Funniest Thing EVER on Whose Line Is It Anyway

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This is the funniest thing I've ever seen on Whose Line. Every time I watch it, I crack up SO hard xD Ahahahahaha Brilliant~!Season 1, Episode 12.

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Your use of the superlative was not justified by the clip itself.
You've never seen the Richard Simmons episode.
6 String Fan
I have always thought that 'Who's Line Is It Anyway' was brilliant....\nThey did a short lived 'Green Screen' show for awhile that I thought was pretty danged funny too....
Wayne rocked this scene
These guys will always be the greatest comedians....
Aftershock Gamer
A game show host is literally the only acting that Brad does.. lol
Allen Cent
Anime Cupcake
“And bachelor number 3...” *moaning*
Anna Graser
Big Daddy
I never even came close to laughing and I've been watching comedy stuff, so my mood was well-primed for funny stuff. Why the hell would you even CONSIDER using the words \
Black Walnuts
Maybe not the funniest, but it's nice to remember when comedy was actually funny instead of profane
Blues Baby
Bob Gilbert
This show is sooooo fake.
Bruce Baginski
The biggest laugh I got was Ryan Stiles falling over the way he did and then the moaning he does at the end of the game. You can't always tell when he's going to be out of character. It almost looks like Ryan knew what Colin was doing and couldn't keep a straight face. Love it!
Bushido Dragon
the funniest thing ever is when collin goes like \
Caddy Daddy
the richard simmons one is much better
Charlotte Pendleton
Hats are always funnier !
Brad does not blink
Cody Horton
Holy bizarre-o Batman... Brad gets \
Cody Williams
i don't get this humor. Never have.
Not that funny
Da Ying
Colin totally screwed Ryan over! LOL!
Things that will always start a fight:\n\
DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿
Daniel Moses
If that's the funniest thing you've seen on WLIIA, you should watch a second episode.
Danielle and Mia
The Irish drinking songs are the funniest.
David Marino
Richard Simmons. Funniest moment on that show.
I still think meow is the funniest episode ever
Delaney M
So much scene stealing 😂
E. E.
nope the funniest one is with Richard Simmons
Ethan Swords
The chicken impression was quite impressive.
whoever wrote the title did not watch the show.
Gacha Stanky
Are you kidding? Ryan breaking a light with his head? \
Aaah! Could you repeat the questioooOOOOON!!! QuestiOOOOON! Could you back up- BACKUP! BACKUUP! Uooh! *shake*\nBest part.
GoldenEra 4ever
😂😂😂These guys were just so good!
Gorbadoc Oldbuck
I used to watch this every Friday night on Channel 4 here in the UK and I still love it! It's one of the best shows ever! I have to thank a foreign exchange student for introducing me to it. A guy called Ricky Chau. Boy, I really miss my teenage years...
Greg Meadows
Gifted actors. Love em all.
Hawkeye knows
Ryan and Colin fantasic!!!!
Misleading title for dayz
István Varga
Beugró hozott ide
Jay Algonkin
Brad cracked me up in this sketch
Jeb Watson
Man collin caught onto that one fast...
Jeff Baumann
No, the funniest episode BY FAR is the one that had Richard Simmons on. Drew's response was priceless, and the audience was almost falling out of their seats from laughing so hard.
Jeffrey Larison
Brad makes an awesome announcer.
Jennifer Lemons
Nah, the funniest one was when they were playing (I think it was) Party Quirks where Ryan had to pretend to be a baby horse being born.....
Everyone knows the best skits were Greatest Hits, Mission Impossible, and Irish Drinking Song.
Keith Segovia
Colin had the lamest category but made the most of it playing off the chicken bit, impressively funny
humorous, but not the funniest by far.\nyou should watch more whose line..
Leigh Stevens
Best kind if humour delivered by true artists. Noone being slandered or made fun of. SIMPLY FUNNY
Lisa Goff
crying 😂😂😂😂
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I knew better than to trust this title, but I clicked anyway...
Max Langerud
Brad actually has an amazing Game Show Announcer voice XD
Maya Corpus
I literally have no soul I didn't laugh at all
Michael Brown
Used to watch this all the time years ago. Sorry, it’s funny but definitely NOT the funniest bit from that show. Far from it.
Mongo Boogie
Colin and Ryan were always the most reliable contestants on the show
Captain baldy is hillarious.
Brilliant improv, used to watch this compulsively.
Norse Myn
Colin ( in a different skit ) pushing the baby back in while climbing down a roller coaster is still my favorite.
Peter Maxwell
Best show ever..beware of imitations !
Quinn Meche
Ryan did not have a hard time laying this egg lol
Randa Wampole
LMAO I lost it when Colin started pulling chunks of chicken meat off Ryan :D
Richard Taylor
I thought it was funny, mind you i ran over my stupid dog and i thought that was funny, but this is way better.
Ritwik Kukreja
Lol ryan is too funny! His impression as lizard and this chicken always cracks me up!
SF Videos
Richard Simmons is the one.
Sawdust Caesar
Damn funny-pulling eggs outa from behind then breaking them open to eat-breaking the leg to eat etc . . . I certainly did haVE a laugh. These guy are the funniest thing going FOR YEARS NOW!
Severan Vallery
And the vowel is OOOOOO/OHHHHH.
Steve Fowler
the only funny part is that some people think this isn't scripted
T Mac
I humbly disagree. I think the Living Scenery with Richard Simmons was the funniest thing EVER.
The Jils
Nope...not the funniest, not by a long shot...I do remember the RS episode...but, by far, IMHO the funniest skit was a \
You obviously haven't seen the Richard Simmons episode if you think this is the funniest.
Sorry but if you think this is the funniest you haven't watched enough of this show.
Tim Danby
Ryan at about1:50 absolutely the best.
TyV Vulpintaur
Funniest would ever be TAPIOCA! or Colin on Colin in Newsflash.
Tyarra Crace
The first guy in the orange shirt is sketchy as hell.
Seems like Wayne got his future job from Brad's card.
Veronica T.
Funniest thing ever? Not even close… They've done much better work.
Victor Von Deathstroke
If it isn't Richard Simmons it isn't the funniest thing on the show.
1:03 Pretty funny considering that he did go on to host Let's Make A Deal.
Waqar Zahid
This was truly hilarious. If someone finds it otherwise them they're retarded
uuummm this is meant to be funny ?
I thought from the thumbnail it was gonna be the “we’re watching animal porn” outtake
Young Frankenstein
adam moduno
You sir or ma'am have absolutely no clue what humor is if you think this is the funniest thing ever. Nice click-bait.
I had to see how wrong the title was.
I find it ironic that Brad Sherwood was supposed to be a Game Show Prize Announcer here, and would later take a turn as the announcer on The Price is Right during the gap between Rich Fields leaving and George Gray getting the job.
Sounds like you never saw the one with Richard Simmons.
That is just insanely funny. Thank for posting. I needed a good laugh. This one emptied my lungs.
Definitely funny but it is hard to determine a Funniest scene from Whose Line. There are just so, so many.
kieran mitchelle
Well they are American. Already indicates that I've been bamboozled. This was almost as funny as how I met your mother
the word EVER should be banned from youtube
colin killing ryan was the best
sploo gloo
When you are convinced that Ryan Stiles and Michael Richards are brothers
I don't think its the Funniest part in Whoes Line , But I enjoyed it
Richard Simmons, Meow, Arctic Tern, Tapioca, Animal Porn, Ryan Breaking The Neon, 200 Pound Snatch, Drunk Mother Hoedown, The Letter \