Mastering Reflexive Verbs | Spanish For Beginners (Ep.15)

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April Roser
You are amazing!
Art Mitchell
I love this channel! Same learning much better on this channel. Is there an order I should be watching these videos? So I can learn in the right order? Thanks!!👍
Ashroff Shah
How can i know which reflexive verb need to apply stem changing? Can someone tell me?
Charles Taylor
Curtisr Ramsaroop
me mucho gusto! ........:)
Doug Patterson
Why not just end the reflexive verb with me, the etc. For example : voy a banarme mas trade.\n I am going to wash myself later. easy and simple. Am i Missing something?
Elijon King
Omg someone can actually explain this 😂
You are a natural born teacher. Your students are blessed to have you.
Jordan Thomas
Just a girl
I've been attempting to learn spanish for 12 years, and have always lost the motivation. (pathetic)\nBut, I came across one of the videos, and ended up watching most of the them to a point I never would've fathomed. Thank you so so much for the help! \nMuchas gracias por ayudarme a aprender español!
Kylee johnson
Brilliant teaching! Keep the tapes coming! Thank you.
L Lazaldi
Wow! Where have you been all my spanish learning life?
Madhuri Vala
Thank you sir
Marli van der Merwe
Which video comes before this one?
Parbati Lutchmedial
Purna Maddipaty
Goood job
Richard S
Wow I skipped some vids and as to my surprise I need to know the ie/ou
¡Usted está un buen y fantástico maestro!
Tayi Rozal
Why me gusta, not me gusto
Yaren Şahin
Muchas gracias🙏🏿
Zara Markaryan
Thank you, Dr. Danny Evans! A great method and enthusiasm to teach! God bless!
clandestine philosopher
This video was very helpful thank you very much!!!
dany laguerre
Good job for reflexives verbs
Great teaching thank you!
tocarse los huevos
jayu shah
Mucho gracias. I don't understand when use 'me' and 'mi' for My
malook albaloushi
Can someone tell me which video comes before this?
mohamud abdulkadir abdul
eres un buen maestro.un placer conocerte.
philip chadwick
why isn't it yo bano?
pretty lilay
I have an exam tomorrow, and this video taught me so much that what my teacher taught us in the past 2 weeks.\n¡Muchas gracias!
sarah o'malley
I can't thank you enough! You are an amazing teacher...
shubhajit saha
Absolutely phenomenal the way Spanish is taught. Great for self help.Would be great if the videos are numbered so that a sequence can be followed.Gracias.
steve Tyson
Hola, I have learned more Spanish watching your channel in one month compared to watching Butterfly Spanish Youtube channel in a year. Please keep posting videos.
What a great explanation. I'm referring students to you for additional help. Wonderful! Thank you
Юлія Олійник
hola! are there like certain words in which stem changes occur and i just need to memorize them or how do i figure out which words need a stem change???!\nthanks for help!