Learn Italian Ep.07 - Definite Articles and Possession

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Absolutely Nobody
I just watched a few of your videos for the first time and all i can say is thank you! Because of your helpful tips i just might be able take an abroad course in Italy next summer. :) Thank you so much. 
Alan Mann
I have been studying Italian using Duolingo for 18 months now. However to watch your video help me very quickly to fully understand the basics.\nMany thanks to you for sharing your knowledge and time.
Alex Palmeri
Jesus Christ these are awesome videos!! I grew up speaking Italian but have lost a lot of it being an American and not speaking much. This is bringing back so much of my Italian. Can't wait to impress my cousins this summer when we go To Sicily.
Alison Edwards
Fantastico Tom, I am learning so much, it is sinking in much more with your teaching, thank you.
Amy Bennett
Tom, these vids are so helpful! As a vocalist I study a lot of Italian pieces. Pronunciation is important, but I also want to have an understanding of what I'm singing in order to properly convey the piece. This video in particular is excellent and cleared up a lot of confusion about how \
Andrea Brandi
Listening to this lesson i saw how damn tricky is my native language (at least grammatically) compared to english.
Andrea Longone
ciao se permetti un consiglio ti suggerisco di dire la maggior parte dei casi è come hai spiegato ma ci sono delle eccezioni tra cui: \
Angelica C
Thank you so much! You explained it better then my own Italian teacher XD
Ariadne Jackson
Hey there, Tom.  Great videos that I am going to get my husband and daughter to watch.  They're also really helping me as my Italian is okay, but not great, so thank you!\n\nI also thought I'd give you a bit of a heads up on how I learnt, many years ago, to pronounce \
I used to study Italian in a website, but its methodology is really terrible, so I was sort of starting to hate any language that the site teaches.\nBut now I just got to watch your videos and it is such incredible, I'm loving it. They're fun and we learn a lot. Grazie mille :)
Ash B
Came here after tired of going through Duolingo sheepishly\nThanks, Tom! This video has been a great help at building the required foundation\nJust sub'd :)
Hi, who wants a help for improving in Italian? I hope there is someone, because i need a help too for English. BB\nSkype: chinotto-kun
Beth Derbyshire
Thanks for this. Really helped me and you explained really well.
Blassas Tugan
Thank you so much for making these videos. Im moving to Rome in 7 months and I would like to have a good level in Italian so I could use it there with locals in basic situations and learn more. So great job! These videos are a good addition after studying grammar from the books!
Bonnie Melielo
Holy cow, 12 years of studying Italian and your demonstration of how to pronounce gli made it oh, so easy!! I used it in the Beginning Italian class which I am teaching but I added \
CC Cimino Ici
YOU are great!!! I have been in an emersion program, the school teaches in Italian language ONLY, I have struggled for 5  weeks, not understanding anything since their instruction is in a language I know NOTHING..I had no idea what they were saying and when I asked in English what they were saying they told me to ask in Italian!!! For now 5 weeks I have felt defeated -and distraught, then I found your videos..  on YouTube...and they have greatly helped me.YOUR SAVING MY Language LIFE.....Thank you...Grazie!!!
Carmina Harvey
Hi there. I'm wondering if you have a video on Italian Irregular Present tense verbs? Can't find one, so hope you have one to share! Thanks! Carmina from Australia!
Charles Hill
I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your videos.\nThey're very helpful since I'm a begginer in italian.\n\nBy the way, you should learn Spanish, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to handle it, since Italian is very similar to Spanish :D \n\nKeep up the good work!
Chris Floyd
I'm teaching myself Italian and I always wondered what the gli was when I would see a script. Loved how you broke it down! Grazie!!!
David Casillas
So clear. Thank you very much. I now have a better understanding of definite articles, indefinite articles, and possession in Italian. I speak English and some Spanish and this concept is a bit more trickier than both of them and I've never seen something quite like this before. I hope I can speak this beautiful language someday.
Dexter Cofer
Yo HE was the perfect person to explain this .... why in the fuck does Italian have 20 ways to say THE !!! Man I HOPE you see this comment thank you so much :-)
Diana Kessler
I am soooooo  pleased to have found your videos..You have a way of making me understand grammar like no other site.. YOU ROCK!!!
Dieu My _Regina Tran Thi
grazie mille! really useful video and you are a really good teacher!
Ed Martinez
Grazie tanti! Sono 70 anni e un poco dificile imparare una terza lingua ma tu aiuto e molto significante!\nGrazie Tom! Buon Natale!
FluiD MnG
who is wtching this in 2016! like mee
Francesca 500X
Ciao! La mia lingua natale e' l'espagnolo e sto imparando l'italiano... mi piacciono gli tuoi videos!!! Bravo!
Gary Delligatti
This is a great series, and after taking Duolingo, having you explain it further makes it perfectly clear, thanks for all you do!
Graham D
Wow I'd never noticed lo and gli were never used with possessives, until you taught it. I guess simply because they have 'Never come up'\nBrilliant as always. I didn't think I there was anything more that I could learn about gli articolo determinative!! My only other thoughts would be to mention the use of lo and gli with non Italian Masculine nouns, nouns starting + w, x, y etc...like lo yacht, gli wurstel...
Indyan Minerva
Got lot confused with books. I found this very useful.
Wow you're really descriptive and your explanations don't confuse me at all, thanks for the vids! I recently got so fascinated with italy just yesterday, idk what came over me but I started obsessing and their language is just so beautiful to hear,.
J Garthwaite
Hi Tom \nRecently found your videos and I think they're great; they're clear and concise. Just wanted to thank you for putting in the time and effort to do this. A massive help to the rest of us learners. \nCiao J from England
Jack Naylor
Hey, great video. Thanks for making it, very clear. \n\nI do have one question. When do you not use a 'the' (il, i, la, le) before my (mio, miei, mia, mie) and instead just use an è. I am using Duolingo and sometimes I use an è il mio, though it corrects me and instead says it should just be è mio. \n\nFor instance:\nThe horse is not mine.\nCorrect - Il cavallo non è mio.\nI would have thought it was - Il cavallo non è il mio.\n\nWould be great if you had the time to explain.
Jane Lirio
You're so addictive! :)\nBefore learning italian bores me, but beause you explain almost everything very clearly I keep watching and watching and from that i've learned so much. Thank you, you're really a big help.
Jeff Czech
Dude, you're awesome! This is helping me so much!
Jerrico Giltrap
So helpful! i just moved to Italy for the year on student Exchange, with very little italian Language skills. I am currently getting italian lessons and have been for the past four weeks, been Learning about this topic, and i had not quite understood this Whole time. This video has taught me more then i have learnt in four weeks, in 9 mins! will most certainly be watching/ subscribing your Chanel. Grazie Mile.
Joseph Russo
Thank you Tom great ,
Juan Reyes
Oh I like your form of teaching Italian, I don't know I guess I'm a perfectionist or something but I've been learning French for at least one and a half years at school but I hate how they'll tell me a phrase but won't broke it down to the point as to why the phrase is being constructed the way it is, comme il y a ou aujourd'hui... Lol but either way just wanted to say that I like the way you teach so I'll definitely be watching all your videos!
Khindajot Bhullar
wao really nice video \nnow i understand muscile, femminile word\nthnx a lot\nI was seen the lot video but now i understand
Kooca Ninkeedi hore
Iam somalia. l live in Italy one 8 mounth. l wacht a lot of your video. it's easy to understand your both of language. thank you a lot of
Kuwung Wijayanti
Hi tom this is really stressed me out...i try to figure out why my love is amore mio, not mia amore as amore ends with E i thought it should be fam?
Laura Guerrero
yay! this is what i was looking for! someone who really goes in detail about stuff especially on how to say the word \
Leo SC
¡Hola desde México! I've chosen Italian as my 4th language! (I already speak Spanish, English, and French). I understand it but can't speak it yet! Your videos have helped a lot! Gracias por todo tu tiempo. Tu es le plus cool! Merci
Lilac Flour
I was born in Brazil and speak portuguese, English and Spanish and and right now I am learning Italian and I absolutely love it. Thanks for all videos they have being so helpful to me :)
Linh Tran
Ciao... Could you make a video how to recognize the feminine and masculine in italian?... Grazie tanto
Lord Prutsikas
tu sei fantastico
Lourdes Cuello
Your videos have made my understanding of Italian seamless...Grazie Mille per il vostro aiuto
Luis Zacatecano
Great video. \nI speak Spanish and English and my goal is learn Italian. \nTu modo de explicar hace todo más fácil. \nThank you.
As a new learner i find this, and your other videos a monumental help! Thanks!
Marcvelli Di Don
omg u are the best Italian teacher I know. bravo
Maria Wernersson
Molto bene! 👍🏻
Melissa Moore
When it comes to masculine and feminine, what if the word ends in an \
Naruto Usamaki
Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie Grazie
Nicholai Vincent
So there's no feminine words starting with S or Z?\nOtherwise everything is so clear THANKS A BUNCH!
Noor Fathy
that was really helpful .. i hope you can do a video about all the possessives
Olga Voronchikhina
Thanks! You are so good at explaining. \nMake more videos :) \nI am going to Italy in a month and it would be so fun to be able to speak it when I am there!
Panutan N. Abdi
Now i want to ask something, if the words ended by E , U , or others,, what Define articles will we use?.. for the example : serpente (snake) , what Define article will use? La serpente or Il serpente ?? Please answer i'm so confuse cause i've been searching anywhere and I can't find the answer,,, and please explain it , Thank you ,,sorry for my bad english , Thanks
Rachel R
Ciao :P I was just wondering, please could you do a video on apostrophes with Italian. I am learning Italian and I'm not sure how to say \
Randall Paul
best explanations very clear thanks Tom
Sabrilla Llamar
thanks a lot :) it really helped a lot I am gonna be watching all of your videos about italian :) tu sei grande
Sandy Storey
Grazie mille
Sehra 123
You saved my life lol by the way is that Harry Potter books on your shelf!!
Seoul Mate
The rules are kinda overwhelming at first but also challenging at the same time. Italian as my 6th language!!
Shahd yousef
Saluti dalla Giordania.\nGrazie mille. \nشكرا
Shelly Motro
You're really great!\nYou explain everything so clearly and you just make Italian-learning easy and fun!\nLove your videos! Thank you very much!
Skarly Gómez Vargas
Hello. I have a question. When a word finishes in \
Stefan D'Andrea
I'm not sure if you can with the edits you already have in the video. But in my opinion i think in the videos you teach Italian speakers some English if you put subtitles translating what you're saying it would make it easier to follow exactly what you're saying for less experienced people. I have to say though you are by far the best i have seen. Your enthusiasm makes the videos easy to watch, you are very direct and clear. Molte Grazie!!
Stefania Valentino
Ciao Tom, ottimo lavoro! Volevo solo darti un piccolo suggerimento da insegnante: la ragione per cui Lo zaino o Lo schermo diventano Il mio zaino o Il mio schermo, quando c'è l'aggettivo possessivo, è perché la parola \
Stephen VanGelder
Thanks for these videos, just stumbled across them. This one was very informative and you made it very easy to understand. I am curious though, how do you know whether to use il or la when the word doesn't end in a o or a(basically how do you know if the word is mas. or fem,) such as in Notte. It is La Notte but if I didn't know this how would I know whether to say La Notte or II Notte? Thanks! Good work! 
Sylvia Berlin
great videos,great explanation BUT you speak so fast! why?
Tali De
The fact you explain what definite articles actually are and all those actual language concepts, it makes reading the commentary in Duolingo much better. People will explain what something means but sometimes I find it lost on me when i don't know what those mean in English lol.
Uyi Samuel
Very informative thank you
Hey boy i am italian and you're really great !!! Your italian is very good and your \
Wayne Austria
Is there any way to say \
Yelena Shapovalova
Hi Tom! Million thanks for so great and easy-to-go lessons of Italian from a Russian girl:)
Your friendly Neighborhood pessimist
Need to know how to respond when somone sais somthing maube too fast or u want em to repeat ot maybe i dont uderstand....:))) would realy help thx
Yuke Tjaniarko
Thx a lot Tom!! Been living in Lombardia fir a year.. clueless about Italian. Now, I'm taking a course and your videos are super! Since inside the class the lectures only use Italian..your videos are easier for me to understand.
britt xx
I'm planning on moving to italy after college and I absolutely love your videos very helpful thanks.
you explain things really nicely, thanks for these videos, just discovered your channel and planning to watch all of your videos! :)
Amazing vid. You helped me a lot, thank you so much for uploading
claire keown
Thnk you very much for the video, I will be watching all of them before I head off to Italy. Great!
dalisay johnson
Good tips, Tom! I have found the best way to explain how to say \
daria khobot
Thank you so much for your video. I just saw one and it is so useful! Thank you!!
edgar bodero
Ho scoperto il suo sito da recente, i video sono stati di vero aiuto, spero che ne scarica molti di piu.
This helped alot and made more sense compared to how my instructor is teaching us in class, you clarified it alot better.Grazie mille.
If you're talking about relatives, you don't have to use the article if it's singular. For example \
Tom, I am combining your videos with Rosetta Stone and in there they teach that the definite article is dropped for close family member i.e. my mother is  \
kumudavalli s
Great video. I  found it very useful.  kumuda
lucy waweru
I totally understand now, the books we too many i got mixed up, basically you are short and simple. Thanks
marta mielcarz
I love the way how you make these videos :) My italian is going to be much better starting from now on :) grazie mille! :)
mary ehr
Your videos are just what I needed, Tom! I have been using the Rosetta Stone, but you explain things that cannot be explained by pictures alone. You helped to fill in lots of blanks and you explain things so well. Thank you!
nas sri
I really get it
s rush
Oggie ho mangiato la mia colazione nello supermercato quando due donne mi hanno parlato. Questo è la prima volta qualunque persona parla con mi in Italia e ho capito! Io sono molto contento! Grazie per questi video.
I never had intentions to learn Italian but now I do. This language sounds just beautiful! And I find it interesting that the possessive pronouns are connected with the definite articles because it's the same in the Scandinavian languages as well. In Norwegian for instance. a house is et hus. the house is huset. and my house is huset mitt. And may I say that your eyes are beautiful!^^ Thank you for this video.
Grazie molto.   I Suoi video m'aiutano tanto.
this is gonna be very helpful to me thank you tom! definately gonna watch this a few more time if not more!!
technical devil
ayleast therez someone who speaks that fast......m really thankful to you for u made this video
Ģhøst Ź
Thanks Tom! You rock!
Thank you so much for teaching about Italian🙏🏻. But my English so bad 😂 . I will try to learn it 😄😅.