POTERE and How to Say CAN in Italian: Top 10 Italian Mistakes - Learn Italian Verbs and Grammar

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Italians in a way, are more descriptive in their word choices than English speakers. In Italian, we often have many words that describe something that in English, uses only one word. The Italian Verb POTERE can mean CAN in Italian. But, you do not use it in the same way as you would the word CAN in English. Watch this video for a simplified explanation of not only the word POTERE, but also many other Italian verbs! You can refer to this free online video to improve your Italian language skills and start practicing your pronunciation and speaking Italian outloud! ❤ ITALY MADE EASY ACADEMYLearn Italian online WITH ME here:

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Ability Mike
Alejandro Abner
Es como en español. Yo sé hablar inglés, por ejemplo.
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cool explenation..thx
Batistuta Sanyang
thank you it help me so much thank you
Bilgi Güçtür
:) No, I diidn't make this mistake, because I didn't know this structure. I've learned with your help. Thank you very much.
Great video. Mi fa pensare in la differenza fra sapere e conoscere. Non hai bisogno di scusarti quando no fai un video. Life happens (La vita succede)... Eppure c'e molta informazione nel canale por revisare quando no c'e un video nuovo... Mille grazie per tutto Manu. You're the best.
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salve , una domando io sempre volevo sappere dove tu vivi in che paese ? Italia o stati uniti ?
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I usually get mixed up with \
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Grazie Manu! Molto utile :)
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Grazie Manu, tanto tanto bene!
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Very helpful Manu. I am so grateful for your videos and help. I just recently subscribed and cannot believe what a wonderful tutor you are. You are so generous in making this wonderful resource available. Thank you so much!
Italy Made Easy
Scusate per i pochi video pubblicato la settimana scorsa. Ho avuto problemi di internet e non sono riuscito a caricare molti video! Ecco finalmente il video numero 5 della serie sugli errori più comuni commessi in italiano dagli studenti di lingua inglese. \n\nApologies for the very few videos published last week. I had problems with my internet connection and I wasn't able to upload that many videos. Finally here is video 5 of the series on the the most common mistakes made in Italian by English speakers!
J. Kevin Crocker
Manu you conjugated potere when you meant to conjugate sapere.
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The problem is our tendency to use \
Joee Balestrieri
GRAZIE Mille, Manu! Perfect timing for this video! I have spent hours conjugating verbs over the past 3 days. I filled a whole notebook! Many verbs are unclear... I still can't understand the difference between VIVERE and ABITARE, but I conjugate and learn them and wait for your wonderfully clear explanations! I missed you last week...was starting to worry. A Dopo!
Julie Minasian
Wow!!  I did not know this and I have been learning Italian for a long time!!  Thank you so much!  I'm so shocked!  I have been saying things wrong!  Not anymore! :)
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È possibile da usare \
Thank you for this. Going to Italy for the first time ever in March and trying to get in as much studying as possible
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Sì, sì...stavo facendo questo errore. Sempre quando dico \
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Tiamo Mano sono sophie per favore parli piano piano mipiace ascoltare le tuo lezioni.
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Perché non dire \
Stefanie Thomas
Hi Manu, I am so glad I found you - I love your lessons. Is it possible, that you are showing the declination of potere under the shown verb sapere? (2:45 min)
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Very helpful thx
Very fine people on both Sides Blake
I like your videos, short and engaging!
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Ciao. Ho una domanda.\n You say \
hania heddar
hello mano well i'm algerian girl and i'm watching ur videos in order to learn italian, i can't indertand the congugation of the verb sapere you explained may i have a clear congugation of the two verbs please, grazie mille :)
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Ciao! So I finally decided to learn Italian seriously as it is so close to my second language, Spanish--which I am now studying in college-- and I am trying to read Dante's Inferno in Italian, so I decided to pick the language up again! Anyway, I have two college Italian textbooks, and neither explains the difference between potere, riuscire, and sapere the way you and several videos have explained these verbs. Why is this? If this is so standard, shouldn't college textbooks explain this in detail? Is there a chance this a regional use of potere? In Spainish and French we simply use poder/pouvoir for 'can', so I can see why potere would be the verb choice in Italian. Mille grazie!
mein Löffelhund liebt dich
It‘s like in german: people tend to say ”Kann ich die Toilette benutzen?” but they should say ”Darf ich die Toilette benutzen?“
Hi Manu! Thank you!!! Helpful as usual. I do have a question, though ... I recently watched an Italian movie. One of the characters hurt her foot. She was unable to walk. And she said, \
saba naheed
Sei meraviglioso / Sto imparando l'italiano per amore di un Italiano che amo. Augurami buona fortuna!!
Hello Manu, this was a very informative video. I always heard sapere compared to conoscere but never potere to sapere. Thanks again for a great teaching. Arturo.
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Grazie tanto.., preferrisco parlare e scrivere.
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GRAZIE Mille, Manu!
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you always help me sooo much, thank you for that! I'm really grateful right now 😊😊😊