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In this video, I explain why Spanish people sound Spanish when speaking English. I break down the accent features and demonstrate them using clips of Sofía Vergara.Twitter:

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As a Spanish speaker, I liked this video but I have a few criticisms with your choice. I believe Sofia Vergara is a nice way to illustrate some of these points but is not very representative. I don't know if it is intentional or not but she tends to overplay some of the things she says to add a \
Ada FG
Sofia is not the best example. That doesn't happen to everybody. Everybody is a different World. And what about when english People learn spanish?😂
Ustedes hablan español con acento de angloparlante.
Allan Luna
Oh no, please! although the overall overall explanation of how we Spanish-speakers pronounce English is rather accurate, truth is Sofia Vergara is a TERRIBLE example for that. Her accent is overly exaggerated (almost staged), and quite frankly a little goofy.
*HISPANIA REX Salve regina mater misericordiæ vita dulcedo et spes nostra salve. Ad te clamamus, exsules filii Hevæ.*
Angelinna Rossi
Amo mi lengua materna, el español💕
Ariel RD
Why do they sound spanish? Because they are spanish speakers lol too hard question
The main issue is that in english the letters and the sounds dont match in the same way, it depends on the word (yes, its a big mess). In spanish, most of letters have one unique pronunciation, so spanish native creates a kinda close accent.
Black Conservative Patriot
The sexiest English accent in the world is a female native Spanish speaker speaking English. I have enjoyed my wife's English accent for the last 22 years. The only thing better is when she talks in Spanish, which is why that is our primary form of communication. English is great, SPANISH es mucho mejor. (And sexier if I can be honest!)
Black Knight
¿En serio estas poniendo a Sofia Vergara como ejemplo de la pronunciación inglesa por parte de hispanoparlantes? Eso es como que un delfín se ponga a hablar mandarín. Por no decir que no todos los hispano-parlantes pronunciamos igual el inglés ya que el dialecto cambia según país o región y varia segun el nivel.
Brandon Cóbar
Now, try to speak spanish, perro :v
Call Me Swivel Hips
In short, they speak English with a Spanish phonology.
Carlos Arrieta
Not all Hispanics tlak like that you can't even speak good English either
Carlos Tr4sh
Sofia have the worst accent everrrrr
I’m a native Spanish speaker and don’t have a Spanish accent, please don’t generalize
Sofía Vergara speaking spanish with colombian accent because she is from Colombia! She is from latín Americ. Spanish people is from Spain (Europe) lol.
Dani Hoeffnagel
In my opinion, it would be effective to explain the vocalic system in Spanish, which is a very simplified system, and explain how those only 5 vowels tend to replace those who sound similar but don't exist in Spanish language.\n\nI also have to say that I don't agree with the changing of the /m/ sound at the end of the word. It may be something about Vergara, and I have never heard of anything related to it. We may expect mistakes based on the native language interfering with English, but not a phenomenon that doesn't seem to happen on the native language nor the second one.\n\nFinally, I would add those words whose consonants have aspiration, which is one of the biggest differences when we talk about basic phonology related to those languages.
Daria Morgendorffer
Al menos los sudamericanos que viajan a países angloparlantes se interesan en aprender el idioma para poder darse a entender,en cambio el gringo con su darwinismo social no hace ningún esfuerzo en aprender otra lengua, todo lo contrario el va por el mundo cómo si fuese su casa e impone al mundo su lengua para que los otros se enfuercen en entenderlo.
She's not a good example. I'm a native spanish speaker and i do not speak like that.
Doctora Strange
Creí que mi inglés era horrible hasta que escuché a Sofia Vergara y Peña Nieto xd
Eduardo Barrezueta
your video it's ok about what you want to prove, nevetheless I think you are confusing Spanish accent with Hispanic American accent.
El Link de YouTube
IcebeRG and icebeRGS are Spanish (maybe also English).\n\nBut good video.\n\nP.D.: Is very dificult todo esto.
Pero vamos a ver pon a alguien que hable mejor inglés que yo a la tia esa ni la conozco y no pienses que todos hablamos igual. Ay dios ver videos de estos me está estresando así que me voy a morirme ya o algo venga bye
Todo en inglés pero me reí mucho x), aún más con la música jeje 👍
F Hernández Gutiérrez
Why the acent of British people trying to speak Spanish doesn't sound Spanish? Because they are so conceited that they don't even try to learn a foreign language. Don't tell so many lessons to Spaniards. British speaking Spanish usually sound too bizarre. You are nothing special. By the way, the most widely spoken language in the world is Chinese and the second one is Spanish. Try to improve your Spanish acent, the most important foreign language with the greatest growth expectations in the States!
Fred Fèteira
Ffs \
Halphy Ornellas
Hay más bilingües con lengua materna español hablando perfectamente el inglés que al revés, además ¿cuál es el problema de mantener tu acento? con que se entienda.
Hanner Goenaga
But Sofia Vergara speaks like that because of her show, because of her character, she exaggerates it. normal Spanish accent sounds how for example Shakira pronounces, a little bit more English but we can still feel spanish accent sometimes, i'm spanish and that's how My English speaking sounds.
Helena Schmidt
That’s not even how Sofía Vergara speaks... If you know her and have seen some interviews, you know she speaks really good english. In Modern Family and other interviews, she fakes her accent to make it much stronger and give the “latino” appearence! Though she’s super famous and loved, you shouldn’t use her as your example, because she’s only faking it and you’re making people think she actually speaks like that... Just saying it can be a little insultant.
The way he says \
Idontknow Iknow
Why do english ppl sound english when speaking a different language?
Improve Your Accent
Are you a Spanish Speaker? Get 5 Free Tips to Improve Your English Pronunciation: http://improveyouraccent.co.uk/5-free-english-pronunciation-tips-spanish-speakers/ \n\nFor those of you who have thought of Spanish words ending in “m” like “ultimátum”, “álbum”, “currículum” notice that they are usually pronounced with [n] (or [ŋ] or nothing) at the end rather than [m] when spoken. \n\nTake my Online Pronunciation Course: https://improveyouraccent.co.uk/course/
Ink Sword
People are missing the point of the video and are being offended lmao\nDejad de llorar y aprended a hablar inglés, la mayoría de españoles hablaban fatal el inglés, en mi instituto el nivel es súper bajo.
Isaac Gar
Unfortunately Sofia Vergara is not a good example because she exaggerates her accent.
Jarold Tagle
No todos los que hablamos castellano, hablamos así en Inglés
Jonathan Rois Matarín
Latino Spanish sounds different than Spainiard Spanish.
Jose Rodriguez
Proud of my Puerto Rican English accent; as long as I can be understood I see no issues with it. At least we speak more than one language, other people don’t or can’t...
José Daniel Jiménez Málaga
No sé qué hago aquí.\nLike si eres español y quieres darle like.
Jotashock Valencia
Curiosamente al revés también se da el caso de angloparlantes que pasan toda su vida en Latinoamerica o España y nunca dejan de escucharse como gringos xD
Juan Sánchez
It's easy. Sofia is pronouncing some words in stright Spanish pronunciation and she doesn't care about it because her mother language is Spanish and she is accepted for the English speaker public. Great! Moreover, I can hear that she has a Colombian accent and possible from the coast if you have noted the rythm of her speaking when she talks.
Juan Test
Sofia puede hablar en klingon e igual va a ser una diosa..... que pedazo de mujer.
This is a good start, but this native American English (AE) speaker has a slightly different take on some of this, especially since I learned Spanish to fluency in Mexico. \n1) Sofía Vergara learned AE not Received Pronunciation (RP), so some of your points are not valid. \n2) Th: In AE, 'th' is usually an interdental sound...you actually see the tongue between the teeth.\n3) The Spanish accent \
Sombrero mexicano y música caribeña, sí, representa a todo hispanohablante, claro que sí!\nMe hacen gracia cuando un angloparlante no pronuncia bien la R o la T por ejemplo, o no sabe conjugar verbos.\nEste tipo tratando de vender sus clases me hace gracia.
La Senda Del Águila YT
A ver, ¿cuantos hablais español?
Lesley Dark
At least Spanish speakers make the effort of learning another language. I would like to hear an English speaker talking is Spanish without any accent
Mans no Hot
We also pronounce the \
Maria Ruiz
Primero aprende a pronunciar Sofia bien y luego criticamos 😏
María Zanahoria
Why do English speakers sound English? 🤷
Melina Diaz
Bueno, esperaré tu video hablando español sin tu acento inglés, y quiero escuchar que pronuncies adecuadamente ferrocarril, desarrollar, refrigerador, etcétera... y también que pronuncies bien el nombre de Sofía Vergara.
Miau 132
Para todas las personas que están diciendo \
Min Miin
I’m Spanish and idk why am I watching this hahaha but I love it. \nSpanish people are too bad at English... Trust me HAHAHA
Pero nosotros no te jodemos cuando ustedes “hablan” en español 😂😂
Motor Fiero
Los hispano hablantes algunos de esos sonidos, como la U de dungeons, podríamos decirlos sin dificultad. Pero el problema es que en inglés nunca se sabe cómo se pronuncia algo hasta que se oye. En español no. Lo que se lee se sabe cómo ha de sonar. Es lo bueno de tener una gramática. Si un español nunca ha oido DUNGEONS y solo lo lee leerá lo que pone tal cual, algo que un anglo parlante... No necesitamos concursos de deletreos. Deberíais poneros de acuerdo, que ni vosotros os entendéis.
Motorcycle Gear Hub
Sofia Vergara seems to exaggerate her accent as part of her \
NATASHA Reredrum
How about the Russian accent next?
Nadia West
Great tips for improving my accent but remember at least we are trying to speak a second language and never knew a English speaking perfect Spanish! They can't even try to speak LOl !
Venite culero y desime correctamente \
Nintendo Fan Number One
I believe it's easier for a Spanish speaker to speak English fluently, than for a English speaker to speak spanish
Pedro Leonardo Rodriguez
I am venezuelan but when i speak english, i sound portugues e because i learnt both
Y ¿sino queremos parecer americanos o inglesitos copiando el acento que pasa? ¿Acaso tenemos que ser todos iguales? Cada uno habla como le da la gana. Lo importante es hacerse entender como sea, y con ello me refiero que tanto el emisor como el receptor tengan a bien de hacerse entender y hacer un esfuerzo por entender a la otra persona. \nMe gustaría verte a ti hablando igual de bien el español que nosotros sin ser nativo. Me iba a descojonar con vuestro acento.\nYa esta bien de tanta globalización angloparlante por dios.
Renzo Bendrell
Haha sofia is not the best example . Actually is the worst .
Ricardo Valladares
The beauty of being bilingual is transmitting culture . Nobody should feel ashamed of having an accent , you should feel proud of your accent and there’s no need to get rid of it . The aim of a language should be always to communicate:) greetings . I really like your videos though!
Salseot IG
Like si eres español
So you made a video in order to make fun about one particular and specific accent from a specific part of Latinoamerica, also providing us a glimpse of your ignorance about \
Prrgunta mas burda...No vamos a sonar africano, pues. Obviamente vamos a tener acento hispano.
Walter White
Sofia exaggerates her accent though.
*ok* 😁😄
As a Spanish speaker, I think one of the most difficult sounds is the schwa. We don't have that sound in our system.
To be honest this is hella simpler: they sound spanish because the don't make the effort to pronounce correctly. I worked with Google as a client (so multicultural as hell) and there were people with horrid spanish accent when speaking english, and people that you wouldn't have thought they were native spanish talking spanish perfectly.\n\nSame for any other nationalities as Italian, Portuguese, French, etc. It all depends on the effort you give to sound correctly, nothing more, nothing less.\n\nAs a side note, every spanish person (spain, from europe) thinks Vergara has an atrocious (almost forced) accent.
carlos amaya
The same happens when you say \
carlos tejada
a free tip for english speakers who want to speak spanish: \nlearn how to pronounce the RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR\n\nlike: Rapido Ruedan las Ruedas del Ferrocarril
el esfínter
Pues también no mames, Sofía Vergara habla el inglés de la verga
Why do English speakers stereotype the Spanish language and people with tropical music?
No elegiste el mejor ejemplo de hispanohablante hablando inglés. Al revés, es IMPOSIBLE, encontrar un angloparlante hablando español sin errores bien groseros, mucho mas que algún tema del acento. You did not choose the best example of Spanish speaking English. On the other hand, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find an English speaker speaking Spanish without gross errors, much more than some theme of accent.
kevin rosario
la palabra level no existe en expañol
Muy buenos tips, los pondré en práctica porque muchas palabras las digo también así
I just want to point out a small mistake. In Spanish there are syllables that end in 'm'. For example, p and b can only be preceded by m, and never by n. Thus, we have words like imposible (im-po-si-ble), ambición (am-bi-ción) or ejemplo (e-jem-plo). Furtheremore, although it is true that just a few words end in -m, there are a few that are commonly used (and in which that sound is indeed pronounced like m). These words usually come from other languages (ídem, módem, Islam), but they do exist and they are fairly common.
naira zaccara
Just to let you know guys, there's a huge difference between countries which speak \
I'm Catalan and Spanish speaker and belive english is easy, even if I compares it with other romanic languages like French, Portuguese or Italian.
BUT... you chose a latina (with strong and clear colombian accent) other latinos would pronounce differently, and this is also very much so for the spanish (who also have very marked regional accents)
ha ha I notice a lot of people make \
Wow man, you are an ignorant normie for real. That's a really bad Latino accent, the real Spanish is located on Spain (located in Europe in case that you think that it's located under Mexico or whatever)
it's because they are Spanish
Espera que estoy haciendo viendo esto? :'v
My teacher tries to have a Spanish accent only when speaking to Spanish people/foreign people. But anyone else she just speaks in normal voice which is really annoying
Beautiful Spanish accent !\nLovely !
Álvaro de Bazán
Who's Sofía Vergara? I am Spanish and never heard of that woman.
ᴅɪɪᴇɢᴏᴏ uwu
1:14 RED VELVET?! Lpm 🤣😂💕
Please come to Spain...