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1up 3d
It seams to me that when you have two candidates that are extremely unpopular and obviously corrupt running for the major parties is the perfect time for a protest vote. Choosing the lesser of two evils is basically sending the message that are in full support of that candidate while a protest vote sends the message that neither are satisfactory while opening the door for more candidates to run as third party. so if you want to see this train wreck every 4 years keep voting democrat or republican.
A Bad Password
This iCarly - Breaking Bad cross over was great.
Alligator Andy
Andrew Otte
Damn! Jennette McCurdy lookin real fine. She's 24, I can say this.
B Blue
'That's a real stank book mark'. Lol. Jeanette... she should be in more things. She's really articulate, great actress, great overall talent.
Ben Helmuth
This video is just sad. It's crazy how much they're trying to control people's minds.
Big Fat Man
They forgot to mention The Patriot Act. You know, the law that Hillary supported. But at least they mentioned the war in Iraq (she supported that too).\n\nDamn you, George W. Bush!
If I hadn't already voted for Gary Johnson in early voting, I would vote for Gary Johnson to spite whoever made this \
Hillary has routinely been against the legalization of marijuana over the past two decades, and takes large amounts of money from pharmaceutical companies.\nShe was also completely against gay marriage, right up until she started running for president.\nAnd the Wikileaks documents from the DNC prove that the DNC and Hillary's campaign actively conspired against Bernie Sanders in the primary election.\nThe more you know ~★
Bobby Keniston
I assure you, I'm not humorless, and there are funny moments in this video, I admit, and the performers are all fine. What troubles me is the message against choice, which is the fundamental joy of democracy. And even worse, it is sending a message that a \
Bogdan Shumenko
My favorite part was when I saw her leaks.
Brandon Dailey
Brandonio Granger
Still not voting for Trump or Clinton !!! Try convincing Hillary voters to vote for Stein if at least want a honest uncorrupt president. The DNC will only have itself to blame,not a third party canidate.
Chaim Turner
the only difference between bernie and gary is how to solve the problem.
The vegan analogy was on-point, anyway...
they should rename this channel \
Lol if I hid my weed like that I'd need a bible printed at 48 point size font.
the ironic thing is that trump is more pot friendly - he will leave it to the states like any sensible person\n\ntypical democrats, will say anything to anyone for a vote, shameless
Thought it was revealed Clinton vowed to keep weed illegal lol
Delta Blues
Demian 'The Backpack' Maia
hillary actually promised to keep weed illegal in one of the wall street speeches
Durodes Duvo
She looks the same as she did 8 years ago, which makes me feel so creepy.
Dylan Shaw
anyone else miss human giant? That scream at 0:19 reminded me of that skit camping weekend
Eric Sterling
thank you funny or die you just convinced me to vote.....for trump
i like how it keeps going after it ends. it's like they exist out there somewhere
Great Scott
hillary gets hella money from the private prison industry... you really think she wants pot legal???
Guy M
I'm still voting Gary johnson! It's not a protest vote I really like his policy's!
Henry L
Gary Johnson is by far the most trustworthy president to run this year. He's open-minded and actually fit and principled to run for president. You can fix foreign policy knowledge with Wikipedia and a team of experts. But you can't fix corrupt characters.
Jeremiah Wilson
On this episode of iCarly........
Johnny Trever
I wish jennette mc curdy was my gf, she's bae material
I didn't laugh once. Except for saturday night live, I don't think there's anything as unfunny as funny or die. And the actor who plays the dad needs to go to acting school and learn how to TONE IT DOWN! Ever heard of overacting, dude?
Joseph Dykes
Is Tina Fey writing for funny or die? This is like SNL 8 years ago
Joseph Golding
Kat V
Was that the spoon she stole in breaking bad?
Kayla Rae Colgan
Damn, Sam Puckel. O_O
Keith H
This wasn't funny. You just made a joke out of voting, threw in a Bernie clip as if he is a cult leader, and then had the main protagonist be a pot smoking Johnson supporter. You all need to get out of LA and see what the rest of country is actually thinking.
Kelley Gardner
gaddamn I love Janette
Lokast Falls
I voted for Trump just to piss all of the Hilary supporters off.
Magnus Slaughter
liberal propaganda
Well, I guess its better than pretending they are being even-handed. Don't like Trump, but even being reminded that Hillary is the other option makes me gag. Honestly, I think she'd get a higher turnout if they just left her name off the ballot and replaced it with \
Mark Organek
Loved her on iCarly and now she has grown up. Still love you.
Mason Hennings
also reminder that Hillary Clinton has vowed to keep weed schedule 1
From hot to hotter. She's doing right.
Mike Rotchburns
this isn't even remotely funny
Mirnes Trto
Hillary hates legal weed. and if it's not time for a protest vote then when is? we've had the same bullshit election everytime and it's gonna keep happening unless we cut it off now.
Mr. Chow
Paid for by the Hilary Clinton campaign
The acting in this was really great. Good job, FoD.
Naughtius Maximus
Is that Marie Schrader from breaking bad?
Omar Perez Pulido
hillary doesn't want the legalization of weed, but Gary Johnson does. research a little 😅😅
Patrick Hamilton
Oh my god Marie from Breaking Bad is in this and Sam from iCarly is too 😂😂😂😂
Pirate Mike
Man this icarly chick got hot.
This is the best episode of iCarly I've ever seen
Rachell Maradiaga
I expected this to be funny. not bias
Ramiro Belmares
I love how the dad is the only one cursing lol
Re Vera
Trump for President as a protest.. lol
Robert Imhoff
Liberal hollywood put out a hit piece on 3rd parties, wow, this is a new low, even for them.
Ross Edwards
I want to think it's funny.. but I can't tell if it's propaganda. This is the best time to vote third party - ever.
bernie sanders supporters who support johnson are so stupid i can't
George W Bush... responsible for Katrina.............
The cast of this skit is unreal
Sgt Geezy
Shay //e
nah we good. WE GOOD!
Shinigami Kaze
Great piece of propaganda.
Clinton is going to keep marijuana a schedule 1 substance. That is all.
Just vote trump for the lolz
Storm Pooper
Lmfao. You gotta wonder why there is so much of a push to vote for Hillary and not for Gary. Even more of a reason NOT to vote for her.
Sveinung Hervik
did hillary buy funny or die or something?
Tyler Borgard
0:34 Sorry, but not all third party voters vote third party simply to spite the two party system. To the extent that they complain about it, they complain that the third party candidate they support doesn't get adequate media coverage, doesn't appear in all of the polls, and doesn't appear in the Presidential debates. In fact, there are many people who vote third party in one race and vote for a Republican or Democrat in a different race.\n\n0:41 Yes, Donald Trump could become President. You think we don't know this? And why are you blaming us? We're not obligated to stop him. If you're going to blame anyone, blame the Trump voters.\n\n0:44 No, that's not what we want, which is why we're not voting for him. We also don't want Hillary Clinton to be President, which is why we're not voting for her either.\n\n0:45 Not every vote for a third party candidate is a protest vote. Believe it or not, a lot of the people who are voting for Gary Johnson are voting FOR him, and not just against Trump and Clinton.\n\n1:15 Clearly Al Gore didn't do a very good job of convincing you that he was the best choice. If it was so obvious at the time that Gore was better than Bush, why wasn't he able to persuade you of this? It sounds to me like Gore was to blame for his own election loss.\n\n1:21 It's kind of funny how you loathe Bush but love Clinton, even though Hillary Clinton is every bit as much of a war hawk as George W. Bush was.\n\n1:25 No, that's on the people who voted for him. If no one voted for Bush, he wouldn't have become President.\n\n1:29 Recessions happen pretty frequently. Yes, George W. Bush did some bad things as President, but it wasn't the apocalypse. We got through it.\n\n1:40 We're not saying that there aren't any differences between Trump and Clinton. What we're saying is that both of them would be terrible Presidents and that neither of them is worthy of our vote.\n\n1:54 No, Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders are not opposites. Sure, they disagree very strongly on economic issues, but they're both socially liberal, and they both want to end oligarchy.\n\n2:07 As if Hillary Clinton cares one bit about global warming.\n\n2:12 Can we please stop with the whole \
Will Cate
This video makes me want to vote 3rd-party even more. If its intended effect was otherwise... FAIL
Trying waaaaayyyyy too hard there, collegehumor.
Yaser Sharifeh
Is that the girl from iCarly?
Yellow Floyd
what kind of odd multi pronged propaganda did I just see
About 80 percent of issues bernie sanders and gary johnson have the same position. Also gary johnson genuinly wants to legalize weed, hillary just pays lipservice to the polls that say everyone is pro medical and says medical should happen nationally, same with trump, and they also both want to respect states rights to decide to legalize. So the only vote left that can make a more powerful statement about support for marijuana legalization is a third party vote, both of jill stein and gary johnson want it fully legalized.
sounds like Hillary supporters, will lie to try to get a vote. don't know her stances. and violent to any oppositio\n 👉😎👉
is that janette mccardy
darius rogers
Jennette is soooooooo freaking gorgeous!
divine indigo
Vote Jill Stein if u love Bernie
Goddammit Marie! It's not weed, it's called minerals.
frank wolftown
Is that the blonde girl from iCarly?
girls poop too
this is so freaking hilarious
if you look into the analysis Nadar was not a spoiler in 2000. in fact he helped gore
ivan martinez
Is is that Sam from icarly
jd155 jd155
they should rename this channel vote hillary or die
luke smith
The Electoral College makes it impossible for third party candidates to win an election.
luke walsh
the thing is Hillary isn't going to legalize marijuana
Fire whoever is in charge of Audio, had to crank up my speakers way louder than usual here.
This is s-o-o good, and it's a shame that it won't be useful anymore, 48 hours from now.
Who else thinks if we put a mustache on the dad that he would be the perfect choice to play Randy if they ever did a live action South Park.
Still voting for Trump..
There are not enough lobbyists for legal marijuana for Hillary to make it legal. Let me rephrase that: Not enough BILLIONAIRE lobbyists for legal marijuana for Hillary to make it legal. Her mean donors own the private prisons, the beer industry, the tobacco industry, the pharmaceutical opioid market, and all the other competition that legal weed would crush. Not to mention illegal pot makes it easier to take away a minority's and a liberal's right to vote by making their harmless hobby a felony, meaning more republicans voting, meaning more tax cuts and de-regulation for those same industries.
I wonder if FOD is Republican or Democrat
I wish I WAS high, and in bed with the cutie...oh yeah... :\u003e)
I'm still voting for Jill Stein :) it's not a protest vote, it's just a vote
thahomie Gonzo
I'm not sure whether this video makes me want to vote for Gary Johnson or marry Jennette McCurdy so I'm just going to go ahead and shoot for both and see what happens... get at me girl!
tim ovel
Nothing better than crying libtards...
i would lick every inch of that woman
wii guy
i am not going to vote for any of those people ....