Twin Strangers - Unrelated Identical People

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3:24\n\n*E R E C T I O N*
My doppelganger is stuck in my bathroom mirror
If you say that there are 7 person looks similar to me, does that mean that every 1 billion people my look-alike is there?
African Girl
Hey! whose my twin out here!¿ 😂🤣😂🤣
Maybe this is the reason why people think Mikel jackiton is alve or Hitler is alive. People are just seeing their brother form different mother \n😂😂
Bish u ThOuGHt
*So the only thing I gotta do now is find one of Jungkook's doppelgangers and marry him*
Nice to know im not the only guy on this world looking like birds live on my head
Charlay Mildred
Finding a doppleganger would be easy if u are chinese
Cj C
Ciara is pronounced key-ra not see-air-a
Cristina Pastera
Well.. guess that we are not one in a melon..😔😔
I always meet my Twin! When i look in mirror
Demigod Cee
Since I'm a twin\n_would there be four of us?_
Denita G. Jackson
I would like to find my twin
Devan C
Wait I have 2 sisters? Oh no.
ENFP HomeSchool Momma DZiva Hart
Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I want to find my twin stranger!!!!!!!!!!
Emerald Apple
Explosive Will
I swear my doppelganger goes to the same school as me...
Flamingo Shorts
WHO look like me. Btw i have 7 clones so u cant look as good as me anymore
Hey girl Hey 7809
I haven't found my doppelgänger but I saw somebody elses irl stand next to each other I swear they looked EXACTLY the same
Honestly, Idk.
7 Trumps, 7 per Continent... WE WILL HAVE WALLS EVERYWHERE!
Hope Catherine
My little sister looked IDENTICAL to me when we were both two but I don't know if that counts
Hugh Mongus
The pizza delivery guy told me i look like Keanu Reeves.
I think the case makes good sounds
The word Doppleganger comes from the german word \
II. Gyula
plot twist: they lookalikes have the same postman as father.
If I have a doppelganger,\n\nwell....\n\n\nI'm sorry buddy.
7 people like me in the world, but still no girlfriend for all of us
James Ultron
Well , Thanos isn't happy
Jayna Dixon
Glitch in the matrix
Jennifer Limb
John McDaid
Ciara is pronounced kira and Niamh is pronounced neev
Jonny Ballo
3:52 Logan Paul?
Jose Tomas Campos Robledano
When God is uncreative on character customization
Just Me 3
I have 2 strangers that looked a lot like me I mean a lot but the both of them are older. Im 14 and their 18 and 17 and Ive met the oldest one in the same school but we only met in the middle of the year. Teachers asked me If I had a brother and I said yes but he's not here anymore bc my real brother also went on the same school but graduated and they said Really then maybe a cousin and I said yes again because I have 3 cousins but girls and then Now they were shocked that I looked exactly like the student from 10th grade. the other one I didnt met him in person but people told me that he looks a lot like me but a bit darker
I'm Asian so I have over millions of doppelgangers (soz it's a joke btw)
Kate Diamondlake
i feel sorry for the other 7 people that look like me
Kawaii Pastel Unicorn
God ran out of ideas for making ppl so he made double gangers 😂
Khrome | PS4
im Chinese so theres at least a billion of me's 😂
I saw a dark skin twin of me
Kreativ Madness
I’ve met my doppelgänger, staring at me everyday through the bathroom mirror
Lewis Schofield
Someome looked just like me in a porn vid and I freaked out
Lil, Charmander
So.... I'm not unique 😐
Lord Bolton
I want to meet my stranger twin so I will have 1 friend.
LovelyEbony White
How I would react to seeing my doppelganger:\n*Sees each other*\n*We both pull out swords*\n\
Mady and Kelsi
We are unrelated twins! We met 9 years ago... everyone thinks we’re twins!!!
Mehak Singh
Lol, I have a twin... *i actually do*! Comment if you have a twin?!...
Mia Thomas
my doppelganger will look like a burnt piece of toast
Michaelthe King
I found someone who looks like me in the mirror
Onedread806 Brown
when you realize the government been cloning people
Panda Gaming4760
Hi random twin
Park Jimin
_Does this mean, more _*_jimins_*_ :\u003e_
Phil Swift
IKR!! There’s this guy in this silver thing in the bathroom who looks EXACTLY like me!
My dog looks exactly like the one down the road
Rahul Shah
I think I heard of this book..forgot the name sorry but it's about this guy who meets his doppelgänger but over time he's a funnier version/better personality than him and eventually begins to take over his life..taking his friends/job and wife .
Ravi Sharma
Their father had other ideas.
Reggae Raccoon
I found my doppelgänger \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nA trash bag
Renuga Srinivasan
I wanna find my doppelgänger
Rich Penkoski
Roses are red violets are blue I like my own comment because no one else do
Road work ahead? Yeah I sure hope it does anonimo
Right now I'm doing so many trips ...\nMaybe you reading this comment are my doppleganger!
Rogelio Garcia
I'd probably freak out and run away
I saw mine on TV once. I was literally freaked out cause I was like \
Our creator is running out of face templates
Sam Walsh1
These people r all Irish
Sig Kimber
I must find my doppelgangers for a fight to the death. There can be only one.
Simon S.
Wow! My long lost dad got busy!
Sofia Villanueva
3:24 hehe... that guy in the background
Sophie L
The world would be horrible if there were 7 me's
I feel bad for people who look like me
Stephen Canas
It means that they have some family relation in the past. The way biology does things in the world with a mass population it wraps around and eventually gets to the same gene combination that creates a similar looking human being, however it doesn't mean they are not related somehow! There has to be some relation of the 2 similar people from both parents sides going as deep as 120 generations for this doppelganger effect to occur.\n-Stephen Canas\nMuti-disipline Engineer and Scientist. 2018
Steven Hudson
imagine you are your squad come into contact with an identical squad.
Nah. I think I'll pass. No one can look as sexy as me.
Tanha Tarannum Latif
There are 7 me and I didn't find one.👏👏👏
Tay Sonic
Apparently, I must strongly resemble some dude named \
So there are exactly 7 Trumps. They are gonna build walls every where
Tomas Kuli
Happened to me once on the bus. Everyone was staring at us. We just stared at each other.
God ran out of character model's
But my mom told me I was one of a kind :(
V Bizzle
Heres a trippy thought: if there is 7 people alive right now that look like you, does that mean in all of human history there has always been people that look exactly like you roaming the earth? Even back to cavemen times? It's like timetravel, man
Walter Malschitzky
That's no make sense,\n\nSo all the people you have seen the majority looks like the same..\n\nAnd the seven billion people on world are a copy about one billion seven times..
Wesley Chou
Who else is twin strangers with a trash can?
X SquadFG
I found my doppelgänger on tv, she’s a famous actor.
Yaeli Hyams
Doppleganger? Anyone here knows someone with brown curly hair, brown eyes, biggish nose, tan skin, smallish mouth and 155cm? I'm never gonna find my twin but it's ok because I already have one😁 (non identical tho)
YouCube26 The OK Cuber
7 other people look like me? WWWOOOOAAAAHHHH
Yuli Molloy
Névé not niamph
crazy doge
I may have 7 twins but none will be as smart as me.
These Irish pronunciations are making me cringe
hum zaad
its just me._.
I’ve seen mine on a TV show.. my mom and brother were like “when did you go there??”
no name no name
the way she said niamh like niemh
Why did i laughed so hard for tve thumbnail😂
Ciara = \
she erio
How do I find these people?
steve sawyer
I think the aliens ran out of human designs..
unicorn wolfie
I have to many races
yo yo
The the one.. 😂😂😂😅😅😃
Lol i dont think i have one\n\n\nCause im too ugly too have one