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7 year old Corgelas
Hey frist
Amber Waddy
Why is there two of the same clip? For reals.
Andrew Embestro
Who in the right mind would name their dog Lucifer? 😂
Arthur Game657
Animales indiots
Ballad Sentence
I’m the 111111111111.9 comment
Beardie Dragon 59
100th like
Courteney Case
at 8:02 the cats tail is lovely
6:42 Go home turtle, you're drunk.
Flame Ghost vlogs
Jay Hernandez
Them owners who have babies shouldn't have pets
Kirsten Elrod
So was the turtle, that climbed the fence, okay?
Lady Son goku
Ma poveri
Ladybug Noname
The stupid women who snuck up on the pig and jumped on its back deserved being knocked into a pole.
Leanne Moores
Very funny. 😀😀😀
Lime Vines
That kid in 7:17 is living in 3018
Rafet Yurt
so cuteeeeeeee
Raven Connli
I felt bad for the baby that just got headbutted in the stomach by the goat. I don't know what the parents were expecting.
Reece Schrock
1:13 and 3:07 are the same clips dummy!
jimi is the best streamer on twitch
Siddharth Chauhan
4:56 the hamster😂
Sparky 1998
OMG!!! You have to be out of your mind to name your dog Lucifer.
Top fantasy
Funny animals 😂
Vortrys CZ
anthony barrett
The turtle one is not funny
dhiren patnaik
very funny 😂😂😂😂
k Abner
It's not funny.. But it's so sad😭😭😭