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Fan Trailer for the upcoming season IRIS 2For all fans of the great series Iris.I created this trailer for the fans the second row, and I hope you enjoy it.I am glad that our favorite characters appear from Iris and Athena: Goddess of War.When I first saw IRIS in January 2012 - as the second Korean series in order - a story I was fascinated, delighted. A look at the IRIS over and over.It's just a very great series.Scenes from the series IRIS 1, Athena: Goddess Of War and upcoming season IRIS 2 Music: Sad Love, Mission Of Destiny - From the series IRISFan Trailer for the upcoming season IRIS 2

Fan IRIS for season the trailer upcoming

I'm especially looking forward to Kim Seung Woo, Kim So Yeon, Kim Mi Yong and Yang newly course Gyuk and Lee Da Hae. I look forward to a new fascinating story.
Abdunet Usman Babatunde
am really confused about athena and IRIS is athena the continuation of IRIS or how is the two film related, because here in Nigeria, we have IRIS IIII, am suprised, please sme one answer this my questions,
Alba Reyes
I can not find the season one in Spanish. :(
Amani Yussuf
Anthony Kamkolwe
I like it!
Why got another IRIS on Seoul Broadcasting System
Shit ! what a bad ending it would have been better if it doesn't end like this......
Dhinesh Kumar
Please iris watch in Tamil language
please may we see iris in swahili language subtitle from east africa funs...
IRIS was such an amazing drama!!! Can't wait for IRIS 2!!!
Helga Swaradita
and Seohwa shot him. T^T i don't get it\n
Jemi Kim
IRISs1-Athena.. no IRISs2, didnt like it..
Kudus Raji
I love this movie even I preferred to watch it on community ... Pls I didn't understand something on this drama and I'd like you to reply lee byung hee died?
Michael Medard
tc very sad! hyu njun should have perished IRIS!
Milagros G
feo el final de la parte uno. el otro no me gusto nada osea iris dos
Obong Emmanuel
It needs 2 be awarded as da best movie serie
Puja Mukherjee
the main lead died in season 1 bt what about 2...who is the main lead??
SaLem ابو صخر
Samuel Gbanyah Darming
Does Iris have season 3 if yes pls tell me the name of it or post the preview on YouTube.
Shamimah Bint Ibrah Musoke
iris 2 is it out already
Moc pěkné :D
IRIS (original series) is my favorite Kdrama series of all time, and I've watched many dozens of series over the past 8 years. I watched the original series when it first came out in 2009. Four years later, when I heard IRIS II was coming out (and watched this trailer on YouTube) I was really excited. However, when I watched IRIS II in 2013 I was DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED. It is nowhere close to being as good as the original IRIS. In fact, it is down right terrible. If you are a big fan of IRIS, then I suggest you avoid IRIS II. It is so completely different and poorly produced compared to the original. Even the cast is different, as well as the storyline. This YouTube promo is rather misleading in that regard.
Sub Fighter
the new iris is out
Suresh Budha Magar
:o Are you serious :) IRIS 2 is coming :) its going to be awsome :)
T Keisuke
Toki Jabarov
Usman Boluwatife
What is the name of the iris 2 ( Kim hyun)
so is he alive?
Thank you, How I wish you could have used the HD version of IRIS 2 trailer shots here :(\n
too much flashing effects.
Great job compressing Iris I. This was the show that got me hooked on Kdramas. Didn't like Athena at all. I do hope Iris II is as good as the first. Will be up many late nights to come watching this one.
chet chhaya
feel well when saw this movie shots in my country ! welcome to cambodia ^_^
dess yanson
when is this going to show?\n
emilyfaith vids
He who eats the forbidden fruit will die-baek san.
iamjhen tayoto
i thought hyun joon and T.O.P was already dead in IRIS 1?...but i think its much better if they were also in IRIS 2....\n
irine kaunda
the story it end in season2?
joshua dan
Iris was better than Athena what i dnt get is,Iris 2 is out?\n
What is the title of the music in this clip's starting?
maria lourdes orellana lazo
hola como estan, quisiera ver iris 2 los capítulos completos, no importa si estan subtitulados en español porfis ☺☺☺
Fantastic,very intense and emotional...great job my friend!
raymond oscar
athena is not iris 2 ? -.-\n
the rock
this is the most favorite action drama in korea.
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