Whitney Houston - When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt)

Whitney Houston's official music video for 'When You Believe' ft. Mariah Carey. Click to listen to Whitney Houston on Spotify: "

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I cant believe Whitney and Michael died at age 50 thats sad
,,классно спели'' \nкоммент на русском 😂
Abel Mesfin
2020 Anyone?
Aldrenenenenen _
Still the greatest vocal duet ever. Then Tell Him by Celine and Babs. I wonder why this song hadn't reached the top stop. It's two of the most legendary vocalists. May Whitney rest in a better place.\n\nPs. God bless those 31K who disliked this video. I hope you'll have a better hearing and eyesight.
Why do I feel like bawling like a baby when I hear this song?? Still listening in 2018... RIP Whitney
Amelia Brown
Damn Mariah Nippy my jam I loved this combo beautiful iconic til this day 2018
Amornkarn Tadadlt
Anastasiah Romanova
The two pharaohs sitting side by side in the beginning of the video kinda symbolizes Whitney and Mariah. Equally legendary and iconic, and both Queens in their own kingdoms.
Anthony Hubbard
It has always been said. \
Ashton Davis
this should've put to rest any disputes between Mariah and Whitney fans. the chemistry they had together was absolutely amazing and there's no point in fighting over who is better
Bundlearealyna AzlinaIbrahim
that can be miracle .... when u believe ,,,\n💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞\nwhoes know what miracle u can achieve whens u believe ............
Cade Del Rey
Two of the most iconic women ever.
Calvin Zero
Whitney Huston and Mariah Carey duet, you'll never hear anything like this ever again..
Cata Lapa
Che-Ho Liao
The song touches me so much~\nOct. 2018
Ciren Rose
If you ask half of people \
Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey = the greatest duet in history.
Dounia Samsam
November 2018?? 🌺
Drak Drakov
Why you didnt believe Whitney why you did not((((
El_ gato ᬛ
*Brasileiro alguém?*
Elton Fonseca
Whitney and Mariah DIVAS 😍😍😍😍😍
Evelyn Emizibo
Watching October 2018?
Everlane Sury
cadê os Brasileiros?
FC Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston - When You Believe
Foo Kai Loon
What has happened to my dear Mariah, she has changed alot.
Gerald Tamayo
Nice... very nice!
Gossipglossy Med
Power of God!!!! Almighty
Grace Ann Oñada
I can't imagine how Universe can be without music. This song was perfectly made. No jokes!!! ❤❤❤
When Whitney passed away, the world knows how her passing marks the end of an era...and she'll never be replaced. Gone too soon, we are so sad that some of the biggest ever legends in singing have gone too especially MJ.\n\nMariah Carey is always my favourite though...gonna love her voice and talent forever.
Iliana Miranda
Give all your struggles up to the Lord he will always see you through. ❤ 🌼
80's/90's when media made two legendary singers beef but instead made an unforgettable duet. Only Whitney and Mariah. \n\n2018 when fans/media made two ghetto female rappers have beef and had a brawl in NYFW and now they're about to release a diss tracks to each other. \n\nSee the difference folks? \n*Professionals vs Garbages*
J7 Prime
October 16 2018 watching
James K
This power duet gives me goose bumps. Rest in peace Whitney.
Janelle Stoermer
This is a beautiful, faith-filled song. The best thing about God is that sometimes, He does miracles even when we don't believe. He is good like that.
Jasmin C.
I don't understand why people have come on this video just to compare Mariah and Whitney. I will never understand the comparison/fanbase war that Whitney and Mariah fans have. I'm personally a fan of both Whitney and Mariah and I feel we should stop being so up tight and start enjoying both of their music without all of the comparing. They were both great and are apart of the vocal trinity. Celine is also great as well.
Jheraldine Magayanes
Whitney Houston - THE VOICE\nMariah Carey - THE SUPREME\n\nTwo icons of singing. And two of the fucking best vocalists that ever graced the earth.
John Francis Jimenez Cueva aka SMANGGER
Why I believe in God.... hope there is miracle....\n Help me God... !!!im seeking for miracles....
Julius Lim
Who is still listening to this in 2017?
K. B. K
Who the people in this world dislike song like this. Beautiful forever
Kaique Galves
Divas supreme 💅🏿
Lau Rocha
Divas, lindas que vozes maravilhosas nao me canso de o ouvi.,
Luna anne marie Rodriguez
Mariah Carey!!!! Her voice is so pretty when shes singing for God
MC Hilmy
Thank you 👑 Whitney. Thank you 👑 Mariah
Manuel Pereira
still loving this song. october 2018?
Maria Pevie Tosoy
I love this song, anyone still listening 2018?
Maria Tong
Music song very great so perfect song so beautiful voice very perfect song so wonderful very perfect song so comfortable it song voice so beautiful very nice music song Love that song thank you 👏 💘 💘 ❤ 👄 💏 👍
Melodias Gospel Lima
São dois fenômenos da música. Vozes Maravilhosas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Milate Kauzi
Undoubtedly the greatest female duet in history...watching in 2017
Mrs Swarrow
Mariah and Whitney both have very powerful voices
Mya Moore
Oct 2018?
N.F Pebriani
love this song till now
NaSh 83
There only be one Whiney & one Mariah, they are beyond comparison.
Niecy bell
October 2018 anyone?❤️😭
Nimo Ibrahim
October 2018 anyone❤
Noke David Faingaa
The funny thing is, the *INDUSTRY* started calling Mariah a legend only a few years into her career but Mariah said she didn't feel like she earned that title yet. Humble 👑
Ozzy ht
Mariah and Whitney best of all time. Can't understand when Nicky Minaj walk away from Mariah, she is so so so so much better just a cheap a rapper honestly compare to Mariah.
Rafa Medina
My two favorites of all time!
Ratih Nurhayati
Old but gold....the song like have spirit...this is masterpiece...
Rick Ng
Still here at Oct 2018. Still love the song.
Robin Leslie
😍it touches you inside.
Samantha Chandler
So glad I grew up in the 80s/90s generation of music!! 💥💛✌
Seth Corn
Who’s listening in 2018 or 2019? \nCome on guys for Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey!!! \nI hope Mariah sings the fans for Whitney. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shahrul Sahat
vocal world class i from malaysia
Tasha Herron
Rest In Peace Whitney Elizabeth Houston will always love you and bobbie Kristina Brown
Team Love Pants!
Lyrics:\nMany nights we prayed\nWith no proof anyone could hear\nIn our hearts a hope for a song\nWe barely understood\nNow we are not afraid\nAlthough we know there's much to fear\nWe were moving mountains\nLong before we knew we could, whoa, yes\nThere can be miracles\nWhen you believe\nThough hope is frail\nIts hard to kill\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve\nWhen you believe somehow you will\nYou will when you believe\nMmmyeah\nIn this time of fear\nWhen prayer so often proves in vain\nHope seems like the summer bird\nToo swiftly flown away\nYet now I'm standing here\nMy hearts so full, I can't explain\nSeeking faith and speakin' words\nI never thought I'd say\nThere can be miracles\nWhen you believe (When you believe)\nThough hope is frail\nIts hard to kill (Mmm)\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve (You can achieve)\nWhen you believe somehow you will\nYou will when you believe\n(Hey)\n(Ooh)\nThey don't always happen when you ask\nAnd its easy to give in to your fears\nBut when you're blinded by your pain\nCan't see the way, get through the rain\nA small but still, resilient voice\nSays hope is very near, oh (Oh)\nThere can be miracles (Miracles)\nWhen you believe (Boy, when you believe, yeah) (Though hope is frail)\nThough hope is frail (Its hard)\nIts hard to kill (Hard to kill, oh, yeah)\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve (You can achieve, oh)\nWhen you believe somehow you will (Somehow, somehow, somehow)\nSomehow you will (I know, I know, know)\nYou will when you believe (When you)\n(Oh oh)
Teodora Stoica
Whitney Houston, voice and timbre, monument!
Tommaso Pratesi
Simply magic and epic in the rest of all time
Tuan Le Anh
October 2018, anyone listens?
When I was a teenager going through living in a dysfunctional family, getting bullied at school, in an abusive relationship, my heart broken, feeling lost & dead inside, I would listen to this song, over and over and over, and it keep my spirit going, as I felt like giving I to my fears and just dying, my prayers seemingly ALWAYS going unanswered.  This song is an actual lifesaver in a way and it makes me cry as I am in such a better place right now, so for those who are broken - spirit, mind, soul.. know that there is hope & that time will change things (I am 41 now), prayers get answered in his time NOT in ours, and I swear, the songs by these artists, definitely helped me through my toughest times when my parents didn't care and nobody was there for me. They spoke right to my heart! RIP WHITNEY, taken far too soon. & They are my favorite female artists of ALL time. In college when people said I looked like Mariah it was SUCH a compliment. IDK how or why fame changed her so much, but here she was soo innocent, beautiful, REAL & had a great heart.. you can just see it in her eyes. I just wish time and money didn't change that beautiful heart and that warm smile. THEY STILL ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE TWO OF THE TOP FEMALE ARTISTS OF ALL TIME!!!! XOXO
Vítor Costa
Whitney and Mariah, thanks for recording and sharing this awesome pearl to the world. It'll never be missed. In bad days, I always hear this song and I become stronger than before.\nBrazil loves you, girls! \u003c3
Wawa Septa
september 2018 anyone?
Whiskers on kittens
Does anyone else get super emotional when they think about God 💓💕💗
Xialen Lee
oct. 2018....i love these 2 women...their songs will live forever…..
Youtube Trashtalker
Voices and bodies as different as day and night but still harmonize perfectly\nthink about that.. the only rivalry there wss between them was the salty fans.\nWhitney was lost around the times where \
athéna Tselany
Oct 2018, i still listen and love this song
Much love for Mariah Carey
dadoq frawss
I'm crying right now I still can't believe she's gone
david emerald
these wannabes of today should take a page from whitney and mariah's book as far as singing is concerned
eww Sione
wish there was more songs like this in 2018
Who's Watching In 2018\n?
g sun
2018 anyone ?
grey sky
Oktober 2018?
this is what music means back then, unlike nowadays.
islander 4 Life
October 2018 still listening to this beauty
james Last
Mariah and whitney power sound 👭👏👏👏
laura henshaw Duke
This song kept me through my darkest times back then.. I cried when I first listened to it after losing my dearest dad and thought my world has ended...indeed there can be a miracle when you believe!🙏❤️
A masterpiece\u200b of one of the most beautiful female vocals!
patipan palakul
2018 I'm here. Anyone?
ramatoulie Semben
Rip I miss u so much
sabrina brown
I remember when they did their duet live on the Oprah W. show and having someone ask me, \
spartacus cheetah
Mariah and whitney is always a legend for us...❤❤❤❤
suraj kumar
Prayer is the only answer and leave it to Jesus.
too bad she destroyed her life with bad attitude and drugs. Both mother and daughter died the same way in a bathtub. VERY.....VERY....SAD!!! Mariah on the other hand, she still going strong.
หมออั้มญาณเทพ Aum Yantep Fortune Teller
Whitney, you are the best ever. Miss you and R.I.P
- ♬Lyrics♬ -\n\nMany nights we pray\nWith no proof anyone could hear\nAnd our hearts a hopeful song\nWe barely understood\nNow we are not afraid\nAlthough we know there's much to fear\nWe were moving mountains long\nBefore we know we could \n\nThere can be miracles\nWhen you believe\nThough hope is frail\nIt's hard to kill\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve\nWhen you believe\nSomehow you will\nYou will when you believe \n\nIn this time of fear\nWhen prayer so often proves in vain\nHope seems like the summer birds\nToo swiftly flown away\nAnd now I am standing here\nMy heart's so full I can't explain\nSeeking faith and speaking words\nI never thought I'd say \n\nThere can be miracles\nWhen you believe (When you believe)\nThough hope is frail\nIt's hard to kill\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve (You can achieve)\nWhen you believe\nSomehow you will\nYou will when you believe \n\nThey don't always happen when you ask\nAnd it's easy to give in to your fear\nBut when you're blinded by your pain\nCan't see your way safe through the rain\nThought of a still resilient voice\nSays love is very near \n\nThere can be miracles (miracles)\nWhen you believe (When you believe)\nThough hope is frail\nIt's hard to kill\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve (You can achieve)\nWhen you believe\nSomehow you will\nYou will when you believe\nYou will when you believe\nYou will when you believe\nJust believe\nYou will when you believe