Practice Intermediate and Advanced Italian Conversation and Comprehension LA ALIMENTAZIONE [IT]

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This video is designed to help you practice and improve your Italian comprehension and pronunciation. It will also help you learn more vocabulary words that talk about diet and food. Use this video to repeat after me certain words and phrases to help you to build confidence when speaking Italian. This video is in the Italian language and is meant to challenge all learners of Italian, especially Intermediate and Advanced students. If you are traveling or studying abroad in Italy soon, this video is also for you! ❤ ITALY MADE EASY ACADEMYLearn Italian online WITH ME here: Get more Italian resources, help and support and★ Join the Top Italian Language Program: From Zero To Italianwww.fromzerotoitalian.comItaly has many beautiful beaches, amazing food and coffee and great shopping. Italy Made Easy is here to help you learn about the Italian culture and Italian language and get your excited about your travels to Italy! We offer everything from free online videos and audios that teach Italian grammar and basic Italian words and phrases, to information about traveling to Italy and learning about the Italian culture. We have suggestions for you about what to see in Italy, what to eat in Italy, where to eat in Italy, how to get around Italy. With Italy Made Easy, you will feel prepared for the Italian experience. -The Italian culture and language has a lot to offer anyone who is interested in learning. With Italy Made Easy, you will learn how to say things like:I love you - Ti amo Thank you- Grazie I’m sorry - Mi dispiace Italy Made Easy has the online resources and learning materials you need to improve your Italian and start speaking Italian. When you join our Italian Academy, you will have access to speaking to authentic Italians everyday, in order to practice your Italian comprehension and pronunciation. Not only will you learn how to speak Italian, you will learn about Italian culture and travel. You will learn about things like: Italian BeachesItalian WinesItalian historic sites

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