMusic by Mint JulepSpecial ThanksJosie Crawley and Lucy Quick at Elite Model Management, Mira Becker, Michele Colombo, Sergio Lardera & the Milan crew.Follow i-D:YouTube

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Adam Chlebovec
Yeah what do you expect form Italians... Here face is so comon and uninteresting. She makes me feel she is my cousin I dont really like.
Adriana Busani
She’s German and Italian
Alessia DB
hashtag palla.
Alessia Dionisi
What ever happened to \
Ami Li
Please do How to speak romanian with Andreea Diaconu ^
Amos Ballico
che tristezza di video
Ana Reyes
do spanish!
Andrea Nutri
Anna Fediaieva. Анна Федяева
Can't describe how much I love you, i-D \u003c3
Italy is such an aesthetic country... how did you manage to screw this up?
How to speak Italian with some Tyrolean/Germanic accent
Camilla Giannotta
Ma perchè non parla italiano?\nWhy doesn't she speak italian?\nit isn't supposed to be a \
I'm not italian but I can tell her accent sounds different
Carlos Fabian Boutroux
I love these types of videos
Cc Occt
How did they do these effects pls in particular de km going on snap?!?
Chris Skiles
I really like the Mother Tongue videos more. The social media aspect to this one is a bit distracting. Beautifully shot as usual though.
You should have chosen Vittoria Ceretti
Cor Igni
Waiting for the Spanish version.....
obsesseddd with greta !!! she's so nice, gorgeous, fabulous, and ultra italian 👑
Danae ZafZaf
I've been studying Italian for only a year now and I speak Italian better than her. Couldn't you find someone better?
She's everything but Italian
David Park
This Video is awesome!\n\nThe Music is really catchy!\n\nArtist and song name? :D \n\nper favore
Diana Kvas
I can't understand 'na beata minchia
Diego Lobo
Dome Torrent
You could do it better for Italian. This is so bad. You could choose Rome not Milano for example, and some other model.
Dr. LA
ma con tutte le belle che abbiamo proprio questa?
Her mother tongue is not italian but german! this is a wrong choice of model
Elena Medda
Meh😖 \nI wish you used Vittoria Ceretti, she would have been better imo.\nIf Greta had worked for this video this year it probably would have sounded nicer and better. I didn't like it
Eli Ri
Is it me or she has a bit of German accent? She also looks more German than Italian, interesting
Filiz Keskin
Flippity floppity the schools shooter spotted me
this was confusing and not loud enough i feel weird and maybe nauseous
Gabriela Barrios
Do romanian with Andreea Diaconu!
Giggo Galac
The music was the worst, that could have changed the video entirely. This fierce-ish song made the girl sound arrogant, very different compared to the other videos they had
Ho Lee Chit
this ain't pure italian, where is the hand gesture while she speaks
Il trash in persona
Mi chiedo perché non abbiate scelto Vittoria Ceretti...
Ismael Hermosillo, Jr.
Loved the visuals but I got barely any Italian out of it.  These vids usually have a cool balance b/w creative & learning a little of the language lol.  This was mostly creative.
What this edit means tho
Jackie P
Where is the Italian being taught here? Lol....
Jade 2muchSauce
potete rifarlo in una maniera un po' più decente con un'altra modella? grazie
Jennifer Le
This is so cool! She is gorgeous and the video is entrancing
Jennyfer Hatala
Sono davvero rattristato da questo. Milano è la mia città preferita e quasi nessun italiano ... deludente.
Jorge Guzman
i hate emoji
che voce insopportabile!
K. Von D.
She speaks italian like a south tyrolean who did the university in Milan and got some milanese accent. By the way, why is the video called \
Karen Carvajal
Please do more of these they are so enjoyable to watch
Kartikey Gupta
You can learn all the Italian you need from Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed Revelations.
I hate the social media/iPhone motif, and there wasn't much Italian....But still beautiful!
Lara M
No. All the other \
Larissa Martins
eu não acredito que ela jogou o sorvete fora só pra tirar foto
Laura Pan
Her italian is weird.
Lenny Benz
Not good
You would've chosen Peter Griffin, he'd teach us real Italian.
Luca Vangone
Terrible voice, terrible tone, terrible pronunciation. She actually mumbles. Not enough Italian models around for this video?
Marco Cappiello
Carino il video ma mi sfuggono 2 cose, da quando milano è la capitale del calcio ed a Milano ti muovi con lo scooter? Boh...
Miyuki Ryozo
It's stupid to expect to learn a new language from these videos. And I mean c'mon,it's all the creativity. I don't understand why people are complaining about it. I think it's one of their best video
we need one in german???
Ordinary Man
*sigh* If only real language learning programs were that creative and cool *sigh*. Oh my God I am going to cry now!
Prince of Loarderon
Well.. i wanted to learn french but out of about 100 students only 5 wanted to learn so now i have to learn italian. I already understand the grammar but i forgot all the words even the ones that i new before.I actually really like that hand moving thing you know when italians are having an argument XD. Greetings from Hungary! Arrivederci.
Radioactive Snake
I love the aesthetic of this one, hyperactive, changing quickly complimented by the hashtags and snap chat filters its reminiscent of the world as it is today. Which is a great contrast to classic italy as seen with the selfies.
we need more language edition!!
Rikard Von
Wife material for sure
Ronnie Kray
dut she is not Italian!!! dislike
Ryan Delos Reyes
The direction and editing of these language series are excellent.
what's the song used in this video?
Sahara Silver
ma sti cazzi, i will show you how to speak italian if u really want. questa parla italiano con il culo
Sebas Mejia
Name of the song???? :)
Shorne Pubique
i like how they state \
ma chi è sta cretina?
Stefano Selva
Che cosa cazzo ho appena visto?
The 1975¡ Fren!
The Thumb Puppy
I am bilingual Italian and English, but I had a hard time understanding what Greta was saying in either language. This was a disappointing video that does not represent any of the many Italian accents. 3 thumbs down I'm afraid.
This is unwatchable.
what about spanish video? considering the directors are spanish
Actually,she grew up in Locarno,in the italian part of Switzerland. That’s why she’s got a funny accent. You may have to change the title in “How to speak ticinese in Locarno with Greta Varlese” \nConsiglio per Greta, hashtag: “Sa capis na got!”
what music is playing?
Walter Thatcher
What is the name of the song?
Yadir Mora
How to speak Czech with Karolina Kurkova!!! PLEASE it's MY DREAM!!!
Where can I find this song at?
Chi ha mangiato tutto il gelato ? Hahahahaha
Zeynep Kıymet
She doesn't even pronounce the words correctly...
bleh ya
this is the worst one
count your blessings
Non ho capito.
Interessante ma, cazzo di hashtag è palla?
dw Zhang
this video is mostly English...
i love these videos, and despite how cool this one was, it was definitely my least favorite one. There wasn't enough italian language in it.
Let Greta Varlese guide you around the streets of her hometown, Milan.
jon-eirik strøm
wonderfull buildings and statues,wonderfull scooters,woderfull girls!ah,I like sivlization!
Why do people say that she has a german accent? She speaks italian with no foreign accent at all. Maybe it's the people from the south that don't understand her since they usually speak a dialect that is not standard italian.
melanin mingyu
Make a model teaches German video please!!!
She's my friend, go greta
Is there going to be a How To Speak Spanish?
so fia
as an italian i can say she doesnt have a good pronunciation (and I didnt understand most of what she said), but it was a good video.
tee rod
wow this was disappointing
Are the models coming up with the video ideas or are you all doing it?
vnus vnus
how to speak engish with greta varlese.