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10 Famous Riffs in Drop D Tuning shown with on-screen tablature by GuitarTeacher.com guitar instructor Storm Stenvold.One of the best ways to understand a new tuning is to learn songs in that alternate tuning. Songs in Drop-D tuning covered in this video guitar lesson:1) Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin2) Dear Prudence - The Beatles3) Everlong - Foo Fighters4) Slither - Velvet Revolver5) Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden6) Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine7) Your Body Is A Wonderland - John Mayer8) Last Resort - Papa Roach9) Higher - Creed10) Animals - NickelbackWebsite:

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Good job! Thank you and God bless
No Asking Alexandria?
Almost every tool song.
Belial Clown
Where is LAID TO REST?
Boris Playz !
Asian parents when teach a kid to play guitar\nkid: i learned frop d song\nAsian dad:Drop d ?? WHY NOT DROP A !
CDaniel J80
Hello guys it's Curt Henning here today..
CK Kim
You play \
Cody Haven
Nice work
I know technically it's drop C#, but what about Them Bones or Dam That River. The first two tracks from Dirt.
Crystal Bearer
Try Billy Talent songs . Their guitarist has got some nice riffs
Daniel Allan
No song 2 by blur then!!!
Daniil Lytovchenko
No \
Darrin Connor
I just realized that the Velvet Revolver song he played is really close to sounding like \
Hey Man, NIce Riff
Dubstep Brandin
Not Heart Shape Box?
That was awesome, thanks!
Farhan Ramadhan
What the...? Seriously, no Avenged Sevenfold? u gotta be kidding me....
Frikker Dorián
where is sad but true? or Pantera?
Gabriel Stone
Great vid
Gitaar worst
Lol i've been playing everlong in the wrong tuning for years
Han Cholo
Seriously?! You put Creed on this list? CREED? And you didn't stop there oh no, you included nickelback too.... Get out. Leave the internet. Now.
Harpreet Singh
even flow-pearl jam
spider crawl riff ???
Issac Davis
learned a few riffs thanks bud
Jason McLaren
Literally almost all of tools songs are drop D. Many of them masterpieces in my opinion. And you pick NICKLEBACK!?!?! hahaha
Jesse 7797
Just got a yousician ad
Joel Mahay
A7x - unholy confessions, this means war, natural born killer? I'd say 90% of their songs are in drop d, and they have some killer riffs.
John Jay
You mean to tell me that I get to learn a Creed song AND a Nickelback song?? No sir, can't do it. I'd rather pleasure myself with a cheese grater.
John Spina
And no Ty Tabor Kings X? Bummer...
Jordan Scott
hmmm.... didn't know that line 6 made guitar. I thought they were just a amp company.
Jove's Child
Helmet = the ultimate drop D-riffs band. Weird you didn't include them.
Really?!? No *insert any band thats played at least one song in drop D* ?!?!!? This is bullshit
Justin Adams
Hi Im storm and i kind of look like Jeff loomis
Kerensky SamuraiWil
Killing in the name of wtf :) sold
Kim Doersam
no fat bottom girls?
Good stuff. I have fun with Fat Bottom Girls. On the guitar, too.
Landry Mullins
Was that a pink Floyd song he played in the intro of the video
I guess people don’t like tool as much as me or us.
Marcin Łysoń
koleś wygląda jak Mickey Rourke:))
Michael B
Primal Concrete Sledge ?
Mozzy Maryboy
songs tht suq just do your own thing !
Mudcorpse band
How about that line 6 guitar 😂😂😂 omg
NJ Riff-Guitarist
You forgot Avenged Sevenfold! But great lesson anyways.
Nash Muhandes
Avenged Sevenfold's \
Nestor Morales
I always played in standard and i got sick ideas for original songs (im thinking of starting a band). But then i just ran out of ideas. All a drop d tuning does, is lower the 6th string by a step. Goddamn does that make a difference. Its crazy. I dont like any other tuning tho, i like to keep it simple yet badass
Nicky Vass
Wow you didn't put girls girls girls your a des graceful person
Pablo G
lamb of godddd
Patryk Hillard
bad religion infected is easy
why so much hate?
Metallica had some drop d songs
Psytama Senpai
For people who got stuck on last resort. On the second tab. And you can't reach 12. You can just do it open. It's not That great. But. Sort of matches.
Raynier Reynoso
Couldn't help but feel sad hearing black hole sun. Rest in peace beloved Chris.
Robert Malo
For another example of drop d look at every nu metal ever :P but they're probably a bad example.
Ruby Lea
why the hell was nickelback on here
Russel Hantzfan
Ratt: Lay it Down?
u look like shawn michaels
Sam Gilbert
does the papa roach riff sound a biit like green days brain stew?
Sam Vizcarra
Very useful for someone like me getting started! thanks for the video :) 
Seth Romero
No tool ? really ? most of their songs are in drop D so they got shitload of cool riffs in drop D
Silver Jag
always have to laugh when people get all in a twist because their favorite band is not included in a Youtube post.
Skateboarding Boy
Frikker Dorián sad but true is in e flat
Skeeter McGraw
It's funny seeing dweebs arguing over a single string tuned a full step down. 😂
Sora XX
last Resort ist E and Not drop D
Stryder Heap
Don't like the long intro and the slow playing on only SOME songs. Would rather have no slow playing than just some
No Tool or Helmet who exclusively played in dropped-D, your list is incomplete. Nickleback... Seriously? lol
Tardigrade & Snake
Filter at the end! I knew it :P
What about beast and the harlot by avenged sevenfold? :(
Tim Chen
your profile name is so plain :/
Truth is King
Great video, thank you sir!!
Tyler Loughran
Was that Alice cooper you were playing at the beginning
Ugugentu Abibiba
Where's the Sungarden-Outshined?
Vinnie Bale
Other drop d songs:\n1. Three days Grace - Never too late and I hate everything about you\n2. Clutch - The Regulator\n3. Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box (can be played in drop d but I think its tuned different in the original)\n4. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc\n5. Breaking Benjamin - So Cold\n6. Incubus - I Miss You\n7. Future Leaders of the world - Let Me Out\n8. Pretty much all of Tools songs\n9. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain\n10. Fall Out Boy - Grand Theft Autumn\n11. Nirvana - Something in the way\n12. The Doors - The End
Will York
Now I know why I couldn't get Moby Dick to sound right when I first tried playing it
amon tri
Dammm this guy has the skills the hair and the name how come he doesn't have his own reality show \n\
When I think drop D, I think TOOL!
Lmao!! \nStorm, its Justin. I was just running through some lesson vids, saw the title and clicked just to see what the ten songs are. Was watching the screen but soon as I heard your voice I was like oh shit bro Storm vid lmao. \n\nHope you guys are well. Come visit sometime!!
dantes pangil
awesome..thanks man
duncan verdult
where is stockholme syndrome by muse
Sick vid! I learned 4 new songs today thsnk you
Rowdy Roddy Piper plays guitar!
god's sleigh
i think of MELVINS when i think drop d
I thought the 10 famous Drop D riffs here would all be from Tool. lol! I'm surprised they weren't mentioned here. Tool managed to have more than one song using only the one same note for a riff. They are in fact a Drop-D band, not just a couple songs in the tuning.\n\nTo anyone else bitching about another artist not listed. In his defense it was only 10 famous, not the Top ten famous riffs.\n\nReally nice video, good shout out for Everlong. Classic riff that is. :)
guitar time
how is Animals famous?
I wish my name was STORM STENVOLD. It sounds heroic . My name is Clive Sludgegarden .
john smith
Thanks for taking the time and not wasting time with a lot of useless chit-chat. Tabs really help.
kevin evans
suprised thunder the devil made me do it didnt make the list cos thats an awesome riff
After upping the resolution and picture size I can now make out \
Alice In Chains We Die Young?
martin evans
Sorry but, Moby Dick is incorrect. The first G that is played should be an A; everything else OK
sam kupper
Replace Animal with Ratt \
Even Flow by Pearl Jam?
Hey we share the same 1st name ;)
Where are a pickups? %)
your mom
Seriously? No Avenged Sevenfold? ;(