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This man found a soulmate in a puppy and it's adorable.Grow up right from the first bite. Visit

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I mean, the guy is funny and the puppy is adorable. I am not complaining!
AK Mobb
Does anyone know what that dog breed is called?😍
Alessandro Gulì
This vid is for forever alone peoples
Alpaca queen
It's impposible not to say awwww......
Andy Morris
Picks up the dog poop and says “it looks like dog poop”🤣🤣🤣🤣🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
BlueFoxPlayz & vlogs
0:13-0:20 me when I see puppies or cats for sale
Brendon Uries Sevenhead
2:43 me when I see my parents looking at my report card.
I always tell my dog \n“We could be millionaires if you just said one word.”
Can I get 1000 subscribers With out any videos?
OMG she’s so CUTE
Charlie the Dog and Baby
Great video with cute puppy ..I know it's only add but I love the way how he treats her:)
Clorox Bleach
😂 😂 they’re a match made in heaven
Dechen Wongmo
Denise McNiven Booth
When the puppy went into the bathroom when the guy was in there it reminded me of the time I was in the bathroom and the door (which was shut) swung open and then my cat walked in and no one else was there so my cat opened the door by himself and when he came in he came over to me and licked me and purred so I pet him! P.S it was super cute both the vid and my cat coming into the bathroom!
Diana Lubuya Musumba
when he feel I exploded 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Duffman Petri
I almost did
Eevee The Flareon
I have a cavalire just like yours and a female too, But her name is Mia AND SHE WONT STOP BITING ME HELP NOW PLZ
Ella Raz
*Sees puppy*\n“Yup.”\nAww that was so cute
3:30 \
I lost it when her slipped and face planted
Food Service
*falls down* \n\nYou gotta be careful!\n\nPuppy: oh, really? *sarcastically*
Gamer_ Alondra123plays everything
Awww I remember all my 8 puppies...
Greg Yochum
Harley Quinn
1:07 i love how Chloe freaks out when she thinks her daddy is hurt. 😊 what a good puppy.
Harshit Guptas
who the hell are 1k people , who dislikes this video ?
Ivan Peng
YES! This is adorable and I’ve watched this over and over again...approximately 30 times... BUT at 0:20 u can look at the dog crate and you can see the actual puppy is still there!!! I just wished you guys actually adopted the puppy...😖 tho I may be wrong! But all’n’all, I still love buzzfeed!!!
J & J Movies
That puppy is so cute
Jeremiah Jackson
1:07 Breaks Ankles.
Julia Hanson
I have a dog like that
I love this vids sooo beautiful thank you.
Kamča 11
Very cute
Keira Jensen
There is no wrong way to sit on the couch. I agree.
Kelli Laughlin
Chloe: Imma chew on your fingers
Khám Phá CS
nice dog!
Lach & Tay
My heart stops and starts slowly melting, and my mouth turns into a straight line tilting at the ends into a smile. It's too cute. I can't handle it. I CAN'T HANDLE IT-\n*Explodes*
Lavinia de Mortalium
_This_ is how you make an ad.
Lia prado
Lien Vo
Purina is sooooo bad for your puppos and doggos.
Lily Sippel
1:08 haha😂🤣
Loonely Looser
It was so funny when he said \
This was so adorable! Thank you so much for making this, it really made me smile!
Lulu Coronel
This makes me so happy
Marilyn Domingez
Aww this is the cutest thing I've ever seen all day
All men need to be like this
Megan 164
That is a kingcharles spaniel the have incrediblysmall skulls and short snouts... they have constant pain when they get a little older. They sometimes hit their head on the sidewalk or scratch until their skin is gone just because of the agony.
Menime Em
*2:11** this is your bathroom* 😂😂
Minecraft Kunoichi
can we all just agree that Chloe is the cutest puppy ever
Miscia Aishi D. Tarlit
Its a cute little Chihuahua! ❤️
Mybeau Sno
Omgggggg aweeeeeeee So small
Myiesha Cuthbert
that's so Me I would just look at a puppy and be like \
N .I khan
What breed is Chloe??? I want to know it is so cute
Na Lals
Wait the guy from this vid is in the sand guardian vine
Nachyra Smith
Aw, this is incredible and funny at the same time.
Nalband Fareed
Make more videos like this it makes all of us happy
New Atlantis
This is a great video. My dog died yesterday but these videos really make me feel that he had a complete life.
Nova Chan
This is the cutest dog puppy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ollie Langdon
Puppies are so freaking cute. Fur real.
This vid made me subscribe
Ragga rock Tv
I remember when my dog was a puppy 🐶🤣
Samatha L
Puppies 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shanell Crawford
Shimmer Sparkle U
LOL 😂😝😜
Slimy Donuts
I watched this so many times because it makes me so happy
Sofia A
What's the guy's name? I need it for, um... Reasons. I think I fell in love.
Solana Sofia parsons
Looks at puppy through window \nYep \n😂😂😂
Sophia Chavez
I cracked up when he fell and said \
Sunny Moon
I have a dog too and I can relate
Tella C:
Can you do a kittenhood?
Test Monkey
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are my freaking favorite dog breed, they cost like $500-2000 how lucky was this dude to find one up for adoption??? I’m so jealous 😂
The Gamer Stranger
this is cool makes me very happy i love this video
The Makeup nerd
I always wanted to get a dachshund! If u don't know who they are, they are basically sausage dogs🤣🤣
The Sistaasss
1:07 😂😂😂😂 WHEN HE FELLL😭😭
The_Real_Troll 360
1:07 Oof ded😂
why does this dude remind me of Luigi?
Turning Headz
SOMEONE NEEDS TO UPDATE US ON CHLOE!!!! She's over 3yrs old now....we want to see her!
W1ll Nash
I just got a little 8 week old cavalier just like this cutie 🐶
Water 65
That will probably be my life when i adopted a puppy........
XxMarshmallowxX Galaxy
I used to have a dog named Nei na and she loved biting my hair when I wakes up yeah dog life sucks sometimes ;^;
Yuliss4life Plays
Awww I was happy until he said Chloe 😞 a few weeks ago she got run over and died immediately. I’ve had her all he life. She had a family with my other dog Coco. But now he’s lonely 😔. I miss her😢 but looking at that puppy makes me happy. THIS IS NOT FAKE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED 😭
Zet Ace
That's a big portion of food for a puppy.. and I have that bowl (the one the puppy used) xD
2018 anyone\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNo just me OK
dead memes 999999999o999999
Such a sweet puppy
doggoman2006 balderas
This should be a Netflix series
ooo dog a a a aa A a a a b *aAAAAAA*
insert username here
honestly this is the purest video i've ever seen this channel post
*hears puppy whimper* yup.\nAwwwwww \u003c3
lps Kira101
Is it just me or is that puppy just the cutest thing ever? Like if you agree
melanie martinez fan
roger rohde
sam moriarty
I was just waiting for Chloe to destroy the replica of the park that he was showing her
1:07 😂
supergamer 101
That doggo is too cute
this video has made me so happy
This made my smile muscles sore..
wild flower
I wish he would adopt me lol
Łëäh *Leah*
1:08 this is my life😂
༺Legendary Jay༻
1:19 My little brother 😂🎹
오두몽 TV
so cute dog..... it makes me happy.