Guitar Lesson with Paul Gilbert

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Nick Bowcott is joined by world-renowned guitarist Paul Gilbert for a guitar lesson — because even veteran players that have toured for decades continue to be amazed at Gilbert's proficiency and insights.Check out the Ibanez Paul Gilbert FRM200 guitar played in this video here: Paul Gilbert was visiting Sweetwater to put on a free performance and clinic for fans — thanks again Paul!

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Paul explains everything very well, and does so with humor and wisdom !  This is why he's one of my favorite players !! :)
Adam Bond
awesome player awesome teacher really nice guy when I met him at a clinic
Bad Alibi
Brilliant, just brilliant
Bill Cavin
Every time I watch him play something, anything.... I want to turn my guitar into a coffee table or take up checkers. Then I realize I'm just a mere mortal human and I can start playing again.... He truly is an amazing guitar player...
Bochereauauger Ghislain
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Bojan Stojadinovic
Brian Finger-less Guitar
I wish I had taken lessons from someone like him
Bub7*7 T.
Paul, needs to play more melodic neo-classical lead soloing ! Pls ! with all due respect ✊
Paul Gilbert should give lessons of how to give lessons.
Cabaret Gamers
No matter how long or how good you are, Paul Gilbert has such a great way to make you feel enthusiastic about playing again, no matter how \
D Grundman
I'm absolutely positive that if Paul Gilbert had have been my Political Science teacher in High School instead of the horribly self important and close minded Mr. Severns, I would have passed that awful class (worst class and grade of my entire academic 'career' ha ha!) and maybe even possibly enjoyed the damn class.\n\nPaul Gilbert, the most excited, happy and mind blowingly talented, not to mention dedicated and passionate, guitar teacher and 'spokesperson' for guitarists that ever lived, hands down!
Damon Stewart
so musical!!! even in racer X PAUL was shredding but BENDING STRINGS,using intense musicality as well as spot on rhythm...MH could learn a lesson from this
Daniel Hoae'ae-Lewis
Possibly one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen. So much awesome came out of that. Thanks so much.
Daniel McConnell
Paul Gilbert the one guitarist that makes everyone want an ibanez
Darin Warren
Oh no! Please let me be wrong. I’m seeing some early Michael J Fox here.
Darren Lustre
Oh my. The Youtube pentatonic-hating-elite-guitarists club is gonna hate this.
Dave Myers
The Amazing Paul Gilbert!!! Thank You!!!
Depressed Kitten
“URH” Great lesson! Thanks for the upload :)
Dim Kent
Ι think that out of all guitarists, Paul Gilbert and Marty Friedman have distinctive ways (each one has his own) to play the guitar!!!
Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street
Paul is the Nicest guy of all time...
Doug Steele Guitarist
I love that guy. Actually both guys.
EJ Celis
That magnet is one of the smartest things I've seen in life.
Ed Manukian
I'm a simple man, I see Paul Gilbert - I click
Edgar Gomez
14:19 wimpiest vibrato, was rolling on the floor with laughter
Eduardo Santos Nogueira
meus heróis estão morrendo
Eze Merlino
Paul went from being like the the cool older brother around the time of Intense Rock, to the crazy, fun uncle nowadays.
Hybrid Intuition
This is amazing!! More of this type of content!!
Ivan Craig
Paul Gilbert is a sweetheart. I've met him a couple of times backstage during the Mr. Big days. While Scorpians had a line of cheap hoes and hullabaloo a mile long, Paul Gilbert was just relaxing outside his bus, and being super nice to a few teenaged guitar dorks. What impressed me was how personable and conversational he was. Considering his talent/skill, he's one of the most down to earth people you could meet. We just talked about music and tv shows we liked. A rockstar, but absolutely not a rockstar.
Jack Dauley
i wanna know how he got that slide on his finger so fast
Jaime Alexis Edades
My best lesson in guitar yet! Thank you Mr Big Paul Gilbert! How is Richie K?
James kornbrust
Just got done watching a joe sat video,and this is so much better 🤣 he's s boring even though he's amazing as a player! Paul is so much better to listen to.
Jason Tarantino
Jeff Taylor
Thanks Paul Thanks Sweetwater!
Jeffery Lord
paul are the man!!!!
Jerry McKenzie
Like a mad scientist with a guitar.
Jimmie Wiseman
Though I didn't learn this from Paul himself, I learned a great little tidbit about Paul's playing the other day from an issue of Guitar World out now with Paul on the cover. It brought out that Paul holds his right hand in a \
Joe Satchton
Despite being a Joe fanatic since the 80s, I'll be dammed if anyone can name me one other stupendous guitar player who exudes as much sheer, genuine joy when playing [and teaching!] as PG does. I dare ya... :D Best. Guitar. Faces. EVER.
Josh Brown
Always a treat to watch Paul. Btw is he ok? His speech/mouth appears different... Hope all is well with him. Seems like a great guy and ambassador!
Justin Hafer
you know Gilbert kinda looks like he could be Jim Carrey's brother
KBTO Falconi
Best lesson ever!!!! Thanks!!!!!
Kc B
That 50 second intro was rad!
Ken T
Wow he totally abandoned his neoclassical technical style, he's been playing all blues for a while now
Kevin Osborn
What a master teacher. So engaging. Thanks Paul and Nick.
Haha drill tech
Leslie Chow
True Master
Lorenzo Degani
Paul is something else........ Excellent!!!
Luke Skywalk
Everyone has the same notes. Its about creativity :)
Léo Bastos Music
Show Paul Gilbert
its one thing to be a virtuoso but such a fun amusing natural teacher is incredible. Such a personality. What a guy. Cheers Paul Gilbert. Guitar needs more dudes like you fore sure!
Manuel Garcia
Marc LeBlanc
It's fun to see how differently he sees music. It shows in his playing style too obviously.
Matt Peters
Thanks, Paul!
Paul Gilbert is a cheater ! He has GIANT hands !\nMore seriously, Paul is an incredible teacher.
MetaleX music
Paul is such an amazing guitarist and Guitar teacher! Thanks for sharing Sweetwater!
Mister Knight Owl & Co.
Proof that life ain't fair...
MrRock NRoll
Love the mag strip to hold the!!
Myanmar Media Light
Pure Genius Paul Gilbert
New Gear Day
No video is complete without the drill! haha
Niclas Lundgren
Is that Nick Bowcott from Grim Reaper?
P Hanley
Nick just learned something along with the rest of us... Once I start watching these videos of shredders from the 80's, I end up watching vids past 3am...
Phil Last Name
Whitldey whitldey...Is that the proper way to spell whitldey?
He can do more with 4 notes than I can with the entire guitar
Ебать он мочит
How can anyone mark a thumbs down on anything Paul Gilbert does? Jealous idiots!
RJC 72
How funny would it have been if Paul busted out a Grim Reaper riff right in front of Nick Bowcott? LOL!
Reg Lon
I don't even play the guitar but Paul is just SO entertaining!
Ron Figg
Of all the amazing guitar players out there, Paul has been the best teacher of all of them! Simple, effective and easy to understand! His energy and personality are extremely inspiring! Everyone remember...Pentatonic Licks 👏🏻? I met him at a Sebastian Bach concert 15 years ago in Vegas and he was cool as hell!
Sample Dude
Doesn't this guy age?
Samuel Williams
This is the guy who taught Buckethead. Amazing teacher. Go thru Buckets Pike series and you’ll find the most amazing riffs & solos in one collection of music than I thought was possible. But it all started with Paul’s teaching
Sanjarih Jamshed
1. Eddie Van Halen & Yngwie Malmsteen\n2. John Petrucci & Paul Gilbert\n3. Marty Friedman & Jason Becker\n\nMy Personal Top \
Shadow Rider
Paul Gilbert always be my guitar hero, his picking accuration and articulation is fantastic
Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials
That was awesome!
Sniffing Swede
RRRK! :) I love how as far back as Terrifying Guitar Trip Paul Gilbert has shown that personality is a massive part of guitar playing. He comes across as somebody who takes nothing seriously apart from his respect for his listener, the absolute love he has for the music the guitar can make, and how it can make you smile.
SteveBelieve Guitar
Paul I love you !!! Almost everything I know on guitar is because of you, my actual technique is a gift from you.\nYOU are the BEST !\nThank you, sincerely
Thank You! Sweetwater truly ROX! Best dudes in the world to deal with. They back their shit:) ...yeah, you can use that:)
Paul Gilbert makes the world better place.
Best guitar teacher ever
Ted Shredz
2 frets..eee...2 frets....eee...2 frets. Love it.
Travis Beck
PG is just the best! I always learn so much from him and have over my 20 years playing the guitar! Thank you for this rad lesson!
Wilmer Lebron
Ridiculous!! Amazing Intro!!! Wow 😮!! What Playing!! Omg!! 🎸🎶🔥🤘🏻🤘🏻
Wolf Gang413
I like how he makes you look at things in simpler ways. Makes practicing fun.
Woof Rock
tenes razón!
Xen0 Drag0n
Your tips are always a huge help paul, learnt alot from you. keep on rocking brother
Zak Edwardz
For those that don't know Nick Bowcott \
chris van allsburg
Great lesson thank you!
I love how Paul talks about playing different amounts of notes per string and how it could be difficult, i can actually play that so im pretty impressed with my skill. \
One of the best lessons I've seen...ever.
Paul actually needs to do a lesson on... kindness
magnus zetterqvist
Love it!👍😘🇸🇪
meat chip
Paul.... You are the man.
Paul is awesome as a person, a guitar teacher and a guitar player. We need more guys like Paul
How can you not love this guy. Freakin phenomenal guitarist/musician, and instructor. He knows exactly how to explain guitar from the theory to application. He will go down as one of the greatest ever. Great great video!! Thanks Sweetwater! !!
hes so nice. i love him. really wonderful teacher
I’ve learned so much from this guys videos it’s unreal. My “ watch later” list is literally littered with Paul G videos
This guy is a living legend. Respect
victor ramirez villanueva
Tal vez.. en los 70's hubiera sido un poco atractivo...pero hoy en dia ese modo de tocar esta tan gastado.....👎
Сергей Василенко