SHIT ITALIAN MOMS SAY 2 (Daniel Franzese)

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Daniel Franzese says all the SH*T YOUR Italian Mom says!Part 2 to the series SHIT ITALIAN MOMS SAYProduced and Written by Lisa Mastroianni and Daniel FranzeseDirected By Zack BassCamera,Sound and Editing by Dan MungerMusic by Mike Meehan© Copyright 2012, by Daniel Franzese. All video and music rights reserved. Duplication without express permission of the author is prohibited.cast:Daniel Franzese as ITALIAN MOMJoseph Ferrante as AnthonyMadeline Carroll as RosalieJudith Benezra as DonnaGillian Larson as NanaPebbles as RockiePlease rate, follow, like and comment. Leave us some Sh*t your 'Italian Mom' Says for future videos!Follow @whatsupdanny on Twitter for more!

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''Reloaded'' ''Reborn'' WWERREdge
hit him on coolie with wooden spoon. lmfao
Abbey Depalma
Italian families do not argue.....we converse loudly.
Adam Khid
Aj Scungio III
I finally saw Vol2,you guys are funny! I am a fan! please make more? Grazie!
Alana Ferrone
You wanted the dog. Now it's my dog. ALL THAT OMFG MY MUM\n
Ali Ascoli
this is so steriotypical because i'm italian and my mom or all the moms i know don't do this.
Amanda 23
Omg hahah so much of my Mom and Nona in here.
Andrue Finley
How many people were like \
Anonymous X
Bella Smith
Brenda Nieves
He needs to be on tv great show luv him
Candy Warhol
Cheryl S
I love Daniel . I really think should be a sitcom its freaking funny I think I have watched this like 100 times I bust a freaking but every time. My son laughs cause it sounds like me lolololol
Christian Cattatini
Crystal Douklias-Puccio
Hahahaha that’s so my family Italian American ,American Italian your Italian it’s your blood 😂😂
D Hansel
D Trim
The lotto numbers 😂
D Valentine Bernabé
Lmao similar to Hispanic moms
Not the wooden spoon!
The cards are the most important. It is insulting if you don't receive one but receive a present.
Daniela Cirafici
Lol omg funny I'm Sicilan and its so true lol
Davis Fountain
Being that I am sicilian I love this so keep screaming! MORE MORE MORE LMAO! this is def north eastern italian american I can relate to some of this
Domenica Dolcimascolo
Ed Wilmarth
This is my mother... no bs lol
Elizabeth Yates
What am I a Martian hooker! Carvel omg I love it. Crying with 2 loaves of bread under each arm. Such a pissed. This video makes me feel at home.
Frederico Mascaro
Funny... my mom is exactly like this, and don't even talk bout my nonna... she's worst\nlove my family \u003c3
General DougIII
oh my gosh it's funny how true this is
My italian parents love the pets but threaten to sell on craiglist
Heather Metz
Love ❤️ it!!! Dying laughing
I'm HOWLING this are so accurate
My Italian fathers favorite line, \
Isabel Beckerman
Notice how Mama Franzese is holding the box of delicacies ever so tight on her chest? It's as if someone might rip it off from her grasp. Say what you want about pastry sweets : nobody does it better than the Italian bakers. Mama Franzese, how about giving us a Part 4 segment of Shit Italian Moms Say? It's been a while.
Iyanna Thomas
Lmao, my mom always wants me to tell a story, but she cuts in and vice versa. We can't help ourselves.
J D'Accardi Vaughan
this character is an encapsulation of every relative i have... daniel is brilliant. seen it so so many times and it is always hilarious. also, big shout out to spot-on editing. great comedy need great editing. this has it....
Jeanette Marie
You have to do the I’ll give you something to cry about while mom shakes the wooden spoon at you.
Jimmy Bezzone
Kiss My Ass In Macy's Window! LMAO!!!! My childhood come to life! :)
Joey Colianni
this is me to the \
Kristy Hughes
Why oh why isn't this a web series?  I already love this family!
L Bridge
One of my best girlfriends is Italian and growing up in South Philly going to her house and being around her family was this video!!! I love it lol. I was about 14 when we met and my first dinner at her house, as a young black girl, was something else lol!!! I had no idea what was going on but the food was AMAZING and stories over the top!!! I traded many soul food Sunday's for her mom's gravy lol! Love them forever and so happy to have the experience!
Lauren Martucci
Legion Ivory
This would make a really good comedy series.\n\nI'd watch it.
Lolita Hansen
I would love to see the reaction of his mom watching these videos. 😂😂😂
Lynn Albertson
These are so funny and so true! Please do more of the Italian Moms!!!
M Light
Please make more of these videos!
You should do Italian Dads :)
Margo LoSardo
Melissa Missori
i loved the vid but i have lived in italy for the last 5 years and real italians are not like this at all.but super funny
Hahaha never go against the family hahaha so godfather ;) xxx
This is my family and I'm only a little bit Italian I'm mostly Russian. xD
you sound just like my Cuban mom! XD especially the part about lock the top lock and dont open the door for anyone!
Nancy Slagle
Thanks again for these videos. If my Aunt Lore and my crazy Aunt Jemma ever had a child together, it'd be YOU. The expressions, the hand gestures, all of it dead-on.\n\nI really needed a laugh today, so I went back and rewatched these. Especially in the worst of times, it makes me glad I come from \
Natenin Kourouma
the reason why this makes me laugh is that its similar to black moms
Nick Vernice
No Life
“Don’t Open the door for nobody” 100% true
I am half Italian. I can confirm that my grandma talks a lot like this.
OK! I'm black and 90% were eerily familiar! Great job on this! I laugh out loud on the \
Danny...when you gonna put out part 4? \
2:18 \
Sabrina M
The actor looks like Vince Vaughn o: (I mean this is as a compliment)
Samantha Schmukler
San Francisco Professor
Somebody said, \
That \
Soleil Agresta
I'm screaming why is this so true
So many of you are saying only Italians from Long Island are like this. Just so happens that in Italy they're like this too- only they speak in Italian. I'd love to know how the Italians in the west and middle coast are then.
Timothy Ace Holleran
The only misstep was the pronunciation of Florida. Should be \
You are such a great actor dan!!
William Morganti
WARNING Italian moms can throw spoons, shoes and rolling pin around corners if you ever encounter such events these are the following  survival tips to keep you out of harms way.\n\n1. if your hit it's because you did not say hello and went to the t.v FOR MEN this is more important. Women not as much... but good percussion\n \n2. if your hit it's because your mom and dad are having a fight so you must choose a side in this case only the child it's best to stay at least 15 feet away and yell this will make your voice herd but insure safety at the same time in case of the spoon is flung at your fore head. relative will stay away for OBVIOUS REASONS \n\n3. And Finally the only way to truly avoid such conflict make sure you say hello to your mom then father then YOU WILL WATCH YOUR BACK FOR ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS KEEP BOTH EYES ON THE THREE THINGS THAT ARE MENTIONED ABOVE. and talk respectfully this will insure that your on your best behavior AND KEEP HOSTILES AT BAY.\n\nBONUS IF YOU ARE DATING AND HAVE NOT TOLD YOUR MOM OR YOUR DAD. MOST LIKELY YOUR DATE WILL HAVE TO BE THREATEN FOR A LONG LONG TIME UNTIL TRUST CAN BE ESTABLISH. future men who are thinking marrying Italians YOUR NOT MARRYING HER BUT BOTH SIDES OF THE FAMILY. BOTH SIDE FAMILY MUST TRUST YOU BEFORE MOVING FORWARD IN THE YOUR PLANS  \n                    DISCLAIMER I\
Wizz Da Burrito Boy
0:01 to those who don't live in an italian household... Getting your full name called is basically the same as \
That's so me and my family
danielle z's
I cant stop. The wooden spoon on the coolie!!!!
diego estrada
I died when I heard \
Uh..I come from an all Sicilian family. I gotta say I love this!! I cant stop laughing. You should have your own sitcom! Beautiful
Lol😄😄😄 This was so my family and now IT'S ME!!!
Omg it's Damian from mean girls!!!!!!
jamie rae
I watched this like 2 years ago, I just didn't notice how much my family is like this😂😂
“You’re Italian! It’s in your blood!”\n\nStory of my life. 🤣
sign that card ahahahahahahahahahaha
lil nazir
my mom says half these things and we're not even Italian XD
mark mariniello
So funny and true!!!!
dont open the door for no body, this hit home the most hahahaha, and im 26 years old 6'2 and work out
This should be a regular series
This is my household 
trish brewster
My aunts living room was gated with railings that have gold fig leaves. No one was allowed in the living room, it was for company. Beyond the gates the plastic covered furniture and she brushes half circle designs into her carpet. Lol
Lol this is my mom. “Ya know the movie with the guy and the thing!”