Learn Italian: 150 Italian Phrases For Beginners PART 2

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600 Basic Italian Phrases in 1 Hour

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Ali Khan
Very nice its very easy to learn Italian
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Who can help me learn ? 😂 Skype ?
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You are such a very good teacher sir.\nThanks a lot for this lesson...!
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thank you! i have learned a lot because of your videos!
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This is really helpful! Thank you for uploading this video!
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how can i keep dis in my mind
Emanuel Tenorio
Is really funny for me, 'cause I know italian and spanish but  I wanna learn english and for me is a little difficult.\nAnyways, for you all is the reverse thing! x'D
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very good teaching, thank you sir.
Fantasttico! Mi piace molto. Bravo Pablo
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Who else feels like a badass speaking italian
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I'm Tanzanian I start to learn italiano via you video thanks very much
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parla Italiano ?
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meglio dire mi faccio una doccia 😉 non esiste in italiano dire prendo una doccia
Learn Italian with Karim
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all your video lessons are so helpful to me ... Thank you very much :)
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I love these lessons! I hope you'll have, learn Italian PART 3 soon! :-) Great stuff!
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mi prendo la doccia la doccia sta scappando
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Hi Pablo, This is a great resource, thanks for making it available. Grazie Mille
Niko here
I am part Italian I'm mixed in race half Asian part Spanish lil Portuguese and lil Caucasian I can do very good Italian accent I just need to learn how to speak it and also Spanish to i can do Italian accent better
Okereafor Augustine
Grazie per eccelente lavoro. Sinceramente amo questo.
Ondela Masabalala
This is very helpful for us foreigners whom are based in Italy .. We need more lessons please! Thanks:)
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Grazie mile
Progress Okolo
crazie amico its getting easiy to learn but it still hard we need more video for more vocabulary
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I love everyday watch this video I want to learn Italian
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Im going to Italy soon & its going to be my first time there and i am soo excited :D! great video!!! :D 
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In sha Allah I I'll be going to italy very soon.This'll be helping me very much to speak Italian.thanks
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Buon pomeriggio, grazie tante!
I had a new girl at my school who only spoke Italian and I thought she was nice but when I finally learned basics, I found out what she was saying. She was making fun of Americans...
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This helps me so much! Thank you for helping everyone who watched this.
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It was difficult at the beginning. Now I am starting to get the tones , molte grazieeeee......
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Thank you for posting this I'm only 10 but I love Italian things 
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