American REACTS // Russian Music

Priviet! We are taking it a step further and enter the motherland! We decided to check out some of the best musicians Russia has to offer! Don't forget to subscribe and share this with a friend! American REACTS : Russian Eurovision

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Slaughter to prevail????
Finally 😍😍😍
Adrianna Szudrzyńska
Hi, you are really extremely nice and well mannered American. What is your origin, do you know your ancestors?\n\nps. I am always shocked when Americans say: my ancestors were British/Swedish/Norwegian/ German/Italian/French etc. because my (like most of Poles) were only Polish/Polish/Polish/Polish/Polish/Polish/Polish lol
13:56 😂😂😂 the best face Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱
Aleks Zamoit
Bro can you do vid with lithuania???
Andrea Malachi
Filipp Kirkorov is like Michael Jackson in Russia 😂
Dude! You should totally do Ukrainian music now! Especially Jinjer. You're gonna love it!
Benvenuto nel vuoto
My country is occupied by Russia! Russia is occupant!
Claudia Dżej
Vitas 😍❤️😂
if you do a second video of this, Illidiance is a metal band from russia that is extremely good imo
Elisabeth Andér
I love the music by Yulia Savitcheva, she's Russian. Fave track I think is Moskva-Vladivostok. Likvor is good too, metal band. Rukiverh has a track as well, Tantsi
Ghost Reck
How was lil pump growing up
Greta aaa
I loooove you (I'm italian)
Ilona Anttila
Vitas is honestly a great musician and you can see that in other songs too. This performance is \
Jansku 1111
The first one made russian sound so smooth, like it has so many consonants but still so nice🇷🇺
Jose Uribe
Phillip Kirkorov is literally Russia’s Michael Jackson and yes he’s the guy with the feathers at the beginning. He’s very extravagant in real life too
It is a weird choice of not so good singers or songs, i will text you for more options :)
Ka Ka
Minne persse nene maa
Kaidi K
Next time, you must listen these. \nMATRANG-Медуза\nLILY-лети за мной\nХанна-пули\nt.A.T.u.-нас не дагонят
Karl Aavik
React to Tommy Cash! \n\
Kasia Nowak
Vitas is a GENIUS! He has one of the most unique voices, really hard to practice. Check \
Kornelia s.
You should listen елджей. I'm form Poland but I love елджей 💕
Hey! \nReally Vitas is from Latvia, not from Russia. ;)
Laura Ylönen
last Alien the best .... and i love ALL Foxes songs
Leopard _62
Kto z polski?
Magda D
Do you have anything to Ellie Goulding? First listen her music.
Mal The Mute
I personally love russian music. Such as \
Brian in Poland we got something better then this last one guy. Try to listen Urszula Dudziak - Papaja. She is the best of the best 😉
Natalie!sjwksjjs Vwgwhwjshwjqihsu
I an there before he is popular
Olga Kuusemets
This guy u liked with dark hair is russian music royalty. So Thats Why He had a better part :D
a ja czekałam na to : Элджей & Feduk - Розовое вино ale niestety może następnym razem znajdzie się na Twojej playliście :D \n\n\nI was waiting for it: Элджей & Feduk - Розовое вино but unfortunately maybe next time will be on your playlist: D
Paulina Lewandowska
Polish music is the best🤷\u200d♀️😂💕
Ramen Soup
Cyka blin xD
Sergei sususus
make reaction to miyagi--untouchable
Could u react to “Lucy Love - Who you are”, “Nabiha - Animals” and “Sada Vidoo - Iconic” if ur gonna react to danish music again?
Timati feat. Grigori Leps - London
Szalony kompromis
Wow\nIle tu Polaków hahaha😂😘😘😍😍\nPozdrowienia
Tenta QSM
I like to discover new bands and new music with You ;) greetings from Poland ;)
The Dragon D
Vitas - Opera no2. All i'm gonna say
Vadim Bug
you look like Aaron Pauley from \
Vanessa a name
I'm not russian but I absolutely love russian music. Some recommendations I have for the next reacts to russian music are:\n\n(I made some comments about each song/musician and that's why the list is so long)\n\nRock\n\n*В. Цой - Пачка Сигарет*\nViktor Tsoi was a legendary russian rock star, he's one of the pioneers of russian rock, and up to this day he is praised by fans from ex-soviet countries\n*Би-2 - Молитва*\nBi 2 is actually a belarussian rock band, but has gained significant success in russia\n*Сплин - Выхода нет*\nSplean is known as the russian Radiohead. This song specifically is a classic\n*Земфира - Хочешь?*\nZemfira is one of the few female rock singers of the soviet era, and probably the best. A great part of her success is due to her strong personality yet secretive behavior\n*Звери - До скорой встречи*\nZveri is one of my favorite bands. This song has been coming back to popularity lately, despite it's age. The music video is worth watching\n*Ленинград - Нет, и ещё раз нет*\nYou can't think of Russia without this band. This is the song that actually got me into Leningrad. As it's not the most popular one, it's worth giving a try to their other songs, like \
Where is Leningrad feat Glukoza - Żu Żu?:D
Leningrad - voyage \nLittle big - hateful love\n\nFor russian music 2 please
Werośka Werośka
🇵🇱 Sabaton 40:1 on youtube
uncreative name
listen to ’Russian Paradise’!
А s
I like it, but why don't you watch the rest? Who want learn russian? I can help you
Егор Крид Концерты и Песни
I love Egor Kreed
мартовская кошка
facepalm :(((
Vitas born in Latvia? I knew He´s from Ukraine... That´s also what wikipedia says... \