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Try Not To Laugh Watching the best Kids Fails Compilation of America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV) 2018 August Part 3. Enjoy!!!Please SUBSCRIBE For More Funny Vines  

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13:54 omg his eyelashes, i cant
Alena Marshall
0:56 SAVAGE dino killer XD
Amy Freeman
10:20 - 10:26 did anyone notice the dogs leash?\nLike if you saw
Angel Avakin
1:57 *_Slide into her DM’s like:_*
Animal Lover
“ we gotta do other things mom” lol
Animations games and more.
The best part on which I laughted at 14:32.
Artist frm India
That unexpected hug @ 9:27😂😂😂
Ashley Edits c;
3:05 I think the baby said “ewww, you gay.” that’s what I heard \n*LMAO*
3:08 the little girl said eww your gay XD
Future Rodeo 9:02
Aylin Prado
3:05 'EWW U GAY' that's what I hear XD 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂
Babeczka Com
This baby is so cute ;****
Briana Waddell
My fav. 10:54\n\nMom: if you give a mouse a cookie, what happens next?\n\nKid: He will choke and die
Broodjesoep Gaming
3:19 \nDady: stop \nKid: why
Who laughs when kids cry
CallMe Sam
12:04 I CANT BREATHE 😂😂😂
Cat Løver
Mum: *Who is ur girl friend?*\nBoy: um.....Alison\nMum: oooh Aivey you heard that?\nAivey: *TRIGGERED*
Clown Kill
Cristal Sanchez
Some of theses are not even funny and sorry for my miss spelling mistakes
Disk Walkz
0:59 who is ur girlfriend
Dr. DoMeALittle
@4:19\n\nShe into that bestiality shit OML
Everything YouTube
9:26 thank me later
FNAF 161 Marks
4:52 I mean he did what u want but in a Different way
Fazil Ahmed
2:45 that kid is from the United States Armed Forces\nI AM WARNING YOU!!.
Fire Lover
0:21 “she’s a gold digger” 😂😂
GAG Gloriaannglenn
7:30 Mad respect for the girl …….. 😂
Gacha Tynuki
My fav.\n\n\n\n\nPhone: What is your dads name?\n\n\nKid: Daddy.\n\nPhone: No, His real name.\n\n\nDaddy!!!\n\n\n\n\nLOL
Galaxy Eclipse
All this kids have boyfriend/girlfriend while I can't even get myself a friend.
HyperX Karma
Put the egg down \nToddler:cracks egg then drops it\nFather:ok.ok that's enough why would you do that?\nToddler:WHY NOT!?
Thats karma 3:13
Ibuild TwozappsYT
1:39 that’s why u don’t drink and drive \n\nAlso what was that noise 😂
Its_ Loser
Whos your girlfriend? ... Alison... did you hear that Avery? ... Averys reaction: 😾😡😤
Joaquin Estrada
3:03 it sounded like the little girl said eww you're gay after her mom kissed her ON THE LIPS THOUGH
Josephine Lehman
They were so funny!! I enjoyed seeing this video!!! I got a good laugh!!
Kaela Mait's
10:55 Lmao\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAnd like the only one I laughed in.
Keyton Smith
1:55 When convicts get out of prison and see all of humanity's new tech.
Klan Klaro
3:05 Mother: Kiss? *kisses* Baby: ????? Mother: I stink? Baby's reaction
Krishna Panchal
3:45 that was like a boss.\n5:10 your bum is too big
Lilee Fraser
this was not funny
Lilly XD
They should’ve named the video baby fails
Madison E Moody
At 2:46\n*When I try to sneak out but Mom catches me* 😑\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n6:14\n*when you introduce your bf to your parents and all of a sudden dad brings a shot gun to the dinner table* 🤣
Mahipal Singh solanki
14:11 kitni achi mom hain uski
Malgorzata Gluszak
3:06 I heard \
Mary Griswell
0:10 it's tell that to anybody else! As in he is not her boyfriend and he doesn't like her! There is no DON'T in that sentence
McKenna Sullivan
“She’s a gold digger”
8:11 I see a man of culture...
Midnight Rozu
Anyone who knows me I love children!! *smiling and laughing like an idiot*
Mini Tech special
10:35 😂🤣
Miranda Hurtado
10:56 really killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Miss Gamer
Dad: Whoa Rye, stop\n\nGirl: why?\n\nThug life😂😂
Misty James
1:45 when your crush starts dating someone...
Monique DiPiazza
4:52 actually puts his eye on the ball lol I'm dead😂
6:15 \n6:30
My days only have 6
A boy: I forgot her name.\nA girl: I forgot his name.\n\nOmg, coincidence
Mêī- Čhãn
12:05 xD
Pug-nisher Gaming
00:13 \nIf you’re male, well that’s sad.\nIf you’re woman... lucky for you.
Ravi Kumar
4:46 put eye on the ball....\nGood sense of humor...😋😋😋😋
Red Steave
I liked the dinosaur one
Reezathan Javien
Say love you \n\nOr not 5:51
Rn Spurgn
12:10 dramatic chipmunk
Rose Miller
Boy: she dumped me\n\nGirl: Really?\n\nBoy: yeah shes a gold digger😂😂
4 year old gets girlfriend\n\nMe: WHAT AM I DOING WEONG!??!?
SU Playz
4:52 Best one 😂😂
Samiya McDonald
Mom:kiss\nBaby:eh u dink\nMom:I stink\nBaby:😯😯😯😯
Scott Carpenter
3:09 hahaha the little girls face when the mom said i stink
Se Lu
“Congrats for your 10th lap honey!”\n“There’s a yard sale up there mom.”
Shae Endresen
Shelby Threadgill
1:39 she sounds like a water drop lol
Silly cat and fun
Can you like person reading this? :)
Sophia Balisciano
Tanvi Karve
10:12 That victory laugh tho...😂😂
Taylor Grace
13:06 me when I go into the wrong calssroom
That Ashy Wolf
1:49 if fainting Goats were humans...
The Wacky Walnut
I love how parents just stand there with their camera and watch their children suffer and fall it's just amazing!!! I always die laughing no way helmets parents don't care just to get some likes on YouTube!!!
@13:51 the class snitch
Waffle Mc.Unicorn
Dad: \
Warrior's Vids
6:57 He looked so proud of himself
Windan Rogers
Kids getting smarter and funnier 😂
Kids these days having gfs and bfs 🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣 they grow up too fast 🤣
Wolfie KC
Son: She DUMPED me\nMom:Really?\nSon: Shes a GOLD DIGGER\n\nMe:OOF
alisaboredf meow
Me at 12am: Don't laugh ok *DON'T LAUGH* or you'll wake the whole dam house up
awesomeness yay
3:03 hahaha how cute
debbie miller
Mom:then we can dye. Little girl: I don't want to die
fnafy deMeow
13:05 when you walk in your friends house and see your ex
kerim altunbaş
liz r
What is a bum???
mr noob
0:50 I think that is how dinosaurs became extinct
nayalikesgummybears 27
12:00 one fell off and bumped her head
nikaela penalver
0:11 don't tell that to anyone else *millons of people watching*
typical guy
Kids are indestructible
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
14:43 oh so sweet lol