Whitney Houston - When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt) ft. Mariah Carey

Whitney Houston's official music video for 'When You Believe' ft. Mariah Carey. Click to listen to Whitney Houston on Spotify: "

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Thanksgiving 2018 Anyone?
I cant believe Whitney and Michael died at age 50 thats sad
Adrian Natella
Such increadibly talented women, it's such a shame Whitney was never looked after by someone who would believe in her and her talent.
Agnes Nia
Two legend in the world. Love them 💖 .
Allen Laurent
They were supposed to be at odds with each other. But instead they made a beautiful duet together
Amarra Eunice B. Concepcion
I miss the voice of whitney
Andre Harris
Arabes1 | مدونة علوم وتقنيات
November 2018 ... any one watch that 😍😍😍😍
Beautiful Church
All chose to leave Jeremy in America while all millionaires chose to be homeless freezing beings in Eastern world forever instead of care about Jesus Christ
Bruce Wayne Jernigan
I listen to this song everyday, it's a Great song, I like a lot.
Bustygirl 1970
Lovely song
Calvin Zero
Whitney Huston and Mariah Carey duet, you'll never hear anything like this ever again..
Christina Fields
Love this song two strong beautiful women with gifted voices
Christina McDonald
I played this song to my son I told him to always flow his dreams...
Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey = the greatest duet in history.
December 18 somebody
DanJo Galicia
I miss Whitney terribly.
Den Harrow
Can somebody post the \
Doris Apriyanti
This song inspiring
El Amigo Pablo
Oh my god! I hadn't idea about this 😱\nMariah & Whitney wow!!!\nThis is so good!! 😱👌
Unbelievably iconic duet; now imagine if *Celine* joined them #VocalTrinity
Ada yg kesini gara gara aneth dan mamanya nyanyi di indonesoa idol??
Handy Noor
Desember 2018 love this song
Harlem Antoinette Rising from the ashes
I want to cry so damn bad
November 2018 Anyone?\n\n💙💜♥️❤️\n\n🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
This song can make a sensitive person cry
Iara Santana
Divas ♥️♥️
Ingrid Relativo
now I understand the Beauty of Life---!!!
Julius Lim
Who is still listening to this in 2017?
Kamy Camy
Love both of whem!Forever!
Kaydence Carreno
I love this song so much!!❤️ I am doing a livestream and I will sing this song
Kenneth Smalls
God they sound beautiful together.
Latonya Johnson
She said \
Lyka Tamz
For God everything is possible. This song strengthen my faith for him 😇\n\nBTW. November 16, 2018
Who ever disliked this video ,I forgive them because their screens were upsidedown they thought the dislike thumb was the like thumb....
Melisa Chavez
Wow.. Two amazing singers singing together.. Bravo!!!!!
Milo Milo
2018! This song makes me believe in the power of God’s blessings!
Monique Charles
This my motivation I truly believe there is a living GOD who can fill our void and forfill our every needs we have to leave the past behind us and reach for our goals and speak it to existing and hold to your faith and claim it and believe it and GOD will provide you with your every needs you have to be self motivated
Mornieluvya lastname
Mariah Carey is so pretty and they’re both so gifted☺️
Mzmatt 17
2018 still here love it always💖💖
They are like lightening and thunder. Complimenting each other
Peterson Oliveira
Happy birthday rip Whitney Houston como o inferno e a perdição nunca se fartam, assim os olhos do mulher nunca se satisfazem
Rip Whitney it’s so hard to believe she’s dead😢😭😭😭
Princess Keira
I didnt know that comment section now is a calendar... 😂🤣
Rafa Medina
My two favorites of all time!
Razali Abdul Malik
One of the best songs ever. Agreed? Malaysia December 2018
Reena Azur
Back when 2 divas belt without sounding like they're fighting for spotlight...\n\nJust divine...
Reymon Xose
I miss you Whithey😭😭😢
Rhymy Bollocks
Two beautiful song birds delighting the world 💖
Ricky ciky
Many nights we prayed\nWith no proof anyone could hear\nIn our hearts a hope for a song\nWe barely understood\n\nNow we are not afraid\nAlthough we know there's much to fear\nWe were moving mountains\nLong before we knew we could, whoa, yes\n\nThere can be miracles\nWhen you believe\nThough hope is frail\nIts hard to kill\n\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve\nWhen you believe somehow you will\nYou will when you believe\n\nMmmyeah\nIn this time of fear\nWhen prayer so often proves in vain\n\nHope seems like the summer bird\nToo swiftly flown away\nYet now I'm standing here\nMy hearts so full, I can't explain\n\nSeeking faith and speakin' words\nI never thought I'd say\nThere can be miracles\nWhen you believe (When you believe)\n\nThough hope is frail\nIts hard to kill (Mmm)\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve (You can achieve)\n\nWhen you believe somehow you will\nYou will when you believe\n(Hey)\n(Ooh)\n\nThey don't always happen when you ask\nAnd its easy to give in to your fears\nBut when you're blinded by your pain\nCan't see the way, get through the rain\n\nA small but still, resilient voice\nSays hope is very near, oh (Oh)\nThere can be miracles (Miracles)\nWhen you believe (Boy, when you believe, yeah) (Though hope is frail)\n\nThough hope is frail (Its hard)\nIts hard to kill (Hard to kill, oh, yeah)\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve (You can achieve, oh)\n\nWhen you believe somehow you will (Somehow, somehow, somehow)\nSomehow you will (I know, I know, know)\nYou will when you believe (When you)\n(Oh oh)
Roku Barry
2\n0\n1\n8\n November Anyone?
Ruby Camacho
Two beautiful talented women with GOLDEN VOICES , I LOVE both . lm so glad that they sang this song together. I'm a fan of BOTH . RIP Whitney Houston.
Rúben Colaço
GOD is good!
Sadat Norris
I believe miracle works and 2019 is my year.... 😙😍😍😍😍\n\nDo u believe also?
Samantha Chandler
So glad I grew up in the 80s/90s generation of music!! 💥💛✌
Sarah Cuenco
This is the most iconic thing ever
Saraya N.
How did such a collabo happen? No shoe throwing, no shady radio shows, no ghetto fans, just talent
Senpuii Khwlhhring
2018 December??
Simply Angie13
Two of the best vocalists to ever live. I still love this song.
The two greatest singers of my generation! 😢💖🦋
Their so beautiful
Tequita Campbell
They sound good together miss u Whitney love you
The Aerial Dream Catcher
The most Duet viewed video by 90s
Timber Humphrey
we miss you, Whitney :'(
Togar Juntak
Two singers colaborate this song together perfectly. Both of them are very talented this colaborate produces a song of praise that sounds beutifully anytime anywhere which also brings the listeners be more faithful to God.
Tokitou Maki
Wow no sabia q ellas cantaban esta canción d esta peli cristiana👌👌👌👌✨✨✨✨😍🙏🙏🙏
Tomáš Karásek
I miss you Whitney. You were not a songwriter or the best dancer, but your voice made up for it. Your star rose upon my dad's death in the mid 80s. Your rise was proof that life continues. Your voice carried a then little boy through some of the darkest chapters in his life. Things like Mom settling for a lesser man, and a childhood that felt utterly hollow at times. Despite your troubles I always prayed for you to feel peace. Things got better when mom split up with lesser company. It got better when I did as well. Your voice echoed through this song when reality woke me up. I was shattered when you left this earth. I understand you were only human. Rest in peace, you can be yourself now. You are set free. You set me free when I hear your voice. Even your interviews were captivating, you were so human. Yes I still miss you. Rest in peace.
When I was a teenager going through living in a dysfunctional family, getting bullied at school, in an abusive relationship, my heart broken, feeling lost & dead inside, I would listen to this song, over and over and over, and it keep my spirit going, as I felt like giving I to my fears and just dying, my prayers seemingly ALWAYS going unanswered.  This song is an actual lifesaver in a way and it makes me cry as I am in such a better place right now, so for those who are broken - spirit, mind, soul.. know that there is hope & that time will change things (I am 41 now), prayers get answered in his time NOT in ours, and I swear, the songs by these artists, definitely helped me through my toughest times when my parents didn't care and nobody was there for me. They spoke right to my heart! RIP WHITNEY, taken far too soon. & They are my favorite female artists of ALL time. In college when people said I looked like Mariah it was SUCH a compliment. IDK how or why fame changed her so much, but here she was soo innocent, beautiful, REAL & had a great heart.. you can just see it in her eyes. I just wish time and money didn't change that beautiful heart and that warm smile. THEY STILL ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE TWO OF THE TOP FEMALE ARTISTS OF ALL TIME!!!! XOXO
Victoria Johnson
Two of the purest, greatest voices of alltime!☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Waneright Hodge
Celine Dion would also sound amazing with these two legendary women
Wawa Septa
september 2018 anyone?
You know, when my country was bombed by NATO in 1999, this song was truly something special to me... I remember I was only 13, actually I turned 13 during the war. And I'll never forget, one night me and my older brother were watching The Prince of Egypt (one of the lucky nights when we weren't out of electricity). The movie and especially this song were so symbolic for those horrible 2 and a half months of that spring. The words of When You Believe were so powerfull back then and still are today. So thank you Whitney and Mariah for this wonderful song, one of my favourite and unfortunatelly, one of the saddest songs of all times...
Quédate con alguien que te mire como Mariah Carey a Whitney Houston's xDD
de activated
have you ever wonder if they sing together at their prime? 😥
dedi wijaya
anneth indonesian idol junior 2018
December 2018? Believe! !!
Who's Watching In 2018\n?
g sun
2018 anyone ?
this is what music means back then, unlike nowadays.
junior scoggins
Yeah I know...
Name me two more powerful women. Mariah grew up as a biracial child and suffered severe racism and awful poverty growing up only to become one of the best selling female artists of all time. Whitney suffered extreme backlash from the media and an awful mental breakdown while still keeping her thrown as a powerhouse vocalists. Both suffered from abusive marriages it’s abusive partners for many years, and both are the two greatest vocalists to ever walk this earth with divine beauty and grace. If you don’t respect these two as vocalists, writers and producers, respect them as women and mothers.
lou truitt
still love this song and many more from both artist 2018
marquin PJ
antes de eu ver essa musica veio uma propraganda de um clipe de funk só essas cantoras para acabar com a vontade q eu tava de vomitar
number one
i love the fact that they were not trying to outshine each other. what a masterpiece.
ogechi onyiriuka
peter mathata
This song touched my heart more than any Gospel song can do
quyen thuc
I listened to the radido when i was 16 years old. Now i'm 33
Who said only one queen can have the spotlight?
wangari Wanga
Who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe.
weydson Silva
Whitney 😢😭❤❤
zeynep Akdeniz
2018 anyone
Âm Nhạc Giải Trí
2018 I love this song
Χρήστος Κορρός
Whitney... for me... you still alive...
- ♬Lyrics♬ -\n\nMany nights we pray\nWith no proof anyone could hear\nAnd our hearts a hopeful song\nWe barely understood\nNow we are not afraid\nAlthough we know there's much to fear\nWe were moving mountains long\nBefore we know we could \n\nThere can be miracles\nWhen you believe\nThough hope is frail\nIt's hard to kill\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve\nWhen you believe\nSomehow you will\nYou will when you believe \n\nIn this time of fear\nWhen prayer so often proves in vain\nHope seems like the summer birds\nToo swiftly flown away\nAnd now I am standing here\nMy heart's so full I can't explain\nSeeking faith and speaking words\nI never thought I'd say \n\nThere can be miracles\nWhen you believe (When you believe)\nThough hope is frail\nIt's hard to kill\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve (You can achieve)\nWhen you believe\nSomehow you will\nYou will when you believe \n\nThey don't always happen when you ask\nAnd it's easy to give in to your fear\nBut when you're blinded by your pain\nCan't see your way safe through the rain\nThought of a still resilient voice\nSays love is very near \n\nThere can be miracles (miracles)\nWhen you believe (When you believe)\nThough hope is frail\nIt's hard to kill\nWho knows what miracles\nYou can achieve (You can achieve)\nWhen you believe\nSomehow you will\nYou will when you believe\nYou will when you believe\nYou will when you believe\nJust believe\nYou will when you believe
When I was a little girl, I didnt stop listening to this song and neither, dreaming. Now that little girl here achieved that dream after 15 years.. yes, the only different thing between human and other creatures, we can dream and make it come true.